The height of idiocy

What do you think is the height of Singaporean idiocy? Giving the pioneers $500 for training when many are about to kick the bucket? Why don’t they just give them the money to have a good time, a good meal, to splurge for themselves while they still can? No, this is not a good example of idiocy. These seniors can still learn a trick or two and may start to work again.

What about allowing the govt to want a more or less ceremonial president to be  more honest than the PM, smarter than the PM, have better experience in senior management than the PM, have better integrity than the PM…Oh, I must clarify here, the PM is referring to the post of the Prime Minister, not to anyone in particular. Do we need someone to be better than the PM to be the President? Oh, this is also not a good example of idiocy.

What about saving for a life time, contributing nearly 50% of one’s income to one’s saving scheme in the CPF only to find out that the amount is not enough for retirement? Not idiotic enough? What about allowing the govt to decide to spend it on medical insurance? Not idiotic enough? What about allowing the govt to set aside a huge sum as a minimum sum that cannot be touched until death do us part? Still not idiotic enough?

Someone in my blog said a NS man, a corporal would probably be smart enough to avoid the death of the two trainees killed in the train accident. How so? Because the problem was due to a lapse in communication, or a system fault.  Someone already got permission to go down onto the train track to repair a fault. So 15 men, inclusive of an instructor, went walking on the train track during morning peak hours thinking they would be safe. Did they presume that once permission was granted, it was safe to walk on the track, no train would come and hit them, the system would take care of it since permission already granted?

So when they were on the track, there was no need to look out for on coming trains? Got permission already.  Now, why would a corporal make a big difference between life and death?  In a situation like this, the corporal would simply detail one or two men to be on the look out for on coming train, like sentry duty. So simple!

Whether got permission or no permission, system working or not working, got system fault or no system fault, got lapses or no lapses, a simple order to post a look out was all that was needed. No need expensive operating or warning system, no need to bother if got communication lapses or train driver was sleeping or train on auto drive.  The 15 men could simply moved aside when seeing the train approaching.

Would this be good enough to be called the height of idiocy? System fault leh. Communication fault leh, someone never switch off the power leh.  What more excuses needed for stupidity?


Anonymous said...

// System fault leh. Communication fault leh, someone never switch off the power leh. What more excuses needed for stupidity? //

Food coma leh?

Oops no .......

Got "η₯θ‹±ε°"?

Anonymous said...

Rb // Would this be good enough to be called the height of idiocy? //

When (ex)3-star general and so many (ex) colonels, (ex)Lt-colonels are MORE "NO COMMON SENSE", "NO BATTLEGROUND ABILITY" ........ than a CPL?

Anonymous said...

Rb // What do you think is the height of Singaporean idiocy? Giving the pioneers $500 for training when many are about to kick the bucket? //

When they oso give to multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires staying in top of the pyramid GCBs ( GOOD CLASS BUNGALOWS ) ( only about 2,400 of such houses in sinkieland in abt 39 gazetted exclusive zone - including the ones TCB and Lao Goa are staying? )?

Anonymous said...

Emperor suppresses peple dat

Question their authority.....

Emperors still alive n fine.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with Rb, at the senior age what else to learn and for what purpose. Give them cash of $500 per year they can go hug Mei Mei 5 times so say once a month can last 5 months leh.

Anonymous said...

/// What about allowing the govt to want a more or less ceremonial president to be more honest than the PM, smarter than the PM, have better experience in senior management than the PM, have better integrity than the PM ///

If the President is so good;
Might as well the President become the Prime Minister tio bo?

patriot said...

It is the Idiot Greedy Oldies that take the Bait.

The Lucid and Clear Vision Oldies are reading the SCHEME(s) with swear and curse. Many will expire with their eyes open wide wide and hearts fill with hates.
Ruse does not always work' they are bound to fail except on those gullible folks.

Failure of the Scheme is a foregone Conclusion.


Anonymous said...

/// What do you think is the height of Singaporean idiocy? Giving the pioneers $500 for training when many are about to kick the bucket? ///

So who are the real beneficiaries of this $500?
The pioneers who receive the $500 worth of training?
The list of approved trainers/training companies who provide the $500 training?
Who benefits more?

