Vivian wants Japan to sustain its role in SE Asia

Vivian is in Japan and encouraging the Japanese ‘to sustain its role in SE Asia’, to be more involved as a part of South East Asia or Asia as ‘Japan is also integral to the stability and prosperity of Asia’. History students and the senior citizens of Singapore and Asia would have a very different view of what Japan meant to the stability and prosperity of Asia. Vivian better don’t ask them for a view on what he said in Japan.

Japan was very active and destructive during the Second World War, to include South East Asia as part of their grand plan for a East Asia Co prosperity Sphere, ie the Japanese Imperialist Empire. And in their implementation of this plan for co prosperity of East Asia, it was not about stability but conquest. The plan was the invasion of Asia and South East Asia that led to great pains and sufferings and millions of death to Asians and South East Asians. The countries in the region were invaded and colonized and looted, their people raped and killed en mass.

When talking about stability and prosperity in Asia with the Japanese, one must not talk blindly, in a vacuum, unthinking and without reflecting on the meanings of such terms in the minds of the Japanese and to those who had suffered under Japanese brutality.  For children born after the war, and if they did not read history or their parents did not tell them what happened then, they may think that Japanese are all wearing suits and ties and very nice people. They have different plans for the Asians and South East Asians, and stability and prosperity in Asia meant different things to them. And inviting the Japanese to sustain their roles in SE Asia, without qualifications, without understanding history, is a dangerous and uncalled for remarks.

Japan should be invited to play an active role in the prosperity of Asia from the economic point of view ONLY, and not security and definitely not a military one. People who don’t learn from history are likely to ignore history and repeat history and suffer the same consequences of their forbears.

Japan was not an angel like they want to present themselves today. Japan’s role in South East Asia in the past was that of an invader, an occupier, colonialist, imperialist, and barbaric, killing and looting Asia and SE Asia. No one in his right mind would want to invite Japan to play the same barbaric role as invaders and conquerors of Asian and SE Asian countries all over again.

The militarization of Japan and the tearing away of the Pacifist Constitutions should be taken heed, that Japan is reverting to its military past and wanting to go to war again. The Japanese ambition as a military power at the expense of Asia and South East Asia must not be simply forgotten and taken lightly. Invite the Japanese to grow and prosper with Asia and South East Asia, but the Japanese must be reminded that their military ways would not be welcomed unless these countries would not mind being invaded once again. Do SE Asians want to suffer the same fate as their forefathers under Japanese rule?

Singapore would not want to be ‘Syonan to’ once again. Singaporeans would not want to sing the Japanese national anthem once again. Singaporeans would not want to be butchered and beheaded and shot at point blank by Japanese soldiers and buried in Tanah Merah or Blakang Mati Beaches. The Singaporeans killed were literary digging their own graves, forced by the Japanese soldiers.

Singapore must really teach history all over again to make the young Singaporeans smarter and wiser, especially to those born after the war. Many did not know what they are talking about.


Anonymous said...

"The ASEAN Community is meant to have three pillars, with economic integration going hand-in-hand with political-security and socio-cultural cooperation. But at present, an ASEAN sense of identity only exists in abstract. Almost no one can sing the ASEAN anthem, officially adopted by the grouping in 2008."

Is rojak abstract? More like economic disintegration, political instability and social cultural suicide? Who is smoking marijuana?

"Singaporeans would not want to sing the Japanese national anthem once againg. Singaporeans would not want to be butchered and beheaded and shot at point blank by Japanese soldiers and buried in Tanah Merah or Blakang Mati Beaches. The Singaporeans killed were literary digging their own graves, forced by the Japanese soldiers. "

The Indians will make curry mutton out of you and the Chinese will fried you in dog meat and the religious brownies will blindfold you with their headdress and shoot you in the head?

Anonymous said...

They all come together and build towards the sky where wet dreams are made of. One United global people making lots of money for all all for your wet dreams wetting your panties and just by singing the same anthem

We have an advantage because we can show them how classy singlish unite us all hooor and we all shall take our unique languages to the next level and have it raped in the hotpot of cultural integration and evolve a new standard of communication called singsongtalkcockenglish liao hooor

So smart. Now somebody confer me with a PHD from aNUS pls

Anonymous said...

I thought i will interpret it as please consider putting more money in SEA than other places.

More money invested means we more friend friend.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 936
>>Who is smoking marijuana? <<

No one should smoke anything. Try eating edibles instead 🤔 😉
I cannot for the life of me understand why Vivian is kneeling and fellating the Nips. The motherfuckers still haven't apologised for the brutal conquest and occupation of Singapore.

