Water shortage, drought, Linggui water level lowest

There is a new awareness that there is a water shortage among the Singaporeans. Some are showing signs of panic and are demanding for more severe austerity drives from the govt. Make the people feel the pain!  A few forumers are parroting these same unthinking lines that the people must be made to feel the pain, make them pay more to know the value of water. Well this kind of stupidity is now in the DNA of daft Singaporeans. And they even quoted half baked foreigners to support their stupidity, wanting to pay more for the water they are consuming. Someone is quietly smiling in the corner, knowing that his million dollar paycheck would come in time with stupid people so happy to pay more taxes.

Didn’t these clowns know that Singapore is planning to double its population to 10m? If Singapore can afford to double its population to 10m, how can there be shortage of water? Do these people really think the govt are fools, not enough water still want to have 10m population? Cannot be right?

Now stop crying out loud for more restraining measures to control the use of water.  Understand how much is needed per person first. Don’t anyhow shout about the average and people must use less than the average. I bet the average for the foreigners are lesser, because they don’t bath like daft Sinkies do. They no need expensive shampoo and scented lotion to go with it. They don’t mind smelling like they are and daft Sinkies like that too. Once you get use to the smell you may ask for more, and not having them may have withdrawal symptoms and side effects.

This may be a good thing that the foreigners can teach the daft Sinkies, use less water by not bathing and get use to the smell. The pigs are very happy with the smell in the pig sty. They will ask, what smell, where got?

Oops, I digress. Come to think of it the daft Sinkies are really daft. There is a real need to increase the population to 10m. This will improve our water resources. Instead of 5m people peeing, we have 10m people peeing into our reservoir to provide more liquid for our Newater.  Such liquid is independent of rainfall. Got rain no rain, they would still pee.  Daft Sinkies are just too daft and cannot see further than their nose and the long term plans of the govt.

Last year new citizens increased by 20,815, PRs by another 29,955, netting  57,700 more head counts, plus our 30,000++  babies these will give a total plus side of nearing  90,000 in a year.  The govt is meticulously and conscientiously working towards the 10m population goal to increase our water supply. Not to worry, everything is planned for the good of the people. When the population is 10m, our water problem will be solved. No need to panic that we would not have enough water. No need to worry.  No need to increase water fee. Trust the govt.

Be smart, don’t be stupid. But if you are stupid enough and want to pay more for your water, go ahead. No one is stopping you.


Anonymous said...

When the population reaches 10 million, people like you and me and those well-paid people won't be around.
Not around does not mean they went to heaven, get it?

Anyway, rivers in luckier countries are drying up. Where floods were unknown - because they had no monsoon drains there - they are getting more water than desired.

And the idiot who suggested a water rationing exercise? Better to have an MRT exercise.

Anonymous said...

"If Singapore can afford to double its population to 10m, how can there be shortage of water?"

Tiok. There will be no shortage of water. But that doesn't mean the govt cannot have austerity measures to save water, tio bo?

Just like you can be rich but that doesn't mean you will not be stingy, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Even if Bukit Batok has water rationing exercise, PAP will still win the by election.

One way, and the only way, Chee has any chances of winning is when he announces SDP is ready to be govt by the next election.

And the chances of Chee announcing this is as good as Lee Wei Ling and sister of PM Lee announcing she will join SDP.

agongkia said...

What's there to worry.
Sinkies are rich.They got bad habit of bathing few times a day.
Me only bath once a day at most.Underwear oso change every 3 days and wash together once after 30 days using only a pail of water.
Phua kay Sinkies who enjoy wasting water bathing can travel to nearby cuntree ,book a hotel and on the tap on themselves the whole day.
We still have abundance of land to dig for more wells like our kampong days.
Garmen never say one must bath 3 times a day.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'm purposely leaving the taps on to wilfully waste water so all the complaining entitled motherfuckers can go thirsty and remain dirty. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My water, so I pay lah, fuck all of them! All their girls' cheebyes can smell like udang busok for all I care 😝 🐟

BTW, there is no such thing as "water shortage". Water goes in a cycle---it is self sustaining lah kotek, for billions of years already. USABLE water for human activity may experience shortages, but that is almost entirely due to mismanagement of resources.

Anonymous said...

