Stock Exchanges – Has Singapore become the laughing stock?

We were the best, used to challenge Hongkong and Tokyo to be the Number One exchange in Asia. Today, the only thing we can crow about is being the best managed stock exchange, a lot of very good rules to protect investors from investing and losing their pants, and a very expensive super computer that can match the speed of super computers of High Frequency Traders.

Other than the above, we are now slipping down the ladder.  In an article today in the Today paper, it has this headline, ‘Thailand topples Spore as SE Asia’s king of IPOs’. If this is not bad enough, we have even fallen behind Malaysia and Jakarta. We only had 13 IPOs listed in the SGX with only one in the main board and the 12 in the Catalist board.  The funds raised in SGX are less than 10% of Thailand, one third of Malaysia’s and half of Indonesia’s.

What is happening? No one wants to list in the best managed stock market in Asia with leading edge super speed computers, computer trading and non stop trading?  Oh, the regional bourses are promoting themselves and encouraging their local companies to list at home. Great reasoning, we should also do that. The only principle that business people swear in is to make money. If the local bourses are shitty, would their companies list in them to get shit?

If SGX is where they can make money, that alone will be the reason for companies to flock here. No need any funny promotion.  What is happening to the SGX? Retail investors fleeing the market, companies refusing to list and there is a new beginning when companies are starting to delist from the exchange. And the broking houses are as quiet as the cemetery and remisiers and dealers are calling it a day with increasing numbers. Nothing to worry about, it is the new norm.

Is there anything wrong with the stock market? Why is the stock market called a moribund market? Why is the best stock market in Asia, or wanting to be the best stock market in Asia, falling into such a deplorable state? No, it is a wrong perception. The market is in the pink of health. Everything is fine. They are encouraging the remisiers to go for more training to be the best remisiers to service the clients, and maybe help the clients to make more money. There are even specialists in the business, not just ordinary remisiers.

Not to worry, everything is fine, just fine. The SGX is the best stock market in Asia. It would be nice if there is a Times Ranking system like how they ranked the universities and SGX would definitely rank at the top.

How to run down a stock market to ground zero? Impossible! We have the money to buy the best talents from the whole world to manage the stock market. We are paying very good money. We will overcome and be the best we can be.  The best is yet to come. The stock market is in good hands.


Anonymous said...

The rot has started.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, speed here. I see you are not convinced by what they say in the ST recently. SGX is very efficient and it will rebound. It is the poor economy of the region or even the poor world economy that is affecting the SGX. When world economy flourish again and China gets back on track there will be many Chinese IPOs listing in the SGX. Well that is the hope of many talented people here in Singapore. We shall have to wait and see. Have confidence RB, you are in safe hands.

Anonymous said...

Rot started many years ago, after we were "CLOBbered" and after that. Not that nobody noticed it but those in charge believed in their own shit. Now the shit has hit the fan. The stock market was efficient enough after the Pan El days but the authorities had "better" ideas. It's a classic case of top down approach in S'pore.

Anonymous said...

// The best is yet to come. The stock market is in good hands.//


Heng Swee Kiat's "BESPOKE ROADMAPS IN 20 SECTORS" will save the day when "BESPOKE SHIPPING TALENTS" cannot save itself in "NOL", causing and costing Sinkieland and Sinkies to lose its ICONIC CROWN JEWEL .......?

Heng Swee Kiat's "BESPOKE ROADMAPS IN 20 SECTORS" will save the day when "BESPOKE FINANCIAL SECTOR TALENTS" cannot save SGX from falling so far behind its past rivals that if in a marathon maciam need ride a bike to catch up with its competitors miles ahead, otherwise how to.......?

Anonymous said...

Am ai "sticking mind neck out in vain" or will someboLEE think seriously will such "castles in the air" really work?

Has sinkieland not have enough of all these recent years "astronomically disastrous initiatives" such as "TLLM", "PIC" and the "laughing stock of many multimillionaires and executives" of the scheme called "SkillsFuture" with the $500 grant .....?

"Useless", "meaningless" were adjectives used and spoken behind the garment's back by multimillionaires/ businessmen of the $500 SkillsFuture grant .....?

Anonymous said...

this speedwing @ April 01, 2016 9:20 am is a typical daft Sinkie and probable PAP lapdog.