I hope the Nips slather Vivian's face with numerous gooey shots of BUKKAKE. Maybe Vivian will love it so much he'll go for round #2, fucking asshole traitor.

Veritas said...

Nothing is more disgusting than SE Asians Indians sucking up Japs.

The fathers of Singapore Indians once suck up japs but they were mercilessly used as Sushi. Japanese ate them alive, while Indians willingly submitted like a piece of disgusting shit.

See this
Japanese ate Indian PoWs

See this

See this
Hidden Horrors: Japanese atrocities include evidence of cannibalism

See this
War Crimes in WWII: Japanese Practised Cannibalism on Indian Soldiers

Veritas said...

The reason Chinese community prosper is not without good reason because most of us are always in the side of good while a far higher proportion of our minorities are on the side of Satan.

Even though we have black sheep, Chinese people are constantly soul searching and there were no short of condemnation and repentance.

Our minorities forever glorify their shit behavior, such as Islamofascism, traitorism, caste-ism, cowardism, disgusting-ism like nobody.

They are loser and the only thing they could do to defend why their tribes are always in shithole is to accuse Chinese of racism.

Why cant fucking Vivian cock stand up and fuck fucking Subhas Chandra Bose and his fucking INA, and their complete silence of Japanese eating Indians.

Instead of focusing on asking Japan to assert, why cant vivian ask Japan to apoligize for eating Indians.

Instead, Indians now build a fucking museum in Singapore glorifying fucking fascism and netaji. George fucking Yeo clown go there cheers and clap.

Anonymous said...

I think it has not occurred to the grope that sinkies are great communicators leh. Why, with our unique brand of engrish, everybody can understand we can rule the world you know

Anonymous said...

To sinkies, more money invested means money go to hiring japanese mei mei maids in toast box for your enjoyment. No wonder Uncle here said...Singaporeans would be butchered and beheaded and shot at point blank by Japanese soldiers and buried in Tanah Merah or Blakang Mati Beaches because they want their mei mei back in the coffee joints

Veritas said...

The only tribe who took up arms and fought against Japanese in substantial numbers in malaya WW2 were Chinese, under the banner of MCP.

Our minorities hate us for we standing up and lay down our life. The heros and martyrs of WW2 anti-Japanese + anti terror + for good + for humanity Chinese fighters are still vilified.

Meanwhile British deliberately put the most shameless collaborators to power, people like LKY, Tunku...etc

The Indians collabotors were the worst kind of dogs, who were not being shamed, but being allowed to set up a 5th column of India in Malaya, the MIC, Malayan Indian Congress. The Malayan Indian Congress is not unlike the Hindutva India Congress party, and "Hindu Congress" movement are famous for destruction of nation states, instroducing caste system internationally, causing rape and untold misery to people.

I would talk about this FUCKING congress if I have a chance.

This is a game, a game of white man and ally against Chinese. A game of good vs evil. But Chinese espouse good and we will eventually emerge victory.

Anonymous said...

Go and train some more lah...hey...more training can talk like Lee Kuan Yew liao you know and so good talking...can go anywhere in the world and sell koyo

Anonymous said...

George is a clown all right. His CECA and the harm caused to our people and economy, how much of our money did he spend on the Indian Buddist University, how much for the museum and a plague in the Esplanade for Chandra Bose who was an accomplice of the Japanese colonial govt?

Anonymous said...

Clowns got many many intelligent clowns as friends from all over the world who like to eat his big brain you know...don't prey prey

Anonymous said...

Feb 5 2016, ft.com has a chart comparing private debt of asia nations to gdp in %, sg has about 77%, and Japan has 63%. Futune has reported Japan s public keep growing (some repo i saw at 250%gdp)by printing Japanese yen to pay for the govt s expenditures. Some predict that by 2020, Japan will go bust under Abe s printing money scheme.
The private debt in Japan at 63 to 65% is indicative that increasing gst to pay for Abe s ambition plan to expand in asia will run out of cash as increasing gst to 15% from current 8% to pay for the deficit is not possible.
Sg is even better, it has almost 80% private debt % to gdp, while the govt continue to give jobs to foreigners to cut off citizens source of income. (For the daft, without income, citizens will have to borrow, thus debts. As also consumers, citizens have increasing limited cash to support retailers who are increasing likely to close with increasing rental, and less businesses. And local manufacturers dodo momo fishballs makers will have smaller orders.)
I wander what role the Japs can do. Wanna go against China military and naval power, must have cash and powerful industries. Japan is not in the class. eg Abe lost at US77billions order to France, to build submarine for Aus. Japan also lost order on high speed rail in Indonesia to China.
Abe can promise to take care of Philippines to take back the Scarborough shoal claimed by pinoys in Int tribunal, but now occupied by China. Next month, the Tribunal will say the island belongs to pinoys. Abe will have to come out cash to help pinoys to buy fighter jets? Most likely Japan will print more Jap yen.