How much expertise and training can $500 buy in Singapore?

If education & training is so cheap;
Why is our polytechnic and university fees so expensive?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, fungibility does not apply in this case .....?

So the ( total ) utility function of the oldies did not increase?

And their indifference curves stay at the same level as before the grant is given?

Anonymous said...

/// In a situation like this, the corporal would simply detail one or two men to be on the look out for on coming train, like sentry duty. So simple! ///

So to guard our reserves.
We really don't need a Millionaire President tio bo?
We just appoint a corporal who will detail one or two auditors to be on the lookout for our reserves tio bo?

Anonymous said...

In economics, this is called "Asymmetric Information" and "Moral Hazard"?

Anonymous said...

In economics, this is the transferring of the consumer surplus to producer surplus?

But not at the socially optimum level?

So, deadweight loss also occurs under such an arrangement?

Anonymous said...

In economics, under "Asymmetric Information", ( adverse ) self selection could be the reason lah ....?

Anonymous said...

After the training we will have 200,000 trained oldies waving a new certificate and wanting to apply for jobs. Good for productivity and increasing the number of productive workers. No need to import more foreigners.

Anonymous said...


Under labour supply theory, the substitution and income effect will lead to the observed response?

But the substitution effect ( of a CPL for a PM ) would equal only the compensating variation or equivalent variation?

In this case, an equivalent variation and the consumer gains via consumption at a higher utility function and indifference curve?

Tiok bor?

patriot said...

The Cabinet is full of fucking jokers.


Anonymous said...

In economics, this is called interventionist supply side policy?

In the long run, the aggregate supply curve shifts to the right?

In the short run, aggregate demand curve also shifts upwards due to increased consumer spending and the Keynesian multiplier effect working through the price mechanism?

Anonymous said...

In economics, this is termed as "garment failure"?

patriot said...

Do pardon me.

I did overlooked the
70% of DAFT Stinkies that
swallow bait, hook and line.

May they enjoy swimming guided by the Line.


Anonymous said...

Well, in economics there are such things as "hidden characteristics" and "hidden actions"?

How to deal with them?

patriot said...

Got to give some Seniors million Sin$ a year to keep their self esteem even if they are/just decorative pieces lah.
After all they are/were kakilang/own clique.

'What's wrong with collecting more money......'
What's wrong with paying million Sin$ to Kakilangs?


Anonymous said...

Wah lau eh, 200,000 Silver Brigades all newly qualified after attend a $500 training course and applying for jobs.

This is good.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When designing systems---especially SAFETY systems, it is wise to start at a point where EVERYONE is assumed to be an IDIOT, whose behaviour is predicated on the basest of all human traits: the FACT that every human is the center of their own universe and that they will act in their (what they think is) own BEST SELF-INTERESTS, and they don't care or are unaware of the effects on other humans (who are also the center of their universe)

So the only solution to prevent accidental mayhem on the SMRT tracks, is to SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY the entire section of the track. Better yet, shut it down from the preceding stations (in both directions), and park a train there so nothing can get through. i.e. block off the track.

Then every idiot can be happy and safe. The can drink kopi and smoke and play with their phones and watch internet pornography....all in perfect safety. Oh yah, they can also do some work too....but in govt. owned enterprises, that as we know is OPTIONAL. πŸ˜‚

Default: everyone's an idiot. PhD holders are just idiots with impressive papers.

Anonymous said...

To PAP, allocating $500 training credit to ah gong & ah ma is not idiocy, becoz all Sinkies expected to work until drop dead & die. Don't expect PAP to be your rich ah gong supporting your old ass.

As for lifetime saving almost 50% and still cannot retire --- this is becoz some idiots allowed said saving to be used for property. No other country in the world allows retirement or pension savings to be used to buy property. So we are unique pioneer country. Either we damn smart or damn idiot. You decide.

Anonymous said...

