Rogue President and freak election

We had a freak election in 2015. Yes , it was a freak election. Of course what is a freak election is a matter of opinion. Today some people are very busy worrying about this thing called rogue president. Again, what is a rogue president is also a matter of opinion. Why waste so much expensive manpower, time and resources on a peeved thing called a ‘rogue’ president? The Workers Party rightly refused to participate in this farce. Yes, to me it is a farce. Some may disagree and think or regard it as a very serious affair, a life and death thing involving an island state called Singapore. When one sees a bull, it is a bull.

Let’s get back to the first principle, what is this farce all about? It all started because someone said in case there is a freak election, in case the people voted in a new govt and the new govt is made up of crooks whose only interest is to run down the country and spend all the money in the reserves, and run the country to the ground. Are these valid and real reasons? Reasonable, sensible?

When these fears were first mooted, no one raise the any question. Or no one dared to raise any question. Fear was omnipresence then. Now that fear is dead, shall the people take some time to question what all these fears were about?

In the first place, what is a freak election, according to who is an election a freak election? Oh, is it because the people voted a new group of people, a new party to form the govt. Is that freakish? Or is that just a normal process of a democracy when the people so decided to choose another party to form the govt because they have given up hope on the incumbent govt as has been?

There are 2 million people out there, all very well educated. Are the voters stupid, mad or being drugged, or being bribed and so foolish to vote in unison, a new party to form the govt made up of rogues and cheats? And why should the political leaders in the newly elected govt be rogues, thugs, robbers, cheats, out to destroy the country and rob its reserves? Is this a reasonable assumption or a foolish assumption?

Is it right to say that only good, honest, clever and responsible politicians are found in the ruling party and the rest are all bad people? Children, I am speaking to you. Do you understand what I am saying? Have you grown up and know what is right and wrong, what is good for you and what is bad for you, what is reasonable and what is freakish?

Are these assumptions sound and real? Or are they just wild imaginations to frighten the voters, to create irrational fear? All democratic countries went through the electoral processes to elect new govts. This is what a democratic process is all about, a change of govt is the norm.

Is there a need for an Elected President to check on a popularly elected govt? How effective is such an Elected President to check on a ‘rogue’ govt? A one man machine against a parliament of political leaders?

And after creating an Elected President to check on a ‘rogue’ elected govt, now another new fear is raised. What happened if the Elected President to check on a ‘rogue’ govt becomes a ‘rogue’ President? So now we need to devise another funny scheme to double check to make sure the Elected President will not become a ‘rogue’ president?

Do we then need to triple check on whatever rules and regulations and criteria so that these would not become ‘rogue’ system of checks and checks?

What the fish? What is going on? A popularly elected govt to be checked by a single man called Elected President, and now to check on this Elected President that is supposed to check on the elected govt?

Does it make sense? Does it make any sense at all? So far, the only thing that makes sense is what the WP has suggested, there is no need for this Elected President. No need to waste public money and resources, in the hundreds of millions for something that needs to be checked and checked and checked.

What do you think?

The moral of the story…. I need a safe. But the safe is not safe enough. So I buy a bigger safe to put the safe inside. But I don’t trust the bigger safe. So I buy a biggerer safe to put the bigger safe with the smaller safe inside into this biggerer safe. If I don’t feel good about this biggerer safe, I may want to build a fortress around it.  And so the story goes.


jjgg said...

Aiya RB ...so early in the week n you already barking up the wrong tree. The rogues are the ones who will change the way of doing things for the past 50 years. What happens if an oppo party comes in n decides to return all the cpf monies to its rightful owners and the only assets in cpf are round tripping of funds to gic n temasick ?? Or a rigorous scrutiny of temasick 's n gic accounts will make 1mdb transactions look like petty cash....then how???? THEY not so worried about petty cash issues la. Be worried..be very worried

Anonymous said...

GE2015 was not a freak election!

Predicted 68% for PAP. This % would be the NEW normal!

From next GE, it would be >70% for PAP. Will not be surprised if
PAP can recaptured 100% seats in parliament, UNLESS there is an
internal split within PAP.

