Violating the sanctity and security of the heartland

The govt encourages the people to sub let their HDB flats to earn extra income. Many have taken advantage of this new avenue to ease their financial burden and obligation, and that is good. One or two rooms can be sublet out and the retirees can live on this new source of income to live through their retirement years.

When one gets into detail, this sub letting policy could become a bane to the average Singaporean families. Our rapid progress and changes in our lifestyle have altered the characteristics of our society. We have new small nuclear families. The three generation or two generation families are no longer the norm. Singaporean families are either very young, the newly wed, or small new nuclear families of one or two kids, and the solitary or two retiree families. The number of people occupying a flat is relatively small, mostly 2 to 4 persons per unit regardless of flat size.

How would the subletting policy affect the life of the average HDB dwellers? Subletting of one or two rooms would normally add a couple of people into an unit of flat, unlikely to be more than 4. A small presence of a few strangers living in a floor of HDB flats would be quite comfortable for everyone. The problem comes when 6 or 8 or more move into a flat. Some owners are subletting their whole flat to foreign tenants, and depending on flat size, it is quite normal now to have more than 6 tenants in a HDB rental flats. Quite often it could be more than 10 as the tenants find it economical to share the cost of rentals. The more the merrier.

The modest HDB flats are homes to the Singaporeans. They returned after a hectic day at work to seek comfort, security and solace within their four walls. The sense of home, security, familiarity, belonging and a safe sanctuary have been taken for granted as part and parcel of HDB dwellers’ life.

How would a floor of 6 or 8 units of flats, occupied by retirees or young families feel when 6 to 10 burly foreign men moved in? How would the parents feel when they are all out at work and leaving only a few retirees and young children at home, with 6 to 8 foreigners living next door when they have no clue of who they are and what are their characters?  And what if the foreigners would make the common corridor as an extension of their flats since there are so many of them, and the young and old, and the women folks would now have to walk pass these foreign men, under the stare of their wandering glare?

There are personal safety concerns for the retirees, the women and the young children. There are also security concerns of their homes when the adults are out at work, often leaving behind empty flats, and the foreigners would know who would be at home and who would not be at home. Very likely 99% of the foreigners are decent and honest people and there is nothing to worry about. The problem comes with the 1%.

Have the HDB and the govt, the police, think through this social, safety and security problems of the Singaporean HDB dwellers when a big number of foreigners moved in to live side by side with them? It is no joke for the feeble retirees, young children and women to be straddling pass big burly foreigners in the sanctuary of their HDB homes daily. It is no joke for the parents with young children alone at homes and knowing the presence of many foreigners next door when the parents are not at home.

This violation of the HDB sanctuary, the homes of the average Singaporeans by the presence of big numbers of foreign men, construction workers or manual workers, is unacceptable and unwelcome for the well being of the HDB dwellers. When they are small in numbers, things are manageable. When the number is big, especially a large number of men in a unit, and with the neighbouring units often empty or left with young children, young daughters and wives and retirees, it is not only undesirable, but poses serious safety and security risks.

The Govt and the HDB must review this policy of having too many foreigners, especially men, in a unit of HDB flats. The sanctuary of the HDB as homes for the average Singaporeans must be protected and not violated by this subletting policy. There must be more control and restrictions on the number of foreigners allowed to live in a flat in the midst of Singaporean families, in the heartland.

Singaporeans must feel safe and at ease with their homes, their dependents at home, when they are out at work, and also to feel safe at home, in peace and without having to worry about so many foreigners next door and what if they have bad intentions.

This is not a terrorist issue but a very basic right of the people, to live and feel free and safe in the heartland.


Veritas said...

Hi RB, HDB subletting is the de facto pension for old Singaporeans. You cannot take it away.

Actually Singapore elites are committing economic suicide but they are too greedy and have little other choice.

Real estate is also what elite see as store of value.

