Tuition - Top tutors earning HK$2m a month!

Just heard this over the news that a top tutor in Hongkong could earn up to HK$2m a month. Now that is a cool S$400k! These tutors must be really good and doing a very good service to the students needing their services.  It must be money worth spent or the tutors would fold up in days or weeks, if they could not deliver.

I am sure tutors in Singapore are also doing pretty well tutoring our students, for all levels. Tuition is also not only an industry but a must as part of our education system. Many weak students could do with the help of a good tutor to get that elusive A that is a must to move on.

Though the tutors here are not earning the kind of money like their Hongkong counterparts, many are doing it full time and the rewards are quite good or exceedingly good to some good tutors. For those students that could afford the fees, well and good, nothing to complain about. There must be many that would like the assistance of a tutor to give them that little lift they needed so badly if only they could afford it.

I am thinking of launching a mail service to review and comment essays for O and A level students, for a little fee of course, for Singaporeans and foreign students. I could even do it for free for Singaporeans if needed. Students interested can email me their essays and I will do the necessary. I am putting this up on a trial basis.

I have edited a few essays before and found that generally the students here are able to write a decent piece, but with a little help and pointers here and there, it would make the difference between an A or a B grade.

Those interested can start sending their essays to me with immediate effect. I am not doing this to make millions. Just to give a little assistance where needed, to those that can do with a little help. My email, redbeansg@yahoo.com.



Anonymous said...

"Those interested can start sending their essays to me with immediate effect."

But can you cope if there are too many, especially at your age and eyesight? And if you can't cope but still do it, you may not be doing a good job.

And if you reject some or the students not getting the grades they want, they will also be disappointed, and they will spread this by word of mouth. And students are a closely knit community.

Anonymous said...

Come on Redbean, you cannot be so lack of $$$$. My advice to you is not to get involved. Mothers and fathers will come to box you in the ear if their boy-boy or girl-girl do not score the A when exam results are out.

Anonymous said...

When RB is trying to help, you rascals are trying to tick him off.
Fuck off you good for nothing assholes.

Virgo49 said...

The MOE under so many Ministers including Mr Gold Fish Eye now MOF had Singaporean children and grandchildren like guineas pigs in the last few decades of school system.

Now parents had to have one or two tutors besides their children attending practically full day schools.

Teachers and their principals only wanted fast good results from their pupils to be slotted chances of promotions.

My neighbour lamented to me saying her daughter is weak in her Maths subjects.

She had tutor for her. In school the teacher concentrated purely on the test questions and ignored their pupils weakness in their subjects. No remedial classes as they asked them if they have tutors at home.

Most if not all Lee Chiu.

So no need further teaching on.their weak subjects.

The tutors on the other hand also pushed for exam scoring texts.

So how can her daughter corrected her BASIC weak foundation in her subject.

I had aqquanticance with some tutors who are ex teachers and have incomes of five to six figures monthly.

So carefree and independent.

Most got cars not only their two car. (Legs)

Anonymous said...

I dont know if the news RB heard refers to Lam yat yan of Beacon hong kong tution group. This guy s look is like a super rock star. He is in demand as his face is on poster on streets. Good looking and young. He made 40% of Beacon s revenues, u cn imagine how students "love" him. Its like asking Andy Lau to teach the students.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 April 17, 2016 5:43 pm
//The MOE under so many Ministers including Mr Gold Fish Eye now MOF had Singaporean children and grandchildren like guineas pigs in the last few decades of school system.//

Uncle Virgo49,


U have sharp observations?

The Chinese has a phrase:


Let me add another one:?


Anonymous said...

"Tuition - Top tutors earning HK$2m a month!"

True or not?
In Singapore, even lousy ex-Generals can earn S$500K a year.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Just to give a little assistance where needed, to those that can do with a little help.//


Good deed?

The Chinese has a saying:


Setting good example indeed?


agongkia said...

I also give tuition to foreigners and new citizen but I not lui bin and my intention is good, not to make profit.
Being a bortartcheh,i can only give tuition on one important subject,i.e,how to speak local Hokkien dialect.
New citizen can learn Hokkien from me
free of charge.My present students are those ajumma from Korea and cewat from Indonesia.
Can still take in more student but preferably must be those You Know Who.
Private tuition for those taitais whose husband earning million dollars.