An internal split between those superstars from the military camp
and those non-military from the govt and private sectors is very
very possible, after LHL.

Everything is fine now! But, you never know! 风水轮流转! 风水轮流转!

An internal split? Possible? We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for an internal coup within PAP to remove LHL? He is too comfortable and thinks he is unremovable.

Anonymous said...

The Elected President office was created to protect our reserves.
So what is the track record or instances where the Elected President has been documented doing this job that he was elected to do?

Unknown said...

First thing first, what's the purpose of having an elected president in tis tiny red dot? What's the role, duty & responsibility of an elected president? Can we do without it? Or whether is there a need for an elected president? If not wrong, the EP is created by LKY times as he feared that one day a rogue govt will swindle & spent all the country reserves & whole country collapse. The EP will act as a 'QC' gate to question the govt about the govt annual expenditures & do some custodian role in the country money. If the EP is ineffective, do we abolish it or re-criterion the role to meet the changing times? Personally, I think the EP is a need as it will keep the govt in check & be mindful of its spending.

kacy sim said...
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Anonymous said...

This is highly unlikely base on GE 2015 results.

Anonymous said...

As long as voting slips r numbered n traceble

Freak result will not occure.

Anonymous said...

Compare the job and responsibilities of the President and the PM or any minister, why should the EP be paid the highest, more than the PM and the ministers?

$4m plus how many months of bonus, to do what? You tell me lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Govt via RB's analogy:

>> I need a safe. But the safe is not safe enough. So I buy a bigger safe to put the safe inside. [...and so on...] <<

Yeah, this kind of thinking is definitively Singaporean. The Singapore govt is made up of the same type of Singaporeans who voted them into office. There is no getting around this blatant fact. If you think the govt. are a bunch of assholes, well bada bing bada boom to you....guess who put them there, Einstein? 🐑🐑🐑

The best way to prevent "rogues" from spoiling the show is to ensure that POWER is not centrally concentrated but DISTRIBUTED throughout the political economy

Back to RB's analogy:

So essentially you only need one good, robust safe, but many distributed keys----the safe being the type where multiple specific keys are required to open it.

An example o this is the separation of powers in the architecture of The State. The legislature, judiciary and executive are separated....and recently we've also witnessed an "ordinary citizen" taking on the executive. (Sister tekan brother...Lee Kuan Yew's kids fighting in public. Comedy Gold! 金色的笑声)

If you have influential people to come out and fuck the power structure when necessary, this also adds to the non-cencentration of power.

We all know Lord Acton's famous saying about the corrupting influence absolute power has. J. Hallinan's book "Kidding Ourselves" has a great section on POWER and how it leads to self deception, bad judgement and erroneous thinking and evaluation. Study after study has shown this to be the case. No one is immune form this, as this is how our quirky brains work.

If you concentrate power, and worse still make it ABSOLUTE, you are going to get very lousy results.

But in Singapore, the "universe" is different. In Singapore, as the authority, you can willfully DISREGARD "how the natural world works" and just suka suka pass legislation to make "reality" ILLEGAL! 😂😂😂

This is why I think Singapore is AWESOME. In Singapore, we don't take shit...not even from the UNIVERSE! 😳

Anonymous said...

Stupid Leeders that ironically are leading the more stupid followers.

If sugar causes health problems, do away with sugar lah; there are lots of other sweeteners.

If a president can go rogue or astray, dont have one lah.
If any Sin President disappears from
Earth, nobody will notice lah.

So why bother to have one and make
a big storm in a teacup?

Stupid Leeders!

Anonymous said...

The next big wayang would be setting up a board of eminence to check on the presidential council advising the president in case they turn rogues too.

Anonymous said...

Freak election? My first thought was: got such thing? 2.7millions voters come out the results, one man can rule it is freak results out of the freak election? If u agree with me, u will rule that this man is mad and need imh s help or all the voters need to go imh for counseling.

Answer is: results in election is not freak. It is reality politicians must face up. Rem the guy cried and spoke about freak election 2 elections away? He came back to help in 1 grc and lost. He did not claim his loss was due to freak election. So citizens can be assured there is no such thing as freak election.

