Train, train, train…what, what, what?

Calm down Boon Wan, I am not talking about you. Neither am I talking about the train breakdowns that you are desperately trying to put them together. Really, no body really cares anymore about train breakdowns. This is the new normal of a 3rd World country.  Everytime when people hear the announcement of train breakdowns, they burst out into laughter. It is now a joke.

The train I am talking about is this magic word or magic cure called training. Singapore can solve all its problems with training. We can even teach old dogs new trick by training them to be professors but to work as cleaners. What we need to do is to train. Never mind what kind of training, never mind if the training is relevant or irrelevant, never mind if the cost of training is too prohibitive for the little rewards, and never mind if the cost fee is too little for a course that is meaningless. Just send the people for training.

Training is now an obsession in this silly little piece of rock when inside the head is replaced by a piece of stone. Ok, let me be more generous, inside the head is a piece of computer chip that will respond to the input, GIGO. All it needs is for someone to mention the word training and training becomes a magical word, a magical cure for everything, better than Tongkat Ali.  Maybe that is the reason why they are sending the grandpas and grandmas for training. $500 can buy a lot of Tongkat Ali, I am told.

We have a nation of trainees, from foetus to babies, to pre schools, kindergartens, primary school, all the way to universities, even to train retirees in their golden years. Now more professional academies are sprouting out to train professionals as if the universities did not do their jobs or the professionals are incapable of doing what they are doing, or obsolete. How much more training and training money must be spent before we maxed out in this training craze to know that no amount of training can cure stupidity?

Did anyone ask the foreigners, so called talents, how much training did they received in their entire lives, and why are they better trained than Singaporeans and better equipped with better skill sets to replace all the over trained Singaporeans?

Would there be a case when an over trained Singaporeans was replaced by an untrained, half trained or never trained foreigners with a fake degree? The big question, why are the half trained, poorly trained or untrained foreigners swarming all over the island replacing the over trained Singaporeans and the government’s only solution is to send the replaced and so called no skill set or obsolete Singaporeans, despite all their experience in what they were doing, for more training?

I am still very puzzled by this riddle. A nation of highly educated people, all found unsuitable for simple jobs, not highly technical and specialist jobs mind you, and being replaced by people from the third world who could not do anything good in their home countries, who could not find jobs in their own countries?

How silly can this state of affairs be? Yes, the once highly skilled, hard working and proud Singaporeans that built a modern city state good enough to be the envy of the first world, are now being replaced by the unknown herds from the third world countries. It is simply unbelievable! And the govt thinks the only solution to help these silly over trained Singaporeans is more training?

And of course there is the special elite core that does not need any training and can become experts overnight in any field, any industry and being paid millions, through political appointments to be CEOs or Chairmen, advisors and what not all over the island. This group does not need any training at all, the proverbial knows all or smart alecs.

But this funny state of development, whereby people get more stupid or useless the more education and training they received, has no exception. This may be what the believers of gods and fairy tales will say, it is heaven’s will or 天意。We are seeing the beginning or the end of this once proud and hardworking people. They are destined to be taken over and ruled by third world so called talents that they believed are better than them, people who can’t save their countries, unable to find jobs in their countries, unable to build their countries.

Is this a joke? How could this happen? I dunno what to say. Go train some more to become taxi drivers and security guards, to be trained to go to third world countries to compete with them in their home ground since they are useless in their first world country called Singapore.

Now, whose brilliant idea is it to train first world useless but highly educated people to work in the third world for small change? And these foreign talents are invited to live in the heartland to integrate with the heartlanders to improve the stock.

Dunno want to laugh or want to cry.

PS. Daft sinkies are on a perpetual training mode. Dunno training for what and how much training is enough. Actually the daft is at the top. The Singaporeans are made daft by the real daft at the top.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah, third world people no need training now better than daft Sinkies. All the daft Sinkies know is to go for training and training and more training.

Third world people taking over all the jobs of the daft Sinkies. Soon will be taking over their wives and families and their little island they forgot that was once their country.

agongkia said...