The right way I system should work is to prevent the accumulation of dynastic wealth, by taxing most asset. If I give one million dollar to my son and my son increase by 100%, to 2 million and pass on to grandson, My 10th generation grandson will have 1 billion and 20th generation grandson will have 1 trillion.

And soon my family will own the entire earth.

There is no such thing the system will work and ALL the side effects are playing out now.

In China, the accumulation of dynastic wealth cause a revolution every 300 years, where entire landlord class was murdered and land re-distributed. The last one occur in 1949.

We will have the scenario play out.

But do PAP have a choice. Yes and No. Today, capital is mobile while sovereignty is static. If PAP do not favor capital over labor, monies will leave Singapore. So PAP understand that.

It would take a long write up to describe a system that strike a balance. i will stop here.

agongkia said...

Learn to appreciate.
I always tell my lakopi bachelor kaki to sleep in the same master room with his elderly mother so that he can take good care of her.
The rest of the room can be rented out to foreign meimeis,lady cabin crews,karaoke hostesses,the hotterer the betterer.Only need to make them not to bring male partners to the house.
If these harmless tenants fail to pay the rent promptly,just be kind to them and let them pay by giving him a good massage or huat with them.

There are many advantages than disadvantages if you know how to lock your property well.

Renting to pretty chiobus can lengthen your life span because early morning wake up can see pretty chiobus in appealing sleeping gowns.Of course dun be like my sifu claiming got unwash overnight panty oso.
So know who to rent.Garmen so kind to let you rent so must appreciate.
My Tampines flat near airport suitable for cabin crews.Any takers?

Anonymous said...

RB you must be in the beginning stages of dementia becoz you keep on repeating yourself and the same old story every few sentences. This is one of the classic signs of pre-dementia.

Anyway, govt already addressed this issue 3 years ago by having foreigner & PR quota for renting of flats per HDB block as well as per HDB neighbourhood. 11% foreigner cap at block level, and 8% cap at neighbourhood level.

Obviously either you or your relatives have not rented out HDB flats before, or you know but just want to stir up shit emotions.

Anonymous said...


'Learn to appreciate.
I always tell my lakopi bachelor kaki to sleep in the same master room with his elderly mother so that he can take good care of her.
The rest of the room can be rented out to foreign meimeis,lady cabin crews,karaoke hostesses,the hotterer the betterer.Only need to make them not to bring male partners to the house.'

Yes turn your flat into a whore house. And yes renting to chiobos good. Just don't rent to burly men that would even rape your mother in front of you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle RB........

How about an article on the "talk-of-the-city-quarrelling" between HIM and her?

Anything to sing or cry about?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

C'mon lah, be reasonble.

Subletting is a great way to achieve market-based integration. When unrelated people start living together and being forced by circumstance to share proximity and the same environments, this has the long-term effect of social integration.

To be sure, people are bound to disagree as simply human nature, and occasionally it would get physical (and entertaining). However, most people simply adjust, and everything after sometime will settle from "chaos" into "steady state"---i.e. when everything and every one is cool. (Spread the love, motherfuckers)

There was a time when many urban Singaporeans lived in shophouses. And the space in the shophouses was rented out, and sublet.

One shophouse could have 2 or 3 families living there, and they might take on a single border or two (rent out individual rooms)

Singapore was being built as a nation of immigrants. Coming to Singapore to "settle down" was popular with the British, the Indians, the Chinese...even the Semetic (Jew and Arab) traders.

What the present Singapore govt. is proposing is hardly new. It has been tried before with tremendous success.

"Subletting" is socially, a traditional practice. No biggie.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are old and above 40s, foreigners are young like walking time bomb, apology 4 the wrong words. Sinkies needed foreigners to take over NS badly. Where do the foreigner NS men book out? They need to rent HDB flats. The G will rent out all HDB flats eventually to foreigners to stay, for those foreigners who opt for 500pm to be NS men, and police volunteers. Meanwhile, sinkies worship a dead man s pictures yearly to wish for a day, they can unit with him in heaven. This is sinkies path, no 2 ways. 1 way out now.

agongkia said...

