News coverage on Bukit Batok by election

So far, the coverage for both Chee Soon Juan and Murali has been quite balance. If one wants to nitpick, then one may complain that the photos of Murali are usually a bit bigger or Murali would be placed on top or in a more strategic position in the paper. Other than such fine details, this is the best that can be in terms of news coverage to date.

In the Today paper on 18 Apr, let me make a couple of observations. Chee Soon Juan is likely to lose out on the goodies that he could offer. All Chee could do was to promise that he would do this or that. Murali just rolled out the goodies cart packed with groceries for the people. This time he is even more innovative by giving equivalents of vouchers for the residents to choose what they want. This guy is so rich and generous. Chee cannot compete on this for sure.  Wait for Murali to push out his abalone porridge or XO roti prata cart and Chee would be left standing, high and dry.

Chee Soon Juan has an edge in having his wife accompanying him in every walkabout. He must have sensed that the people in Bukit Batok would want some kind of assurance that he is a happily married man and his wife is always around him to make sure all is fine. Under the present circumstances, this must be an advantage Chee is using to put the Bukit Batok voters at ease.

It would be nice if Chee could even the odds, find the money to throw some goodies, more groceries to the people. Where to find the money? So the richer man will still have an advantage in this, to show he cares, We Care, by giving. Chee must have a good chat with Murali to get some tips on where to find the money to give to the needy residents and say We Care also.


Anonymous said...

Bribing? Shame......

Anonymous said...

XO Roti Prata! XO Roti Prata!

I just had 2 pieces of XO roti prata with my regular breakfast kakis at our usual coffeeshop this morning.

I love XO roti prata but my heart doctor warned me, moderation moderation!

I really cannot resist the XO roti prata! The XO roti prata is heavenly delicious!




Anonymous said...

"Chee Soon Juan has an edge in having his wife accompanying him in every walkabout. "

Chee by election coming along fine huh?

Anonymous said...

To double confirm he is safe, his children will also be around him when he goes around as an MP if elected.

Anonymous said...

Yes! CSJ has an edge in having his wife accompanying him in every walkabout.

But, be sure she is the wife. Please do not get another friendly "stand-in"!

Don't play play. Many nights with the "stand-in" will soon becomes "stay-in".

So, CSJ must assured the BB voters that he is a happily married man and his wife is always around him to make sure all is fine.

We shall see. Good!

Anonymous said...

He needs to change his address to Sentosa Cove and make heavenly promises. Touching family stories of commoners are best reserve for commercials and TV.

Anonymous said...

Sin people are only impressed by numbers. The more zeros you have behind your name, the better.

Anonymous said...

Ah Loong said...in my father's house are iches, wisdom and salvation. 70% bowed and said Amen.
Ah Juan said...love one another as I have loved you and be good. 70% will smile at him

Anonymous said...

Ah Loong said...in my father's house are riches, wisdom and salvation. 70% bowed and said Amen.
Ah Juan said...love one another as I have loved you and be good. 70% will smile at him

Anonymous said...

By delaying the announcement of by election date, PAP is making Chee Soon Juan work hard and work long long in Bukit Batok. And after that all the hard work, sweat and blood (yes, Chee donated blood in Bukit Batok!) will all be wasted.

Anonymous said...

Now give grocery but what happens after erection?

Anonymous said...

Chee and his wife are not working full time or even part time job. So if there is no campaigning, they will also be quite free, unlike other people.

In fact Chee like to sit in quiet public spots and spent his time reading. There was a photo of him doing this (looks like in a park) in his facebook sometime ago.

Anonymous said...

You must give people hope. Lead them to toto booths on Sunday walk about may help a lot if you don't have real incense money to burn

Anonymous said...

What do you all seriously think of CSJ chances?

I think is a uphill task.

Only one person can help CSJ. Only HIM can help CSJ.

Maybe HE is touched by what CSJ and SDP are doing in BB.


Anonymous said...

After erection, they shall throw private parties and pop champagne bottles.

Anonymous said...

Buying Votes is Illegal in the Philippines
" Only the voters can do it.
They can allow the candidates or their campaigners to buy their votes but not vote for them.

Voters should be made aware that candidates who buy votes or spend lots of money to win elections will certainly rob them of their taxes to recover all their expenses once in office.

So voters should ensure their loss but not voting for them even if they buy their votes. Sooner or later candidates will no longer buy votes because of the realization that buying votes does not ensure victory at the polls. "


Anonymous said...

You see it as buy votes...people see it as..show me the money...and you are no different

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1022:

What nonsense is this "educated" Pinoy spewing like smelly vomit?

Vote buying works and will continue to work...even when people realise that they are being "bought", they will still take the goodies.

Human nature lah, kotek. Humans are not "logical". They will make a choice, then JUSTIFY their decision LATER---after the fact, and only if they are challenged on it.

Got reality check, motherfucker?

