Singaporean Winsemius trained to become dish washers and security guards

Does anyone bother to think how many Singaporeans out there that have enough training, education and experience to become the equivalent of Dr Winsemius to many third world developing countries? We have a very big pool of experts in many fields that would be most welcomed by developing countries to offer them advices in national development, infrastructure building, city planning, setting up govt agencies, setting up industrial parks and businesses. These experts were directly involved in the building of a world class city, not the so called experts from third world countries that ran rundown third world cities and infrastructures and continue to run them like slums and shabby towns and being called experts and invited to run first world cities.

At the next level, many of these senior managers, CEOs, engineers etc, could become resource people to developing countries, to UN agencies, where they could contribute productively to these countries and their people. What is happening is that many of these experts and their expertise are not recognized or treasured, and instead they are being herded like no brainer sheep to be retrained to be cashiers, sales workers, taxi drivers and of course security guards.

Many of our oldies are real treasures like the Chinese saying, 家有一老,家有一宝. It is so sad that these treasures are wasted by the fools who could not see any use in them. A friend said many of the pioneer generation seniors are already trained by the military and the police during their NS days and reservist obligations. In times like this, when more manpower is needed to keep a look out and prepare for terrorist threats, who would be better and more cost effective and dependable, safer to trust than the pioneer generations to take on these roles?

It would need some organization, some retraining, reskilling and mindset, to organize the pioneer generations to guard our country and homes, to protect our own people, our families instead of depending on queer foreigners whose backgrounds are unknown and pose greater risk than security to our country and people?  The naivety of Singaporeans to be so trusting of foreigners is a danger to the security of our country.  When redeploying the seniors, do not expect the seniors to work for free but they would not be demanding millions to serve the country, to protect the country.

It is time to put on the thinking hat and make use of the pioneer generations productively and in a meaning and useful way for the good of the country. Dad’s Army may be a comedy, but our pioneers, those that are still clear in thinking and physically able, could be a force to be reckoned with, given the financial and organizational support instead of being wasted away. Some can be Winsemius, some can be the guardians of our country, the country they built and will die for.

The amount of money wasted in the SkillsFuture Scheme can be more targeted and be made to be more useful and meaningful if more thoughts are put into it.


agongkia said...

Sinkie oldies should not think too highly of themselves.They forgotten that their expiring date is approaching.
Being able to put on a uniform of a screwty guard is something to be proud of.

But one respectable netizen P. here will jokingly tell you that these oldies are frail ,clumsy and walk like penguin, tarnishing the image of security at train stations.

Anonymous said...

"It would need some organization, some retraining, reskilling and mindset, to organize the pioneer generations to guard our country and homes, to protect our own people,..."


RB, you are from pioneer generation, tio bo? So have you ever tried to apply to join Singapore Police Force?

If not, I suggest you try and then write another post on your experience of trying.

Anonymous said...

"...these oldies are frail ,clumsy and walk like penguin, tarnishing the image of security at train stations."
agongkia 9:12 am

That shows how hard it is to recruit security guards at MRT stations.

As hard or maybe even harder than getting the opposition ready to be govt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The role of a Dad's Army to guard against the terrorist threats would be quite different from a martial role. These seniors would be the eyes and ears on the ground, in the train, in shopping centres, in HDB estates etc etc.

They will add to the spread of cameras that are inactive and passive. These are people trained and thinking and moving and could be more alert and discriminatory, people carefully selected to perform a role. Not anyone picked from the street to be security guards regardless of background and expertise.

Anonymous said...

I just want my skis future in cash so that I like angkongkia to go out and hug Mei Mei 5 times.

Anonymous said...

Skillsfuture scheme?

More like another social welfare scheme besides workfare and fuckfare. Call them by whatever name you choose, these are all welfare schemes doled out by a welfare state to win more votes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

RB, have u consider the reinforcement to deal with terrorist? Even the pioneers can dash on ground and aim which i have no doubt all can, the number are largely in single or pair. U have a look lah, in mrt station.

