Sugar Tax – More happy solutions to Singapore’s problem

MP Chia Shi Lu is asking the govt to consider imposing sugar tax on food with high sugar content to fight against diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain type of cancers. Sugar is a main cause to the rise in obesity. Imposed a sugar tax is a very good solution. All food and beverage with a sugar content shall be subject to a sugar tax to cut down on sugar consumption.

And do not stop at just sugar, fat is also dangerous. A fat tax should also be considered. But Chia Shi Lu also expresses concern that ‘such taxes may raise prices and disproportionately affect lower income Singaporeans who spend more on cheaper processed foods.  See, poor people cannot afford organic food or better quality food that are low on sugar, fat and low cholesterol and whatever to be healthy food. So how? Can give them more subsidies or not?

Some say eat rice also can get cancer because all those cancer patients also eat rice. So can consider a rice tax as well? And this is a timely reason to raise more taxes on wine and alcohol, all got sugar content, ice cream, cakes, sweets etc etc.

To protect the health of the people, more taxes must be imposed to reduce their intake of food.


Anonymous said...

Wah! Do you think the taste of Ministerial cock is very sweet?

Anonymous said...

You mean it is not?

agongkia said...

Niatee use to drink kopi O kosong or siew tai oso pay same amount as normal kopi .My lakopi kaki ask for katai got charge extra.
Sugar tax is to benefit kopitiam so that they can sell kopi at a higher price citing tax on sugar as an excuse.
1 kg sugar tax at x amount but 1 kg can make many cups of kopi.Amount collected is many times more than tax.Kopitiam sure happy .
See how these khongcumkia make my life more difficult.Blame their parent,the PGs,for not teaching their children well.
Either poor in mathematics or nothing better to bring up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Sugar is the fucking worse legal "poison" out there. However that control-freak minister better get his facts straight:

SUGAR DOES NOT CAUSE DIABETES!----motherfucker, you are a minister....check your facts before you open your cocksucker and spew nonsense! 😑😑

I say don't tax sugar. A much better solution is to SUBSIDISE sugar. It is already cheap, make it CHEAPER.

In that way those dumb cunts can eat all the sugar they want, get fat and die off quickly. Think of it as "population control" and getting rid of the weaklings who have no self-control.

Then we'll have a society of rational, self-reliant fit people and the society will eventually be devoid of these assholes who cannot moderate their desires.

C'mon, let's kill a few entitled fuckers, by getting them to slowly poison themselves to DEATH! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ πŸ˜‚

Kopi siew tai anyone?

Anonymous said...

Tax Tax Tax........

Everywhere tax! Everything Tax!

Here tax a bit, there tax a bit, right tax a bit, left tax a bit,
top tax a bit, bottom tax a bit.

Tell me what is NOT taxed! Tell me what is NOT taxed!


Anonymous said...

Fucking Doctor who has be be told off by Matilah.
Should have told Chia to go back to secondary school to learn basic knowledge.

All that he knows is the use of money(tax) to solve anything.

How can he be allow to manage

Anonymous said...

Why not pay Singaporeans for staying healthy instead?
More healthy Singaporeans = reduced demand for hospital beds and medical services.

Encourage rather than punish.
Carrot rather than the stick type of government policies.

Vote SDP rather than PAP.
Do you think this will incentivize better carrot type policies in Singapore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Everyone has a different body system and metabolism rate. Some need sugar, some more, some less. Try to live without sugar in your system. There is no one answer for sugar consumption. I have been taking sugar in my kopi and other drinks. I need sugar to pep me up.

This is like fat, oil and other food item. Know your body and what it needs. Do not simply accept a diet formula meant for everyone. It may be good for some but may be harmful to you.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea to impose tax on sugar. If that happens half the selves in NTUC will go up in price. The poor people who shop at NTUC will be hit hard and more will kpkb. The next time you find that your grocery bill is too high and money not enough, please stop and think who you voted for in the 2015 election. If you are one of the 70%, you have no right to complain. If on the other hand you are one of the 30%, I feel sorry for you. If the kitchen gets too hot, get out of the kitchen.

jjgg said...

