SDP unprepared for By Election

Tharman has taken the first shot at the SDP that they were unprepared for the by election. That must be the truest of all the statements made so far. How could SDP know that there will be a by election coming so soon after the GE and be prepared for it? I don’t think anyone in the SDP could foresee that something like this would happen and be prepared for a by election. Only those who knew what is coming could be prepared for it.

Is the PAP prepared for this by election, knew that it is coming? Who knows better, but PAP is surely more prepared than the SDP or Tharman would not be using this as a strong point to use against the SDP.  SDP is unprepared, heheh, we are.  PAP is prepared and ready for the by election with its new programme launched by Murali. Is the new programme similar to the programme David Ong promised the residents of Bukit Batok? Some numbers were quoted, that David Ong’s programme was very comprehensive and amounting to $24m while Murali was talking about $1.9m. Please enlighten me on this.  Oh, before I forget, let me use the often uttered phrase by the rich people. What is $1.9m? This is even less than one year’s salary of a minister.  Maybe Murali was talking about a small portion of the programme or the $24m was the whole programme that includes other constituencies. SDP must be forgiven for being in the dark about this whole affair as they were not a party to it. Sure, they don’t know.

A word of advice to all the opposition parties, please be prepared for more by elections and not be caught with their pants down and got to make last minute plans and programme changes. The PAP is always prepared for all contingencies like surprise by elections. This is something that the opposition parties can learn from.

Ok, SDP, please admit that you did not see it coming and therefore not prepared for it, unless they knew what was happening in Bukit Batok’s grassroot affairs.


Anonymous said...

Whether prepared or unprepared for the BE.

Whether who from pap stands as a candidate in BB.

Whether 24M or 1.9M upgrading programme.

Whether who from oppositions stands there.

Etc etc etc................

PAP will win with eyes closed!

On 7 May 16, the result of the BE will be...

PAP 68% vs 32% SDP

Now! Only GOD can help CSJ! Yes only GOD! Will GOD?

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Bot am is normally quite good so I am somewhat surprised at what he said.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Tharman has taken the first shot at the SDP that they were unprepared for the by election.//

The "BIGGEST Freudian Slip" ( BY BOTAK? ) of Buttock's CHEE BY election?

kacy sim said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Tharman, like many Singaporeans, believes in the myth of "preparedness". This is why Singapore lacks the spirit of adventure and risk, generally speaking.

Once you are in politics, you're IN THE GAME. So you already have a certain degree of being prepared. Hopefully you have your " game face " on, and are this at least mentally prepared for uncertainty, which is a universal feature in EVERY game.

Life is uncertain and only sometimes predictable within the bounds of probability. Humans are naturally FUCKED UP at probability and even more so at handling uncertainty. Everyone thinks they can control everything. They pray for rain and when it rains, they believe that they can control the weather by the act of praying, thus boosting their heartfelt belief that they can control everything, and that at all times they're IN CONTROL.

This is yet another quirk of human nature which keeps me in states of UNCONTROLLABLE laughter and merriment! 😂😂

Anonymous said...

They knew about the affair and were prepared for it. Now acting so smug. We know, we know, SDP don't know. hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Got some more affairs coming up or not? Can tell us or not?

Anonymous said...

The "chicken aka coward aka quitter" is back to continue his "clowning act" ......

But good for oldies ......

Have some "uncontrollable laughter and merriment" ....... at his quirky (in)human nature ......

Anonymous said...

sinkies politics like little tots running around town with their water pistol making promises to aunties and uncles slurping on yewtiao dipped in sweetened fermented tofu while the young watched cartoons on their iPads

patriot said...

First Commenter predicts PAP 68

SDP 32%.

As the By-election is happening so soon after the General Election and not due to demise or other reason of the Incumbent but due to his uncontrolled virility, me likes to give SDP a higher percentage of 42 versus PAP's 56.5%.

If the BE happens 2 years after the GE, I will go along with 68 against 32%.

There is a Chinese Saying 狗改不了吃屎 meaning dogs like shit and Sinkies are too used to lick Pappies.