When terrorist attacks, from videos, them come in group of 5-10 firing without hesitation. 1 or 2 pioneers can only protect the children, less their own lives.

Reinforcement history: in suntec case, where 4 ang mor punched a taxi driver who used a heart pacer, he was crawling on the ground, a by passer helped him, was pulled to hit his head against the wall and broke his nose bone. The reinforcement took about an hour to reach the town.
The Little India riot reinforcement took about an hour or more.

So RB, let the pioneers go lah. They will die in awful way to be mrt or public place security guards.

There is no terrorists dare here. Our generals helm the mrt, who dare? Come lah, they will be finished when the magic wan wave at them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I love my vegan-free, paleo-centric diet of steak and lots of vegges. Thankfully, Holland V has many establishments where you can order the charred flesh of dead cow to cater for all budgets.

In this one particular place (I won't name), there is an uncle who serves the drinks and swifts away the used glasses and empty bottles. He is always polite, helpful, speaks very clearly and always has a genuine smile when he's serving customers. He is the oldest staff member there, and his customer skills trounces everyone else's there---men and women who are half to one-third this gentleman's age.

To most people, his job sucks dogs balls. Who the fuck would want to do what he does? He probably gets paid less than the younger staff. And yet, this uncle's superior attitude, work-ethic and cheery demeanour are OUTSTANDING. No wonder I keep going back to this place, which is almost always packed, BTW.

I am dead-set against ANY FORM of "govt assistance" to "help people". Fuck that shit. People can help each other and help themselves. Why should the govt. throw money at this non-issue? The Chinese and Indian govts. certainly don't, and their civilizations are on the ascent...RAPID ascent. If you are out of work or lose your job in China and India, you'd better fucking go out and get another because you have no other option if you don't have money to live on.

In those cuntries, you might be able to sponge off the extended family for awhile, but after a short time they too will become impatient with you and "shame you" into getting off your ass and find a job...any job...even a low paying one. Try to be "choosey" like a Redbean-type entitlement-minded Singaporean and you will be swiftly ostracised by the community.

Everyone (except the rich white horses) in Asia has to work fucking hard---many in jobs which are not "glamorous". Only in Singapore do you find JOB SNOBS---people who over-value themselves and have bad attitude and work ethic. It wasn't always this way, but several decades of rapid wealth-creation and "good life" has made a whole lot of Singaporeans SOFT and ENTITLED.

Lee Kuan Yew made this observation: India and Chinese people are hard drivin' and hard strivin'....Singaporeans are not.

...except for that 70 year old uncle at the Holland V steak place. He does what many Singaporeans won't even try to do:

Do a shitty job well, stay polite and be of good cheer. And be FUCKING GRATEFUL that you at least have a job, and are still breathing.

Fuck the expensive Skill Future. And fuck these entitled cunts always putting their hands out for another "welfare freebie" from The State. (paid for the hardworking motherfuckers paying motherfucking taxes...to bail out useless, UNGRATEFUL cunts)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please do not think our Dad's Army should play the role of Commandos, SWATS or Special Forces. Even our uniformed boys patrolling the airports and MRT stations would be seriously tested in a fight with the terrorists.

The role of the Dad's Army must be defined. There are many things that they can do, much better than crippled and drug addict security guards guarding installations.

There are many things that can be done by Dad's Army given their limitations, and still very useful, like checking on suspicious characters, bags left behind, etc. They can call on the uniformed boys for assistance when the threat is beyond them. No need for them to charge at terrorist with guns blazings like Rambo lah.

You think our uniformed boys could do that? Little India Riot? You think our security guards could do much other than playing the same role as cardboard policemen? But they have specific roles to play just being known to be around.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah is so wise. Doing a good job is all about attitude, especially when you want to be a cleaner, a waiter or any service worker. There is really no need to spend hundreds of thousands to get a piece of paper from the world best universities. The parents should take note of this great advice, save your money and stop pushing your children to do all kinds of silly things to be an all rounded super talent.