I told my neighbour who is a screwty towkay that this is a golden opportunity to get rid with those bortartcheh high risk elderly by sending them for training.Many of these apek will automatically resign as they bay heow angmo.Even the instructors at jurong institute will ask then why come training if dunno English and is kind to give them chance to go back.Keeping them will only affect the training school passing rate and their company mandatory annual grading.
Ah pek no time learn angmo.
But this poosa heart towkay still want to keep ah pek.
Training and upgrading only suitable for those so claim pmets.
This khongcum neighbour of mine deserve to close down for trying to be Poosa to continue helping ah peks.Set up a company and transfer these ah pek to collect sanitary bin.No need training. Ah pek can also stop buying 4D or toto and save more...

Virgo49 said...

AhGongKia, your heart black black.

Get rid of your own kind

Don't let this happen to you in line.

Going to train my fingers on the Roulette Machine in three hours time


Anonymous said...

Train the opposition politicians to become ready to be govt.

Train politicians, both opposition and also the ruling party, so that there will be more Chee Soon Juans, David Ongs and Michael Palmers. But enough of Low Thia Khiangs, because more also no use as ruling party has lots of them like him already.

patriot said...

Those who respond to the Calls for training must blame themselves and not thosr that exploit and tease them.

Police Officers are trained professionals, used to wonder why they used fire arm when they have Taser Stun Guns. Just read in Facebook days ago that 2 Officers called for reinforcement to deal with a suspect drug addict in a car. There were cases of others shot and died, there was never a mention on the Use of the Stun Gun(Taser).
Take a look at security guards, most are elderly and frail, some are overweight anf clumsy. Almost all are on 12 hours or longer continuous duties, can they be expecyed to be alert under the Sun or standing and patrolling the whole day?
Most security guards are 'forced' to work for survival for themselves and their spouses, some having to care for children for reasons of health or otherwise.

All the Upskilling and Training are just to hoodwink the Daft Sinkies that training makes them more competent and professional to earn their peanuts.

As rightly pointed out by Redbean, the Born Aristocrat and Elite need NO training and are able to be rulers in any ministries and directors in as much as over 60 corporation on top of being an MP.



Anonymous said...

In 1982 NPB - then PSB - launched the Training for Productivity movement.
Now WDA has taken over form the SDF under EDB.
They ust give some grant and do some training.
Employability is not the issue.
Wat happened to all these slogans - along with the Courtesy, Anti-Litter, Quality, even Speak Mandrin cmpaigns - have been forgotten.
Time we have an MRT campaign. You know what I mean.
But then, LTA has to organise it. Not the transport companies?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect me to say?

Really really sad! Very sad! Very very sad!

Is this Singapore?

Very very scary! Almost everyday! Everyday! Everyday!

We are not like that! Singapore is not like that! Everyday!

Why like that! Why? Why?

Is this the NEW normal?

Really sad! Very sad! Very very sad!

Anonymous said...

SMRT only needs to hire a few corporals to mount look out sentries when people work on the track. Cheap and good. No need to pay for millions of dollars of signal equipment, not need special communications, procedures, command and control procedures.

For the price of two corporals, there will be no technician killed by trains on the tracks.

So simple.

agongkia said...

Aiyo Uncle Patriot
You never fail to paint a picture of screwty guard as frail or penguin figure.
As if you never grow old.

Training for screwty uncles is to help them to have their wages increase under the PWG.Becos many daft activist keep claiming they are underpaid and asking for minimum wage.
My call telling daft Sinkies in the past not to cry for minimum wage fail so these daft need to be blame for making our elderly bortartcheh worse.
PO can use firearm when their life is at risk.Not all carry taser so calling for reinforcement is acceptable.
Stop being sotong and think like many who say guard must work on 12 hours.
They demand to work longer hours to earn more OTs.Thanks to their children who fail to give them monthly allowance.But these PGs got to be blame themselves for not producing enough children in those days.
One need not be train to be a leader.IMHO,it's luck and brain with some ruthlessness when need arises.

Anonymous said...

Really really sad! Very sad! Very very sad!

That Singapore is like that, today!

Really really sad! Very sad! Very very sad!

Anonymous said...

You are animals and hence should be treated like one...to be constantly trained to work the ground that bears no fruits except thorny durians shells
Your leaders are pigs and you are chowtar bacons to be spitted out as soon as it goes into the mouths.

Be proud though..you are first class honor educated sinkies blessed with brains only useful to people handing out offering bags.

Anonymous said...

Last night SMRT stations and two lines black out.
This morning NS line from Choa Chu Kang to Woodlands also down.

Anonymous said...

The mrt system is CRYING!

Are the frequent breakdowns trying to tell us something very very serious coming?