You can use the kotek water to wash your face or drink, who cares?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1115:

Eh, if you are 靓仔 (liang zai---handsome guy) older women will suck you off and swallow your cum in the belief than handsome young jizz will keep them young and beautiful....

...or so I'm told. Better ask agongkia for confirmation. Me? I am definitely not 靓仔...but any chick who swallows my dirty-old-man hum sup baby-batter will definitely get flowers the next day.

Anonymous said...

"When the population is 10m, our water problem will be solved."

Good point. When population is 10million, NS men will have priority to collect water from the water tanks at top of flats or condo. NS men will be free in the day because they are jobless. When foreigners want water, they can ask the government as they have jobs and have money.

We look forward to having 10 millions population, cannot wait till tomorrow. Bukit batok, better vote for pap to get 10 millions population. Water will be more precious than money and jobs.

Anonymous said...

A very good post.
- I wish every Sinkie will print this up and put it into their wallet.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. A*Star now developing drug to turn all Sinkies into seawater drinking animals. Vaccine starting next year to modify our DNA. After that we all just go down to the beaches and start drinking seawater. Kiasu Sinkies can still boil their seawater if they want.

Anonymous said...

You are much loved by the authority because you look at the problems or solutions presented positively. Yes, 10 million population will give rise to more pee water for your drinking and washing needs etc etc. In fact, 20 million population, and if we train them to be productive pee-ers, we may even harness enough pee water to sell it to Malaysia at a much cheaper price they could produce which they couldn't resist!

Brilliant, simply positively brilliant!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Articles on Singapore, Smart City/ Nation:




Are you feeling smart yet? Or are you smarting?

Anonymous said...

City of bubble but some spell it as Babel

Anonymous said...

City of babble also can lah since your leaders got such big expensive mouths to do a lot of cock babbling

Anonymous said...

The bathroom would not only self clean, it would tell yew when to pee and when to shit and how much to pee and shit.

Then it would recycle your pee and shit into Newater and fertiliser.

Anonymous said...

Next time city so smart, citizen only lie on their beds to be fed, to be massaged, to pee and no need to leave the room, no need to do anything.

Anonymous said...

I think all of you are wrong.

10 million population means more urine than 5 million people.

So can make more new water....kill two birds with one stone?

If lucky can export to Malaysia and make money....kill three birds with one stone


Anonymous said...

First warning water shortage. Next, maybe power shortage and then maybe food shortage one of these days. Once upon a time, we were told we have no resources at all. For example no land, no water, and not much food. I think we were advised to cut our coat to our available clothing. One can see how vulnerable we have become. Have you seen the Malaysians lining up to collect water from the water trucks and carrying their buckets up their apartments? If the draught continues we may end up likewise!

Anonymous said...

don't worry. 10m coming.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "blind cunt" 1121:

Open you eyes lah. You don't have Stevie Wonder's talent, so stop being wilfully blind...

We live in an abundant world as far as the basics are concerned. Like I said before, no such thing as "water shortage". Water MISMANGEMENT yes, shortage no. Plenty of fucking water on this planet...which is why we have such rich abundant life and wonderful eco-systems. Even if you have to "carry water", it is only temporary. That too will pass, and in time you can begin wasting water again and taking 20 min. showers and hot-tub jacuzzis, hopefully with a few similarly naked friends-with-benefits.

No energy shortage either. We light up our cities at night like it was daylight. We go wherever we want whenever we want by a plethora of energy-driven vehicles from electric hoverboards to jet liners and cruise ships. We consume goods freighted from the other side of the planet like nobody's business. We carry at least one computer (smartphone) with us at all times, connected to anyone we choose to on the planet...nope, no energy shortage.

As for food...modern societies are getting FATTER. People eat quality cuisine on a daily basis---cuisine 100 years ago that was only reserved for festivals and special occasions. Gyms are everywhere now as people who eat too much strive and sweat to control their weight. Nope, no food shortage either.

>> I think we were advised to cut our coat to our available clothing. <<

Not these days. Now we have credit lines and credit cards. You can have what you want NOW.

Anonymous said...

What has Linggui Water Level got to do
with Sg water supply ?

Sg has Newater and Marina Barrage, how to run out of water ?

Linggui is just living out the Agreement
signed donkey years back at a fraction of the current cost of water. End of the Agreement, it maybe a case of you die your business.