Just tell them to have a good attitude and be happy as a waiter. Can work till 70 and more and be respected as a role model. The children did not need to go through all the stress in growing up and all the tuitions. And they can start work earlier, at 14 or 15.

I think Matilah must have taken the cue from our ministers. What is the use of a university education. The degree cannot be eaten. Be smart, go to work, any job will do.

I would like the MOEs to save all the monies in building world class universities. What for, when the aspiration of the people is to do a good job as a waiter? Singaporeans will be happier and can live a life with lesser stress, more carefree, strum the guitar, sing song and have more time lying on the beach like beach bums.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

Degrees are less important these days from EMPLOYER'S point of view. This is because every cunt has got a degree now. During my dad's time, getting a "Senior Cambridge" was already an achievement...so every cunt went out and got one, and the market saturated. So move it up a notch: diploma from Polytechnic , then by the 1970's Bachelor's degree. Nowaday's the world is replete with PhDs.

So yeah, university degrees ain't what they used to be. Can you face the FACT? Obviously not. That's why you keep writing the same-o same-o tripe.

Telling someone to "get a better attitude" seldom works. The "trick" is to fucking hire the people with the best attitudes to begin with. For fuck's sake lah...if the person sucks during the job interview, why are you fucking hiring them?!? Makes no sense lah. FACT: no one is "entitled" to a job. Not even if they are old, fucked up and a citizen. The place to go if you need "pity" is the nearest charity, not the workplace. The workplace is the stadium where the Game Of Meritocracy is played. Either you are in, or you're not.

>> I would like the MOEs to save all the monies in building world class universities. <<

I agree. Universities are USELESS in today's world UNLESS they are doing cutting-edge RESEARCH---which can be sold off commercially to pay for the cost of universities, thus lowering the fee-burden on students.

There are many other cheaper and more effective ways of delivering educational services. For "hands on" stuff there in on the job training (the fastest) and technical institutes which can adapt FASTER to change and market demands than stodgy old unis who are stuck in the past.

>> Singaporeans will be happier and can live a life with lesser stress, more carefree, strum the guitar, sing song and have more time lying on the beach like beach bums. <<

Some people are born lucky and thus can do the above right away. Others might have to work for a spell in order to accumulate the resources. Sorry lah, no such thing as "equality".

>> when the aspiration of the people is to do a good job as a waiter? <<

Yup, typical answer. From a typical entitlement-minded JOB SNOB. Here's something you may have missed: it isn't where you start, it's WHO YOU BECOME over time, in the end. Perhaps you also might have missed the timeless words of wisdom:

"Do your best, wherever you are with whatever you have." And then you'll find that your life and situation will change.

Funny, I would think a person of your vintage might know these "hard truths of life" by now. Obviously you've missed out.

Got "let's play catch-up"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The real problems in Singapore is that we are trading away good stuff for fakes. And the real stuff are so daft that they really thing the fakes are the real stuff.

This is the reason why the Sinkies have been sold without knowing why.

There are many jobs that you can do without a degree, it is either manual skill or craft.

There are jobs that really need serious knowledge like in medicine, architecture, engineering. You hire fakes you are going to pay for it. Depending on luck, the problem may surface tomorrow or may take longer.

Look at what is happening to the MRT. Singapore is like the MRT, just waiting to implode with so many fakes in charge who think they can continue to talk their way out of a situation forever.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Oh please lah. You are just trying to justify your position by grasping at trivia and exaggerating minutia.

There's very little "good stuff" left in local Singapore. People's attitudes have changed from a generation or two ago. The fucking govt and the people strived for a few decades and the cuntry got rich oh so fast. Really fucking rich, and comfortable...and unfortunately ARROGANT and ENTITLED. Now they are soft and whiney complaining bitches. A little bit of hardship...tak boleh tahan. You say the wrong thing...tak boleh tahan. They complain "feelings hurt". what the really mean is their HIGHLY INFLATED EGO KENA HANTAM, and deservedly so.

