Pope Francis’ weapons of love to fight terror

I am not sure how real is this call by Pope Francis in dealing with terror after the Brussels bombing.  First thing, what are the weapons of love in the Pope’s arsenal? Would he be sending his followers to go around with an olive branch to the terrorists and hug them and kiss them, and showering them with love?

The first problem I think his followers will face is to find the terrorists. Who are the terrorists that he can show love to? Not everyone is a terrorist. Would his followers be hugging everyone they met, everyone from the refugee camps or the ghettos in Brussels and all over Europe? Or will they flock to the Middle East in a crusade of love?  Would the Pope lead by example, when the faith is strong as a mustard seed? How to execute this plan of love?

Humans have had some success in offering love to wild beasts. But there is one condition, that is, the beasts must be caged first. And after they have responded positively to love, they must still be caged or put on a leash.

What is the moral of the story? Trust the beasts or trust God? Should the beasts be set free after receiving all the love? The Americans did the right thing in Guantanamo, lock them up first. But the Americans did wrong by not giving them love. If the Americans had learnt from the Pope by using the weapons of love, the result could be different. The Pope spoke too late.

Donald Trump will remind the Pope of the vicious snake story,  that the snake bit the old woman who carried it home to nurse. When asked angrily, why, by the old woman, the snake replied that she should know better. A snake is a snake, and will bite.



Anonymous said...

The poke, of all person, does not know his book apparently

Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Anonymous said...

"How to execute this plan of love?"


That's why ex Finance Minister Tharman said even those who earn only $1000 pm can also buy a HDB flat.

How to execute this plan of buying, or rather how to sustain the monthly plan of payment after buying? Enough left to eat, not to mention other essential things of living?

Anonymous said...

Miracle of mighty pope . Feed hungry terror with Food n Love . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

He needs to ask his followers to take that love to geyland. It will be life transforming.

Anonymous said...

With his leadership, we will soon see PM Lee washing Chee SJ's feet.

Veritas said...

When you see Satan do you want to suck his cock, or you want to kill Satan and his lackies like what Archangel Michael will do?

Pope Francis wont go very far, until Rector of Al Azar Ahmed El-Tayeb reciprocate and kiss the leg of Christian, Ahmadi, Shia, Confucian, Hindu. Next moment. I bet next moment, Ahmed El-Tayeb will be declare traitor of Islam and got assassinated.

There are so much self denial and self-masturnation into thinking that Islam is a peaceful religion, and Muslims are the MOST peaceful people.

Anonymous said...

Koh P K said HDB is not a bank. No money to buy HDB flat, go buy condo and ask the banks to help in money.

Anonymous said...

Former Malaysian PM Abdullah Badawi married Jeanne Danker.

Jeanne was formerly married to the younger brother of Abdullah's first late wife.

Anonymous said...

Someone here may have just invited himself to the gallows

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland we are supposed to teach our children correct values as of now.

Correct values? Hahaha. What about those correct values they have seen?

Correct values like I will destroy those who cannot agree with me politically, financially and inhumanely? Correct values like I have to make more time to fix one more opposition MP if he gets into Parliament? Correct values like those who do not vote for the PAP will not get any money, not from the PAP mind you but public money, for upgrading of the estate?

I think our children have learnt all the correct values over the years. Values like vindictiveness, intolerance, arrogance and leemocracy.

b said...

God also wants us to be watchful and he seemingly forgets about that. He is part of the elite plan to destabilize, depopulate, destroy the world. He has to go.

Anonymous said...

We drink clear water

by rt shoot think clearly.

(Mayb shoot think then drink n not drink then think..i think.)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Your strong views are not appropriate here. I have deleted them.

Anonymous said...

Teach our children to grab power and money, be master. NS time, opt for light non combat duties, join politic to raise salaries higher, and dont pay tax if can. Learn from UK PM Cameron, he alleged the rich avoid paying taxes, while he had company outside with his father to avoid tax, told by the Panama Leak.
The correct value is not to pay or serve, be master, be on high moral ground while putting a scheme behind the public to screw them. That is the right value to live in sg.