The elephants in the room are:
1. What is SGX's value proposition?
How does an investor or company benefit by doing business with SGX instead of other exchanges?

a. How will a company benefit by listing itself in SGX versus Thailand or Hong Kong?

b. How will a Singaporean benefit investing in SGX listed companies versus investing directly in other exchanges like Hong Kong or USA?

c. If a Singaporean investor had bought his Mini-Bond investment in Hong Kong instead of Singapore ... do you think Hong Kong laws would have afforded better investor protection and compensation for his investment?



Anonymous said...

Now the dunno want to cry or laugh high sounding ITP - INDUSTRY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME, touted as $4.5 billion some more is the latest to be TROTTED OUT ......?

Will it work?

Or will it also bombed out after couple of years and abandoned eventually?

Anonymous said...

BESPOKE means "tailor made"

I first heard of BESPOKE solutions in the early 2005 from management consultants trying to sell me their services.
- looks like maybe someone has sold PAP Minister Heng some old wine in a new bottle.

Do you think the only tried and tested BESPOKE process is the PAP scholarship route?
Army ---> private sector ---> politician

Anonymous said...

The multi-billion PIC programme also had an even more HIGH SOUNDING NAME and ATAS some more called " Productivity and Innovation Credit" .......?

But did PIC achieve its objectives vs $$$ billions spent and wasted opportunities?

What makes Heng Swee Kiat think when the billions and bespoke shipping talents cannot save NOL from being sold off, that cobbling myriad officers from different agencies together to "learn on the ropes" will "TRANSFORM SINKIELAND'S INDUSTRY" and "save the day" ......?

Anonymous said...


But the STP - Salary Transformation Programme for Ministerial salaries has been very successful for the Ministers since the 1980s.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money trail.

who or what is the receptacle or beneficiary for all these billion dollar schemes, grants and credits?

Anonymous said...

No! No! No!

Please please please don't say like that leh!

Don't say that we are not the BEST! We are BEST in Asia!

Everything in Singapore is the BEST! Must be the BEST!

So worry not worry not fear not fear not!

Our new FM is the BEST! Yes! He is the BEST FM!

When Mr Heng 做事, 您放心! When Mr Heng 做事, 您放心!

However, please note that there is such a thing as 风水轮流转!

Yes! 风水轮流转! 强中自有强中手! 风水轮流转! 强中自有强中手!


Anonymous said...

The whole point is will "ITP" with all these so called "BESPOKE ROADMAPS to be churned out by agencies officers" turn out to be another HIGH SOUNDING "DUD" that is just that ...... and nothing cutting edge or game-changing ......?

By then another 5 to 10 years will be gone, with lost and wasted opportunities during that period....?

Then how?

Another high sounding initiative, yet again, to replace the previous one that failed just like in recent years .....?

Will it ( ITP, in particular BESPOKE ROADMAPS IN 20 SECTORS ) turn out to be just an(other) ancillary added ( garment ) service or tool to oil the industry mechanism than what is touted as "game-changing" industry transformation. .....?

Why give businessmen, sinkies and sinkieland "false hope" when in essence it could just probably be a packaged high sounding garment service that the private may or may not find it useful for them ( in their businesses ), much less industrially transforming?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have been repeating this many times. The elephant in the room is high speed computers plugged into the exchange computers to gain unfair information from the system that other investors, especially the retail investors did not have. Such unfair advantage is cheating and violating the stock exchange's principle of providing a fair and level playing field.

What makes things worse, is that the computer traders are trading for instant profit with the data they have against all the rest of the investors. Their modus operandi is against the principles of investing and growing with good fundamentals of stocks and their real values. They are destroyers of values and stock prices. They totally disregard the real values of stocks, just trade either way for profits.

It does not make sense for companies to list their shares in a stock market that does not respect the fundamentals of the business and even damaging the true value of the stocks. There is no reason to list when good business and values are destroyed by these computer traders.

Anonymous said...

The same sickness afflicts the Casinos. Many top management staff are fed up with the rules and restrictions imposed by the Sinkie Government and have left for newer casinos springing up all over Asia. They have very little room for development - this cannot, that cannot and fined for not following the stupid rules that only Sinkieland can think of.

Any surprise that the SGX is going the way of the dodo?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB,

"Dun worry" ..... ( but u will probably be even more worried )?

Heng Swee Kiat's "BESPOKE ROADMAPS in not 1 or 2 BUT 10 SECTORS" on the way ......

"Jiak Buey liao Lo" ......?

Imagine when Heng Swee Kiat's "BESPOKE ROADMAPS" turned into "GOLD" in 20 sectors, the stock market will be "flooded with billion dollars IPOs"?