If I get a dollar for every minute of their spew, I'll die a billionaire ...

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ April 18, 2016 10:06 am

Totally agree.
If we want healthy Singaporeans, address the problem directly.
Don't do a round about policy predicated upon a dubious correlation between sugar and diabetes.
The correlation between a "sugar tax and diabetes" is even more tenuous than sugar&diabetes.

But hey.
What do you expect from a political philosophy of "what's wrong with collecting more money from Singaporeans?"

How about a war on Hepatitis C in public hospitals instead of a war on diabetes?

Anonymous said...

This MP should take more sugar to improve his brain cells so that he can come out with more constructive and logical suggestions instead of aping what the West has already started to do. And it will fail and the population is just going to end up coughing more money to live, because of downstream inflation.

The key is education. Not taxes, Stupid!

Increased taxes were levied on cigarettes. Did it cut down on people smoking? NO!

Increased taxes were levied on liquor. Did it cut down on people drinking? NO!

The brothels raised their prices in line with inflation. Did it reduce the horny from patronizing them? NO!

Come on, MPs should contribute qualitatively to earn their S$16K. Don't open your mouth just to have something to say.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I also want a "healthy Singapore". IMO the best way is to get the weak losers to poison themselves and remove their "bad genes" from the gene pool...which is being made more ROBUST by the MASSIVE introduction of foreigners, who are mating with the locals and producing more "mixed genes" offspring.

Singapore has to change BIOLOGICALLY---the bad genes need to be excised out ASAP. Having a SUBSIDY on sugar will help this process.

I also propose to remove ALL WARNING LABELS from equipment, pharmaceuticals etc. Allow motocyclists to ride without helmets (their choice), allow dangerous drugs like MDMA, amphetamines, heroin and cocaine, and allow people to not wear seatbelts.

We need to be awarding more DARWIN AWARDS to the people who willfully remove their bad genes from the genepool. Maybe even honour them by acknowledging their "voluntary sacrifice" every National Day. Get Dick Lee to write a song...

I have several normally compassionate medical-professional friends who go nuts when you mention Type 2 Diabetes. They UNANIMOUSLY agree that those who have Type 2 Diabetes fucking deserve it because they are lazy cunts who don't give a shit about their own health...and so they over-eat, rack up the sweet fattening stuff like cakes, candy and BOOZE, don't exercise, smoke heavily...etc. So, if they don't care about their health, why the fuck should we?

Fuck the tax. Subsidise sugar NOW! And get the national gene pool full of "good genes".

Got eugenics?

Anonymous said...

Yes for the sake of gene pool, we need to get rid of Matilar, the motherfucker that waste every' s time. So just go and die.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1040:

>> So just go and die. <<

Be patient dear piece of shit, one day you will be rewarded by having your wish fulfilled.

However, as I am still very much alive....I will continue to annoy the fuck out of people like you....for my very own selfish entertainment of course.

Anyway.... Time for me to blow my own trumpet: 🎺

I am surprised to see pharmacies like Watson's, Unity, Guardian etc making a never-ending-fortune selling BULLSHIT supplements and vitamin pills to DUMB SINGAPOREANS who lap up "false hope" in any form presented, then part with good money so that they can "feel good" from believing in the hype false-hope brings to their shitty lives.

I haven't taken a vitamin pill in nearly 25 years. I used to be a nut with various health supplements, vitamins anti-oxidants etc. Yup, I also fell for this bullshit in my less skeptical" years (thankfully behind me now).

Little to people realise that ANTIOXIDANTS CAN KILL YOU *QUICKER* if you take them regularly, rather than not taking them at all---except in your diet from fruits, nuts, vegetables and fish.

For e.g.: Do you take massive doses of Vit C believing that it'll aid training or ward off colds and flu? Unless you're undergoing chemotherapy (which is designed to nearly-kill you) you're risking GENETIC DAMAGE by mega dosing on vitamin C.