Please take care.

All the best!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

A few days ago I took the NS line and a bus connect to get to Woodlands CIQ, to catch the 5-minute KTM shuttle to JB. I like going to JB for a day or 2 trip whenever I'm in S'pore to spend my almost 3:1 Aussie dollars.

Both to and from trips on the NS line was very noisy and bumpy. That NS line is old and showing its age. I'm no rail ex-spurt, but I think the track is fucked from almost 30 years of heavy service. I'm not surprised the darn thing keeps breaking down.

The KTM trains are also pieces of noisy rattling shit, on over 100 year old track, but what can you expect for 5 bucks these days? For me 5 bucks for a 5 min trip across the causeway is still worth it rather than being stuck in a slow queue.

Anyway, it is a hard fight for who has the worse train: KTM Tebrau Shuttle or the NS line of Singapore's SMRT. IMO, they are neck and neck.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

On trainING:

Singaporeans are education gila. They still think that doing a course and passing an exam to get a piece of paper people in other cuntries won't even wipe their ass with, will guarantee them a job...no no ENTITLE them to a job!

If only the world were that simple. But wait, actually it is. To get a job, the person hiring you must be convinced that you can bring value to the organisation...i.e. you are worth MORE to them than the money they begrudgingly have to pay you. Paying for labour, especially paying for labour with an ENTITLEMENT mentality is a pain in the ass for any enterprise. If they can get away without having to pay for labour or pay LESS, they will. Reality is a great moderator of the entitlement mentality. 😂

No one is ENTITLED to a job any more than the world owes no one anything.

Got "reality check" to get your "reality cheque"?

Anonymous said...

" Training is not the solution if the lack of education is NOT the problem "

Please allow this yellow banana to remind the PAPigs of the teachings of Sun Tzu about TRAINING:

/// After writing The Art of War, Sun Tzu got an audience with the king of Wu.
The king invited him to demonstrate his military skills by training the court concubines. Sun Wu accepted the challenge.

Sun Tzu explained the commands for marching, but when the drum signals were given, the women burst out laughing.
Sun Tzu teaches that if the orders are not clear, the general is at fault.
So he repeated his explanation, but the women only laughed again.
Sun Tzu teaches that when the orders are clear but not followed, the officers are at fault. So Sun Tzu ordered the women's commanders, the king's two favorite concubines, beheaded.

After the two were executed and replaced, the remaining women obeyed the orders precisely. The king was too sickened by the deaths to watch the demonstrations, but he gave Sun Tzu command of his army.

Sun Tzu had a dramatic impact on Chinese history.
After his hiring, the kingdom of Wu went on to become the most powerful state of the period.

What is the moral of this story?
Is it time for Singaporeans to vote in the Opposition as the new government of Singapore?What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think we should vote in Chee Soon Juan as the Sun Tzu of Bulit Batok.

Anonymous said...

Do you know anybody in Bukit Batok who can provide training in fucking for lonely wives?

Anonymous said...

During 2015 GE debate, NSP Lim Tien asked the pap woman how did pap going to solve many graduates taking taxi as career. The woman said training, govt has many training to help these people.

So training is the solution? Its like these taxi graduate drivers enroll into training in swimming, after they finish the course, they are not having swimming practical lessons to do the real tasks.

Training without having the jobs to do is consider the right solution. This is current pap s capability. They issue s pass e pass for foreigners to take up jobs at cheaper rate with no cpf, and encourage jobless pmet to go for training. This is a bluff solution. Fake one. Real training is when citizens have the jobs and being sent for the required course for doing the job better. eg when a graduate pmet refound a job, he might need to be sent to do training in certain software such as sap to keep up with the company s requirement. This is training needs.

Training no real training needs is like learning how to swim on papers and never go into the pool. Fake solution to waste money. Dont be a daft. Vote wisely bukit batok.

Green Matter said...

Unless for the purpose of on-the-job training, SkillsFuture credit is only economically good for left-pocket to right-market promotion.

Do NOT anyhow use up the small token SkillsFuture credit for whatever trivial course (for fun n leisure) under the sun.

For self-starter, explore the internet (or even youtube) to get updated with interesting stuff and download free mobile apps to learn language (or just past-time).

For self-learner, SkillsFuture credit is actually better consumed as mobile wallet (for extra paid language features)/ book allowance (if eligible) for re-playing/ re-reading/ re-learning.

- Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Go on train ok.

Never go under.k

Anonymous said...

The rise of the Asian middle class will remain the dominant regional growth story for years to come, enough to help Singapore cope with headwinds from the global economy, a top official said. Even though the city-state’s economy is coming under strain, observers shouldn’t discount positive signs including resilient consumer spending in Southeast Asia and solid increases in air traffic at the Changi international airport, a regional hub. Read more here. - See more at: http://sbr.com.sg/economy/news/daily-briefing-singapore-bets-rising-asia-middle-class-consumer-prices-down-in-record-s#sthash.5UFPye5n.dpuf

Consumer Pigs. If it looks like a pig, taste like a pig,smell like a pig and eat like a pig then it must be a pig with a pig fat head with pig's brain

No wonder they need to be constantly trained to remain as happy pigs for the slaughter house

Anonymous said...

Matilar stop complaining a few dollars spent on transport when u save thousands for the sex tour u are undertaking in jb lar. The amount u save there is at least 50% example one screw with a pretty Vietnamese woman there cost only s$50 versus s$100 here so don't be a miser. Don't tell me u go jb for training!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "sex abacus" 227:

Eh, tambi, I would caution against banging $50 chicks. At that price, everybody also try lah, many bareback...sekali get sick how? Certain things it is unwise to be a "miser" lah. If I do a deal with you, I will get the best deal, my $1 will buy $2 from you. I will use every psychological trick to mess you up. But when come to woman, pay lah...you are going to anyway whether it is for 1 hr or 1 lifetime.

Dun worry, I know how to spend my money. I am Singaporean lah. No money, no talk, no honey.

Anonymous said...

The Boon Wan guy can sell anything. He should be a preacher

Anonymous said...

Since Boon Boon undertakers took over, the health of the entire system is from BAD to WORST.

Really cannot be solved? Why?

An old Chinese saying.......钱能够解决的问题 不是问题!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say that Boon Wan and his team must have spent a lot of time and money on many experts to sort out this MRT problem. The 40 recommendations may or may not work. By the frequency of the breakdowns, it is apparent that they have not found the source of the problem.

I got this funny feeling that they could all be looking at the wrong places. I hope they run through all the software to debug in case someone has introduced some bugs into the system and are gnawing away at the system from the inside and nothing to do with the hardware. Just a wild guess.

Anonymous said...

You see, experts do all the work and they get all the glory and money for sucking their own cocks

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 407

Are you sure that's possible?. Maybe expert contortionist or gymnast. Maybe. Very big maybe.

Anonymous said...

For real train problem, mot/ lta have (1) business problems identified, (2) extremely big sensors' data, (3) big time to crunch big data, (4) business/ customer/ data (/whatever) analytics to the rescue, (5) blah blah blah - Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Maybe a few more SMRT Breakdowns in the coming days
will allow Desmond Kwek and SMRT to
identify the causes more accurately.

Getting oversea experts to examine the problems appear to be quite not the norm.
Unless the hardwares are locally made and are of inferior quality or workmanship, experts maybe needed for quality asssessment.

The SMRT System is mainly imported and the supplier and contractor are having many of their train systems running in many other countries. There were little and few breakdowns or either they were not made known or reported here.
Are the supplier and contractor not responsible to keep the system in good shape?

What is the SMRT Management and Ministry of Transport been doing ll these years.

Anonymous said...

Luckily SIA is not under them,

Cannot afford to have any problem with aircraft.

So, in a way, train problem got little or nothing to do with minister incharge or the prime minister.
Only the management of the respective corporation is responsible.
The only thing minister is responsible could be the appointment of the person
to take charge of the corporation
and the failure to remove the incompetent management.

Anonymous said...

coe/cars sky high.....cannot afford

taxi/uber/grab...expensive......cannot afford

no choice.....so BMW....but mrt frequent massive breakdowns

what to do......you tell me lah

Anonymous said...

Looks like the numbers in my banana brigade is growing.

/// I wanted this school because, at the age of twelve, I was fascinated by the Chinese language and enthralled by Chinese culture and history.
I wanted to learn more, to experience the values that Chinese culture took pride in: humility, awareness, trust, and perseverance.
Instead, I was served a stonecold dish of artifice and superficiality.