So no need "fret or worry or pekchek or tulan or kpkb" ......

As one anon recently keep REPEATING ( dun know why? ) ///When Mr Heng 做事, 您放心!/// ( pls see comment @ anon 9.53am )

So uncle RB, pls /// 放一千万万的心 ///

Sinkieland and sinkies ( including you and SGX ) in "super elite talents' safe hands" .........?

Anonymous said...

why "invest" in sgx.......

so many disadvantages, how to win........

have you tried our 2 casinos and "invest".......

there are many types of table games......

like the baccarat tables...........about 50/50 chance.......

but, bet-with-own-risks........

use spare money......


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If not because of the $100 entry fee, I will be in the casino everyday.
They don't allow anyone to use computers to cheat you.

Anonymous said...

hi, uncle rb (10.27am)........

you can always purchase the annual "membership" pass at S$2000/year
which is about S$5.48/day ONLY.......

only S$5.48/day, very cheap very cheap.......

with the pass, the casino is opened to you, for your enjoyment, for
your enjoyment, 24hours day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year........


Anonymous said...

They exploit every loophole to make money. The more holes there are, the more money they can make from fines imposed on disobeyance. Just like prostitution, money comes from holes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Why pay $2,000 to enter a casino?

Only $5 a day. The same kind of reasoning someone use to justify multi million dollar salaries. Only 1 plate of char kway teow per citizen. So cheap.

Only 2 plates of char kway teow to pay for a super talented Elected President.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck the SGX lah.

The Singapore bond market had a good year in 2015. Crazy fucks in Thailand and Indonesia still buying IPO's at a time where a crash is imminent and everyone long equity will experience "sudden death"? Well, good for them.

Meanwhile Thai bonds are turning into dogshit. Singapore bonds: steady as she goes.

Speaking of dogshit bonds. 2015 started with a rout in China equities....but wait, children, wait be patient. You ain't seen nothing yet. All you Zero Hedge fans, check out China's bond market...the show is about to start. One sovereign issue already in/ about to DEFAULT. 💣💣💣

Got credit default swaps? ✔️ 😂😂😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I was saying:

China considers CDS market as 💣 defaults rise-sources 💀💀

Here we go...again! Bond vigilantes, stand by to open fire! 🔫

Virgo49 said...

Auto,Genting Resorts World, City Above The Clouds that never sleeps.

Free admission any time of day or night.

Can wear round neck Tees and three quarters pants. Very comfortable, can curl up legs so that the naughty little devils children do not pull your legs.

Some more invest in ringgit
One to two point eight.

Lost 1K only Sin Two plus.

Gold fish eyes mentioned to perk up 20 sectors.

If only they have foresight to perk them NOL and etc would not have to be sold.

Now Moody, that fellow said Sin Banks Negative.

Better put in Malaysia May Banks.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Mb can think of "setting up" a "rival raiding agency" call "Smileys" ......?

In this "moody" business climate, high chance many "struggling businesses" ( including many "too big to fail entities" ? ) will flock to "Smileys" for a "not so moody" report card?

And very soon "Smileys" would likely be catapulted into the world top 3, overtaking the current 3 rather "pessimistic" names entities ....?

Anonymous said...

I thought Sinkie banks are the world's strongest just a while ago. I guess it depends on how 'Moody' the situation is, and if they become 'Poor' under standard, yes put your money in Malaysia, sebab sana boleh. Style mahu, rugi tak apa.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha,

When the situation is "Moody", "Under Standard and therefore Poor" future expectation, consumers and businesses will likely "Flinch" from the "Itch" to buy "AAA" tidak apa simisai MEGA-(JUNK)BONDS. .....?

Better stuff your cash under your pillow cases then MEGA-(JUNK)BONDS beecum ( useless and worthless ) TOILET PAPER overnight?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how safe are our 3 local banks!

My whole "house-fire" are placed in FDs with them.


Anonymous said...

Two were run by foreigners, now new citizens, one by local.
Safe or not?

Anonymous said...

SDIC ( Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation ) insures up to $50k deposit per FI ( financial institution )?

Your "chu-huey" is "safe" for the 1st "50 balls" .......?

So spread your "chu-huey" if u can up to "50 balls" per FI .....?

Having said that, this is just technically speaking?

With possible deflation, "chu-huey" value likely go up than go down which is the opposite during high inflation time ......?

Anyway, during GFC, mini-bonds were given investment grade by the top rating agencies ...... and what happened?