Corporal: Eh you and you, you stand there, you stand there. Look out for train coming ok. When train comes, shout, train coming, train coming! Then everyone siam.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, please please no blame culture please!

We are not going have better patients service or MRT service even we put blame the them.

These are our Best that we had groomed for years on expensive scholarships.

So hard to have people like them in sinkieland.

Auto, Now communication so simple.
Just lift up phone and convey messages to the other parties.

No need for you to lay line through the tracks to communicate with your colleagues.

What's so difficult.
Some more got walki talkies.
Must get them to be trained more as signalmen in the Signals battalion.

Anonymous said...

Virgo said somewhere that the aunties were giggling after learning some new skills with cucumbers after using funds from skillsfuture. Now that is what some skills for the future, I suppose.

Now, what kind of skills can the uncles learn with the money? Not fiddling with cucumbers surely.

Virgo49 said...

Hi bro anon 10.31

500 $ GRANT to learn basic computing lessons.

Work as Security now also needs certification and course you know.
At least can key and check security cameras.

A bit more than botachek to be collecting used crockery from Hawkeye centres.

Pionner Sinkies Must be proud like AhGongKia said to be self sustainable.

Some more got Workfare every quarter.

Extra can go chiral Hong Hong Genting for some rounds roulette

Looking forward my July GST 500 for some roulette funs

Anonymous said...

The good news is...even the poor owns their coffin in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Collecting ( more ) $$$ ( indirect taxes such as GST ) from the oldies and then giving them back in grants and subsidies results in deadweight loss => bad economics lah .....

Anonymous said...

Game theory?

When there are more than one dominated strategy, u have to use iterated elimination method?

Till u get the dominant strategy called the NASH EQUILIBRIUM?

When there are more than one subgame, you have to play the repeated dynamic games, till the subgame perfect Nash equilibrium is attained ........?

One application is in the Cournot Duopoly model, where quantity is the variant?

Another more challenging model would be the Stackelberg Duopoly where it involved 2 CUCUMBERS ....... oops ..... 2 variants namely QUANTITY and PRICE.......?

Anonymous said...

When you have a monopoly in anything, X-INEFFICIENCY inevitably results?

The higher the LERNER INDEX, the greater is its monopoly and thus market and price-setting power.......?

When a monopoly is perfectly price discriminating, the entire consumer surplus is extracted ( aka sucked ) from the consumers and the monopolist's AR ( AVERAGE REVENUE ) curve is even above the demand curve as revenue per unit is given by MR ( MARGINAL REVENUE ) + the extracted CONSUMER SURPLUS ( by the monopolist )?

Anonymous said...

When there is a mismatch of skill sets ( in the industries ), structural unemployment results ......?


A CPL cannot fit into the job of a 3-star general and vice versa?


FATALITIES ( in the economy ) would be "DEPRESSIONARY"?

Anonymous said...

When Public Saving constitute a large proportion of Total Saving in the economy, it can lead to serious problem?

PRIVATE SAVING is usually rechannelled back into the CIRCULAR FLOW OF NATIONAL INCOME in the economy via FINANCIAL INTERMEDIARIES through lending to FIRMS and INJECTED back into the CIRCULAR FLOW via INVESTMENTS by FIRMS?

But when it is in the form of PUBLIC SAVING, it can usually "EXIT" the circular flow of national income via the BOP ( Balance of Payment ) FINANCIAL ACCOUNT in the form of overseas PORTFOLIO INVESTMENTS and constitute a debit and outflow of funds from the domestic economy?

Anonymous said...

The MC ( MARGINAL COST ) of modern education and retraining ( of ANY PRACTUCAL USE ) FAR EXCEEDS $500?

If you look at the DEMAND CURVE SCHEDULE for BASIC EDUCATION, at the POINT where price=$500, a student has not made it past kindergarten?


Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang, bro, too cheem to understand.

SiM lectures??

Me only Snr Cambridge equivalent onky O levels.

Hokkien platoon.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Aiyo ....?

Already made it in as simple term as possible?

Haven't include the graphical and algebraic representations?

Anonymous said...

Would including the calculus algebraic expression help?