Any takers ?

Anonymous said...

Singapore also has several millionaire like Adam Khoo and another I think right brain left brain or something. I contributed few thousands for my kid and it's worth it.as he changed from hopeless case to becoming very successful.

Of course it's not a sure case as not all kids attended would turn out to be better cause at the end it depended on the kids but some Counselling talk from a third party helps. The course is both motivational as well as some studying technique but it's not for the poor as the course cost a few thousands for each kid so if YoY are poor then your kids just suck thumb.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, not for profit like taking money but u looking for a free screw lar as your normal Lau Mei Mei hugging. Now u admit u looking for ajumma auntie type no wonder free Lor. U really one sly motherfucker lar

Anonymous said...

Tuition provided for "torturing and tormenting" mosquitoes. ......

For enquiry, pls kee chiu ......

Also "$500/=" micro-courses how to "become a parasitic jiak liao bee"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have been toying with the idea of giving free tuition to those that need such a service but did not really get on to it. Let me try out this as it would be less demanding on my time and commitment. I could do everything in front of a PC. Should be convenient enough.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This tutor phenomenon highlights the IMPORTANCE of being an excellent public speaker and engaging communicator.

You complaining entitlement-mentality losers who can't find a job---not even have the skills and wherewithal to even give BLOWJOBS, better fucking pay attention:

It might behoove you to get your skills upgraded by learning how to communicate in public, and engage your audience. Look at the facts, you dumb stubborn motherfuckers: people who have public speaking skills like teachers, preachers, lawyers, parliamentarians are rarely out of a job.

Get down to your local Toastmasters or do something similar.

If the best you can do is complain about life on the internet, you're fucked and deservedly so.

Learn how to speak, assholes.

Anonymous said...

There are many tutors here.

Subjects include English and Writing from Rb.
Life and Living Skill from Matilah Singapura.
Meimeilogy from Agongkia.
Race, Faith and History from Veritas.

Bananalogy, politic and debating skill
from highly educated Phd.

Last and not least, all the Others that gather here that Matilah Singapura thinks are parasites in paradise which he would like to see exterminated.

Anonymous said...

Matilah must start teaching people how to do blowjob. He is a self proclaimed expert. Self admission of a still he is proud of.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 958:

>> Matilah must start teaching people how to do blowjob. <<

Just ask you mum and sis to PM me, I'll be glad to help them out. Once they complete my course, they will be examined by a connoisseur JUDGE of the "female arts": agongkia. Dun pray pray, this guy is an ex-spurt. 💦🍌

@ 942:

>> Matilah Singapura thinks are parasites in paradise which he would like to see exterminated. <<

Please, not just "like", but LOVE to see exterminated. The Power Of Love, don't play the fool...you have to have PASSION as the basis to your objectives in life. I would LOVE ❤️❤️ to see these cunts die.💀💀

Do you get it now?

Anonymous said...

Matilar, why asked the guy Mom and Sister? U always practise on your own Mom, sisters and daughters mah. Don't know why u just can't stick with your Wife unless she is no good. If so just ask angongkia to let her practise on him Lor.

Anonymous said...

Education in Singapore is a total failure. Practically all the pupils and students either from rich or poor families have private tuitions in all subjects with either private tutors or private tutorial schools. The private tutorial schools are raking in millions of dollars every year. It seems the owners or proprietors of all these private tuition schools have strong connection with the relevant authorities and that's the reason they can open a series of tutorial schools all over Singapore . Eton, Montesorri and Pac are some examples.School teachers even dare to scold pupils or students who have no private tutors and demanded that parents should employ private tutors for those who still do not have private tuitions. Since the situation is like this it is better that the government close down all schools and just conduct PSLE or School Certificate Exams only . This will save the country a lot of money . But it is also bad because in the end the government will have saved so much money in the billions that the ministers will be popping their protruding eyes with greed and tempattion to legally rob and pay themselves even more. Singapore is damned as it is under the most incompetent government.