I have friends who teach Singapore's young. They tell me the kids are often SPOILED. Cannot take criticism. Stubborn. Yaya. Of course not every kid is like that, but there are enough of them for you to NOTICE this kind of "softness" in character. No good lah. Very soon these whiney bitches are going to have their asses handed to them by harder working and better-attitude sub continent Indians and PRC's, and Vietnamese and Russians.

There will always be fakes and every once in awhile a fake will con their way into the system. That will happen in any rapidly changing situation or environment. That can't be helped, nor can it be stopped 100%, although better systems of checking and verification can REDUCE the likelihood of such practices.

Anonymous said...

Years ago in a SAP school, there was a Chinese teacher ( turned sinkie but originally bred and educated in the mainland ) teaching the mother tongue.

Obviously he was very steep in Chinese culture and a strict disciplinarian but fair, fatherly and respectful.

He commented that in the whole of China in the 50s and 60s, there was only one Chinese as good as talking comparable to the Indians in India and he was the late 1st Generation Premier of PRC, Zhou En Lai

However, when it comes to doing, this Chinese teacher brought up the example of the early 60s Sino-India Border War between Chinese and Indian troops and that it best personified the capabilities of the two people, the BIG difference between talkers and doers .......

In life, often the best talkers are NOT the best performers, going by many past empirical examples.

Thus, to emphasise this point, the Chinese have one ( "TOK KONG" ) phrase ( arguably describing "good talkers" but SUPER "LOUSY DOERS"? ):


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Such was the dichotomy of skill sets way back in those post World War, Cold War days, pre-internet and pre-multidisciplinary skill set.

These days you have to be able to DO and to COMMUNICATE CLEARLY what you do to your team, your peers and the people whom you'll be training.

These days, there's no more dichotomy. Look at YouTube, for example. Many people teaching many different skills...many non-formally trained people who are good at what they do. Now with cheap cameras, the internet and portals like YouTube, they are talking and doing everyday, 24-7-365.

Be careful with analogies from the past. Many don't apply anymore. The world has changed, rapid technological advance has played a big part in that change, now humanity itself is changing. Some good, some...well, not so...but wait for "version upgrades" when the "bugs" are slowly removed.

Anonymous said...

A good general knows how to develop a battle plan that matches the capability of his troops.

A stupid general will develop a battle plan in an ivory tower - and then run around hiring "foreign talents" to execute his battle plans because his own soldiers are not good enough.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.17pm Snake oil sales "COMMUNICATOR" ( aka still talker talk talk talk only lah )
>>>>> Be careful with analogies from the past. <<<<<

How recent the examples ( and analogies ) u WANT!?

Today is 27 April 2016. Within 1 month GOOD ENOUGH!?????


China built thousands and thousands of miles of highways, underpasses, overpasses etc etc through mountains, forests, deserts etc until even the XIN JIANG highlands bordering Central Asia tens of thousands of feet above ground all the way from the coastal cities spanning thousands of miles .......

The ah Neh ( in India ) CAN'T even build a 100-metre bridge PROPERLY ........?

Talk lah ....?

Talk some more lah ....?

Mati the great "SNAKE OIL SALES COMMUNICATOR", think u better stand up now and give yourself 1 gazillion FACE PALMS?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One or two spoilt brats in school did not make all the children bad. My children and grandchildren are as best that I can hope for. None of the spoilt brat stuff that you are talking about.

And many children are like that, equally lovable as children and responsible young people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 152:

Wah, now it is what...Chinese vs Indians ah? Good carry on. Your one data point doesn't prove Jack Schit. Face palm your mum lah. Once is enough. Unless it's her birthday 😆

@ RB:

>> And many children are like that, equally lovable as children and responsible young people. <<

Children are just little people with developing brains. All children tell lies, and it starts around age 2. It's biological, it can't be helped...and they all grow up perfectly and live happily ever after. Amen. 😂😂

Anonymous said...