So probably advisable to take a whole rice container of salt ..... ( metaphorically of course otherwise tmr u become salted beans liao ...... )


Anonymous said...

Hi, anonymous 4.58pm, thank you very very much for your kind and clear answer.

I know what to do, next.

Again, thank you very very much.

Anonymous said...

Rb // Stock Exchanges – Has Singapore become the laughing stock? //

Uncle RB,

If you look, delve and think deeper, this aspect of "laughing stock" may have already infected, invaded and pervaded multi-dimensionally .....?

For example, if you replace the words "Stock Exchanges" with say "National Iconic Shipping Lines", it "FITS" into this blog post title like a "T"?

And many other aspects too "FIT" into the title like a "T"?

Anonymous said...

Such as "(S)inkieland (M)uch (R)otten (T)ransport"?

Or "Ownselves Check Ownselves"?

Or "Papigs own claim their straying (ex)MP is a very 'HARD WORKING' man" ( "working on a grassroot" 4 to 5 times a week)?

Anonymous said...

A 50 cents is still a 50 cents right, no matter what name is hoisted on it?

You can give a grant of a meaningless 50 cents and call it "SkillsWhatHaveYou" but it is still just that, right?

A meaningless 50 cents that will not add any meaningful value to your future career or job prospect right?

Anonymous said...

In other words, if you replace "Stock Exchanges" with "SkillWhatHaveYou", it also "FITS" in like a "T" into this blog post title?

Wither Sampan 2.0?

Still harbour any hope to stay afloat in the rough seas down the road?

Anonymous said...

Another "laughing stock matter" may elicit "jaw-dropping" disbelief. ....?

If one mentions a library, what comes to the mind?

Books right?

Can you imagine one of the branches exhibition space was turned into a "wet market" with "all the different types of poultry, vege, fishes etc"?

Can you imagine that?

But it really "happened"?

Turning a library into a "pasar malam"?

Or rather a "pasar pergi"?

Who gave the "approval"?

Are those at the top "aware" of such things ( happening on the ground )?

Anonymous said...

What kind of creative idea is that to "hawk wares" in a library?

How about selling more "practical" stuff next time like "fried chicken wings, satay, kuehs, roti prata, curry rice, fish ball noodles" ( in the library?

Does anyone not agree sinkieland will really be a laughing stock if libraries can be used for "pasar malam" or "pasar pergi" purpose, inconveniencing members of the public who ( urgently ) need to use the library for what it is originally supposed to be such as research, etc ....?

Can you imagine some sinkies travelling all the way from their homes to the library just to find to their "horror" all the tables being used to display ( and sell ) merchandise?

So what to do?

Got to travel to another branch to do their research?

What would this help sinkieland's productivity?

Would this not also become one of the "laughing stocks" sinkieland is making itself into?

Anonymous said...

Typo ..... should be

" How would this help sinkieland's productivity? "

Anonymous said...

// If SGX is where they can make money, that alone will be the reason for companies to flock here. No need any funny promotion. What is happening to the SGX? Retail investors fleeing the market, companies refusing to list and there is a new beginning when companies are starting to delist from the exchange. And the broking houses are as quiet as the cemetery and remisiers and dealers are calling it a day with increasing numbers. Nothing to worry about, it is the new norm.//

Uncle RB, fret not?

Your worries are coming to an end .....?

Gold-Fish Eye is trying to be seen at the right place at the right time .....?

Yesterday he was at this "FinTech" tinkie ...... sthg they "think" baojiak one and best to stick to it as if like their shadows .....?

Anonymous said...

Meaning that many startups in "FinTech" would beecum the next "Aligonggong", "ButtockBook", "PineApple", "GlueGal", "TenDollar" ...... etc when listed in the BEST stock exchange?

Baojiak one?

Like many sinkies daydreaming how or what they going do with the money before the "$30m Lottery Draw" IF THEY STRIKE?

Anonymous said...

This "FinTech" tinkie, though much smaller in scale, is generating much irrational exuberance not unlike the late 90s and early 2000 DOTCOM era before the phenomenal implosion of the 2000 BUST ?

The problem in sinkieland is the meat in "FinTech" is likely in one area that is disallowed?

In China, they are probably the world leader in "FinTech" not bcos of technology leadership but due to lack of it ( online banking catered for individuals ) ) and a reliable financial sector catered for individuals needs as well as small businesses?

Anonymous said...