But either descriptive, graphical or algebraic, message is sama sama?

INDIOCY in SINKIELAND cannot be allowed to "SCALE" any further "GREATER HEIGHTS"?

Otherwise "crash down" from such "astronomical stratospheric HEIGHTS" is guaranteed "FATAL"?

Tiok Bor?

Anonymous said...

at the end of the day...all said and done,.still an idiot...in Sin and in the world..not just an idiot...first class honor idiot...doctorate idiot....but when eating people's money...very clever hor...when farting...very clever hor...sucking dicks..very clever hor...but still a bloody moderfuckin pigshead idiot

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Would kpkp not "CARRY" more weights if substantiated by mainstream economics?

Virgo 49 said...

Oki oki

You can do the wrapping up the Budget for Heng Swee Kiat.

Let him have some New Water before water rationing.


Anonymous said...

Look at your ministers...smart meh? ..got much papers proof very smart ah?..talk big words snart meh?...bankers talk big words eat your cheebyes and lunjaos for breakfast lunch and dinner smart meh?

So smart can go temples pray to invisible superman for prosperity and peace ah. So smart can finally die among cockroaches and worms ah

agongkia said...

If you drive a car with eye concentrating on looking at charbors or Chiobus or eye glued to surfing nets like MSN while walking and got hit and killed,it is your fault and has nothing to do with our system faults,communication faults or power suddenly off .
500 dollar is a encouragement to PGs to upgrade themselves and stay employable instead of idling at the void deck aimlessly hoping for weekly handout.
70% are no idiot that is why they get the garmen they deserve.
500 dollar can be use to buy Toto and get a chance to be millionaire.
Or go Batam and hug the You Know Who for free.Half a loaf is better than no bread.
Why must Garmen set aside a minimum sim?
Just cheongkong all members' CPF and use it as insurance premiums will do.

Anonymous said...

Mr GongKia,

The SkillsFuture $500 grant is not FUNGIBLE lah .....?

That's why already said sinkies ( total ) utility function and indifference curves did not increase after the grant is given because many sinkies find it impractical ......?

Imagine if a multi-billionaire staying in top of the range 50,000 sq ft GCB ( GOOD CLASS BUNGALOW ) say in District 10 off Holland Road redeems the $500 SkillsFuture grant and attend 1 of the 10,000 courses on offer, he would likely suffer an income and ( total ) utility function setback bcos his 3 or 8 hours used in the training course could have earned him at least several tens of thousands if he use it in his business or office?

Either way, for rich or oldies, the $500 SkillsFuture grant likely might cost more than the benefits in redeeming it to attend any 1 of the 10,000 courses on offer.....?

10,000 courses sound so good right?

What about next time they increase to 1,000,000 courses?

At the end of the day, basic economics makes more sense?

When $500 grant or 10,000 courses are ACTUALLY "ECONOMICS BADS" than "ECONOMICS BENEFITS" if they cannot increase the utility function of sinkies or uplift their indifference curves to a higher level?

Tiok Bor?

Ah Gong?

Anonymous said...

It is the city of Sin, what do you expect or hope to achieve? Obviously it is going to be a production factory for Sin.

Anonymous said...

Mr GongKia,

If the Y-axis represent all other goods and the X-axis represent a normal good such as leisure, it is likely to follow a normal downward-sloping indifference curve?

But what if the Y-axis still represent the same "all other goods" but the X-axis represent an "economic bad" say the "$500 SkillsFuture grant to a multi-billionaire"?

What would be the shape of the indifference curve?

It is no longer downward-sloping, right?

How is it going to "benefit the majority of sinkies"?

Can anyone even map out such indifference curves without violating the Non-Satiation property of the indifference curves?

What does it prove in the end?

Is the "$500 SkillsFuture grant" an "Economic Good" or "Economic Bad"?

Tiok Bor?

Ah Gong?

Anonymous said...

Is "Sin" an "economic bad or good"?

Anonymous said...

You see .....?

Is casino and therefore gambling an "economic good or bad"?

How about going to patronise prostitutes in say Geylang?