Anon 1001
Who is asking you to rent to burly men or turn into a whore house?You have a choice to choose the tenants you are comfortable with.
You can choose not to rent out but we cannot discourage our neighbours,especially the elderly , from renting out for extra income just because we are not comfortable.
Will you help your poor neighbour with a monthly income if he doesn't rent out his rooms?

Anonymous said...

"you-die-your-business"! "you-die-your-business"!

You don't know meh.......

Living in this very very crowded and very very tiny city state
this like that lah.......

They said we need foreigners to create jobs for locals mah..........

Locals oso need to rent out their flats just to survive leh........

No choice! No choice! Otherwise how?

Please remember this........"you-die-your-business"!

Yes! "you-die-your-business"! "you-die-your-business"!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Increasing the population is the objective.

When lots of people immigrate to Singapore, while simultaneously the one's already here start popping out inter-racial babies (chap cheng kia), there is bound to be a shortage of living space.

So the obvious thing to do is to encourage more "sharing" of privately "owned" space. At these those who had the discipline to buy a flat with excess "capacity" can now realise a RETURN on their "asset". What is so bad about that? Perfect market solution. No police gun required.

Overtime, public and private developers will respond to the housing need and build more units.

Thus the move to larger population numbers is quite smooth and orderly.

👌Well done!

Anonymous said...

We done need evil people to do evil things here.

Just look around us. We are self destroying!


Not only ppl are over-over-worked!

MRTs, Buses, Escalators, Lifts, etc etc etc...everything......

They are all also over-over-worked!

Be careful of accidents due to the un-designed additional loads/stresses!

6.9M or even 10M people?

Of course CAN! BUT, pay the price!


Anonymous said...

The men go our to work, leaving young wives and children in the company of foreign men. Very good combination.

Having chap cheng kias is one thing, getting raped and robbed are things to be expected. Singaporean lives are getting very exciting in the heartland.

How many parents can work in peace knowing that their empty nest or nest with little children are at the mercy of foreigners living next door when they are not around?

Singaporeans, you die your business. Good integration.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies shud jus rent out their whole unit n move to Matland, Batam, Bintan, Vietnam, China etc.
The Rental shud allow the Sinkies to live comfortably without having to work.

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans must feel safe and at ease with their homes, their dependents at home, when they are out at work, and also to feel safe at home, in peace and without having to worry about so many foreigners next door and what if they have bad intentions."

Of course Singaporeans feel safe lah. Or at least 70% of them.

If not, they will be angry with PAP and would not have voted for PAP in GE 2015, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Got this neighbor rented out to someone put out indian incense sticks in the morning 8am and 6-7pm at night. bey ta han.
Teach u wanting to rent out: state only pretty single less than 30s non religious may reply. Be selective to choose pretty tenant, half price is still ok.

Anonymous said...

"Be selective to choose pretty tenant, half price is still ok."
Anon 12:19 pm

If they also bring man in, then how? Where got only pretty tenant one? Where got cat don't like fish?

Anonymous said...

Never mind the problems, what they want is you have to look after yourself, since CPF of most Sinkies have been exhausted through housing, minimum sum and medisave confiscation.

From the rental, they can expect to live through the years after 55 until they can qualify for their monthly payout from the CPF. Or if they love working, let them work till they drop. Everyone seems perfectly happy and satisfied and as they say, since this is the only way out, beggars cannot be choosers.

Anonymous said...

Hello angkongkia , I am a foreign pilot that is based in Singapore. I would love to rent a room from u since your unit is near the airport. I can rent the room. I understand u like tuakee?

Virgo 49 said...

All these bullshits of quota of renting to foreigners. My estate comprises of several blocks which are classified as "private" as previously sold only to PSA and other civil servants and the paul lan par Grassrots members.

So these are under the URA which is more incompetent than the HDB.

Any complaints are sweep under carpets and they are not under HDB's regulations in rebting5 out their flats.