I was told that in ancient China, what mattered was that the noble upper classes always had beautifully kept gardens, that the most educated folk always knew how to prepare tea for reasons unknown.
And worst of all, that “true Chinese values”, were embodied in the archetype of an aged man who preaches blind obedience and loyalty.
My love for all things Chinese started to become poisoned.
I detested and avoided anything that even reminded me remotely of what Chinese culture was about, because all I saw was an untouchable garden, and all I understood was the high-and-mighty airs of an elite institution. ///

Anonymous said...

D-eep I-n E-lephantshit

Anonymous said...

The one common language that will unite all city builder is the language of commerce. One singular objective pompous city of bricks and mortars where everyone speaks the language of mammon.
This disturbed the spirits which moved on the surfaces of the earth. Unknown to the Nimcompoop with the mighty striking Rod, a huge number of diverse confusion of foreign tongues began to gather like hot larvae about to implode.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:59,

This little boy went to a pond and thought he had seen the ocean. Shit, this is what an ocean looked like, so small and so dirty.

The 5000 years of Chinese civilisation of more than a billion people is not to be grasped over a few years of primary or secondary education, and impossible to a banana. All civilisations have good and bad aspects. Mao Zedong and many Chinese intellectuals saw the bad and worst part of Chinese civilisation and set out to destroy them. They cut and burnt but did not get rid of all the bad stuff.

But there are many good stuff left, not just how to drink tea and being refined. Though these are good cultural traits they are not the really important aspects of a civilisation. There are many virtues in every civilisation that are more than being nice and looking cultured.

The bananas would think reading Shakespeare and drinking Earl Grey, going to theatres to listen to Italian supranos that they don't understand and eating cheese cake are what civilised people should be doing.

Civilisation rises and falls, gets better or gets worst. It is an ongoing process that is being lived by millions or billions of people and cannot be simply defined by a few words.

Please, do not condemn a civilisation and think you have seen it all. You don't even know who you are.

Anonymous said...

No money no talk. Fuck Off

Anonymous said...

You think Sin has a place in the world if Sin is poor? The most powerful economy in the world will call the shot to your fucking head.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, don't bullshit lar. In jb where got high class type all serving the mass market lar

agongkia said...

Anon 8.11
//You don't even know who you are//
Agree with you mate.
But I know roughly who he is ...He is either Robert Chua,Sebastian Lee or George Joseph Teo or the like of them.
There are plenty of them...
That banana wrote that he was told that in ancient China...
That mean this banana has never step into China but base on hearsay...

But what does banana got to do with the training ...

Anonymous said...

Please, do not condemn a civilisation and think you have seen it all. You don't even know who you are.
April 26, 2016 8:11 pm

And this summarizes the weakness of Chinese culture.
Everybody must agree and follow with tradition. Not allowed to have different views.
If a small minority disagree, they have to be condemned.
- and you wonder why after 5,000 years, China is still trying to play catch up to America
- America. A civilization that is less than 300 years old.

Singapore is also suffering from this weakness in Chinese culture.
- 50 years of doing things the LKY-PAP way
- cannot change and cannot disagree
- even if you are 16 years old ... must face "consequences"

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.
And expecting a different result.

Anonymous said...

If only you read the history of China. The whole world is trying to catch up with the Americans. China was robbed and looted by the West and was penniless for more than 100 years.

China picked up the pieces and in less than 40 years have nearly caught up with the Americans and over took many of the aspiring countries in the whole world. Give China another 30 years and it would leave the Americans behind gasping for air.

Civilisation rises and falls. The Chinese civilisation is no exception. But no other civilisation was able to revive to rise again. The Chinese civilisation is the first ancient civilisation that is getting a second wind, to rise and become a rich and powerful country all over again. Look around and see who else could do what the Chinese civilisation has done?

Singapore is badly run because of Chinese civilisation? Singapore, like Taiwan, Hongkong, are the jewels of the world, admired by all the third world countries aspiring to be like them. Think what would Singapore have become if it was not run by a sinic culture population. Maybe you are unable to think or to face the truth. Singapore will remain the slum of south and south east Asia if not of the Chinese people that built up this island.

Anonymous said...

The Indians, Malaysians, Pinoys, Indonesians will over take China soon.
China will fall, lose everything and become backward again.
They are now rich by pure luck. They can't think, cannot do anything right.
China will collapse and the Chinese will be beggars all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Just go and sell your soul to the highest bidder and stop your bullshitting lah

Anonymous said...

Hurt by the truth? Very painful ya?