Maybe the Bukit Batok Voters may prove me wrong and I wish Chee Soon Juan the Best Of Luck.


Anonymous said...

The stakes for Chee Soon Juan are indeed very high, either way.

Like the Chinese saying, success turn dragon, failure turn worm.

So politically speaking, will Chee Soon Juan turn dragon or worm in the late hours of May 7 or early hours of May 8?

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan was not even in the top 20 of opposition candidates % votes in GE 2015.

Meaning even if there were 20 NCMPs instead of 9 allowed under the rules, Chee Soon Juan will still not qualify for NCMP after GE 2015.

That says a lot about his chances for BB BE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Unprepared for O level or A level examination or uni exams is serious. Unprepared for by election is just opinion, not fact. It a fact that bb has re painted the flats, to prepare the pap for the by election. What SDP wants to prepare?
Chee s performance in this by election is far more focus than the GE, where he talked about himself. In bb, he now knows there are poor people needs mp to help, he can do something about it. BB Voters may or may not sense the change in Chee s attitude, more underclass flat dwellers focus than the past. In previous GE, he ride bicycles with his wife like the middle class going outing as campaigning. Now he walked and talked to residents. In this way, Chee is starting to be more prepared for the role as mp. The residents who are jobless, increasing more and more in number, will crowd his meet the people session. He is more prepared this time than the GE. No doubt about it.
Now Chee has to move in street to talk in depth with residents. No easy task as mp. May be WP Low can tell him what s the experience. I heard Low can remember which resident has what physical illness and problems when he revisit the residents. Can Chee catch up in BB? That why i say Chee has not established his SDP base. Move to different grc and smc will not help him to get elected. This is what i observed WP Low. He establishes a base in HG. This is real stuff.

Anonymous said...

That why i say Chee has not established his SDP base.
Anon 11:28 am

Agreed. And this alone will make his chances of winning less than 50%.

But anyway for him, lose also never mind lah. After all, and for more than 20 years, he had already lost a number of times, so what is one more loss? Used to it already, I suppose. And he and his family can also survive without the $16000 MP allowance.

Anonymous said...


Patriot 11.14am prediction of SDP obtaining 42% votes is indeed very kind.

For CSJ to exceed the 40% mark and go on to win the BB BE, CSJ and his team
must get the 天时地利人和 right!

Only HE can help CSJ.

All the best to him, family AND SDP!

Anonymous said...

Saw 2 numbers floating in the dream last night .......

There was a red colour banner showing 14,000

And another ( no colour ) banner showing 11,000

But dreams are dreams?

And sometimes one man's dream is another man's nightmare?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "I-no-satisfy-leh, jealous, intellectual coward 953 🤓:

Hello fuck face, It's me your favourite "chicken quitter"😜

This one's for you!

Have a terrible day. Get hit by a bus, and out of the gene pool! 🚍 💀

Anonymous said...

Some lunatic a sore loser and showing his ( true ) lunatic self ( again ) ......

He is so lunatic he cursed himself?

Dear oldies in msn, continue to have some "uncontrollable laughter and merriment" ....... at a quirky lunatic (in)human nature

Since many oldies are quite well off and have time on hand, perhaps some can stand by to go hospital pay a visit to a lunatic ......

...... after the curse on himself comes true .....?

Anonymous said...

Botak got nothing good to say anyhow picked something to say, now got backfired. Scored own goal.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:40am.
NOL sold away due to persistent losses is a typical example of sg losing in competitiveness. Dont even look at what the W Economic forum says Sg is competitive. This forum even said sg is innovative number 1 or something. Sg has very few registered patents comparing to China 500k and S Korea 70k. Sg has no advance technology like nuclear, or rockets, jets planes etc. Not even in hand held tablets or on top of pharma or medicine.