Would a sinkie mother encourage her husband or under-age teenage son(s) to consume more of it?

No, right?


Bcos, it is an "economic good"?

No, right?

Bcos it is an "economic bad" ......?!

Same thing for casino gambling?

Anyone going to encourage their family members to go big time in casino gambling?

So assuming "casino gambling and patronising prostitutes" are "Sins"?

Now, if there are more of such "Sins" consumed by sinkies in the City of Sin, what would happen to the GDP?

The GDP will shoot up, right?

So more "Sins" mean more "GDP" growth?

Is it a good "GDP" growth or bad?

Does high or higher GDP and GDP growth necessary mean SOL ( standard of living ) is necessarily high or higher in a cuntry?

Heard about gaming on university ranking?

Can GDP numbers, likewise, be gamed via what @ anon 4.10pm said // production factory for sin //?

In the past 25 years since 1990, how much of the GDP growth drivers are from "PRODUCTION of SIN " and how much from "production of real economic good"?

Any breakdown available?

Any chance the economist ( a Mr "Neon Umbrella"? ) in the opposition party would table such a question?

b said...

Gov subsidised training is to protect the rice bowl of those training companies (aka cronies). Its robbing taxpayers to pay C. That happened everywhere. But paying training companies better than paying weapon companies.

Anonymous said...

Too much religiously fucked brains that when they talk about Sin, immediately their brains are linked to geyland and sanitized underwear. Hopeless idiots

patriot said...

Mr Agongkia may have misunderstood that the $500 Skillfuture Fund that can be used to offset course fee as a cash grant.

From his Comment that $500 Skillsfuture Stipend can be used to buy toto or go Batam, it is clear that he had gone out of Topic.

Like to agree to him that 70% of Sinkies are no idiot, they(70%) are the 'bo hee hae ar ho' or as claimed by Agongkia's half a loaf is better than none. 70% are indeed impressed by crumb and piecemeal treat and freebie.

Let's not deviate from the Subject of upskilling the People to improve on our economic progress.

We have here an experienced economist, likely to have been in the Field for many year explaining, albeit too academically, of the Various Schemes dished out by the Finance Minister Heng for 2016.

As a layman, with many others in New and Alternative Media, we have no faith with Budget Arrangements in the Past nor do we have any in Budget 2016 with a New Minister. The Previous Finance Minister was, is touted as a renown Expert in Economy and Finance. The Prime Minister is a Mathematician, Expert in Sum and Figure.
How did Sin performed in the Last Decade is not secret. Anybody, trained or untrain in Finance and or Economy can see for themselves how well Sin had fared in the Last Decade, as most are personally adversely affected in job or business.
The High Rental, Indirect Taxations in GST, COE, ERP and High Cost of Essentials in Fuel, Healthcare, Utilities and Transportation are harfly addressed. Lousy Scheme such as Skillsfuture and Loads of Others as as good as we know them here, Facebook and Elsewhere.

Anyone will be unhappy to be hookwinked or mired by messy schemes that do not work. Worse, many Schemes in the Past failed miserably .
Despite so and such, new as useless schemes are churn and roll out.

What is needed now and imperatively so, is TO BRING DOWN COSTS OF LIVING AND DOING BUSINESS.



Anonymous said...

Sin is glorious, beautiful and bright...light an angel. Pls do not associate it with down under and mislead others lol

patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

There are educated scoundrels
there are


Anonymous said...

The WAGES of Sin
The STRENGTH of Sin is the LAW

Sin is bloody rich if not how to buy donkeys like you?
Sin is righteous if not how to sue idiots like you?

Pls respect Sin ok ha ha haha

patriot said...

System Fault,

Communication Fault.





Anonymous said...

Seven deadly sins my foot. The only deadly thing about Sin is Chilli Crap lol

Anonymous said...

Every time Sin is mentioned..they think about the adulterous woman..like they say..as you think...so you are ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

During the day, the devil may whisper in your head, “You cannot go into God’s presence because you have not been reading your Bible and serving in church.” Or he will tell you that it is because of the sin which you have just committed.