People take Vitamin A "for better eyesight". Well, if you take too much, you will DESTROY your eyes and fuckup your liver (yeah dummy, it's TOXIC)

Save yourself a shitload of money. Unless the medicine is prescription, there is virtually nothing on the pharmacy selves which will "boost your immune system" or "make you healthier" or "de-toxify your blood" (the biggest lie of all). All that crap is designed to sell you FALSE HOPE---you make them rich, and you are poorer and probably in WORSE health.

Shit, I know motherfuckers who smoke and drink heavily but believe they are "bulletproof" because they take "Swiss vitamins", Ginseng and Vit C and once a month go on a "detox" diet.

Fucking idiots....

Anonymous said...

Sugar tax is ok, is perfectly ok.......

But, we must be fair.

We should have HAZE subsidies?

When PSI exceed 100, singaporeans get S$100 each......

When PSI is 200, singaporeans get S$200 each.......and so on.......

How about it!

Ha ha ha.........

Anonymous said...

There should be a BMI tax. Those above 20 DMI should be taxed 20% more for public services that take up space and healthcare e.g. MRT and bus fares, polyclinic bills, hospital bills.

Too many fat fuckers in S'pore today. These assholes are taking up more than their share of space in MRT, buses and increasingly taking up slots in polyclinics, GPs, A&E, hospital beds, etc.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1207:

I like subsidies, but not in money form.

>> When PSI is 200, singaporeans get S$200 each.......and so on.......<<

Free cigarettes. Smoke 20 per day? Don't be a pussy, double that or triple it...why not? It's free what? Singaporeans like to "makan" free stuff.

Smoke more, Singapore!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1236:

>> Too many fat fuckers in S'pore today. <<

No no no! There are not enough. Please no BMI tax. Food subsidies or free food. I want more people to bloat to 140 kg, like they do in western cuntrees. Heard of morbid obesity? Yeah, let's encourage more of it.

When these unhealthy, lazy cunts put on more and more weight, they will eventually develop metabolic syndrome of which Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and increase their cardiac arrest and stroke risks....which means the chances of these LOSERS DYING SOON is INCREASED.

The sooner we help these fuckers disappear, the fitter and healthier the cuntry.

You want a strong πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ cuntry? Then kill off the weakπŸ’€ shitbags, by allowing them to indulge as much as possible into their unhealthy CHOICES! πŸš¬πŸ”«πŸ’£

They die, their business! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Even with sugar tax, fat tax or what not tax, PAP can still win the election. That's what really matters for PAP.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with anonymous 1.20pm, that whatever tax and tax and tax, pap will still win elections......anyway 70% gave ok in 2015......this is Singapore.......we are singaporeans......don't worry be happy........cheers........

Veritas said...

All these sugar or other hedon tax is very difficult to administer. We have too much tweak in the system and tax code is getting too convoluted because PAP want to give tax break to the rich.

The rich cannot seems to do a straight forward thing as below.

1. estate tax
2. Property tax (a form of wealth tax) base on land wealth
3. Capital gain tax
4. Wealth Tax
5. Progressive income tax

When the rich want to poor to pay, thats when things get mess up.

agongkia said...

Without Matilah here,there will be not much readers except only few who will keep remaining anonymous talking to themselves.
Must be grateful to my Sifu,my humourous Laochek Virgo,Patriot..just to name some.

Anonymous said...

Matilar because u don't take any supplements your fucking brain has gone haywire. If not please explain. Why u practice incest and torture your own mother. Sisters and daughters. Actually it's fun to read your nonsense but I urge you to let those dear to you go. Go pay $30 I. Geyland to take are of your urge and if u cheapskate do play with angkngkia. Your are a real low life form to practice incest

Anonymous said...

"You want a strong πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ cuntry? Then kill off the weakπŸ’€ shitbags, by allowing them to indulge as much as possible into their unhealthy CHOICES! πŸš¬πŸ”«πŸ’£"

Matilah --- you obviously never worked in hospitals before. I work in hospital and it takes a fucking long time for fat fuckers to die. Yeah, they develop hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc in their mid-30s. But usually need to wait until 50s or 60s at least before they get heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, leg amputation, blindness, cancer, etc etc. And with today's healthcare, even in C-class wards, they don't die immediately but still fuck around and take up precious space & resources for another 5-20 years.