In real world, it is an island living with half citizens half foreigners, controlled by group of big spenders who cannot help to promote industries to create jobs. Not even creating the environment for top service for tourists to buy something unique handy crafts etc. Every location that can have some culture for tourists guides to talk about are closing or dead. China town kuri shop, or u name it, including the hot steel trees park. Other countries are far more interesting for tourists. eg taiwan is big, china is even bigger, japan korea are no expensive to chinese tourists anymore. Locals even they want to work as tourist guide, individual cannot get jobs easily.
In Xiamen, trained tour guide can standby at location and get order like Kulanyu. I look at chinatown, what can local guide get? I heard to get license is not cheap.

In other words, the millionaires are trapping citizens into doing nothing. Pharma, Banking, Fiance, IT, those in the East pmet jobs are given to Indians. Locals are left with very little space to earn proper income.

The situation like this will hit at local middle class families when prolonged. Opposition parties are not established. They must be developed. This group of present politicians in charge will lead locals to lower and lower income and standard of living. We know, when more poor and more extreme rich are developed under the current policy as i have described, riots can break out easily due to some unhappy event. Some capable people must come in to lead Singapore like what the old guard did. I sense that they may come from the opposition. May not be Chee. But can be through his vehicle, or wp. So i secretly hope, Chee will break through this by election. Dont hope for a flop and take it like another flop. Singapore has no time to wait.

Anonymous said...

Just get rid of the ruling party if you want to take back Singapore for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Yes, get more opposing idiots to ruin your country with more training of idiots and more spending of your taxpayers monies

Anonymous said...

"We know, when more poor and more extreme rich are developed under the current policy as i have described, riots can break out easily due to some unhappy event."
Anon 2:22 pm

Hahahahaha. Before riots can happen, PAP will first be voted out already.

But since PAP could even get 70% votes in GE 2015, how can riots happen anytime soon or even later?

Even peaceful and legal protests at Hong Lim Park, Sinkies also not interested, so how to have riots so easily?

Anonymous said...

So i secretly hope, Chee will break through this by election.
Anon 2:22 pm

Don't hope. Hope is a 4 letter word, especially for this Chee by election, oops! I mean with Chee Soon Juan contesting this by election.

Senior Citizen said...

@ Minister Tharman,

So, Mr Tharman, from the way you put down SDP for not being prepared for the Bye Election
of Backside Hill (Bukit Batok), it means that the PAP is well-prepared and you and your fellow ministers all saw it coming, right?

This begs the questions:

1. How long ago did you or any of your colleagues already knew that David Ong was engaging in fun and pleasure with Wendy Lim?

2. Does that mean that you are privy to what was going on in Bukit Batok regarding the affairs of David Ong and Wendy Lim long before it was made public, and therefore, you have the privilege of fore-knowledge to be very sure that a Bye Election would be forthcoming?

patriot said...

Tharman is said to be no ordinary man and many wish that he be the Prrime Minister Of Sin.

Me am a superficial guy and thinks Tharman got a deity look. In Chinese Mythology, there are deity of virtue and deity of ruin and disease.
I cant tell which category Tgarnan belongs to, but deity is deity, even deity of death is good in my view. For death is a leveller that levels all to equal and

Ruin is not always negative.
Total ruin allows renewal, total ruin makes everything new to start afresh.
Total ruin, like death, creates space for new generation to bloom.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:13pm
U may mix up 70% voted for pap as full support for the prince s foreigner first policy. U r not correct to assume that 70% because, the pap s own new minister had mentioned 1 old man s death factor. I can be sure of my own observation. Of course, with due respect to yours. Once I told a friend some day, the Indians at Little India on sunday might go riot. He laughed at me. It happened after I said it about months later.
I did that because I walked around to observe and i sense myself can be attacked from the looks of those workers drinking along the lanes.
The poor and rich in singapore go into riot is not new. May 13 was considered a racial riot. To some extend, i think it has rich and poor element in any riot.
It will not happen i hope, but i cannot rule it out when seeing more people collecting carton boxes to do it as exercises to keep fit.
What i feel is: when human are available at home jobless, and they have excess energy cannot be properly used, any event unhappy to the majority of these people will quickly group them together for a common cause. Little India riot was something like that. These indians were not coordinated, along the lanes and Serangoon road. They were angry in hearts. U get this point?
If there are many poor jobless and face kids expenses, old folks medical, spouse screaming, their hearts will be as angry as the indian workers, i guess. May be i am wrong this time.

