Singaporeans are not just naïve but dumb and stupid

I can’t help but to repost this article from the TRE here. The more daft sinkies read this, the better, and hopefully they will get less daft. They said, stupidity has no cure.


Recently, a friend came to Singapore and I had to show her around. Being very rich, we took taxis every day. So I decided to talk to them about Singapore politics and coming by election.

I am very shocked to tell you of the 6 taxi drivers, 4 drivers were recent and retrenched to make way for foreigners. Then come the question about voting opposition into parliament, 3 retrenched were skeptical, 1 was neutral. They said the same thing, “Opposition will destroy the economy”. Wow, this national brainwashing does work very well with most people and most people actually buy this theory. Of 6 taxi drivers, they are from private sectors, from senior manager to senior engineers, all earning more than $4k, some higher than $6k.

So I decided to ask who they voted for. No one would tell me directly but their response was “Voting is secret”. So I countered by saying for those people who voted PAP because they are very happy with their policies especially importing foreigners to replace Singaporeans. One guy even said importing foreigners is to improve the economy!!! Wow….Then I used the word “You must be very happy to be replaced!”. 3 showed black face, 1 was like “LL”.

Then I added the PAP has been so successfully in brainwashing locals to accept their fate and policies without complaints. Despite being replaced by foreigners, ended jobless and had no choice but to turn to driving taxis, they still support the PAP.

At the end of the journey, I told them, you think for this country, you sacrifice yourself to be replaced and end up jobless, you should receive National Day Awards for your sacrifice instead of those parasite grassroots with ulterior motives. I hope your sons and daughters will continue your good work and sacrifice for this country too! Remember if you support the government, don’t complain, be happy being the sacrificial lambs! Also for the fact that you worry so much about the country collapsing due to opposition, my take is the economy or country has not even sank, you will be sinking in deep sea. LOL

My friends, these were professionals in their respective industries, making decent living and only in their early or mid 30s, replaced by foreigners and end up jobless. They had no choice but turn to driving taxis and yet being betrayed by the government, they do not seem to be angry at all. How amazing… *Laughs*

No wonder our ministers said Singaporeans are not competitive, naive and daft, we cannot compete with foreigners. I do agree that Singaporeans are not just naive, daft but completely moronic! The government is right, they import these third world foreign talents because Singaporeans are just morons, they cant really think. Despite being bullied left and right, they seem to be happy, very successful brainwashing by government.

Sounds similar to North Koreans who think North Korea is the best and most happy country in the world. *Croaks*

Do you agree?


How stupid can a people become? This is a uniquely Singaporean trait. And like they said, after 50 years of brainwashing, the brain is now sparkling clean, no more brain cell left. Singaporeans have forgotten that they used to have a brain and the brain is used for thinking. But since the govt has been doing all the thinking and telling the daft Singaporeans how to think, Singaporeans have no necessity to think or want to think. So they just parrot the official line of thinking and reasoning. You can read a lot of such regurgitation in the commentaries in this blog as well.


agongkia said...

Stupid or dumb still got hope but not those naive .That is why I call myself agongkia.Gong gong but sayang by many.
Put 10 dollar on the floor can test whether I dumb or not .

patriot said...

Naive folks like Forest Gumph and Ah Q are happy folks.

The Stupid and Dumb Folks are happier than Forest Gumph and Ah Q. So, Sin has 70% of very happy folks.


patriot said...


thank You very much for deleting the Surplus Posts.
Please do me the Favour should it happens again.
Much appreciated.

Btw, Forest Gumph to be
corrected to Forrest Gump
as the Lead Character in the


Anonymous said...

Let's hold our hands and sing together......

We are Singapore.......
We are Singapore.......
We are Singapore.......

We are Singaporeans...............

Singapore is like that lah.

Only KPKBs! Only KPKBs!

Don't be surprised that at next GE.......

PAP 90% vs 10% OPPs

Anyway, don't feel sad.

Remember, Singapore is like that lah.

Can changed? How to? Too late?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck that shit lah. ATTITUDE is more important than "brain".