Even when totally unproductive as a stroke vegetable, or legless diabetic half-blind fucker requiring dialysis 3X a week, they still suck on taxpayer money, getting 80%-100% subsidies for their treatments, drugs, administrative followups, social services, etc etc.

The bills they pay in C-class wards can't even cover the cleaners in the hospital, don't talk about the nurses, doctors, specialists, and the billion dollar drugs and machines. Hitler had the right policies. And LKY would have followed with these right policies, but unfortunately had to maintain a veneer of democracy.

Anonymous said...

8.11 pm, if u agreed with Matilar, then the first motherfucker that u need to get rid off is martilar. U said u working at hospital, I hope u did not bump off a few people there like some of them do in the USA hospital as reported in the press!

Second one to bump off is angongkia the good for nothing asshole who offered himself now to tuakee for a living then spend the money on Lau Mei Mei.

Anonymous said...

8.17 pmπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 811:

>> Matilah --- you obviously never worked in hospitals before. <<

No, but I've banged lots of nurses and a few MILFey woman doctors. And I've visited more hospitals than I care to remember to bid people "farewell" as they shed their mortal coils...but no, never worked in one.

I know it takes time for these "land whales" to die...but please lah, we have to have some compassion here. Already we want these lazy losers to become extinct, but I don't think we have to be CRUEL about it. (Matilah take the moral high ground! Dun pray pray)

This is why I think it is COMPASSIONATE for these eating machines to eat as much as they like, whenever they like...we can subsidise the food and the sugar so that these "Ah Puis" are happy chomping their way to an early grave. So let them take the time. Never mind...once they are gone, they're GONE...we will never have to waste anymore money in stupid expensive ideas like "public healthcare" to keep "inferior" people ALIVE---motherfuckers who should be DEAD but we choose to let them live at great cost with ZERO benefit.

Cupcakes anyone?

agongkia said...

Only interested to know whats MILFey woman doctors?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Wah...really? You don't know?!? OK no worries...

M.I.L.F. is an acronym for "Mums I Love Fucking", which I guess makes any guy does this sort of thing is a "motherfucker" in the most literal sense. πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

"Never mind...once they are gone, they're GONE...we will never have to waste anymore money in stupid expensive ideas like "public healthcare" to keep "inferior" people ALIVE"

Wrong again matilah.

Fat motherfuckers beget fat motherfucking kids. Seen plenty of them fat fucking families gathering in hospitals around fat fucking patients. But usually won't appear until patient put on DIL, and then we're badgering the fat family fuckers to sign the DNR. Worse is when the fat fucker finally dies, then the whole fucking fat clan will come crying KPKB in the wards. Fucking taking up precious space and making it damn hard & dangerous for the rest of the staff to quickly do their work, especially if other nearby patients urgent procedures or code blue.

Those fat fuckers perpetuate parasitic sucking on taxpayer healthcare monies. It's a never ending cycle unless we sterilise them or terminate them.

Anonymous said...

/// Worse is when the fat fucker finally dies, then the whole fucking fat clan will come crying KPKB in the wards......
Those fat fuckers perpetuate parasitic sucking on taxpayer healthcare monies. It's a never ending cycle unless we sterilise them or terminate them. ///
April 19, 2016 1:08 am

Why are you taking such an aggressive tone towards our cabinet Ministers?

Anonymous said...

Eh Matilar, here u go boasting again. U sure u banged those chicks? Why would they be interested in you? U only possess a small Canon with two flat tires. Your Daughter told us that when u inserted your small Canon into her, she did not feel anything often asking you whether you in already or not. Knn don't bluff lar as I tend to believe your Daughter. The younger one that is the short and fat one. That is the one u said u would like to terminate!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 108:

>> Fat motherfuckers beget fat motherfucking kids. Seen plenty of them fat fucking families gathering in hospitals around fat fucking patients. <<

Yes, you are right. But methinks you worry too much.