Lots of them operated as even motels with two or three days stay for some patients recuperating from their medical operations at nearby SGH. The URA do not give a damn to this ongoing even though they stated not allowed in their wayang broadcast.

Pinoy prostitutes operated from their flats. Used to tell them straight to their faces that three generations of their offsprings will be cursed for being orr kui tows.

The rules should be changed to allow not renting of whole unit. Let them stay with the Ah neys, Pinoy call girls and the chow heys.

See whether they can bear the discomforts.
One fine day, the Whole estate be blow up by the terrorists who come and rent short term with these MFs greedy flat owners.

Anonymous said...

Hello agongkia , I love to rent a room in your unit, have discount for tuakee? Or u just bullshiting here with no intention to rent out?

b said...

I think it is a good idea. If the owner is lonely, this is a good way to take in some income and have some social contact. Some old people in europe have to pay for some strangers just to visit them.

agongkia said...

Lao chek Virgo ah
Since you loaded you can consider to rent your unit to these Pinays,Tenkachi and chow hey meimeis.
Keep more angcheekow or special liquors at home to get them drunk.Or install hidden pin security camera in their bedroom or bathroom for their safety.
You can continue to enjoy walking bare at home .No need stay in malacca.
Can oso ask Patriot or Uncle to visit you to interact with them.
Sure they will forget about blogging or may even want to rent out their unit.Extra income with beauties at home.Not business minded but must be meimei minded else life is a waste.

agongkia said...

Anon 3.48
Tuakee no use.
My flat unit reserves for those wearing skirt chiobus only.

Anonymous said...

It sounds weird to pay strangers for companionship/company.
To have no kin, relative, friend and neighbour to relate to only goes to
show that a person is eithet anti-social or unsound.

patriot said...

Whence the Rulers resort to asking their citizens to rent and sell their homes and
or call on its citizen to work in vices, the Country they run is looking at demise in the Face.


Veritas said...

In economics, the citizens CANNOT pass on asset to off spring. As I have put it, if your son increase your asset by 100% every generation, by 20th generation, your scion will take over the entire world. It is a policy of elites to empty out the wealth before he die, by medical fee or others...etc.

Everyone should die dead poor.

While healthcare is quite efficient in sucking dry the poor, the problem is, terminal care healthcare cost is peanuts to the rich. The rich will keep accumulating until the entire system implode.

The estate tax is used to solve the problem but the rich did away with it out of NO mathematical sense.

The world is just another miserable place where in ideal case, you left behind nothing, take nothing, and live to suffer your entire life.

The elites should have know this very well. Just that the poor are stupid. They simply cannot see that many funny policy of PAP government actually make a lot of sense. But the onus of suffer needs to go disproportionally to the poor, meanwhile a system of unstability gradually gain momentum until a day where everyone start killing one another.

Veritas said...

If you read the ancient religious book including islam, they have mandated against usury (the career choice of fucking Singaporean youth), and advocate the rich must donate their wealth. The books have wisdom in it, that altruism and charity actually benefit the rich.

Let say a Shylock earns 30% interest a year on 100 million dollars. By 50th years, his gain will be 500,000x and his networth will be 50 trillions.

Today same thing happen.

The rich kick the can down the streets by printing monies.

In the pass when monies is gold and cannot be printed, so how? The rich own every single gold and economy suffocated, no currency in circulation.

So all holy book ask the rich to give $ to the poor, and then monies start circulating.

In the current system of fiat current, central bank can always print. So rich no need to give. If central bank start printing and give to the poor, it would be find, and its similar to diluting the wealth rich. But the world central bank print and give to rich, and this will precipitate the implosion of the current status quo.

Anonymous said...

Testing ......

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Just Testing .......

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..........''...\.......... _.·´


Graphic testing ........

Anonymous said...