And it is clear that fuckers who complain about the culture being dumb, ignorant, stupid...whatever [insert favourite insults] has no idea what the truth really is.

Study after study suggests that true grit (attitude, balls, courage, propensity to take action) is THE BEST indicator to predict individual "success".

If you choose to remain a cry-baby, fake victim and generally just an asshole...you deserve to eat shit and die (your business). The people who eventually succeed are those who get off their ass as soon as they can after being knocked down.

Failure makes you stronger....but only if you have the right attitude.

Got grit?

jjgg said...

Ever read the N Korean papers? When have the N Koreans ever said they are destitute n starving. When did Singkies minister said that Singapore is the best place in the world to be poor...ST ain't 154 for no reason..

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. TRE assholes are quick to point out how "dumb" Singaporeans are.

I'm in agreement with Lau Lee on this one. Singaporeans are way too SOFT. They need a nice lesson in being "hard driving" and "hard striving". (aka true grit)

Keep those borders open. Let's see how many MORE entitled local assholes we can knock off their sacred, over-valued high horses.

Got "the world owes me a living"? Good for you!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No problem Patriot. I think you can do your own deleting as well. Try see if it works.

patriot said...

Redbean Sir;

me did delete the Extraneous Posts,
however, it is much neater if You do
it on our behalf.
There are others who have similar
problem like me.


Anonymous said...

They see dead people. They worship dead people. They follow dead people. They are not dumb, they are not stupid, they are just educated.

Anonymous said...

If you ask a singaporean, why does the chicken cross the road?
The singaporean reply would be, the chicken crossed the road because the rainbow ends on the other side of the road and there is a butcher waiting there.

Anonymous said...

You over rated the Singapore chicken. It can't see the butcher waiting at the end of the rainbow. Blind chicken or short sighted chicken.

Anonymous said...

everyone is smart except the preacher, with the pot of gold, is smarter.

Anonymous said...

singaporeans like to say this........

不然怎么办! 不然怎么办!

ha ha ha.......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You see....you motherfucking losers are still on the "smart-dumb" trip. You're completely unaware of the real issue: your attitude sucks dead dog's dicks.

No wonder the Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese and Pinoys are eating your lunch. To make matters worse, all you do is COMPLAIN and play the "entitled victim".

Eat shit and die motherfuckers!

You're soft. A bunch of crybaby pussies. You should hear what my PRC and Hong Kong friends say about you fuckers....hilarious!😂😂

Welcome foreigners, please come in and kick these entitled cunts in their head. 👩🏿

Singapore needs new "genes". The old ones are FUCKED already.💀💀

Anonymous said...

Do you think I should say:
"Thank you Lee Kuan Yew.
You've left behind a nation of naive, dumb and stupid people.
Rest in pieces."

Is this a fair thing to say?

Anonymous said...

@ Uncle Virgo49 April 07, 2016 11:58 am
//Your Joe at Kreta Ayer beer stall facing the Tibetan temple having drinks with Siew See Lam and company.

ChinaTown Pioneers with dragons and tigers cartoon?

Ogling the China mei mei beer promoters.

AhGongKia should join them as me thinks he knows See Lam.

Most of them are pro PAP Ex Richard By and not too long Lily Neo Kawan Kawan.

Employers like Matilah are the Ones who exploited the norm workers who are at their mercy without whatsoever benefits and CPF contributions as well as medical security.

This is the Ang MoSai terms of employment which the Sinkies Govt just cordoned it as the norm now.

That's why Sinkies are so dumb and naive and stupid to accept these exploitations//

Uncle Virgo49,

Thought "help u" repost here cos on same topic?

It is apparent to readers the 2 "worms" or "spineless cockroaches" are linked to the u know who lah ....?

Die die must lick their master boots and the colorectal outlets to "swallow" the "discharge" into their mouths and eat and chew them like "5 hard-boiled eggs" stuffed in their mouths and washed down with their masters "oldwater"?

Anonymous said...