Anonymous said...

Dear uncle redbean
We agree on many points about many things.

Much as I admire your wisdom and critical thinking, we seem to be unable to agree on Chinese culture. But thank you for your graciousness in allowing a banana to air his opinion in your blog.

Elsewhere in your blog you wrote:
"You would not believe that a Chinaman like Jack Mah could accumulate $33b worth of fortune in so short a span of time, over taking another Chinaman Wang Jianlin worthed $32b, and Li Kashing is now the third richest Chinaman from Hongkong."

Respectfully ... so what?
- it's not as if these rich Chinaman is going to help the Chinese people.

Other similar examples.
- PAP government has created so many PAP millionaire politicians through PAP's generous salary and pension schemes
- Have any one of these PAP Millionaires done anything with their new found wealth to benefit poorer Singaporeans?

Is it true?
PAP's culture = LKY's culture = Chinese culture = selfish culture = You die is your business?

Why would any rational Chinese want to support such a selfish culture?
So what if China is #1 in everything in the world?
You think the PRC Chinese in China is going to help a Chinese Singaporean?

Under the rule of a white man;
Sad to say;
But at least maybe you get to eat some crumbs.
Under the PAP government... got any crumbs or not?

As a remiser, PAP's SGX got leave you any crumbs or not?
All the SGX do is to tell you to sit for this & that exam ... as if your lack of paper qualifications is the cause of the problem.

But still 70% of stupid Chinese want to vote PAP.
As if PAP's millionaires can and will be able to help Singapore.
Just like you ... die die must support Chinese culture.
As if Chinese culture and Chinese billionaires will help their fellow Chinese.

patriot said...

As a Chinese born in Sin and speaking strictly on personal ground, my view is that, there are much difference between


Anonymous said...

@ patriot
April 28, 2016 4:55 pm

My point is this:
How does it benefit a Chinese person to support the Chinese culture?

The Chinese culture is a slave or subservient culture (based on respect for seniority and tradition regardless of merits).
And many ancient and modern Chinese emperors and bosses have exploited this to bully Chinese people and to enslave Chinese people.
Working for peanuts is a form of enslavement.

Anonymous said...

hundreds of thousand of dafties line up to cry and pay last respect last year.
Got help you get employed or not?
Got protect you from retrenchment or not?
MRT train become more reliable or not?
Can get back your CPF money or not?

Xi JinPing got visit you to give envelope or not?

If not ... then show so much respect for what?

patriot said...

1.4 Billion Chinese is developing and defending their Motherland making it stronger as time goes by. It has been so for many thousands of years. And it shall be for a long time to come.

l like to say again that the Last Man standing shall be Chinese. I am saying this not because me am a Chinese, rather it is thr Proof and Evidence of History.

And of course; China and Chinese abroad must be wary of traitors amongst their own breed.


Anonymous said...

Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. With this, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength.

Please bow and be worthy or either way be flooded by mainlanders new water

Anonymous said...

April 28, 2016 5:42 pm

Dear patriot
Blind loyalty to race and culture strengthens the hand of dictators.
Loyalty to ideas and freedom will set the Chinese people free.

The Germans learnt this lesson in World War Two.
Blind loyalty to race and culture gave rise to Hitler and his cronies.
Be very careful where your blind loyalty will lead China.

The Germans felt bullied (and rightly so) after World War One under the Versailles Treaty.
Hitler promised them dignity and pride.

patriot said...

Hi Anon 6:47 pm.

We sound so alike and yet......
I am against blind loyalty and that's why me posted 狗改不了吃屎, as dogs are blindly loyal. It's not something I can endorse.