Rb // The govt encourages the people to sub let their HDB flats to earn extra income. Many have taken advantage of this new avenue to ease their financial burden and obligation, and that is good. One or two rooms can be sublet out and the retirees can live on this new source of income to live through their retirement years.//

Sinkieland is only 700,000,000,000,000 sq millimetre

Actual indigenous sinkies population is about 3.2 mil and whatever shortfall can be imported. .....

But can LAND be imported?

Anonymous said...

Natural forestation in sinkieland has been reduced from 100% to abt 5% currently?

There is a limit to the increase in road capacity short of designing and building them HDB-style such as a 5 or 10-storey PIE, ECP, TPE, SLE, ..... etc or a multi-level tunnel CTE, MCE, KPE ....etc?

Thus, car-pooling could be a necessary solution to solve land and cost limitations in land-scarce sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

Long term economic growth often is a Supply-Side issue and all FOPs ( factors of production ), raw materials, productivity etc need to be looked into for resource-starved sinkieland?

Land-wise, renting out extra rooms is the housing version of "car-pooling"?

A viable means to circumvent land and cost limitations in sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

What the regime can do to help and value-add to ensure the safety and security of elderly owners as well as the neighbourhood is to have a mixture of public education and some minor touch of regulatory measures?

While elderly folks can have extra source of income, land use is optimised and underemployment of housing resources is reduced to a minimum in this land and resource scarce 700,000,000,000,000 sq millimetre barren rock?

At the same time, foreign workers can have access to affordable accommodation?

Got housing enterprise/ initiative to setup a portal/ platform to educate and match the "right tenants" to the "right owners"?

One arrow kill 3 birds?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Quite often it could be more than 10 as the tenants find it economical to share the cost of rentals. The more the merrier.//

To make it "palatable" and not having issues of overcrowding yet enabling flats to be rented out wholly or ( by ) room(s) subletting, achieving a win-win situation for elderly owners who could find the "stashed-away" extra income source handy down the road during "rainy days" in an economic down cycle where their alternative sources of allowances might be affected?

Thus, subletting helps build up a nice ( financial ) cushion or buffer against bad ( economic ) times which is as inevitable as the flow and ebb of tides, change of seasons, day/ night cycles, sunny/ rainy times ...... etc?

Anonymous said...

In this area, MND can always "direct" the relevant agencies to "conduct random spot checks" to ensure HDB's tenant head counts per flat type regulations are NOT ( blantantly ) FLOUTED by foreign tenants especially those units which are wholly rented out?

It is not difficult to conduct such spot checks as HDB regulations are already in place for ( HDB ) owners of any form of subletting to ( by law ) formally notify the relevant depts?

As mentioned, to make it "palatable" and ensure this subletting mode to work ( win-win-win ), the relevant authority especially MND via HDB relevant depts have ( no alternative but ) to go the extra mile to step up random spot checks to ensure foreign tenants comply with the subletting regulations laid down by HDB to prevent overcrowding?

Anonymous said...

Rb // How would a floor of 6 or 8 units of flats, occupied by retirees or young families feel when 6 to 10 burly foreign men moved in? //

HDB regulations prohibit subletting to construction workers and quite a wide range of foreign workers?

Most of the work permit holders are INELIGIBLE except Malaysians?

So the issue could be with stepping up of enforcement than the regulations?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Singaporeans must feel safe and at ease with their homes, their dependents at home, when they are out at work, and also to feel safe at home, in peace and without having to worry about so many foreigners next door and what if they have bad intentions.//

CCTV cameras work both ways?

Thus, in many ways, any potential trouble makers need to think twice, thrice and more times if they try to "be funny"?

Many HDB blocks are already wired and equipped with "robust" surveillance systems linked directly to the police monitoring stations?

Foreign workers are also self-interested beans and they are here to make $$$ to have a better life?

So statistically the occurrence of one or two black sheep should be few and far between?

Anonymous said...

From the above comments one point came out like a sore thumb. Daft sinkies took personal safety and security for granted. They don't believe in being robbed, raped and beaten up by strangers they called tenants. They think all foreigners are as naive, innocent and stupid as daft sinkies.