"Mr Lee added: “But by no means have we permanently and completely eradicated the problem. Because corruption is ultimately driven by human nature and greed. However tight the system is, some individuals will sometimes still be tempted to break the rules. When they do, we must make sure they are caught and severely dealt with.”

He pointed out that ultimately a clean system starts at the top, allowing the CPIB to investigate anyone, including senior public officials and ministers."

When you are the law of the land, you would be able to sit at the top and justify your own greed and pronounce, or condemn, others beneath you as greedy.

Oh, LEAD us not into temptation and deliver is from Evil.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk about temptation to sinkies or they think about Chee By Election... They are that deep people you know lol

Anonymous said...

Btw, the area now got "big, big" fiscal spending stimulus project and "dust" flying everywhere?

Grow GDP at all cost but never subtract the "POLLUTION, POLLUTANTS and NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES" produced ......?

Many hawkers there want to cry also no "tears" liao .....?

Anonymous said...

Are u tawking abt sexnomics?

There is such a "subject", u know?

But dunno offered under the 10,000 "SKEWFUTURE" courses?

Think the 2 CB-SEOW can contemplate/ consider to put in their proposal ( to conduct such a course )?

But ladies beware?

"Attend such courses under the 2 CB-SEOW" at your "OWN RISKS"?

If die die "must sign up", perhaps "the ladies and lao aunties" can go online "order the Leopard Armour-Plated Chastity Brassiere and Underwear"?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many greedy businessman out there are "above the law" or legally non corrupt type of greed. Never mind, let's fight for sinkies rights, over foreigners, to work for these pigs hoor

Anonymous said...

Those "type" made with materials used in those German Leopard armour tanks ....?

Anonymous said...

What talking you... Greed is wealth Mr Lee

Anonymous said...

Don't called people spineless cockroaches lah. They are very successful and come here to look down on losers. You know who they are right?

Anonymous said...

Better order those made from US Abrams or UK Challenger tanks. Both have Cobham composite armour material in addition to traditional high-tensile steel. Abrams also comes with Depleted Uranium option, 1 of the hardest materials known to man, but radioactive --- doesn't matter if safety more important than having babies.

Leopard 2 only comes in traditional steel, with minimal composites armour --- not as strong.

You can add REA -- reactive explosive armour -- that explodes outwards when unwanted projectiles like missiles, shells and penises close in. USSR / Russia / Israel are the experts in REA.

Anonymous said...

Bean misaline must b demolished n re aline

Orther wise other lower bean can never b stright.

Anonymous said...

They are making justice... Affordable.. HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

improper discounts on property purchases.

Then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong ordered a full investigation, which found nothing improper. The findings were then brought to Parliament, and the issue debated for three days.

Ownself check ownself non corrupt ah?

Anonymous said...

Oki oki?

"Ladies and lao aunties" pls take note ......"?

Leopard 2 tank armour plated chastity wear is not enough?

Need order those US Abrams or UK Challenger Tanks material made with high-tensile steel with added Cobham composite armour material?

If have more budget, can also opt for Abrams material type that comes with Depleted Uranium ( hardest materials known to man )

Only chastity wear hor ....?

Dun be "naughty" and also "order" the "hardest material known to man aka Abrams made material with Cobham composite armour material in addition to traditional high-tensile steel and the Depleted Uranium option"?

Otherwise all the "DUCKS" later "out of biz"?


Virgo 49 said...

Nowadays mang young Singaporeans take to earn a living as cabbies after either kena socalled restructuring or axe by their employers.

Many had the illusion that since I am out and also at the stage not easy to find re employment as what I be having in my last employment, I might as well be a cabbie.

They will not blame their predicament on anyone except thinking tbat we may be not good enough to be phased out. The PAP knew the mental culture of the sinkies. That's why they are sheltered from any blame for any daylight murders.

These cabbies think that maybe it's not so bad to be your own boss now. Lots of freedom.

No more hassles from superiors and no deadlines to meet which can stress you.

But they do not know that now thet are self employed. With fixed regular incomes. No CPF contributions. No medical security etc.