If we look at Japan s Abe in this angle, we know how much he can promise sg s minister. Its just talk shows for the media to report. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

But why would Vivian care what RB, or for that matter anyone, say about him?

After all, RB is not even a politician, let alone contest against Vivian in the next election, tio bo?

patriot said...

.Never expectsd Georgie Boy to replace
Lee Kuan Yew and Vivien Bala to to take the Place of Nathan in bowing to the India and Japan.

The Treacherous Streak cannot be eradicated in Sin, it seems.


Anonymous said...

Now why would asses like to visit RB's blog to get angry?

Anonymous said...

In the 60s and 70s ministers like Goh Keng Swee, Dr. Toh Chin Chye, Lim Kim San , Hong Sui Sien, E.W. Barker , Rajaratnam and Ong Pang Boon are really highly qualified people with great substance who hold themselves with dignity and a kind of elegance and are highly respected by the people. When Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye, Hong Sui Sien and Barker go overseas they talk with sense and dignity and they were respected . But the present set of cabinet ministers are more like fools and buffoons who lack the dignity and the respect. Yet they try to make up for their shortcomings by trying to act and talk like Lee Kuan Yew. This is how Vivian expose his stupidity in Japan when he opened his big mouth and talked a lot of rubbish. The people have not forgotten how under his watch a budget of seventy million dollars ( $70 million ) for the Youth Olympics in 2014 was unexplainly stretched to over Three Hundred Million Dollars. May be it is still not too late for him to talk more about this and explain to the people. It will be better for Singapore if these fools know that being small flies they should not talk big and act as if they are somebody of international status. They are really disgusting and disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

My foot ah. They were fools too. They built on the foundation of sand so now the storm hits and your bricks and mortars are beginning to erode more and more. Your commercial and resdential bricks and mortars are showing massive signs of crumbling so said steak times.

Anonymous said...

You fucking preach everyone invest in each other's bricks and mortars when their lagi massive useless bricks and mortars kena earthquakes by their idiotic govts their tremors will hit your fucking bloody assholes back home too.

Veritas said...

The problem with our minorities are they cannot stop being disgusting.

* Malays now still kiss Islamofascism.

* Indians in particular Hindus still kiss caste system and big asshole like Subhas Chandra Bose.

Even when Japan ate Indians, Vivian still go there and spread legs on behalf of us.

Having a sick mind is the reason our minorities being backward. Meanwhile they enjoyed orgasm of cursing Chinese racist.

Anonymous said...

You should visit this Sangeetha's blog to see how sick her mind is.

Anonymous said...

You need to up your population and kill yourselves

b said...

If japan has never existed, there will not be the 8 countries invasion, ww2 invasion, red movement in china and china will stay as a democratic country and asia people no need to suffer so much. There will be more peace and harmony in this world.

Anonymous said...

Vivian is inviting the Japs to conduct another invasion of China and Southeast Asia?

Anonymous said...

36m Chinese were killed by the Japanese in WW2. Not sure how many, Koreans, Vietnamese, Pinoys, Indons and Indians were killed.

Anonymous said...


Virfo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.31

Yesterday evening back from Genting in a coach with six Indian National trashes.

These bastards behaved as though they owned the bloody world with just a bit new floundering atas sedkit economy.

They declined their seats right up to your chests barely allowing you even to breathe.

I purposely lifted my foot up to his head level next to his face to let him have some perfume smell.

Yet he loves it. Without moving his head. Thinks they lived too long in the slums that even.loved the Malaysian public toilets.

Now the stupid enhanced security by the incompetent ICA at the checkpoints will have you waiting for these bloody trashes who came in on your coach will set you back at least two to three hours.

Had sabo by these bastards twice recently. So I called the travel agent to tell them to instruct their driver to move after half hour if they are not out.

They insisted on forty five mins.
So next time pray that you are not stuck with these trashes.

My sister just emailed me regarding their Mandarin Gardens condo AGM of Singaporeans reclaiming the Managements Committee control after been ursurped by the Indian trashes.

This is what will happens to Sinkies if they are still sleeping from this foreign occupations. Also if the President elect happens to be their kind.

Little India will be lighted up the whole year.

Virgo49 said...

By the way please see:http://allsingaporestuff.com/article/Indian -ft-Lana hammered-spore-condo-owners for reference.


Anonymous said...

Indians and Chinese buy your properties....you buy their properties....good what...sleep together make babies mah

VIRGO49 said...



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please don't get overboard in your racist remarks. I have deleted a few comments here.