The Panama Papers prove Americans are angels

There was a big leak, and it came from Germany, and the French President praised the leak. It has nothing to do with the Americans. I can swear to it. And without even looking at the names in the leaked papers I can also swear no American, French, British, Australian or Japanese names would be in that list. These are honest people, like angels, they walked around with a halo on their heads. Though the average Americans and Europeans would not believe that this is true, the Asians and the bananas would believe it is true.

You see, the list of names would definitely be people from countries that the American regime regards as enemies. It is just a coincidence that there will be no American names or names of American allied nationals. They are not from the Dark Side. So God is kind and make sure their names would not be there.

The people from the Dark Side must know by now that there is no place safe enough to park their loot, definitely not in Switzerland or any American allied countries, and definitely not in the USA banks.  Now the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands are also not safe. Anywhere in Southeast Asia that will be safe? I think one place will be safe, under their beds.

This leak is worse than the Wikileaks and all the nationals of America’s enemies would be exposed. It is so timely. God is so kind to his angels, the Americans and their allies. It is now confirmed that the Americans and their allies are all honest and trustworthy people, incorruptible, no loot to hide.

This case is quite similar to the MH370 incident. The Americans are totally not involved, not a word from them. Only the Australians are fronting up in the MH370 case. So cannot put a link to the Americans.

In the meantime one piece at a time, a debris would float up somewhere in the ocean, near Diego Garcia. The point is that if the aircraft had crashed, the debris would be all over the place, not one piece at a time popping up from the ocean. If the aircraft did not crash but sunk, you would not have such debris.  The presence of debris, one piece at a time is mysterious and pointed that the aircraft must have crashed and blasted into pieces.  And God is releasing the debris one piece at a time. Of course this is a joke.

Oh, do not point the fingers at the Americans. They are angels. They are definitely not involved in the MH370 or this Panama Papers leak.  Both are inexplicable acts of Gods. Believe me, trust me. Believe in the Americans, trust them. They are the angels.


Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the "The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists" website.
The people who are investigating the Panama Papers.
The people who "Guard our Guardians" and "Watch our Watchmen".


This is not an "ownself check ownself" website.

Anonymous said...

Here's a 2 minute youtube explanation of what the rich people in the Panama papers may have been doing.


Anonymous said...

/// The Internet practically exploded this morning after a detailed report was published proving that dozens of corrupt politicians around the world have been stealing public funds and hiding the loot overseas. ...

There’s some Grade A filth in positions of power who routinely funnel public funds into their own pockets.

Whether they secret the funds offshore, buy expensive flats in London, purchase Bitcoin, or stuff cash under their mattresses seems hardly relevant.

The real issue is that systems of government routinely put morally bankrupt individuals in control of trillions of dollars of cash.

Seriously, what do people expect is going to happen?

Yet this never seems to be concern.
The media outcry always seems to focus on the manner in which public officials hide their assets, not the fact that the funds were stolen to begin with.

This report targets the illicit use of offshore corporations, specifically those set up by a single law firm in Panama.

In reality, this issue hardly boils down to one firm.

There are thousands of law firms all around the world, including in the UK and the United States, that register companies for their clients.

Some of those companies end up being used for nefarious purposes, including fraud and theft.


patriot said...


Who says war must be fought with bomb and missile?

Warfares as always, are fought with cultural, religious and political alignments using strategy paint others as evil, criminal, dirty and god-forsaken beings.

Ultimately, mankinds will destroy themselves.

This Masterpiece here by Redbean shall prove the Truth Of Events that have taken place and events that are developing.
The American People may like to examine the Characters Of Their Political Leaders to see the Quality Of Their Humanities. In so doing, Americans of different origins, races,


patriot said...

'using strategy to paint others as evil.........'

My apology for omitting the Word to in my Above Comment.


patriot said...


Sinkies should be happy that no one in Sin is listed in the Leak.

The Integrity of Sin is intact.

Lucky Sinkies!

Kudos to ourselves!


Anonymous said...

Putin should commission a leak on Hillary Clinton's email messages that are under FBI investigation.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Amidst all the heresay and assholes who think their shit don't stink talking the "moral high road", the Pananma Papers leak does prove a few things with reasoable certainty:

1. Most motherfuckers don't like paying tax, and wish that they didn't have to. Rich pricks however have the advantage of actually bringing this wish into reality, not because they are "morally compromised" but due to the SIMPLE FACT that they have resources and means unavailable to even the highest paid shit-kicking wage-slave.

2. If you're a lawyer, go and help rich clients get richer and more protected. Forget about defending losers pro bono or behaving like some "saint" in the public defender's office, earning in a year what many rich clients of trust lawyers and private bankers can earn in less than a day.

3. Most governments can catch "small timers" who cheat on their tax return. The big money is always elusive. It is only by SHEER LUCK that a leak (data dump) of this magnitude ever occurs. Suffice it to say, most other "international" trust law firms have beefed up their security. Cyber security is one the world's fastest growing business sectors, presently COMPOUNDED at just below 10% per year.

4. I'm waiting to see how smart lawyers can wrangle their clients out of this one in the many cuntrees where tax dodgers and money launderers have been caught. Bear in mind the "evidence" obtained against these rich cunts was obtained ILLEGALLY. I'm waiting to see which court has the BALLS to throw out cases based on illegally obtained evidence.

5. The Panama bust is an EXCELLENT God-send for Singapore, which has for long time been a bane for the Australian Tax Office.

However, in an effort to protect its "spotless reputation", the Singapore govt has responded with this rejoinder πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

"Money can't buy you love....but it improves your bargaining position" πŸ˜³πŸ’°

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The amount of "Assets Under Management" in Singapore is STAGGERING. Around 2.5 trillion, and the industry has had stellar growth over the last 5 or so years.

An (unfortunate) data dump like the Panama Papers is bound to illustrate more than a few "juicy details", I'm willing to bet.

Such a hack will seriously damage Singapore's reputation for a "safe place" to hide your dough...I mean manage your legitimate assets 😱. I will be very sad if that happened. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ

On the other hand.... to see MAS, Treasury, Min Finance shit their pants...waaaahahaha... PRICELESS!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

God Bless the Americans! They are too busy enjoying themselves and protesting for more "enjoyment opportunities".

Hey you Hong Lim asswipe-losers, get a load of THE MOST BADASS PROTEST EVER

Top that, if you can. (You can't, go the fuck home)

b said...

In an ideal world, no one needs to pay tax. Only pay service fee to gov if gov doing a good job. Tax is anti democratic, anti meritocracy, fuels incompetency, rewards cronyism etc. Its an oppressive tool against the working class.

Ghost said...

“the list of names would definitely be people from countries that the American regime regards as enemies. It is just a coincidence that there will be no American names or names of American allied nationals. They are not from the Dark Side.”
What are you smoking man? Last I checked, Iceland is a staunch ally of the U.S and E.U.

Unknown said...

I don't know what to make of this article. There are no Americans because it is perfectly legal to set up shell companies in the US. No need to go offshore.

Last I check, UK, France, Germany ... are all allies of the US.

Whatever you are smoking I want some. Neh, maybe not

Anonymous said...

i just want to know what would Western media do

if USA law firm been hacked and massive confidential information been leaked to the journalists.

Wasserstein said...

Icij - funded by the Rockefellers. Enough said.