Matilah is on the money with his observation of the Sin's breed. The general breed is basically stupid blind followers with adsolutely bad manners. Most kids I have met are ill bred and the exceptional "better mannered" ones will never last through their working and adult years.

Everybody speaks english but they can't communicate nor understand each other. Look around you; who sinkgrish hang out with at the end of the day? their own sinkies kind, even when they are overseas.

Even the Chinese here can't get along with the motherland Chinese working here so how pathetic this breed is?

Anonymous said...

Everybody here for the money. You might as well work in geyland because it is as real as it gets there

Anonymous said...

Parents have to coerce their kids to be respectful in the presence of elders(note they are never consistent to who they want their kids to be respectful to and usually they don't insist their kids be disciplined) but these kids(prince and princess) usually never do or at best, weakly and insincerely obeyed their orders. Why? Because their parents are fucking hypocritical moronic role model whom they look up to and followed. In a dog eat dog world, where their parents make their money to raise their little monsters, being nice is a means to an end. The kids get the idea quickly and learnt to suck big cocks early.

This is the future of Singapore - all facade and really, show me the money

Anonymous said...

Is Chee on the way to being a multi-millionaire minister or MP?

agongkia said...

Go upgrade and attend courses.
Your salary Will be increase by hundred a month.Every month can hug mei mei.Why only look at 5 times?
More training more hugs.

Anonymous said...

Every time you watch sinkies interview big western stars you just cringe because, you can see the blank look in these stars faces. Like duck and chicken talking and mind you, heavily edited just to pass off 30 sec of communication or not communicating.

When you look at this at ground level, you can only shake your head. Global my Ass!

Anonymous said...

Go forums,youtude and Facebook and check out the quality of communication...bunch of fiaking idiots. Even the blogs lack substance

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Get real. For,the money, they just entertain you lah.

Anonymous said...

Two things come out of Sin

Either you are a trained slave or you are a dead slave

Few can smell the roses and spit at your stupid faces like Amos Yee did lol

Anonymous said...

@ 2.28pm Matilah Incest Maniac, Eyes Paste Stamps, AssHxxx Rub Durian
>>>Your one data point doesn't prove Jack Schit.<<<

One data point your blockhead! ?

It's an ocean

To list them here could likely exceed RB's 10 years VOLUME of writings in msn .......?

Anonymous said...

So sorry that some children ended as spoilt brats. But I am sure not all are like that and I believe some are blessed like RB.

Anonymous said...

Why call Pioneer Generation?
Why not not call Founding Generation?

Anonymous said...

you should be concern of the not "spoilt ones" too. Born in Sin, live like Sin. Have no kids is blessed

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching Channel News Asia "Behind the Lines" episode 4.
- 3 Hong Kong academics debating what is the "real" Chinese
- Putong Hua or Mandarin versus Cantonese
- Simplified Chinese characters versus Traditional Chinese characters
- who is more "Chinese"? Putong Hua spoken with a northern accent or Putng Hua spoken with a Hong Kong accent

So I throw the question back to redbean's Chinese followers:
- do you know who you are?
- Do you think China's Chinese will accept you as Chinese?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ intellectual coward 443:

>> To list them here could likely exceed RB's 10 years VOLUME of writings in msn .......?

Dun chicken out lah. Bluff who?

Show your proof or fuck off and get an education. Suck dick to pay for it if you have to. It'll be worth it in the end.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 7:47,
A question like who is the real Chinese is only good for academics who got nothing better to do, nothing better to discuss. In fact it is a reflection of hollowness.

A Chinese is a Chinese. Maybe you may want to differentiate in terms of nationality or some of the acquired behavioral norms arising from their different upbringings, geographically, religiously or whatever.

A Chinese does not need to prove that he is a Chinese or more Chinese than another. A Chinese or for that matter any race, does not need to feel the need to be accepted or not be by other Chinese or his fellow ethnic people.

In a way, who cares if the Americans accept Iran and North Korea as nuclear powers. The fact is that they are nuclear powers. Who cares if the Americans do not accept the Chinese claim of ownership of the South China Sea islands, when the Chinese are there occupying them.