The devil will always make you feel that you are not qualified or clean enough to go near God. But the truth is, regardless of how you feel and what you have done, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.

In the original Greek text, the tense for the word “cleanses” denotes a present continuous action. This means that once you are a believer, the blood of Jesus Christ keeps on cleansing you from every sin!

So you can rest knowing that you are always forgiven in this continuous “wash cycle” of Jesus’ blood. Because you are continually cleansed, you are always in the light. Of course, you will fail here and there, but you are still in the light because the blood is continuously washing you!

The Bible says that we overcome the devil, the accuser of our brethren, by the blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 12:11) If you have sinned, remind yourself that Jesus’ blood keeps on cleansing you from every sin—24 hours a day, seven days a week—and move on with God! The devil cannot defeat you when your faith is in the blood that cleanses you continuously.

Some Christians are guilt-ridden because their consciousness of their sins condemns them. Although Jesus’ blood continuously cleanses them, they would rather hold on to their past mistakes and feel bad about them, thinking that they are being humble and holy when they do this. But this is nothing more than self-righteousness.

My friend, the eternal blood of Jesus Christ offers you eternal redemption and everlasting righteousness. Accept the payment of His blood as the final, perfect and only sacrifice you will ever need!

Thought For The Day
You can rest knowing that you are always forgiven in the continuous wash cycle of Jesus’ blood.

agongkia said...

Every dollar saved is every dollar gained lah.
You may not see the cash but it benefit you so when you save 500 ,you are richer by 500:-)
Our employers contributed SDL monthly even though those that i know were unable or did not get their staff to go for training.
Many such towkays will be unfairly penalise and even risk losing their licenses to run a business if they fail to send staff for upgrading courses because many botartcheh ah peks workers hint to resign if force to go courses.
Me only hope to have more courses in various dialects,to cater for those ah peks,especially those screwty uncles.
Who cares how the 500 goes into their pocket.
Important is must motivate our elderly bortartcheh,make them more employable and work till they cannot move .This will benefits many as they will have increase in salary and do not have to depend on their children.
The benefits in term of increased salary is many times more than 500,so can "Huat" more meimeis and no need depend on their poothowkias.
Got give allowance promptly to your elderly or not?

Anonymous said...

Who is the devil now? Friend of garbagemen?

agongkia said...

Uncle Patriot,
Replied at 7.56pm
Don't kacheow or complain about others salary .My sifu said a hungry man is an angry man.
When one enjoy a comfortable salary and they are happy,Sinkies will benefit because less kacheowlation from them.So you see the benefits?
Hop out of your coconut shell or if cannot hop ,crawl.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ holy-roller, 651:

>> You can rest knowing that you are always forgiven in the continuous wash cycle of Jesus’ blood. <<

WOW, continuous blood? Now that's what I call a heavy menstrual period.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Indifference curves? Utility function...WOW, the blog has been invaded by Keynesians and post-Keynesians.

Paul Krugman or Joe Stiglitz....anyone?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "close to enlightenment" fella, agongkia:

» must motivate our elderly bortartcheh,make them more employable and work till they cannot move. [...] The benefits in term of increased salary is many times more than 500,so can "Huat" more meimeis and no need depend on their poothowkias. «

Uncle, you terbalek lah. First you must give the meimeis to "Huat"...until the elderly bortartchehs cannot move.

Then you give them a few days or a week to recover, and hit them again with the meimeis.

....and then after letting them "tak boleh tahan" for a week or more, you tell them to attend course so they can get a job and start earning....or NO MORE MEIMEIS for them, and they are left to par chiew cheng or blow each other (aka πŸ‹ "lemon party" πŸ‹)...like prison. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

In psychology this type of process is known as operant conditioning. The "carrot and stick" is a type of operant conditioning. This approach works very well on Singaporeans---who are mostly a "tak boleh tahan" impatient bunch. The carrot and stick has been used by the PAP with remarkable effect to manipulate the public.

Anonymous said...