Also the CPF Board gonna hound you for your own contribution of medisave funds. If you earn not enough, they not gonna give you chance. You need to renew your vocational licence.

Self employed need lots of discipline, likewise own running of business.

If you lax, or became too laid back, you gonna to have financial problems.

Cabbies cannot have the notion that you are your own boss. You have a Big Bro Shark renting company behind your back. Their Directors are paid millions in salaries and bonuses.

Also share holders there waiting fir5 their must chiak dividends. So they are also just as bad as loan sharks. No mercy if you cannot pay your rental fees.

So those young sinkies. Please consider this. Must reclaimed back our citizens rights to employment in our own country. What's a Nation and Government for??

Now you have the Uber and Grab car to half your income. Later more MRT lines running and your fares plus plus so kiling5.

It might not be feasible to be a cabbie.

I drove cab before when I also lost my job. Not because of retrenchment or socalled restructuring but because of sabotage by fellow colleagues.

But I go back to better employment after through the rough period.

patriot said...

Just reading the Posts here,
at Facebook and other blogsites
give one the Creep that the END


With Arse Specialist Cabinet Member
telling Sinkies point-blank to sell their homes just to survive, what hope is there for the Citizens of Sin?
BUT, the Arse Doctor is put into
Parliament by Sinkies themselves.

Maybe it's the Citizens themselves
that want the gloom and doom cos
they long for some challenges to
thrill themselves.

I think our Parliamentarians shall
oblige and provide the Challenges
for Sinkies to enjoy .
They wont disappoint.



Anonymous said...

They should replace the lion head with fishy tail to monkey head and donkey backside which is more representative of the people...dumb and stupid haaaaa

agongkia said...

Replace with human head and pig brain more suitable .

b said...

Everywhere is the same. Middle age workers replaced by foreigners which will increase resentment. This is part of UA plan to destabilize, depopulate, destroy and rule the world.

patriot said...

I am a Sinkie and me likes to say that Sinkies should NOT blame the Aliens occupying Sin.





b said...

No use complaining. Sinkies have to up their games or try to migrate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wait for AEC to happen.

Anonymous said...

Based on many ( "bad" ) economics policy-making precedents, it is a myth that they have thought of all angles and/ or possibilities or in the interests of the masses?

This AEC implementation may be no different?

EEC was ratified under the Treaty of Rome in 1957 with originally only 6 founding members of almost equal stage of economic development?

Anonymous said...

Since then EEC has morphed into the 29-state custom union namely the EU?

The AEC tinkie comes almost 60 years ( late ) after EEC was formed and ( YET ) even at this moment, the conditions ( and gaps ) for integration are ocean-gulf wide?

And in EEC, they have 3 of the most advanced nations namely GERMANY, FRANCE AND ITALY as the core initially and the drivers for the entire grouping by the sheer size of their economies as a proportion of the EEC grouping?

Anonymous said...

Whereas in AEC, the most advanced cuntry is ........ ahem. ...... a barren rock?

The smallest in size of 700 sq km vs the largest of about 2 million sq km in terms of Indoland?

And only constitute about 10% of the entire AEC economic output?

Germany, France and Italy made up much more than 50% of EEC back then?

So how to integrate say downtown Marina Bay with a poor village in Indoland, Cap-BOO-ture, MiaMia etc etc where the per capita GDP is about less than US$500?

What benefits ( to the sinkies masses ) would that bring?

How would the mobility of labour in such a disparate economic community benefit say the masses ( SINKIES ) of the most advanced yet kacang puteh 700 sq millimetre sinkieland?

Some ( in sinkieland ) will ( definitely ) benefit but who and what proportion?

They say the devils are in the details?

What they have signed will benefit who ( in sinkieland ) mostly?

Anonymous said...

What are the objectives of AEC?

1) To create a common market?

What does a common market entail?

A common market consists of:

(i) A custom union?


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that RTA ( aka Regional Trade Agreements ) might lead to market distortions between member countries especially when they are of disparate economic stages of development?