You are what you are. Do you have to go around proving to everyone that you are Tan Ah Kow or Ahmad or Subramaniam? Is that an issue to you, troubling you?

I will just say, be what you are and live your life. There are many more meaningful things in living than to get disturbed by such arguments that would not change you or your life.

I do not have to prove to anyone that I am a Chinese or I am more Chinese or less Chinese than anyone. I am what I am.

Anonymous said...

@ 8.57pm Intellectual Midget, Chicken Out Quitter, Ad Hominem Chicken
>>>Dun chicken out lah. Bluff who?<<<

Exactly! ?

Bluff who?

Why quit and chicken out to Australia? Coward!

>>>Suck dick to pay for it if you have to. <<<

Readers in MSN can see u are doing it and getting a lot of ......

That’s y your mouth is rotting and whatever comes out stinks worst than the maggot infested corpses. .....

U are one useless quitter and nothing u try to do can change this fact. ....

Misfits chicken coward like u r only fit for the clown in a the circus making a fool out of yourselves to provide entertainment yet the audience ( only ) recognition of you is a sneering laugh at your foolishness clowning around as ever .......

Dun stop your clowning acts in msn. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

You go on the road and gave advance signal of your intention to change lane and often than not, the singaporean driver would deliberately speed up to prevent you from changing lane.
The general singaporean has two faces. He or she is the friendly insurance salesperson who wants something from you and the friendliness is just a facade but the true character is when they go behind the wheel.
There is something about the singaporean specie that's very unlikable. You have no faith in the children they beget.

Anonymous said...

@ April 27, 201610:58 pm Mountain Tortoise, Moral Hypocrite
>>>You go on the road and gave advance signal of your intention to change lane and often than not, the singaporean driver would deliberately speed up to prevent you from changing lane.<<<

That shows you have not travelled to 3rd world cuntries and drove on their road?

Otherwise you will not made such immature and petty comments?

You may be an adult but a mind of preschoolers?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Lee Kuan Yew was born a baba, peranakan. He grew up like a banana. When he started to understand what everything was all about, he stopped calling himself Harry Lee, but Lee Kuan Yew.

He knew that peranakan or baba was just an aberration in history. He knew that bananas were also an aberration in history. He knew who he really was.

Lee Kuan Yew threw away the two aberrations in his life to be what he is and was. He knew that in another generation there will be no more peranakans to talk about and the bananas would be so embarrassed of their identity that they would melt quietly with the bigger reality, the Chinese Civilisation.

The Chinese Civilisation is not going away but will grow from strength to strength. You would not believe that a Chinaman like Jack Mah could accumulate $33b worth of fortune in so short a span of time, over taking another Chinaman Wang Jianlin worthed $32b, and Li Kashing is now the third richest Chinaman from Hongkong.

The fortunes of the Chinaman are changing for the better. They are no longer the inscrutable poor coolies of yesteryears.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "jealous intellectual coward" 1026:

Wah the best you can do is sling a few barbed words to "hurt my feelings"? 😂

Please lah...put up your evidence to back your outrageous claims or fuck off to your nearest NLB branch (it's FREE!) and make an attempt to boost that lagging brain of yours.

Actually for a "quitter" I live a pretty cool life. I'm not sorry to rub it in, but I suppose you get a small amount of thanks for making Singapore an awesome place I can treat like my grand chong kong's HOTEL!

Keep it up! (Still waiting for you to back up your claims...But I don't have high hopes on your abilities)

Anonymous said...

U kong cum ah?

Suka suka ( but u can do that in your dreams lah )?

Continue to live in your dreams ( and command a billion soldiers ) ........

In realities, u are just a moron and pple will take u for a clown for ( free ) entertainment ......

Your begging ( for more free info ( spineless lazy beach bum ) ) will never be answered and even if u kneel until your knees turned into bean curd, no pity for u cos earth is better off without u ........