Veritas said...

Hi RB we should get real about Sunni. Al Azar professor advocating rape against gentile. What the fuck is that. Al Azar is FUCKING numero uno mainstream and not fringe.

Sunni has already in many occasion show us her true color.

Veritas said...

You go youtube and see so MANY FUCKING SUNNI CLERIC preaching in favor of RAPE. What is wrong with this religion.

Basically You don see a single Confucian or Buddhist preach rape.

To Chinese rape is some thing to be ashame of, and one can never redemm ourselves of this fucking act. You can only get shit if you report you rape someone in the name of Confucian.

For Sunni it is perfectly possible you become a rock star of rape.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

I understand what you are saying and what is happening in the net and the preaching. Let's not get our thoughts lost by the way we are saying it. There is always a better way of saying difficult things.

Like I said before, there are people who have eyes but not see and ears but not hear. And there are people with brains but not using them. Such people would not listen to reasons no matter what you said or the hard evidence you placed in front of them, they would just look away or at the other side of the coin.

The level of thinking of the unthinking is quite frightening, believe me.

I would not want to delete your post if I can help it. But I also must look at the side of the fake virtuous and the daft people who would be hurt by the truth and by what you said.

I need to keep some balance and keep people level headed.

b said...

There is a difference between love and blind love. The pope forgets to tell the whole story.

All religions (like any building tool) are dangerous in the wrong hands. The europeans also used christianity when they rid the natives off their land. The muslims are just repeating history.

Veritas said...

Christianity then despite of her wrongs, are FAR better than the natives. Go google on Aztec, Incas on human sacrifice. Also Malay tribes in Indonesia for headhunting.

The Papuan and Australian natives are famous for child killing.

Indian like to burn wife as in Suttee.

And Chinese? We are definitely far more civilize but we cripple our women leg and we cut people into Eunuch.

Anonymous said...

All believers claim to transcend Race and Culture in their Religions, why do they identify themselves by their OWN RACE AND RELIGION THEN ?

Ms defines Human as his Race and he
is anti theist.
Religionless and truly transcends Race and Religion, a human pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

To RB and his hate supporters, anything a dark skin person does is hate. But when a fair skin person does anything, it is civilised. Only exception if if that fair person is a white and the "victim" is yellow. That's when that fair skin is also a rapist. Typical chauvinist site laced with hate, hate, hate.

Hermit said...

Trump is trash.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:34,

Don't you think you are the one that is full of hate and full of racism in your head?

Keep hating and soon you will be radicalised.

ISD must watch this one closely. See what radical sites he's been visiting. Watch which country he has been. Watch who he has kept as company.

Anonymous said...

If there is anyone who has committed any cyber criminal activity, it is the doc from down under. He has impersonated real people, stole their identities and made posts in their names. He has also stalked women and sexually harassed girls on the internet. A real psycho sicko.

Anonymous said...

If you believe in your accusation, go and make a police report. If you are afraid to do so, you are just rumour mongering.

Anonymous said...

Hey, doc! Whether I believe matters not. What matters is that people who have been observing you KNOW your misdeeds. It ain't no rumour. It is the truth. Otherwise, why have you not once taken a court order to stop all the accusations then, when your name was mentioned? You only deny it as anonymous. You never denied it as the doc in real life even when your real life name was made public. Think about it, doc.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the "doc from down under" has a penchant for inviting others to discuss lewd matters like young girls' privates. OMG, have you seen such a sick guy in real life?

Anonymous said...

"You never denied it as the doc in real life even when your real life name was made public."

Very true indeed. He kept denying it as anonymous and many other fake characters. But his real life character's the one being tarnished and he never once took action on that. Wonder why. So all the accusation of impersonation, character stealing, sexual harassment and what not are true?