Anyway, I personally am very convinced that the Chinese Culture is base on the Foundation of Virtues. Humanities are their Tenets.
Filial Piety, Patriotism, Fidelity, Chilvary, Propriety and Love are Virtues that Chinese passes down to succeeding generations in the Family. They are reminded not to shame oneself and the Family. There is nothing superstitious in the Ideology in Chinese Culture which I find most ideal.

True that there were and are abuses by Chinese Leaders throughout history like any other civilizations. However, that natural aberration of human society is not that bad as to have China, one of the Biggest Nation and therefore difficult to rule, to disintegrate.

I like to say that my personal understanding may not be the Ultimate Truth or even historically and politically correct. IMHO, Qinshiwang and Mao Zedong had done great in uniting China and the Chinese(PRCs) has been loyal to their Motherland since the People's Republic Of China is established.
May the People in China prove to the World that their Virtues in their Culture is valueless and infinite.


patriot said...


I never rule out traitor and betrayor in the Chinese Race.

They are as real as those that worked for the Japs during WWII in China and Elsewhere.

There are also some PRC and Hong Kong Born Chinese working against their Motherland.
As for the Breakaway Taiwanese, ironically, many of them are making fortunes in China now.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon banana,

I recommend you to read the history of China from mid 1800s, just around the Opium War through the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the revolution to find a Republic, failed, warlordism and then Communism in 1949. See how China was invaded, cut to pieces and robbed by the foreigners and the plight of the Chinese people and the Chinese Civilisation.

See how the foreigners got rich robbing and bullying the Chinese people, see how in the last 150 years how the foreigners despised and oppressed the Chinese people. Think of how your forefathers led a life of misery and oppression, shame and futility. And if you happened to live through those years, your parents or grandparents might have experienced being treated like trash and pariahs.

Today you can speak and talk like it is a natural thing, about how great the West are treating you as equals, superficially. You got to thank God that China is a powerful country and the Chinese Civilisation is no longer to be kicked around, including you.

Even in the 50s and 60s, 70s and 80s, the Southeast Asian natives had no qualms or reservation to kill you just because you are a Chinese by ethnicity. Ask what happened in Malaysia, in Indonesia, in the Philippines, how many Chinese were killed, raped and robbed on racial grounds.

Today they would think twice trying to do that. Only a few months ago, it almost happened again in KL.

Do not take your safety and dignity for granted and that the rise of China has nothing to do with you. If the Chinese Civilisation falls again, you will also be treated as pariahs once again, to be beaten and kicked around by the whole world, including your white gods that appears to be so nice and kind to you. You are yellow and will be yellow to them. The often repeated cases of foreigners beating the locals, mostly of Chinese origin, must remind you of your fate one day if you are unfortunate to be beaten up.

Virgo is trying to post a video of how Singaporean Chinese were bullied in KL by common folks because they were small built and meek and easy meat.

Go and read your Chinese history to know more of yourself and where you came from. Understand why the bananas feel so ashamed of being Chinese and learn to have pride in your own Civilisation, that you are part of a great ancient Civilisation.

Look at the Arabs in the Middle East. China and the Chinese Civilisation were like that then, broken up, and in constant turmoil and exploited by the West, killing each other like fools without knowing why, with the elite caring only for themselves and tolerating being abused by the West. Some of the movies coming of HongKong of those days are not far from the truth. Go and watch the Ip Man series and watch the relationship between the foreigners and the Chinese, how they ill treated and bullied the Chinese.

One good serial to watch is the Legend of Bruce Lee available in youtube. It is a 45 episode serial showing how the West regarded the Chinese and despised the Chinese and how Bruce Lee fought to be respected as a Chinese. Bruce Lee fought for your pride and for the West to respect you, not as a banana but as a Chinese. If you have a chance to eavedrop what the Westerners are saying about you bananas, I don't think you will like it and would not be proud to call yourself banana or want to call yourself banana again.

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean and patriot
I agree that what you say has some truth.
I'm merely cautioning that it is not the whole truth.

May 13 race riots in KL?
I was trapped in KL with my infant brother.
My brother was saved because the provision shop downstairs could supply us milk powder during the few hours when curfew was lifted.
I am a lot older than I pretend to be.