No wonder so many daft PMETS got replaced by fake foreigners and did not miss a thing, believing that they were replaced by better qualified and able foreigners.

Look, daft Sinkies would soon be extinct, eaten up by the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Rb // This violation of the HDB sanctuary, the homes of the average Singaporeans by the presence of big numbers of foreign men, construction workers or manual workers, is unacceptable and unwelcome for the well being of the HDB dwellers. //

As stated above, HDB regulations forbid subletting to a wide range of foreign workers including those work permit holders from countries other than West Malaysia?

If there are any construction workers ( other than West Malaysians ) subletting in HDB blocks, anybolee can just call/ report to the relevant authority and the relevant agencies have to act?

So having foreign construction workers residing side by side with sinkie residents is "more of an imaginary perception/ fear than real"?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Have the HDB and the govt, the police, think through this social, safety and security problems of the Singaporean HDB dwellers when a big number of foreigners moved in to live side by side with them?//

Besides regulations and strict laws to deter would be "mischief offenders", public education also plays an important PART?

In bad times especially now and going forward, owners screening of tenants are of paramount importance?

With current regime of strict regulations of property agents, such message can be "fairly easily" transmitted and communicated down from relevant regulatory agency to each licensed estate agency and then to all the licensed property agents under them?

For a handful or minority number of flat owners who are in dire need of $$$, they tend to be less stringent under such financial distress ......?

Assuming they dun accept the tenants, they would still likely ( need to ) resort to other means to solve their tight financial predicament? Often they may turn to loan sharks and in the long term, that is another ( menacing ) problem?

In such cases, it is like caught between a rock and a hard place?

Thus, it is more of a social than housing or subletting issue, and thus social and economic policies need to be tapped for such ( less frequent ) cases to try help them work out permanent solutions one way or another?

Anonymous said...

In sinkieland, what has happened?

The next best thing to do?

To call a "dog" a "horse" the next time you encounter a "dog"?

It is an offence not to obey decreed orders in ancient feudal China and those who insist to call a "dog" a "dog" are "executed"?

Towards more good years?

Towards Swiss Standard of Living?

Towards "Goal 2010"?

The Sinkieland Dream has gone up in smoke under lao goa?

Lao goa!

Ownselves check ownselves?

Goal 2010?

Ownselves check ownselves WILL LEAD TO ultimate OWNSELVES GOH ( GOAL ) OWNSELVES aka


lao goa!

Are you listening?

What have you brought upon sinkieland?


Karma is a bitch?

HKCHAN is looking for you?

Anonymous said...

1 dead old man s teaching has come true. The man had kept repeating when alive, if voters did not vote for rambutan, they wld get the property price reduces to junk. No rambutan now, property price is like durian price. Can hardly go up. That old man now gonna be a immortalized hero. His proxy may tell giving up jobs to foreigners will help to rent out rooms for citizens.
All these good teaching are based on one good principle behind, 70% voters can just live on prices going up wagon, no need to work. Leave your jobs, be landlords, even at heartlands.
Never regret voting for the old man and proxy, more good years.

Anonymous said...

HDB flats cannot be rented out to work permit holders working in construction, marine or process (e.g. oil, gas, offshore chemical) industries. I.E. your typical roughneck foreign workers. Unless they are M'sian --- but not many M'sian even want to work in those industries.

So if you suddenly see many "burly foreign workers" living in a nearby HDB unit, you can immediately call or send email to HDB or your MP to complain, and HDB / MOM will send officers to spot-check.

HDB also got limit on maximum number of people renting in HDB flats --- e.g. max of 6 people in 3-rm flats, and 9 people in 4-rm or 5-rm flats. Basically limit of 3 tenants per bedroom.
So if you see MANY foreigners renting in a HDB unit, you can also immediately complain to your HDB office for them to send officers to check.

I used to have 1 neighbour who rented out to some china construction workers. I complained to HDB and they sent inspectors 2 days later. Within 1 week, all the construction workers disappeared.