What drives China "FinTech" is probably their "P to P" lending platform which is unlikely to be allowed it?

So without the meat, what does "FinTech" hold out for sinkieland in terms of additional new GDP instead of just minor improvements in some potential financial services and transactions?

The chance to "burn a lot of CASH?" not unlike the 90s DOTCOM era?

Anonymous said...

Typo. .... should be

"....... allowed here"?

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, if "P to P" pops up here, it could only mean reshuffling of business and NOT really new business or activities?

Marginally yes but not significant?

"FinTech" is going to generate a lot of excitement ( and hype ) but NOT MUCH NET GDP output for a long time to come?

And mb even NEVER?

It is just playing catch up to technology in certain sectors and a transfer of business activities from one to another rather than creating a whole new net activity or output?

Anonymous said...

Nonetheless, it may have some potential for "penny stocks" down the road ......?

However, with the limited sinkieland's market, it is unlikely to be big unless it goes into international market?

Alas, China is already far ahead of the pack?

Anonymous said...

Many "FinTech" startups are probably no more than mobile apps set-ups dabbling in a particular financial related services?

Perhaps for smart sinkies or aliens, that is another channel to get "generous, cheap or even free funding" for some thrilling new (ad)venture for some younger people?

Sometimes all it takes could be a couple of nights "clobbering together" some proposals or "business" plans CONTAINING "new ideas" that can make some "public serpents" processing the applications "EXCITED & ALL FIRED UP" ......?

Anonymous said...

In the 2000s, many newbies did just that and "easily" got grants in excess of 6-digits ......?

However, most if not many never made it past their 3rd or 4th year in business and precious taxpayers $$$ just went down the drains and longkangs with "nobody batting and eyelid"?

But uncle RB just wrote yesterday Changi beckons to many oldies out of "desperation" than "wants"?

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, the lions appetite may be BIGGER with a huge mouth?

So quantum many times previous 6-digit sum maybe the NEW NORM and 7-digit grant based on a 5 or 10-page of "NEW IDEAS clobbered together a couple of evenings ago" may not be unheard of ........?

In this NEW NORMAL, what counts is what is put on the papers, not what will work eventually?

Anonymous said...

There will be a lot of penny stocks available in times to come. Banks would also become penny stocks. They will sell bank stocks in units of one share. So the HFT can trade them easily and cheaply.

Anonymous said...

BESPOKE ROADMAPS FOR 20 SECTORS and generous garment grants and financial support for the "FinTech" segment may perk up sinkieland's economy. ........

...... BUT ........


Anonymous said...

Heng Swee Kiat has not ( been able to ) unveil(ed) any "BAZOOKA" measure(s) ( so far ) that will likely turn the ( receding ) tide ........?

The economics captain helming Sampan 2.0 is unable to steer it sufficiently away from the headwinds and into the tailwind?

In the year of the MONKEY, as PM Lee may have aptly described it ( during 2016 CNY ), the Monkey is always thinking of new and better ways to get more and fresher fruits and food?

Anonymous said...

Heng Swee Kiat is not born in the year of the MONKEY ( and therefore not particularly strong in new ideas )?

Yet those born in the year of the Monkey ( 4 Feb 1968 to 3 Feb 1969 ) around him ( in the cabinet ) are not out and out beans with outstanding Monkey attributes of ingenuity, creativity and innovativeness?

Or they are saving their ideas ( and brain juice ) for their own areas of responsibilities?

In the Year of the Monkey, Heng Swee Kiat still have another 8 months + to generate "Bazooka" category measures to take sinkieland forward .....?

Let’s wait and see how much ( Monkey ) brain juice a person born in a ( much ) slower-wit animal Year of Ox has to take sinkieland's economy forward into the future?

Btw, in case there are some human beans and/ or readers/ bloggers in MSN born in the Year of the Ox, pls do not take offence as every person has his/ her strengths and weaknesses?

An Ox has superb strength to toil the field from dusk to dawn, an attribute a Monkey can NEVER match?


patriot said...

A monkey in the Wild, free as the Wind, can have any ideas including wild and lusty ones.

Monkeys that are chained, caged or kept in Cabinet are only as free as the Length of the Chain/lease or the Sizes of the Enclosures.

The Monkeys in Sin follow in the Footsteps of their Monkey Chief who depended on his ancestor's foundation
which was not very solidly built.
Worse is the Founders' Repute is controversial and subject to further test and scrutiny.