Remember that the precursor to these scenarios is that we already have in place: Sugar/ food subsidies which incentivise fat 🐷 greedy oinkers 🐽 to constantly shove mega-calories into their cake-holes 🍟🍦🍰🍩🍨

Fat kids won't last: they'll develop metabolic syndrome within a few years. Just in case, we'll give these kids free cigarettes too. 🚬🚬 These greedy spoilt shits won't even make it to NS enlistment. Also, they will all be TEASED by other kids for being "fatty bom bom" which might drive a few to suicide. πŸ’€πŸ’€

Be patient. I don't advocate active involvement by "terminating" people. That's MURDER, and in my book, I consider that to be immoral. Encouraging people to kill themselves I can do quite easily "guilt free".

@ 705:

Believe what you want or don't believe. I don't give a fuck about you or your shitty, uninteresting, low-quality life.

Anonymous said...

Rb // MP Chia Shi Lu is asking the govt to consider imposing sugar tax on food with high sugar content to fight against diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain type of cancers.//

Is MP Chia Shi Lu a trained "Economics" Dogtor or "Medical" Dogtor?

Anonymous said...

Is he attempting an "economics" solution for a "medical problems" in society?

Anonymous said...

Typo .... should be "medical problem"

Anonymous said...

Basic "A" Level Economics would be able to "prove" that ( a ) garment intervention in the form of a market-based measure ( taxation ) for such a social negative externality would highly LIKELY FAIL?

Anonymous said...

Did he take economics at "A" level?

Anonymous said...

Did he pass it?

Anonymous said...

Or is he "act blur" and try to take a page out of all the "taxation" tactics of war time KMT Finance Minister TV Soon during WWII ( in China )?

Anonymous said...

Can the opposition people especially economics expurt "Neon Umbrella" table some "SIMPLE ECONOMICS" questions for MP Chia Shi Lu "medical" Dogtor turned "economics" Dogtor?

Anonymous said...

"Neon Umbrella",

If u need help what ( PERTINENT ECONOMICS ) questions to table ( to determine whether sugar tax will end up solving diabetic problem or DIGGING MORE $$$ FROM THE POOR PEOPLE AND SOCIETY AT LARGE? ), pls kee chiu?

Will post them here ( if necessary for u ) to table?

Anonymous said...

Besides basic theories taught in A Level and IB economics, basic mathematical economics at undergraduate First year micro, 2nd year intermediate micro etc ..... can "EASILY SHOOT DOWN" MP Chia Shi Lu "medical" Dogtor turned "economics" Dogtor proposal if "THE REAL INTENTION is to mitigate diabetic problem THAN ( finding all means for ) TAX REVENUE collection )?

Anonymous said...

What do yall think?

Ladies and gentlemen in MSN?

He "real blur or act blur"?

Anonymous said...

TO get an economics professor etc to tell an ( unlicensed/ untrained ) "Economics" Dogtor is like "killing an ant with a cruise missile"?

Anonymous said...

Can some aspiring tutor(s) ( in msn ) politely show the "economics Dogtor" ( with proof ) his proposal is likely to fail ( like so many past ( half-baked ) garment policies ) ?

Tell him his proposal is not even good enough to go inside the oven ( to be baked at all )?

Got better "RECIPES"?

Anonymous said...

If it is not ( "politically" ) feasible to a"raise ad valorem tax" across the board, alternative means ( or "well meaning excuses" ) probably would be used ( to collect more tax revenues for allocatively inefficient and big spending programmes like PICs )?

Smoking and alcohol drinking are 2 demerit goods socially associated with very high negative externalities yet after donkey years, how effective garment interventionist measures have been in terms of high "punitive" taxation of a few hundred percent ( on consumption of alcohol and cigarettes smoking? )

Having sweet tooth certainly is not a crime but there is no lack of excuse if some people are dead set with ( uncaring and $$$-face ) mentality of "WHAT'S WRONG COLLECTING MORE $$$ )?

