PA is not partisan – Chan Chun Sing

The PA is a statutory board….The PA does not allow any political activity or any canvassing on our premises or in our activities. And we certainly do not mobilize anyone for any political party….If Ms Lim has any evidence of such wrongdoing. You can let me know and I guarantee you I will follow up. I will be the last person to ever allow the PA to be politicized.’  Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun Sing made this comment in Parliament in reply to Sylvia Lim’s question that the PA is being politicized. And it is expected that he would come under scrutiny and attacks in the social media for saying such a darn truth. Many are questioning him that what he said was blatant lie, actually no one dares to call it a lie, something like they did not believe him. I would only want to caution those who said they did not believe what he said to be a bit careful here. If you said you don’t believe what a person said, you are indirectly calling the person a liar. And one can be sued in court for defamation to a minister. There is already a legal precedent set in the past in Singapore courts.

What Chan Chun Sing said is correct. If you have any evidence, bring it up to him or challenge him in court. And as to his statement in Parliament that the PA is non partisan, it is a truth that is unchallengeable. He would not have said it if it is false. For any minister to say this with his eyes wide open, with a straight face, and in Parliament, to be officially recorded, shows the kind of conviction and his strong belief that he was telling the truth and he stood by what he said. He even guaranteed to check it out if anyone has evidence to prove otherwise.

For saying this in broad daylight, it shows that he is really PM material. I don’t think any other minister would have the guts to say such a darn truth and put himself to be attacked or to be ridiculed. Some in social media are still doubting Chan Chun Sing’s suitability to be the next PM. He has proven that he is a cut above the average ministers with this clear statement of truth. Anyone dares to challenge him in court that he is not telling the truth, that he is a liar?

We are witnessing first hand the rise of our next PM. Here is a man of conviction, a man that would not mince his words to tell the darn truth and to challenge anyone to prove him wrong. That is the quality to be expected of a PM in waiting.

Singaporeans should prepare to welcome him and cheer for him as the next PM of Singapore. I bet no one would dare to challenge him and prove him wrong. This is not like the TV programme of kids saying the darnest things. This is a PM potential telling a political truth. And he meant it. This is quality stuff. You see this happening only once in 50 years.

PS. For praising Chan Chun Sing so boldly I am expecting daft sinkies to start throwing stones at me.


Anonymous said...

No one would dare throw stones at you Redbean. Singaporeans are not stupid. Reading between the lines has been one of many great talents of Singaporeans. You have passed on the message, well done Redbean. Don't worry, you are safe and will not been screwed, sorry, I meant sued.

Veritas said...

I just update my blog after months of hiatus, on the most discriminated people in universe.

jjgg said...

Maybe ccs doesn't understand the meaning of partisan ? It's been portrayed time n again that words and figures are very easily blurred in the orgasmic throes of self engradisment...eg mee siam mai hum...my $8 heart bypass..RB should never assume that people,whatever their station in life, always know what they are talking about. N of course the phrase that stands the test of time..."never assume" cos it will make an ass of u n me.

Anonymous said...

Even Presidential material Tan Jee Say and team only got 22.3% of the votes against Chan Chun Sing and team in GE 2015! Terrible results for Jee Say, isn't it?

So I think whatever he said about PA, or whatever he said about anything, Chan Chun Sing can still win the next GE. And that's what really matters, not what he said or not said, and much less what Chee Soon Juan said.

Anonymous said...

It's all about whether you can win elections, not about what you do or said.

Anonymous said...

I read this minister said after election, that he would start a "progressive wage model" for pmets jobs. With much anticipation, he has yet to deliver.
RB quoted this minister had said pa was not pap. I saw the same title. But i doubt my mind was right to take it as a promise because it may not be delivered as what the title represents.
This minister has said lots of things pleasant to the ears.

Take my words by looking at the politicians of western education. Taiwan politicians claimed angrily that china abducted taiwanese citizens in kenya ( as angmor reporters used the word abduction).
And taiwanese took back 20 criminals from Malaysia arrested for the same kind of scamming. The taiwan police simply release all the 20 in toayang airport. That was a good show to taiwanese public. And singaporeans and malaysians are getting ready for another wave of taiwanese crooks through phone scams.

Dont trust policians who put up shows but not delivering thing benefiting to the public at large. In malaysia s case, the victims are in china mainland, but the criminals are already sleeping soundly in taiwan. All due to policians magic words.

