Lesson from a wise professor

Professor Low Teck Seng was offered the post of Chairman of Singpost.  As a human bean, he must be flattered for the confidence trusted onto him. He accepted the good offer. Then he had second thought. He is already the CEO of National Research Foundation (NRF), a big job reporting directly to Hsien Loong. Would he be able to take on two important jobs at the same time? Wisdom and good common sense took the better of him and he turned down the Singpost offer and apologizing for his acceptance as an error of judgment.

Any ordinary human bean would greatly accept the offer that comes with a substantial income yearly. Who in his right mind would reject such gracias? As a thinking professor and a responsible man, he knew his limitation and the constraint of time that he could not do justice to Singpost if he could not contribute fully for the trust and money being offered to him.

It is a sensible thing to do. When the plate is full, it is only reasonable and commonsensical to turn it down or risks suffering from indigestion, food poisoning or gluttony.

How many human beans would do what the professor did? How many immortals would do the same? How much time and effort does a person have to take on more than two or three or ten jobs?

This is a good lesson to learn from a professor. Do not be greedy and over commit one’s little ability and grab the money, the honour and the trust that came with the position. What about delivery and responsibility? Be sensible.

Thank you for the lesson and for showing the light to the unenlightened.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with collecting more money?

Who say this you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"rich people only like being around rich people, nobody likes being around poor people, especially poor people."


Is this true?
Is that why Singaporeans look down on other Singaporeans?
Is that why Ministers have to be paid million dollar salaries?

agongkia said...

Professor like Wu Teh Yao ,Low Teck Seng or the like of them are held in high regard by me.
Please honour more of such genuine professor and not those westernized AhPui or Ahsan.

Anonymous said...

No! No! No! Don't say like that leh!

In this tiny city state, many many have many many hats!

"the-more-the-merrier"! Yes! Unlimited different hats!

Their plates never full. They have very BIG plates.

Don't play play. Don't underestimate them!

Otherwise, we are called Singapore for what lah.


Virgo 49 said...

Many ex-CEOs of appointed PAPies kia kee liangs leave their appointments leaving the Companies or Corporations in bad shape.

Due to the lax no blame game culture as advocated by our Ministers, you be rest assured no blame even if do a very bad job.

So the next Successor got to clean up the shits.

Maybe this Professor do not feel like cleaning the shits.

See the previous ex MRT CEO Saw. Not living freely as a bird.

So many Successors eat the shits.

Poor Minster got to quit prematurely.

Anonymous said...

More hats mean more money, means more dignity. And no need to work some more. Just collect more money.

Anonymous said...

Professor Low Teck Seng - Elected President Candidate.
He's the kind of President Singaporean deserves!

Anonymous said...

Singapore's work culture is the best in the whole world. Collect millions and no responsibility.

Anonymous said...

So can this be another drama, another wayang for daft Singaporeans consumption. Next you will be told , can't find a suitable Singaporean, so must import foreign trash from Brahmin land or South Asia or from the corrupted West or Ang Moh land. Whatever it is , Singapore is done for - Boh Kiu liau.

Anonymous said...

May be they oredy got someone in mind and asked him to make way?
Look at how the wayang develops.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah, the guy is an engineer, and a forward-looking, forward-thinking one too.

Most people are incapable of thinking like an engineer---and I don't mean people who have engineering qualifications (who are often just idiots with impressive paper).

"Good" engineering thinking requires FAILURE. Lots of it. 😂

Anonymous said...

anonymous said....
Do anyone one out there still remember there was an ex-mp who hold 61 posts.

Anonymous said...

Really 61 posts?

"huat ah" "huat ah" "huat ah"!

Really "eat-cannot-finish"!

Missed! Who?


Anonymous said...

This prof is smart --- he knows there's more shit in SingPost than he cares to handle. Share price has dropped by 20% over past year & shows no sign of recovery or enterprise turnaround. The prof knows he can get easier money elsewhere in other companies rather than taking on this hot seat.

Bloomberg has also highlighted this SingPost case, and commented that S'pore directors are generally overpaid and under-perform compared to other developed countries. Each directorship at a major S'pore company pays about US$240K. S'pore directors are also notorious for taking up many directorships at many companies just to collect these hefty fees.


But nothing can fight against PAP MPs. Besides holding on to their day jobs and part-time MP job, they are also directors of 10-20 companies as well. Very talented. Of course what's wrong with collecting more money?!?!?

Anonymous said...

They are all very hardworking, day time work, night time also work.