Hypothetically, assuming now North and South Korea somehow merged into one entity with a political and economic union?

N Korea has abt 20+ million population and South Korea abt 40+ million?

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, the Koreans are one people, one culture?

So one less problem but even then, a 50-year period may not be sufficient for an adequate integration between the two?

But South Korea population is about double its northern neighbour and its economy many times larger?

But it will still face tremendous problem in a hypothetical integration?

Now, a barren rock is only 5.5 million vs 600+ million?

And its economy only 1/10th of the entire grouping?

Would there be distortion of allocation of resources given the diverse and huge disparity in economic development in such an economic community or grouping?

Add to it almost 100 hundred different cultures, languages, dialects. ....... Indoland alone consists of so many diverse social and racial groupings and cultural groups?

Anonymous said...

Do the costs ( to majority sinkies ) far outweigh the benefits in such a ( regional ) tie up ( of such a disparate and diverse economic, political, social, cultural, racial etc grouping )?

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans are not just naïve but dumb and stupid"

70% Singaporeans say this is not a problem.
As long as all PAP Ministers are millionaires, the 70% is happy.

Anonymous said...

Many levels of stupidity cannot mentioned? (was deleted) No wonder you are sinkies

Anonymous said...

Those who impose their solutions but solve nothing really and impact most lives are the stupidest(because they are sincere just like why religious leaders have so much love from their worshipers) because they claim to be smart and wise, the very reasons why they are privileged to sit on you isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Because they are sincere we accord them with stupidity otherwise they are evil. But there is a thin line between evil, which creatse a lot of crimes and miseries for people, and stupidity

Anonymous said...

Singapore is eagerly waiting for the social intercourse when 500m Asean population will come here to screw them to produce a new unique Asean identity.

Anonymous said...

Who preached economic prowess to China? Their money flowed everywhere and like tsunami caused devastations and corruption where their dirty money touched.

The fucker dick is worshipped today

Anonymous said...

50 years of producing educated idiots

Anonymous said...

Agongkia u very free is it talking nonsense again. Why don't u share more of your adventure with all the Lau Mei Mei that u have luck with. At least people may find some interest in your posting? Or Knn u can also share your experience when u Kena from tuakee and how hillalous it was when u scream in pain and the tuakee thought u climax and lagi pump u even harder!

Anonymous said...

Regional and International trade scholar Professor Richard Baldwin wrote in his research paper --- //The East Asian Noodle Bowl Syndrome// that:

"When it comes to East Asian regionalism, the state of play is easily summarised --- it is a mess. Dozens if not hundreds of trade deals are under discussion, under negotiations, or already signed. Even limiting the universe to the deals that have been signed or are near signing, it is clear that East Asian regionalism has the Noodle Bowl Syndrome. "

The Economist magazine wrote:
" And apart from bilateral agreements, several countries, including China and Japan, now have signed trade deals with the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), a regional body.
Asian countries' enthusiasm for bilateral agreements is palpable, and they have reason to want to bolster intra-Asian trade. The growth of global supply chains means that parts made in one Asian country from raw materials imported from another are re-exported to a third for final assembly. These countries hope that more bilateral agreements will enable more specialisation.


But economists caution that the proliferation of FTAs is unlikely to do wonders for the region's trade. Aaditya Mattoo, of the World Bank, points out that because trade barriers in Asia are already relatively low, the benefit of a small further reduction in barriers in one market is tiny.

Bilateral deals come laden with complicated rules about where products originate—rules which impose substantial costs of labelling and certification on firms. The more overlapping deals there are, the more complex the rules and the higher the costs. Those who follow Asia's FTA mania refer to this as the “noodle bowl”. No wonder few firms actually want to use FTAs. An ADB survey of exporters in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand in 2007-08 found that only 22% took advantage of them. Certainly, the huge rise in trade deals seems to have done nothing to boost the share of the continent's trade that is intra-Asian."

Anonymous said...

What do all these imply?

If you are a businessman or a small firm or even medium enterprises, you may be entering a "trade MAZE" in doing trade with member countries with RTAs and countless BTAs?