Anyway it is put, monkeys are just too mischievous to do any good.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Patriot,

Is not Sinkieland's late "Dragon Lady", as the late Francis Seow labelled her, born in 1920, the Year of the Metal Monkey?

Are you implying she has been very "mischievous" between 1950 to 2010 when she helped ( behind the scene ) to uplift sinkieland to astronomical heights ( at least in terms of economic growth and development, law and order, stability, superb infrastructure, efficiency, cleanliness, ...... etc etc )?

As least in terms of ( political ) mischief, u need look no further than Mt Buttock?

Was not the main character born in the Year of NOT Monkey but "太哥" 。。。。。。?

If trespassing another husband's "SACRED" property is NOT MISCHIEF of the HIGHEST ORDER, what is?

Bcos of this "太哥" mischief in Mt Buttock, it TRIGGERED the coming CHEE BY election?

If this is still NOT "MISCHIEVOUS DEED", what is?

Btw Patriot, when you said "monkeys are just too mischievous to do any good", are you referring to the 1-star and 3-star generals?

So far never really hear that they did any "mischievous pranks"?

Did you?

patriot said...

The Monkeys in my comment are NOT in anyway linked to anybolee, male or female, young or old.

In the Animal World, the Species are predisposed to their innate nature. The Only Species NOT bounded by innate characteristics is the Two Legged Human Beings. The Most Treacherous, Wicked and Brutal Two Legged Species is beyond any other beings, including the Imaginary Being the Humans subscribed and pay homage to.

In the Monkey World, the Monkey Chief is all powerful and how it lusted and possessed over any females, is not for any underlings to complain about. Conversely, any underlings that dare accost any females, shall be severvely dealt with.
But, it is not uncommon for some female monkeys to mate with some of the male underlings on the sly. This is one area of mischief, other mischieves may include eyeing the Throne, taking opportunities with the Gemales in the Harem of the Chief and taking the Best of food and occupying the Best Spot for oneself.

As for Parliamentarians found sleeping around, I tend to look at it as a complex matter. It is actually too complex for my intellect. Luckily for me, there are lust, mei mei and vice expurts around here that I can refer to or learn from. They are very forthcoming and like it or not, they get our attention.
Me also tends to mire by what's private affairs and what's public and where they cross to become accountable to who.
Another quandary is the difficulty to know the personal relationships of 2 prople. Are they in love or are they in lust? Hard for a third party to know.

Love can hurt and kill, lust does the Same with more damages. I no expurt here.


Anonymous said...

The main focus should still be the economy and uncle RB's main gripe --- " the moribund stock market " .......?

The indiscipline and indiscretion of strayer(s) especially public office holders are unnecessary distractions and would have been a huge DISAPPOINTMENT to the old guards who are "trying to RIP" ......?

Some with inborn "ESP" may even hear, during this Qing Ming period, the DEEP "anguish and displeasure" of the old guards' "spirits and souls" at such infidelities, ESPECIALLY coming at a time less than a year after the great loss and sad passing of Sg's 1st PM?

This unfortunate and unnecessary distraction in Mt Buttock aside, the SUCCESS ( or FAILURE ) of Heng Swee Kiat's new economic policies to transform sinkieland's economy for future's economic growth and development could be known over the next 5 years and at most 8 to 10 years ......?

The determinants of his policies success ( or failure ) could be the education system forged in sinkieland over the pass 12 years since Botak, Ah Rooster ( aka Hen ) and Gold-Fish Eyes were helming the fort ......?

The difference between success and failure could be down to the wire, in split seconds and a fine thread?

The quality ( or lack of quality ) in the education system "TOUTED" by Botak and his two subsequent successors ( proudly ) as something of the "WORLD'S BEST" would come under the litmus test, inescapably so this time ......?

No ambiguity whatsoever and NO ROOM for "烂芋充数"?

A categorical "Yes" or "No"?

"Pass" or "Fail"?

"Can" or "Cannot"?

"Good" or "No good"?

If a commoner, NOT PAID A SINGLE CENT, and a "botakchay" can "have the ending in sight" to make an assessment, super talents with vast ( garment ) resources/ back up and paid annually 13 months Salaries, 10 to 30 months Bonuses, unspecified/ not published benefits/ perks etc etc should have FAR MORE VISIBILITY and means to bring about a FAVOURABLE outcome for sinkieland. ....?

Failing to do so would mean failing in their FIDUCIARY duties .....?

And therefore a failure in life regardless of what degrees, positions, remunerations etc etc that they have or received .....?