Communism is a western idea ... not Chinese
And yet you seem to accept it without calling Mao or Xi JinPing a banana for being Communist.
I speak of western ideas of democracy and freedom ... and you respond as though these are western ideas that no self-respecting Chinese should embrace.

Just wish you could see that your loyalty to things seemingly Chinese continue to enslave the Chinese people.
Just as dafties in Singapore clinging on to Hard Truths continue to enslave Sinkies.

patriot said...

Amendment to the Sentence
'There is nothing superstitious AND POLITICAL with the Chinese Ideology in Chinese Culture, which I find most ideal.


Anonymous said...

Just to be clear.
The injustice, bullying and killing of Chinese people you write about is real and documented.

Just as the injustice and bullying of German people after World War One under the Versailles Treaty is real and documented.
Hitler and the Nazis promised to return pride, dignity and justice to the German people.
- so more Germans died while Hitler and his cronies lived in the lap of luxury.

So how about China over the last 20 years?
- Chinese peasants sweated for peanut salaries in sweatshops in the name of Chinese pride and progress
- so who benefited from the glorious progress in China over last 20 years?
- the Chinese peasants or the Chinese elite?

So how about Singapore over the last 50 years?
- who benefited from the glorious progress in Singapore over last 50 years?
- the Singapore HDB flat dweller or the Singapore elites who live in landed property?

Tyrants become powerless when people no longer blindly respond to battle cries of race and culture.
Tyrants become powerless when people ask ... if I fight for you, what do I get and how much do you the elite get? Is the share of pain and reward fair?

Anonymous said...

In the name of Malay race, Malay culture and Malay pride;
Under the umbrella of the Bumiputra policy;
- Who benefits most under the Bumiputra policy?
- The ordinary Malay or the Malay elites?

In the May 13, 1969 race riots in Malaysia;
- in the fight for race, culture and religion
- who stands to benefit the most?
- the Malay elites or the ordinary Malays?
- who is going to do the dying in the street fights?
- who is going to take over the confiscated riches of the non-Malays?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I did not know where you get the idea that this discussion is about western ideas versus eastern ideas or about democracy versus communism. I am very clear that I am talking about a civilisation, its fall to the abyss and its recovery and why bananas should be more conscious of his own civilisation and not to despise his own civilisation or adore the western civilisation blindly.

All over the world you are seeing the clash of civilisation, not so much of ideology today. The events in the Middle East and the South China are clash of civilisation, not about ideology or ideas. They are about world domination, imperialism, hegemony and the oppression of other civilisation to be the ruler of other civilisations.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Chua
I respect your views though I do not agree.
At least we got to the root of our differences.

I prefer to use individual human beans as a unit of analysis.
Not difficult-to-be-precise "civilization" as a unit of analysis.
Who are the human beans in this Chinese civilization?
Do Tibetans regards themselves as part of the Chinese civilization?

With human beans, it's all about self interest and money.
Who is the manipulator and who is the sucker.
Who wins big money with little risk.
Who wins small for taking a big risk.

In a war between America and China;
Only the Chinese and American elites will win.
Ordinary Chinese and Americans will die ad lose in the millions.

Very difficult to see the Chinese elite sending nuclear missiles into USA.
All their children are living there.
Property and money also hiding in America.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Is the PAP prepared for this by election, knew that it is coming? //

To many sinkies, what bothers them now is whether the garment is "well-prepared" for the "BUY RECESSION" playing out in many parts of sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

Over the past few weeks, the sights appear "worrisome" in many retail and even several F & B spots?

With the exports engine "down", domestic sectors seem to be more significantly beginning to feel the impact?

Not so visible are the "support industries" in the "SMEs sectors"?

Anonymous said...

The current capacities ( in the retail and F & B as well as housing sectors ) seem to cater for more than 7 million people?

Yet even if another 2 millions are "brought in" ( assuming there are demand for them ), do they have the spending power?