Before the businessman can earn a single cent, he may have to "employ an army of trade agreements expurts including even a 3-star general to navigate the ( spider ) Web of trade rules and regulations governing imports and exports among member countries in a complex Web of cross-bilateral and cross-multilateral trade agreements" not unlike the entanglement of a big bowl of noodles, thus the term "The Asian Noodlesbowl Syndrome" by Professor Richard Baldwin to describe this phenomenon?

Anonymous said...

With the advent of AEC, would it "ADD" another ( BIG ) PILE of "NOODLES" into the "BOWL" and "WORSEN" the "noodles entanglement"?

Often to get into a "marriage" is easy?

To "exit" a "marriage" may at best be "acrimonious" and at its worst "nightmarish"?

Anonymous said...

the smart Sinkies have been emigrating over the last 50 years.
the remaining Sinkies are those that are too stupid to emigrate.

what's even worse, these remaining Sinkies have been inter-breeding among themselves.
what's the result of all these inbreeding?
Do you think people like agongkia is the result?
Do you think PAP Ministers are also the result?

Do you think one type is poor and stupid?
Do you think the other type is rich and stupid?

Anonymous said...

High level stupidity led you into temptation and evil. Every other thing...all BS. They now proclaim proudly of their clean shit system to the world. Sinkies are rejoicing because they are proud of clean shit. Hallelujah.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha

agongkia said...

Hehe..Emigrating mean smart?Bluff who?Smart are those like my sifu who treat here as hotel.
Majority that emigrate are not smart but are those losers and unfilial children trying to shirk responsibility,neglecting their parents known to me as ungrateful poothowkias.
These are cowards who leave their parent here to be boss around by the FTs and return only to wayang just to share their properties.
Be a stayer and stay back to defend our country.Stay to vote for a good Garmen and ensure that our country is not being sold away.
Pirates are here to rob the sampan that you are in control.
By trying to stay away you are only giving way to the robber to rob the whole Sampan and bully your love ones.You fall into the trap.Another khongcum thinking he is smart.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans love to criticize themselves and foreigners excessively, but one thing is true. Compared to the PRC and English shit they are gutless slaves. This condition may be a universal thing because the PRC anthem and "the other" English national anthem exort/remind their citizens to not be slaves. But in Singapore, we take kowtow-ism to a whole new level. At school, in the army, at work, throughout every stage in life, I have seen my peers bend over backwards to suck up, or better stab each other in the back to receive a small reward from master. Which is why they self censor and are afraid to speak up. Your neighbor is a spy and your teacher or classmate can always ruin your chance of attending med school, OCS, scholarship by reporting you. Perhaps eventually one day, like East Germany, we will eventually see the extent of our duplicitity towards each other and these reporters will finally be outed. And since Sinkies are so unapologetic about the way the treat their maids, its only poetic justice for the Pinoys to rule over them now. Heh, heh, heh.

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of time for some?

Especially those with young kids?

Too many aspects in too short a time, so some would like to do it step by step?

But if you look at many sinkie parents, many are probably not happy deep down inside?

Some families may be much closer than others but over time, family bond is being diluted or breaking down?

If parents do not feel the joy of their offsprings especially during their growing up years in secondary school, JC and university, then it is "painful" going forward?

Kind of something unspoken but all is not well?

It seems prevalent?

U can see or sense it practically everywhere?

That's why those younger ones are "smart" and "choose" to remain childless?

In such a system, it is a torture and torment for both the parents and children?

Circumstances were not as bad say in the 90s or early 2000s but now most younger sinkies would rather stay single or childless?

Why bring more ( to this world ) to suffer in sinkieland?

In the past few days, if u look at the way the ministers deliver their speeches in the COS budget debate, you know it is a "goner or no hope situation"?

It is not if but when?

Every single passing day is nearer to abyss, nearer to the cliff, nearer to ( eventual ) Implosion?

Some wish they can pack the luggage yesterday and flew off but children and other commitments ( temporarily ) hold them back?

