Military Japan – A leopard does not change its spots

A letter by a Shigeru Ichige in the Today paper on 6 Apr, ‘Japan must play military role to maintain world stability’ is the clearest sign of what the Japanese have in mind. After running mad around Asia and killing millions and looting the Asian countries, turning them into colonies and waste land, Japan is claiming that it is the right country to maintain world stability by military means.

The Japanese psyche to want to go to war cannot be erased despite the suffering from two atomic bombs and the humiliating defeat in the Second World War. Japan and the Japanese people are itching to want to don on their military uniforms to go to war around the world.  They have amended their pacifist constitution that forbade them from conducting war outside Japan unless they were attacked. Abe and his militarist hawks have been rearming Japan and sending Japanese warships as a show of force in Asian seas. It is encouraging and promising to back up Asean countries to do battle with China.

The events that are happening in Japan, the revision of its pacifist constitution and the rearming of the Japanese military, the changing of the Self Defense Force into an Offensive military force is a repeat of what had happened before the Second World War, similar to the rise of Hitler’s Germany. The world is turning a blind eye to the military ambition of Japan.

A leopard does not change its spot. Japan is on a military path again, to want to engage in wars, to conduct wars.  Watch out, Asia! In the name of maintaining peace, like the Americans, Japan is preparing for war by building up its military forces and weaponry.  It is telling the Asean states that Japan is a reliable peace keeper despite its imperialist and colonial ambition in Asia. Can any country trust a murderer, a rapist, a looter of their country’s wealth?  Singapore still has many exhibits and memorials of the vicious and barbaric crimes of Imperial Japan to remind the young and the tourists of what Japan did during the Second World War. The world would soon see the true nature and intent of Abe’s Japan. Warfare and war mongering is in the Japanese blood.


agongkia said...

In order to minimize the risk of such possibility and your fear is to boycott such goods from the country.
If you are driving Shubaru or using Kennon camera etc,you are supporting their economy.
So doesn't make sense to have such fear.
Your fail to take the advice of your ah Kong to boycott such goods.What's there to kpkb.

patriot said...

It is just my personal opinion that
oni the Over Fifties Japanese are
embroil in militarism. These are the Remnants of their forefathers who
were feudal and imperialistic.

Younger Japanese are wiser, they
like and want peace and fun living.
The Young Japanese are creative
and fun loving unlike their brutal and
wild ancestors.

There are signs that the Hawkish Faction in Japan is not getting
much support from the Younger
Japanese who are quite apathetic
to politics.
There are very few young Japanese active in politics in Japan.
Young Japanese, especially those born
after WW II are quite aware of the Atrocities of their forefathers and have
no liking to repeat the mistake made by their forebears.

Hope that the Young Japanese are indeed like as I see them.
I could be wrong.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The cunt-faces who govern ASEAN must be shitting, and also confused. "Confused shitting"...hold that picture, it's priceless!

Who is going to "conquer" them? Whose balls do they carry and whose asshole do they lick to ensure they are not conquered?

China? or Japan? QUICK! Choose a side! πŸ˜‚ πŸ’£πŸ”ͺπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ”«...and start licking and sucking!! πŸ’¦πŸŒ

Got bukkake?

Anonymous said...

The thing is that they don't even know whose dick is inside their ass.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Are you sure got only one dick? ASEAN buggers will bend over at the slightest mention of the 4 magic words:

"Foreign investment" and "economic growth".

Why? winning elections, that's why! Power lah, silly billy...

Anonymous said...

With the way PAP has been raping and murdering Sinkies both literally & financially over the past 50 years, S'pore should have remained as Syonan-to. At least old folks will have free medical, small lifetime pension, and can retire in cheap towns in Japan where cost of living, cars etc are just a fraction of S'pore prices.

b said...

Japan is a puppet of UA. UA elites biggest enemy is eurasia - europe, russia, china, india. UA will send Japan out to create unrest. UA is in the wrong hands. UA needs a president who is business friendly, lifts all stupid sanctions, promotes trade and prosperity to the whole world and make UA great again. Naturally, anyone can fall into the wrong path given that amount of power.

b said...

UA already colonised europe thru EC. The next they will deal with is russia, then india and last china. UA will try to own the world unless something stop them.

Anonymous said...

Eurasia should form an alliance to divide USA among themselves.

Anonymous said...

This is what i observe when i work with Japs.

Japs like Sg has a ageing population so some coys (or at least i work in) kept the "seniors" in the coy.

These "seniors" are very hardworking and always thinking like they are indebted to the coy for giving them a job or kept them (i also not sure the real reason). You can feel the "loyalty". As for the younger ones, i feel that they are not as rigid as their seniors and as a degree think similar like us. I am not sure whether it is the newer education that change them but am sure the younger gen are not similar like their seniors.

Whatever they are, the feeling i get is the normal peasants are just normal people and most are just struggling to survive each and every day...no different than the rest of the world.