Anonymous said...

Well, in the 21st century, have public policies making become a matter of opening floodgates?

But this SUGAR TAX if ( allowed to be ) "ramped through" would HIGHLY LIKELY become MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER, FATHER, GRANDFATHER, GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER ...... etc etc of all floodgates?

Ask any economist and probably some will tell u why?

For those with memories of this guy called T V Soong, he is considered the father of tax innovations?

Under KMT in the 1920s and 30s, whatever taxes that the human beans can remotely think of he had all of them?

Instead of a budget deficit during those era, can anyone imagine this guy ran a budget surplus when most Chinese during that war torn period were generally "dirt-poor"?

Any tax on sugar with managing diabetic problem as the excuse would highly create serious DISTORTION reverberating throughout the economy?

And floodgates of no return opened?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Some say eat rice also can get cancer because all those cancer patients also eat rice. So can consider a rice tax as well? And this is a timely reason to raise more taxes on wine and alcohol, all got sugar content, ice cream, cakes, sweets etc etc.//

Sugar is essentially a primary product found directly or indirectly in more than 50% of food products?

A sugar tax would likely see a cascading effect throughout the entire eco-nomic system?


Eco-nomics contain the word "ECO"?

Forcefully intervening and changing something at the bottom of any eco-system and the upward and downward effects would likely be unpredictable?

Any macroeconometric model is unlikely to predict accurately the likely outcome of a tax increase on a primary product as basic as sugar?

Anonymous said...

On the macroeconomics front, raising tax on a primary product as pervasive as sugar is not dissimilar to implementing a contractionary fiscal or monetary policy during a recession?

Alas, where is botak?

While Gold-Fish eyes is trying to stimulate the economy, a "medical Dogtor " turned "economic Dogtor " is suggesting a policy going in OOPOSITE REVERSE DIRECTION?

Is there any coordination in economic policies making in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Any garment would usually avoid touching the price increase of primary product with even a 10 gazillion-foot pole?

The effects, consequences and ramifications are wide ranging?

Since 2000, if one travels around in work, it is already highly noticeable that sinkieland is losing her competitiveness notwithstanding all these BS rankings?

Can the ranking bodies EXPLAIN by sinkieland NODX is falling off the cliff for the past donkey months GIVEN the competitiveness index is so high?

Talking about the ramifications of tinkering the price of a primary commodity as basic as sugar, on the macroeconomics front, there is likely some cost-push inflationary effect and GDP contraction on an economy?

On the microeconomics front, significant market distortions would highly likely ensue?

Sinkies and sinkieland are infamous worldwide for being daft, kongcum, etc?

With kongcum MP also suggesting daft solutions like adding tons of GRANITE TO A SINKING SAMPAN, the economy and whole structure is sinking faster than one can imagine?

Perhaps, to reverse the plunging trajectory, since medical Dogtor can act like an economic Dogtor and wear several hats to offer economic solutions for medical problems, how about economic Dogtor reprising the role of medical Dogtor in the economics field?

How about economics Dogtor solving economics problem with medical solutions?

To stimulate sinkieland's sinking economy, can some economic Dogtors prescribe some medical solutions to remedy the economics malaise in the city of sin?

Since TFR is so low and the city of sins need sinkies to "sin" more to produce more babies, how about the reverse of a tax?

Can consider a policy to mandate SUBSIDY on and stipulated consumption per adult male of sexual ed drugs, sexual stimulant drugs, condoms, aprodisaic, live oysters, gong gong, tongkat Ali etc etc to stimulate the economy and sinkieland TFR?

Can a trained economist MP or NCMP table such suggestions?

Is not opening floodgates and sinking into abyss the way to go?

Since the garment is taking the lead in several fronts, why not give it a boost and go out with a large bang?

Anonymous said...

They are desperate to find the money to pay themselves millions. This is the real state of our economy and coffer. Not enough to pay themselves so must be creative and find ways to tax the people more.

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