With overcapacity domestically and dive in NODX in the international sector, investment spendings are unlikely to boost economic activities ( positively ) in the coming years?

Anonymous said...

Consumer spendings generally are likely to be impacted going forward given declining tourist dollars and weaker sentiments in the domestic employment market?

The only game in town looks like pump-priming but given net exports, consumers and investment spendings add up to about 85% of the GDP, the outlook domestically seem tripled bleak?

As mentioned earlier this year, the increase of the CPF monthly salary contribution from $5000 to $6000 for middle income earners could see about $2 billion in net savings and consumptions being sucked out from the private sector?

Anonymous said...

This ( kong cum? ) "contractionary" policy comes at a times ( 1 Jan 2016 ) when the economy is decelerating rapidly?

Is BOTAK missing the entire forest for the ( handful ) of trees?

Should he not be spending ( more of ) his time "coordinating" economic policies to "ring fence and fortify" the economy's "defences"?

Anonymous said...

On the consumers' spendings front, overall it is not hard to see there is an inward shift in terms of their budget constraints?

The ( inevitable, continuous and accelerated ) decline in consumption spendings are likely to display significant pressure in the coming months, quarters and years?

As income dips, demand for "inferior" essential goods and services would likely witness an increase?

Anonymous said...

In recent weeks, empirically it is somewhat evident that even lower mid-range eateries such as those priced at $10+ are witnessing significant slowdown?

Those in the $6 to $9.90 range probably felt a 10 to 20% dip as well?

When demand for "inferior" goods such as hawker centre food are up, often it is like the advent of autumn and winter with tree leaves turning yellow and falling?

The Chinese have a phrase:


Anonymous said...

Another similar phrase is:


Who knows best but the " Mr Inferior Good"?

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Si-Botak, can u also hinted when Tg Pagar GRC gonna to have a cheebye election soon so that we can also have more covered walkways and parks also.

If previously unser Daid then these projects not in pipelines??

Also whose monies you using for these ungrading??

Don't use our taxpayers monies just for your cause and use peoples backsides for your face.

Please sound ua early so we can prepare to vote for by elections and hopefully able to bargain our forty five old depilated flats at Spottiswoode for SERs early.

Anonymous said...

When demand for "inferior" goods such as $5 and below meals picks up, it is like the autumn falling leaves?

Unless Botak's eyes pasted stamps, surely as a First Class Honours Economics graduate, he should know increase DEMAND for "inferior goods" in the economy is a "BAD" sign?

Why should sinkies jump for JOY when BOTAK said he is "well prepared" for the by election?

Why should he even be "well-prepared" when the Sept 2015 general election less than 1 year ago is still fresh in many sinkies' minds?

Is it NOT sinkies are more concerned is BOTAK "WELL-PREPARED" COORDINATING the economy in the months, quarters and years ahead given that economic weaknesses are seen and felt even in the $6 to $9.90 F & B sector?

Virgo49 said...

Yesterday evening back from Genting in a coach with six Indian National trashes.

These bastards behaved as though they owned the bloody world with just a bit new floundering atas sikit economy.

They reclined their seats right up to your chests barely allowing you even to breathe.

I purposely lifted my foot up to his head level next to his face to let him have some perfume smell.

Yet he loves it. Without moving his head. Thinks they lived too long in the slums that even.loved the Malaysian public toilets. that they can even sleep in them.

Now the stupid enhanced security by the incompetent ICA at the checkpoints will have you waiting for these bloody trashes who came in on your coach will set you back at least two to three hours.

Had been sabo by these bastards twice recently. So I called the travel agent to tell them to instruct their driver to move after half hour if they are not out.

They insisted on forty five mins.
So next time pray that you are not stuck with these trashes.

My sister just emailed me regarding their Mandarin Gardens condo AGM of Singaporeans reclaiming the Managements Council control after been usurped by the Indian trashes.

This is what will happens to Sinkies if they are still sleeping from this foreign occupations. Also if the President elect happens to be their kind.

Little India will be lighted up the whole year.