Christians are so lucky. Continuously cleansed by the blood of Jesus, thus sinless.
Now I understand why Christians go to heaven straightaway after they died. No need to be judged on Judgement Day. Judgement Day only to judge non Christians. So non Christians that are good got chance to go to heaven also if judged by Jesus on Judgement Day to be good.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, you see obituaries now on every publications.

Many pai mais generations of you and me up Mercedes benzess are been saved by Jesus Christ.

Only those still stuborn ones like some, now some and me still pray to idols.

You shoukd know better. How hard to strike actual combination in 4D numbers.

So buy System or I BET and chances are better even though payout is less.

As long as you are saved, why worry??

So can many years buy ordinary straight numbers and not sure saved, ooos strike or not.
So better just believe and be saved lah.

Why so hard headed??

You go to hell you know??

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia ah? Employers contributed these Skill funds because they have to. Not that they want.

I, myself as a kachang puteh ex employer also contributes skill funds that goes to naught.

As one bro said. It only benefits certain employers and their cronies.

I knew of companies who are members of certain trade associations or professional bodies asking their own members to conduct woo liow courses for their employees.

The bills are inflated so that both benefits.

In a way they claimed back their contributions.

Only the CPF board and the MOM are sleeping in dispensing the funds to them.

Seen enough atrocities in my life time.

Virgo49 said...

A guy runs 100 meters in 9 secs.

Very good already.

You want him to run 5 secs.

You want his life??

So for a manual worker who has already done his best, you want him to do better, better better, better, better, better??

You mad or what??

He can already cleaned very clean, you want him to use toothbrush and Colgate to polish the jamban??

Anonymous said...

Someone is bluffing. Where you find sheep gathered or a congregation of shit, you shall find bull shitters. That's why they are also sinkies

Anonymous said...

Biggest bullshitter in Sin taught that and blessed and protected by another biggest bullshitter

patriot said...


Virgo 49;

the tricks You mentioned about 'pakat', phantom employee, CPF Contribution
and foreign labour ratio etc are known to be exploited by employers for a long long time.

Where is the Rational to train PMETs into jobs unrelated to their experiences and or their educational qualifications?
Do they expect the retrenched engineers, managers to go for security training to become security guard or take courses to be hospital attendent and call that upskilling? Bortakchek like me also knows that it a hopeless case for PMETs who have bear with the Nonsense as they have no other avenue to survive whence they have to go down to that level.

Let us see how the $500 Skillsfuture help the People around us.
As for bosses like Matilah Singapura, lets also see how much they progress in their businesses as they appear to gain much from the Schemes roll out.THEY CLAIM THAT SINKIES, BOTH EMPLOYEE AND EMPLOYER SHALL BENEFIT FROM THE SCHEMES.
Hope that one day we get to see them feature in the Official/Main Media as examples of more success in their businesses and professions as proof
of the Success of the Schemes.
Hopefully, they will remain healthy and not be affected by aging problems that may render them unfit or worse, had to be cared for by others. If and whence that happens, then they will indeed be helping to create more jobs, at least for patient caretakers.


patriot said...

'As for bosses like Matilah Singapura and Companies...........', Companies added.

When PMETs are slipping and rolling down the slope and have to grab at anything to stay alive, only the Sick and insane will call that upskilling or upgrading when they attend courses to find a job to stay employed.

Not surprisingly, uniformed personnels were and are GIVEN higher ranks to adorn their uniforms to make them look good and grand without much or no increase in pay. Maybe, their bosses think that is also an upskilling too.
What about low pay frontline staff with uniforms that make them look like senior executives with HIGH SOUNDING titles such as adviser, consultant and other flowery terms. Another upskilling to the Cabinet Members too?

There are such too much forms created by the fuck up leaders in the Last one two decades when they did and do their best to hookwink and lure the people with false hopes.

There is a dire need for the Rulers to have some conscience in dealing with the Citizenry.
They should not create lots of forms and patterns with little or no substance.
Nice looking titles and garbs do not fill stomachs and hungry folks are angry folks.