I also have another neighbour who bought the HDB flat resale. But instead of staying, he immediately rented out i.e. breaking the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period. I complained to HDB and he almost lost his resale HDB flat.


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 10.02 and 10.09

What not allowed construction workers??

My immediate neighbours renting out to the Ahnehs nationals as dormitories.

One unit housed nearly thirty of them with some sleeping in void decks and the amphitheater.

One RC member told me: Bo pian, our RC leaders now mostly Indians holding the top posts and our MP also indian.

So just keep mum and pretend nothing that we know of.

I told her, hopefully the first case of murder, rape and robbery in our estate will be your RC members grandchild, grandmother or wives or daughters.

As for the cameras, I had told the SPF not to waste public funds.

Practically all blocks are installed including void decks, walkways and even stand alone cameras on the playground.

Yet every night, hordes of these trashes drinking, peeing in front of cameras the SPF watched with glee.

Especially the PRC women who pee in front of the cameras at the side drains. They must have zoomed to see the Black Forests or the Hole of Calcutta.

These cameras made the SPF more lazy as they feel nothing serious is happening.

They sat on their fat asses.

Anonymous said...

9 men is legal. So what can you do about it? nothing. It is legal.
Just pray nothing happens to your flat or your wives and daughters or old folks. Or even to you.

Anonymous said...

Frankly employers nowadays are much smarter?

What for pay $2,500 to $3,000 rental for a 4 or 5-room HDB flat and only "put" 9 pax inside?

Just pay like $2,800 to $3,500 rental for a mass-market condo and squeeze 30 pax into it?

Go see many mass market condos and pte apartments/ shop houses rented out?

Living room, balcony, every single inch of space is not wasted?

So who rent HDB whole units?

Mostly families or single ladies or Malaysians lah?

Virgo49 said...

Our five room popular old design about 1300 sq ft

Every corner double decker beds. Can see
Feet out of windows in hall, rooms .

Even three bedroom all aircon installed and dripping with water

One fine day whole block will have power trips and blackout

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49:

The old 1300 sqft 5 roomers were great! If you are clever, you could get 15-25 people in there without too much hassle. If you charge 400-450 $$ per month, you're doing better than renting out the whole thing to one tenant.

Pay maid $1000 per month to clean 3x per week. In that way, the place is kept reasonably clean, as you can imagine with 15+ people living in one apartment, it is in everyone's best interest to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

There is no reason to turn these high density quarters into a slum. None the issues raised are insurmountable.

Get busy lah. Start renting out, become a landlord and make some fucking money!

Virgo49 said...

Your place clean by the maids??

But these Ah Nehs and the PRCs lived their lives outside the domain like rubbish dumps.

Void decks filled with their rubbish eating and throwing food all over the place.

Slept anywhere where everyone is using as walk ways.

Those MFs flat owners with their illgotten rentals deserved to be burn in HELL.

Neighbours got shits from their greedy no need to work parasites behaviour.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49:

>> Your place clean by the maids?? <<

Absolutely. Plenty of maids willing to "freelance". 3 hours I pay $50. I kena scolding by other "mems"---stingy aunties only pay $12 per hour---so they accuse me of "spoiling the market".

Aiyah, all you have to do is tell them the rules for not littering, then catch a few who are littering and throw them out. Got NO PROBLEM getting "replacements" for those boarders who refuse to adjust themselves to the "tight" situation. Any problem or kwain lan behaviour, and I'll get their workpermits cancelled, or they get a visit from my Chinatown and Geylang drinking buddies. ;-)

For sometime in the past, I used to stay at a B & B (Bed and Breakfast) setup in the Tanjong Pagar/ Pasir Panjang area---those old, big flats. Someone had converted one into a very nice B & B and at that time charged $400/500 per week for the master bedroom, breakfast included. They had a fulltime maid. Got laundry service too---the maid would wash yur clothes for a little extra $$. Good deal lah.

Anonymous said...

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