To some or many sinkies, it may come to a point where anywhere else is acceptable and better, anywhere except sinkieland?

It is a torture seeing limp chow Khiang's face every now and then for one more year?

It is a torment seeing the gold-fish eyes face every now and then for the next donkey years?

Enough is enough?

Anywhere else is better?

As long as it is not sinkieland?

agongkia said...

Don't be naive lah.
不孝有三,無後為大。Staying single and childless is not advisable.We must produce enough to defend our country.If Sinkie don't,you will see more FT producing and soon your love one will become the minority and bring boss around by these new immigrants.

Anonymous said...

How many children you have, Mr GongKia?

agongkia said...

Don't be naive lah.
不孝有三,無後為大。Staying single and childless is not advisable.We must produce enough to defend our country.If Sinkie don't,you will see more FT producing and soon your love one will become the minority and being boss around by these new immigrants.

agongkia said...

How many children I have?
This one secret lah.
Taiwan,Korea,Penang and Medan.
Becos of such stupid rules that I cannot marry more than one,I can only keep secret lovers to be fair.
When my children reach 16,I have to think of a way to bring them in as talents ,serve NS ,become Sinkies and defend this little island .

Anonymous said...

When the top are "sick" ( up there ), what or how will the cuntry end up except the "same"?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Dun talk big?

People doubt you are even capable of having one with proper status?

Otherwise you are just bringing more "blind ox" into this world ....?

When you are saying, critising and lecturing others, u CAN'T even put one descendant under your own SURNAME and call your ....... grandmother?

agongkia said...

Blind ox or not is not important.
Important is I can produce .
Not in position to lecture or criticize others but I am doing it in good faith for their benefit.
My children will be having proud surname Goh,吳,오 or Go.
No angmo name or Anon for sure.

Anonymous said...

"Your children will be "?

Means what?

Now Don't have right?

At the age of 60, you are not getting any younger?

At this age, many are already a grandfather many times over?

Anonymous said...

Arguably, the only way for sinkieland to renew is to implode eventually and the old to be discarded by the people just like the rubbish plastic bag removed from a waste basket and chucked down the rubbish chute?

Anonymous said...

With a system as such, who the hell want to get married and have babies?

People rushed to get marry last year bcos 2016, in Chinese astrology, is a bad year?

Anonymous said...

A so called "blind year" bcos there is no "立春" in the Year of Monkey between 8 Feb 2016 and 28 Jan 2017?

agongkia said...

Using "will be" can attract local Meimei here as they think I am still available.
Posting in blogs to claim I am those oldies childhood friends is to let them think I am my 60s,saying I am waiting for NS is to tell others I am below 18.
See?How naive you can be.
I am not as old as you guess :-)

Anonymous said...

In traditional Chinese belief, marrying in a "blind year" is HIGHLY INAUSPICIOUS?

Anonymous said...

Means that the number of marriages in 2016 will plummet?

Anonymous said...

So do the TFR?

Anonymous said...

It may even edge nearer to 1.1 or below 1.0 in 2016?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia don't bluff lar. In real life u are likely a looser. Instead of getting hugged by old Mei Mei in Korea, Taiwan and Medan, who are u kidding with. U are probably an old Uncle that save for months to pay the $30 30 m one shot at Geylang with an old chicken there, scrapping the money from weeks enduring tuakee so that u can in term have a release on another person. Tio bo?

agongkia said...

Hehe..i am poor but never say die.Still got fighting spirit.I don't ask for handout.
So early wake up talk about chicken.You must be very lousy that you need to pay for that.
This is the best time to huat the pinays on Sunday.Go Orchard.Dun waste money.Save 30 lolla buy angkookway and kopi and visit your parent .

Anonymous said...

You are really naive?

Unfortunately ( or fortunately ), there are not that many Ah Gong around?

Who ever believe the nonsense u posted here?

The point is u MOST PROBABLY do NOT know how or what the average parents in sinkieland are going through or coping with except only knowing how to hug mei mei everyday and night?

In case you have many "little blind oxes", u better work harder?