Do beware.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> As for bosses like Matilah Singapura, lets also see how much they progress in their businesses as they appear to gain much from the Schemes roll out. <<

Actually I don't "employ" anyone. People who work on my projects are CONTRACTED for a fixed, previously negotiated and agreed upon "fee for services". i.e. everyone is self-employed. CPF is their business. Tax is their business. Work permit/ employment pass is their business...They die, also their business. πŸ˜‚

Therefore I don't give a flying shit about any program the govt. runs to "help" whoever-the-fuck they want to.

Many locals complain that I "spoil the market" because I pay my contractors above market rate.

My mentor is "Joe" (not his real name) a 79 year old, well-connected Chinatown kid who grew up in the "backwaters" of Trengganu St, Bukit Pasoh and Keong Siak Kai. When we go for lunch in Chinatown, he's greeted by many of the business owners. I owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to Joe.

I don't give a flying fuck about the govt. I know in my heart it is people like Joe who are the true pioneers of Singapore---people who started with nothing and from nothing, and built up the city and the nation one piece at a time. Yah, they got rich...but why not? They worked since they were kids and put themselves through whatever education they were able to gain. They gained the respect of the communities by their own merits and actions....not foisted onto glory by winning elections or talking cock in the media.

Sifu Joe is a stanch NATIONALIST and has a love-hate relationship with the PAP, who have been courting him for more than 30 years to "join them". Everytime he blows them off, they start trying to "guilt trip" him by saying stuff like "You've been very successful in Singapore and beyond. You should be more grateful and serve the nation". Kani nah...that shit really pisses me off.😑😑

So yeah, go ahead and take the shitty $500 and sell your soul and asshole to the PAP. I'll take my chances, win or lose.

Virgo49 said...

Your Joe at Kreta Ayer beer stall facing the Tibetan temple having drinks with Siew See Lam and company.

ChinaTown Pioneers with dragons and tigers cartoon?

Ogling the China mei mei beer promoters.

AhGongKia should join them as me thinks he knows See Lam.

Most of them are pro PAP Ex Richard By and not too long Lily Neo Kawan Kawan.

Employers like Matilah are the Ones who exploited the norm workers who are at their mercy without whatsoever benefits and CPF contributions as well as medical security.

This is the Ang MoSai terms of employment which the Sinkies Govt just cordoned it as the norm now.

That's why Sinkies are so dumb and naive and stupid to accept these exploitations

agongkia said...

Many companies conducted in house course to meet the requirements and these in house courses benefit those bortartcheh ah peks.
I know of such companies who conduct but did not make any claim at all.

agongkia said...

You should tell this to those kaykiang who always ask for minimum wage.
To appease these daft,now got PWM.
Ah pek dun mind low salary ,can write 4D klkk ok liao but kaykhiang hope they are paid more so no need give their father allowance.
Ah pek botartcheh cannot go course conducted in angmo so got to resign to wash jamban.
Cos if they dun go course,towkay can be charge becos ah pek no course cannot issue keys,help mata mata or touch cctv.
Towkay oso risk losing licence.
But wash jamban no need Colgate,just need get koon tow yew or nutmeg oil for themselves.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49---wrong again:

>> Employers like Matilah are the Ones who exploited the norm workers who are at their mercy without whatsoever benefits and CPF contributions as well as medical security. <<

You are pure and simply wrong:

1. I don't "employ" anyone. Everyone is CONTRACTED, i.e. like freelancer, independent contractor. If you don't understand this concept, stop reading now.

2. If you want "mercy" or "compassion" you are welcome to go elsewhere. I don't force people to associate with me. They have the free choice not to do so.

3. I don't support the idea of a tax-funded ponzi scheme. You can make cpf payments as a self-employed individual. Up to you.

4. "Medical security" is as necessary as food, water and air. If you are not responsible for your own welfare and health, you are welcome to work with someone else. I only contract self-reliant, capable folks.

5. Unless you are indentured labour, like many of the maids, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be EXPLOITED. Remember: ☛ "You can't cheat an honest man."

patriot said...


Matilah Singapura Sir;

me tends to believe that a
honest will not cheat in anything.
or anybody.

where to find honest man?