Singapore s export is going down for at least 2 years. The politicians are not creating jobs for citizens to help small businesses to pay rental at $9-10 per square feet. Just watch them giving jobs to foreigners through s and e passes and converting them into pr will bring disaster to our families by 2020.
In Bukit Batok by election, if voters are awake, they must not listen to this kind of pleasant talks. What they do is entirely different, so do the delivery. They are creating a 3rd economy: a foreigners run economy: similar to the banks here. Who run them? Stock exchange was a flop. So use your head please, foreigners will not work for singapore. bukit batok citizens, cast your votes wisely.

Anonymous said...

The longer the delay in announcing the Bukit Batok by election date, the harder Chee Soon Juan would have work the ground, and the greater the effort and work will be wasted.

He is campaigning there almost everyday! But then he also has no full time job or maybe even part time one, so it's still OK. Or else he will just spend his time reading, writing or exercising, among other things.

Virgo49 said...

P.S. not partisan? ??

R C or Grassrots not under PA??

Why Mr. China See Tong got to meet the residents in void decks nect to Dustin side? ?

Why Opposition ward got to ask P.A organising committees can hold functions or not??

Why NEA never checks vendors licenses in.PAP RC trade.fairs??

Only Opposition? ? Because PAP grassroots incomes no need let P A audit and can spend on their Committee Members expenses.

Why PAP kindergartens each time Elections threatened to withdraw if opposition takes over.

Opposition wards not citizens meh??

Put CCS, go and fark spiders.

Anonymous said...

$1b budget, from heaven or from grandfather, or from the people?

Anonymous said...

Why Sylvia Lim did not ask the questions in Parliament that Virgo 10:16 am asked?

Virgo49 said...

Hi bro 10.49

As I said earlier when even the Opposition MP are in the luxurious House for many years, they are numbed by the luxurious House that they begin to keep MUM.

Where to find 16K a month job??

Even with two or three degrees whether forged otherwise cannot only worked one meet the people's session per week.

Parliament meeting only three to four Times a year.

Can Ponteng some more.

See not even have quorum to pass Bills.

Those who are hungry outside whence go in after Fed well cannot open mouths again.

Go with the flow. After parliament session, adjourned to lounge and HAPPY HOURS.

Anonymous said...

I m a fan of CCS!

CCS is without doubt a cut above the rest!

My bet is CCS will be the next PM!

Yes! CCS is the man. Look no further! No mistake!

If not CCS, who?



Anonymous said...

Of course Chun Sing is not telling a lie! Can't you guys read?

The first person was old fart.
The second was so and so.
The third person was another chap.
Naturally Chun Sing is indeed the last person.
And after Chun Sing will come another person.
Believe it.

Anonymous said...

PA is not partisan.
HDB flats are subsidized and affordable.

You used to be able to withdraw all your CPF money. at age 55 years old.

Anonymous said...

Is this true?
Parliamentary privilege protects the speaker from any lawsuit.
You can slander someone in parliament and you will be protected by parliamentary privilege.

The real test is to slander someone outside parliament.
Without the protection of parliamentary privilege.

Anonymous said...

Parliamentary privilege is a legal immunity enjoyed by members of certain legislatures, in which legislators are granted protection against civil or criminal liability for actions done or statements made in the course of their legislative duties.

It is common in countries whose constitutions are based on the Westminster system. A similar mechanism is known as parliamentary immunity.


patriot said...

Sinkies really use their heads.
That's why they are are very hard headed. They will say what they want
to say even if they know that others will not believe. And they will say it again and again rhetorically.

Sinkies have little or no use of their hearts when talking. That's why they arr heartless in their words. They care not what they say are true or not. Sometimes, the Words of Leeders are like COMMAND OR LAW, as they have the Authority to make it so.
When they are heartless, conscience escapes from them them; not only they do darndest deeds, they do wicked anf evil ones as well. They care not about the wellbeings of those they command.

Do not believe in what I say here, just listen to what the Leeders had said and will be saying each time they talk about anything.

Swiss Standard Of Living.
Golden Time/Era.
World Cup 2010.
Better Living ahead, the List
is long.
The Goods have yet to arrive.
Do not even see sign of them.


Anonymous said...

He is on his way up, to be the God of Sin. He may not make it but he has been empowered to speak like one. And we know God's word is infallible

patriot said...

Chan Chun Sing could have
further the Affiliation between
PAP and PA by getting them
to work closer with each other.