Putin is the man

WASHINGTON, DC: A US Air Force reconnaissance plane was intercepted by a Russian SU-27 jet in an “unsafe and unprofessional manner” while flying a routine route in international airspace over the Baltic Sea, the Pentagon said Saturday. –Channel News Asia

This piece of news came only a week after two similar Russia aircraft swoop down on an American destroyer, Donald Cook, in the Baltic Sea. American aircraft flying all over the world on reconnaissance or ‘freedom of navigation’ shit are all unfriendly activities that must be stopped. Conducting war games to simulate attacking a country in the country’s backyard are acts of provocations. The Americans would not allow other countries to do the same but insisting on doing it to others, as the Empire of the day and they can do anything to provokc other countries and get away with it.

It is good that there is now a Putin to put his fist in the face of the rude and belligerent American gangsters. What the Americans can do, others can do likewise. The American gangsters must not be allowed to traverse and violate the airspace and seas of any country. They are not the policemen of the world. They are gangsters.

China should do the same to the American aircraft and naval ships in the South China Sea. But before doing so, China must arm the islands and aim its DF26 missiles at the American carriers in the region. China by now would have dedicated units tracking and aiming their anti ship missiles at every American carriers, each carrier targeted with 100 DF26s to be rained at the carrier at the first sign of war.

The carriers will be sitting duck in the face of a stream of 100 DF26s coming after them. The only option will be abandon ship.

China must coordinate with the Russians and North Koreans and other allies to stand up to the international gangsters in all corners of the globe. Not to worry, God is on the side of the peaceful nations. The recent earthquakes in Japan is God’s warning to the unrepentant butchers of WW2 that are now arming themselves to the teeth and wanting to engage in wars all over again. And Japan is now the new trouble maker, instigating Asean countries to go to war with their backing and scheming with the Americans to go to war with China and North Korea.

There is an American preacher saying God has revealed Himself to him and God’s message to the Americans is to repent. Repent before it is too late. God is angry with the Americans, the war mongers of the 21st Century. If there is a WW3, it would be started by the Americans with the help of the Japanese. And many silly Asean countries living in peace today are very happy to go to war and bring destruction to their country and people.

God is watching from a distance. Putin and his Russia will be blessed for standing up to the Dark Side. May the force be with him.


Anonymous said...

"Putin and his Russia will be blessed for standing up to the Dark Side."

Then why Sinkieland ruling party support the Dark Side?

And why 70% voted for such a party? Will Sinkieland and the 70% be blessed?

Virgo49 said...

Frankly speaking, Chinees everywhere, own country or squatters in others countries have a mentality clutch not to provoke others unless they are been threatened till no choice but to fight back.

That's why they are always been labelled as sick cats or paper tigers by these bravado other natives who has aggressive blood in them.

If China were to be World numero
ONE..more unrest will be worse than the Americans now Number One.

For China will not show any leadership to quell the unrest.

They would dragg their feet by diplomatic dialogue.

Some extremists need to be whacked than talking to them.

This, The Americans are good for.

Chinese beliefs : Big matter into small matter and small matter into NO matter.

Anonymous said...

It was a good show of flying skills. The russia jet was close to 50m from the wing tip of the us intelligence collection plane rc150, a 707 converted plane. The russian jet flew over with the wing roll and moved to the right without hurting the US plane.
US pilots must learn lah. In Baltic area, Poland said russian is the most dangerous country and IS is far from it. Ukrain also wants to cut ties with russia. So russia jet s actions will hold US budget on defense spending for Ukrain and Poland. These countries are happy to receive more aid, while US public will bear more debts, selling bonds to China, while china lending US money with lots of thank you to US papa.

Russians are great in technology. I hope singapore can manufacture a su 24, not to ask for more. But singapore only can talk, and say its leaders deserve higher than world leaders salaries. Daft voters of 70%. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Singapore going to buy aircraft carriers to fight China like the Pinoys and Malaysians. They must buy better weapons than what China has.

Anonymous said...

1 F35 lightning II is around S$126millions. Singapore can buy 1000pcs to fight with china. Sg has S$240billions reserves or S$240*1000millions. All give up CPF, medical, and stop building hdb.

BTW, US can only fly 30% of its existing fighter jets. Average jet pilots fly only 4 hours last month. Most of the time spent on fixing the broken jets.

How many sg jets can really fly? No one has info. I guess all are flying with a word go. Take off and go liao.

Anonymous said...

Saudi has warned Obama not to pass the bill that stating Saudi is responsible for 911. Otherwise, Saudi will sell off its holding of US bonds. China shd be panic, if Saudi does that. China probably own the largest share of US bonds. Stupid chinese. Kena bully at S china sea and lend US the largest part of their debts.
In war, China shd sell off US bonds first before the market collapses.

Anonymous said...

China president Xi lacks the killer instinct found inside Putin. Xi is unlikely to succeed in his seat similar to his predecessors.
Putin had the gut to take Crimean. If Xi sat at Putin s place, he might look at what Obama would want to do, but Putin just did it. Similar to Ukrain and Syria.

In recent days: taiwan has this played out to the world: 十個彎彎(指台灣人)九個騙,還有一個在訓練. Xi and his big guns said nothing. How can China people expect Xi to invade taiwan? After May 20, Xi will find it from taiwan: troubles keep rolling in. Xi will pacify: we are brothers, same race.

Anonymous said...

Politician should be call farmers.

luckyguy said...

Yep, Putin is the real man of the day and it's really shameful that Chinese leaders are cowards.

They are afraid of jeopardizing the relationship between China and US because China exports a lot of goods to US.

Like it or not, US will keep harassing, bullying, threatening, sabotaging China no matter what China did. So in the end, those Chinese leaders putting their country's interest at risk.

Western countries only respect powers, especially the military and economic ones

As a superpower, it's China responsibility to balance out the dominance of US in the global scene.

Having multiple superpowers balancing each other will give other countries better alternatives as compared as having US as the only superpower that dominates/monopolizes.

By then, any superpower that abuses their power will be ignored and looked down by the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Xi has too many on his plate to resolve and he is trying his best. Maybe sometimes it is bad luck that so many thing came together at the same time where even Mao or Deng cant handle.

One thing for sure, i dun think he is doing this for himself otherwise he could have chosen the easy way out.

Putin, is he doing for himself or for Russia? Going to war when its own country currency is severely devalued and then gots it old SU24 shot down? Why spend extra money and risk soldiers life at such times? Was Turkey punished ?