Anonymous said...

/// Any reward given to a person for voting in a particular way or for not voting can be called vote buying. Vote buying is a corrupt election practice. A vote buying bribe is that having a monetary value. The practice of vote buying is banned in United States. Vote buying is a threat to the conduct of fair elections. ///


Anonymous said...

Vote buying
The most famous episodes of vote buying came in 18th century England, when two or more rich aristocrats spent whatever money it took to win. The notorious "Spendthrift election" came in Northamptonshire in 1768, when three earls spent over ₤100,000 each to win a seat.

Voters may be given money or other rewards for voting in a particular way, or not voting. In some jurisdictions, the offer or giving of other rewards is referred to as "electoral treating".[25] Electoral treating remains legal in some jurisdictions, such as in the Seneca Nation of Indians.


Anonymous said...

People may distribute false or misleading information in order to affect the outcome of an election. For example, in the Chilean Presidential election of 1970 the Central Intelligence Agency used "black propaganda"—materials purporting to be from various political parties—to sow discord between members of a coalition between socialists and communists.


Anonymous said...

If I don't use my own money to buy votes but use public money to by votes, legal or not legal? Got wrong or no wrong?

I know use own money to buy votes cannot.

Anonymous said...

Wah say, this idea damn shiok. Take money from the people to buy their votes.

Genius of an idea.

Anonymous said...

No different from buying slaves or workers

Anonymous said...

vote buying
Definitions from Wiktionary

The distribution of a material benefit to an individual voter in exchange for support in a ballot


Anonymous said...

Go and buy your girl some flowers or chocolate but if you want to go further, groceries won't help ok

Anonymous said...

Theranos CEO "Devastated" In TV Interview, Just Hours Before News Of Criminal, SEC Probe
(Dangers of Own-self Check Own-self)

/// Investigators are also examining whether Theranos misled government officials, which can be a crime under federal law, some of the people said.

Furthermore, given the septagenerian elitist board, in an ironic twist, Theranos claims to have its own 'standards' for testing its own proficiency (like self-regulating banks or Valeant's or SunEdision's self-investigation?) - which it, surprise surprise, passed:

Theranos said it uses an alternative process for proficiency testing. The process “has been disclosed to and discussed with regulators,” said Ms. Buchanan, the Theranos spokeswoman. “Theranos’ proficiency testing process meets the regulatory requirements.” ///



Anonymous said...



clever clever clever

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u motherfucker, I checked already.

patriot said...

There are too much hope being placed at BB By-election.
Even if Dr Chee Soon Juan wins hands down?
So what?
At most, it shall be like what Matilah Singapura foresees; more drama/wayang.
That's about it.

To have more drama and wayang, Sinkies got to put more politicians from different Alternative Parties onto the Stage at Parliament House.

However, got to say the Many Alternative Parties, collectively oso known as Oppositions, make chicken out of the Voters who are afraid that they will be too divided for the Good of Sin.

Divided they are and split and splinter are quite a common trait of some of the Politicians as each wants to be the Indian Chief. It leaves the Impression that they are power crazy or NOT ABLE TO WORK WITH OTHERS, which carries much truth.

Anyway, a swallow does not a Summer maketh. But, me would say that seeing a swallow around shall make living more interesting.
And a few more shall make it better.

Btw, putting all the Eggs in one basket is quite a foolish thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Rb //It would be nice if Chee could even the odds, find the money to throw some goodies, more groceries to the people. Where to find the money? //

This situation reminds sinkies of one of the GREATEST US PRESIDENTS of all time other than founding president George Washington?

Abraham Lincoln was practically "penniless" compared to his super rich opponent in the Presidential race in 1860 ......?

While his then opponent was practically "throwing all kinds of goodies" at the voters, Abraham Lincoln could only afford to speak fervently from his carriages with words and nothing else?

Luckily the majority of the US electorate then did not paste stamps on their eyes?

Abraham Lincoln won a resounding victory against his opponent in 1860 and arguably considered among one of the 3 "immortals" in the US history alongside George Washington and Franklin D Roosevelt?

Anonymous said...

Abraham Lincoln fought for the liberation of blacks from SLAVERY?

Now, Aung Juan Soon Chee is pounding the ground under sauna-like searing heat and soaring temperature to liberate sinkies from slavery of another kind?

Sinkieland's version of Abraham Lincoln in the making?

Surely sinkies are not so FOOLISH to "sell their descendants" future for 2 pieces of cheap "prata" and some pathetic groceries?

Is Sinkies future getting worthless and now down to equivalent of 2 prata and a grocery plastic bag of luncheon meat, sardine, dog biscuits, salted eggs and bread crumps?

No wonder so many sinkies easily conned by overseas scammers?

Anonymous said...

It's sad but as a resident of BB i am sure Murali will win. My support is for Chee but BB has been a white domain all this while and the old folks and new residents will never allow opposition in there.

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