Owning to this conclusion, the idea of a bad president elected is again a naive assumption only the most power greedy man can think of it. Power greedy means until the last breath, this man s mind is about clinging on to power to collect salary from the coffer.
The rational men and voters should do is to abolish the fake position in singapore the president post. It is a laughing position when UK media called it a miniaturized president, when 1 of the president visited UK.
Is there a need to have a miniaturized president named by UK? Wise to abolish the position.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that the rogues & thieves are already in parliament now. And the best thing is that all their thievery is conducted in LEEgalised manner, all approved in parliament and all according to the laws of S'pore.

Red Baron said...

Red Bean,

To comment on this freaky idea of Freak Election and Rogue / Freak President, firstly, we should already know by now that the PAP, openly projected by Chok Tong during the last GE, is all-out to adopt the System of "Ownself Check Ownself".

That means, the post of the President will have to be someone who can be regarded and trusted as "Ownself".

And to extrapolate further, the Council of Presidential Advisors must also be some "Puppets" who can be pulled by the strings (in other words, personalities who have strings-attached to their backs, hands, legs or balls).

Glaringly, such a move (or moves) would arouse suspicion and questions:

1) Why is there such a need to keep everything so-tightly under its command and control?

2) Is there any cannot-meet-daylight skeleton hiding in the Big Cupboard, or Steel Cabinet?

3) Which way is Singapore heading politically, socially, culturally and as a whole?

4) Can our present leaders be trusted for doing more of the same old things, even more strictly and tightly than before, now that they have cameras installed everywhere to monitor our every single move?

5) Coupled with the intentied flooding of this tiny island of Singapore with more and more foreigners to overwhelm the existing local population and racial ratio, what really is the present PAP leadership's underlying motive? Whatever it may be, it is obvious that it cannot be for the welfare and existence of the local people, isn't it?

patriot said...

A rogue regime
will install rogue

Very simple.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Red Baron,

I understand what you are saying. The American's tactic is to point the finger at everyone as evil and they are the angels. And the attention is diverted and the unthanking's attention will be at someone else and not at the Americans despite starting all the wars all over the world and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Anonymous said...

Ano 1:20pm.
Your point (5) is strategic move to collaborate with big firms like banks, financial institutions, pharma companies, electronic manufacturers to supply them cheaper than citizens labor, and managers. The elites are lost in the jungle. The bosses dictate them what to do. They did it without knowing the consequences. Rem someone proudly declared that if he got in another 10 billionaires in singapore, GDP would grow by x%. Western reporters started to question this man s logic. They said how could someone s billions dollars deposited in singapore could grow singapore's gdp. U think this is so simple? eg asking the saudi king to join singapore as citizen, singaporeans will be rich?

The same policy applies on hiring foreigners graduates to do jobs here. The Mrt went into a BOI, with auntie saw highly recommended by the govt, otherwise, how could the auntie from malaysia worked as sales girl in dsf became ceo. The stock exchange went straight down on IPO while HK is the top IPO hub, and still gets the status. Only IPO and listing can grow stock exchange volumes. The govt wanted foreigners. So lets watch the export figures: -15.6% down in NODX. Its a good result, minus 15.6%. On electronic products, it means NO hope. S Koreans has free trade agreement with china. Every province in china is a S Korea to the koreans. Singapore is going down for "anti" china. Dont expect china will buy big from singapore.
Its a very bad future for children for voting this group of lost kings from army to take charge by using foreigners who are not really good. They dont use citizens, except using them to do work at 500pm when young, and come back to interrupt their careers for foreigners to take over. Only voters need to learn, the economy is -15.6% last month. More good months, ownself cheat ownself.

Anonymous said...

What's the best and cheapest way to safeguard Singapore's reserves?
Vote in a strong Opposition to monitor and investigate the ruling party of the day.

If SDP is the government;
then we vote in enough Opposition PAP MPs to monitor and investigate the SDP government.

If the Opposition is strong;
Don't really need an Executive President.
Also don't need NMPs and NCMPs.

Anonymous said...

They worried is a rogue opposition lol. No win lol. Circle of stupidity lol

Anonymous said...

Gurkas r on 24/7 wan.