Cos even in kindergarten, the teachers may be calling u a few times everyday?

And at night when u staggered home at 1am after hugging the mei mei, your "little blind oxes" will be waiting for you?

Cos they are worried sick the teachers will be hounding them in the morning during lessons for being unable to do even simple home work and have been up whole night every night waiting for u to reach home early to "teach" them and there u are "so happy" HUGGING Mei mei BIG TIME every day and night when your "little blind oxes" and wife are suffering at home?

The point is NOT to belittle u?

But u need to work harder, much harder than the 21 hours u are putting in right now?

You need to work 25 hours a day, "FASTERER, BETTERER and CHEAPERER" ( according to one "very lucky" minister sinkies have ) to make enough to put your "little blind oxes" through school with 2 tuition teachers in every subject 7 days a week and hopefully can make it through?

agongkia said...

Anon 6.48
It doesn't cost a bomb sending the kid to school in those countries.The teachers are really dedicated and devoted.
Sickening here is that I see every children in kindergarten with angmo names at such young age.Speaking angmo .I hate to see my descendant being westernized.
Children oversea do not have parent naming them angmo so it make me most comfortable compare to here.

Anonymous said...

Mr GongKia,

You may be sending your ( hard-earned ) $$$ to support your overseas "little gongkias" and resort to "selling your soul" to pool together whatever little crumps they may throw at you from time to time for posting all the nonsense but the facts ( and REALITIES in sinkieland ) are proven in your actions?

The facts ( and realities ) are REFLECTED in what you DO, NOT what you posted?

Your "words" are saying ONE THING ( to satisfy those masters throwing you bones with little meat? ) but your deeds reflect OTHERWISE?

Anonymous said...


Mr GongKia 24-7-365 tawking about mei mei and hug mei mei can?

But others tawk cannot?

Mr GongKia now oso act like "little strong man"?

Suka suka?

Anonymous said...

Mr GongKia,

Did u read "properly" the title of this post?

Did it occur to you it "may" have you in mind ( and could have been dedicated to you )?

Do you not realise you are the GOH ( "guest of honour" ) in this post?

Anonymous said...

Mr GongKia,

It is not bcos readers here believe what you posted that they think you are about 60+ or 70+ or 80+?

Those so called "mei mei" u hugged in the back lane coffeeshops of Geylang looked "older than even the lao kuey boo who already retired from politics"?

How could a young man call those "super old lao zabor" mei mei?

Only 70s+ and 80s+ lao ah pek will "think" and can call those "lao kuey boo" in those back lane coffeeshops mei mei?

agongkia said...

My honour.
If that's the case it only prove that many are as stupid like me for they claim that I am writing nonsense and stupid,dumb or daft but yet they entertain a daft like me:-)

Anonymous said...

Mr GongKia,

That logic double confirm your status?

What do you think the people on stage doing during "rallies"?

They are "entertaining" you, Mr GongKia?

But do you think they are as "gong"?

Posting here is to exterminate your rubbish by the way?

The entertainment ( and enlightenment ) is for the oldies and readers at large?

Anonymous said...

Mr GongKia,

When during army, have you played with "mosquitoes" out of boredom in "captivity"?

You see, it is quite entertaining to "trap" a "gong live mosquito" then slowly "torment" it ......?

Slowly "pluck out the gong mosquito legs" one by one and see it "grimace" in pain?

During army, mosquitoes are great nuisances but sometimes "finish them off" with a "quick swat" may mean aftwr that many hours of boredom in "captivity"?

Virgo 49 said...

No lah, too many hours in the Guardroom, detailing two hourly sentry duties that now experts in swatting the flies.

Now most will call me if any pesky fly happened to disturb their meals.

Know which Direction the pest fly and clapped your palm in that Direction.

Sure one slap one kill. Not one bullet one kill.

patriot said...

Think 1 shot 3 kills is possible.

The Daft 3 stand in 1 line behind
one another, with the Calibres of
bullets nowadays, it can be 3 kills
and one fatally wounded.