Lee Wei Ling – Welcome to social media

Lee Wei Ling: I will no longer write for SPH’ This has appeared on 1 April after Wei Ling posted in her Facebook that she would no longer write for SPH. Yahoo News quoted her saying, “I will no longer write for SPH as the editors there do not allow me freedom of speech. In fact, that was the reason why I posted the article on LKY would not want to be hero-worshipped.”

Initially many thought it was another April Fool’s joke. Since April 1 has passed and no clarification has come forward, this must be true. This must be the biggest slap the SPH ever got from someone renowned and from the establishment, and from the family. What does it say about the SPH?

I think Wei Ling has quite a big following when she was writing for the SPH when they gave her the attention due. It would be a pity that her followers and Singaporeans would not be hearing her version of the truth any more. I think many people would like her to keep on writing about the things that no one would write about and from a privilege insider’s view, someone who is in the loop.

Perhaps she could consider penning her thoughts in social media. Someone has suggested that she should write to TRE to express her opinions now that the main media is taboo to her. She is definitely welcome to post in mysingaporenews. I would be glad if she could be a resident contributor in my blog.

My blog is not about anti establishment as some low thinking insects would want to make it to be. It is about controversial policies, thoughts, ideas and views, not about individuals, good or evil. In a way it is about the force and the dark side.

Wei Ling will be most welcome to say her piece here, with no editorial restrictions or curbs. I personally guarantee that, freedom to write as she wishes. She must speak up when necessary, for her conscience and the good of the people. The social media is at her disposal. But of course she has her Facebook to tell all.


Anonymous said...

I m Ms Lee fan. I love to read her articles on weekends.

What a waste! What a waste!

I would be very very happy if Ms Lee can be a regular contributor of your blog.

How about officially inviting Ms Lee?

You never know.


Anonymous said...

Rb // It is about controversial policies, thoughts, ideas and views, not about individuals, good or evil.//

Rb, righteousness does not alway pay and has happy ending ......?

Some years back, in the course of some financial work related matters, got acquainted with an oldie and after that he invited for lunch and subsequently went for many dinners and drinks with him over the next few years ......

He was quite a drinker and usually, 99% of the beer or alcohol ordered are finished by him .......

So one day after a few drinks, inevitably the question why he took to ( excessive ) drinking pop up ....... between drinks ......

That question seemed to stun him and for a very long period he was silent ........

Anonymous said...

Oh no .....?

Ai thought Ai must have touched some raw nerves ......?

Suddenly he opened up and ....... ##%×¥=£_$€×¥¥× ...... said many stuff ......... Ai was a bit too young then to understand his "deep meanings" in many things he implied .......

But ( the reason ) why he drowned himself in drinks over the years was clear .......

patriot said...

Must say me had a good sleep last nite due to much Qingming activities in the Day.

Woke up early fresh and hapi. Come to My Singapore News for my usual Breakfast Appetizer. Heary beats went a little irregular whence Bro Virgo immuned Sinkies from the Plagues or Aftermaths of Fukushima.

Now, Redbean causes my heart to ache by inviting Lee Wei Ling to write for My Singapore News.
She was unhappy with SPH; to be precise, she is not happy with the Editor. She made her unhappiness public in Facebook and declared that she shall make it open for every Fb Members such that the Many who long to befriend need not have to make requests to her.

I said that Wei Ling, Daughter of Late Father Of Sin Lee Kuan Yew is resorting to '以退为进’, meaning using the Strategy of humility to advance an agenda to glorify her father.

I am never in doubt that some Sinkies will be swayed and buy into her ploy.

It was comforting news when Wri Ling went public to announce her unhappiness with SPH and shall not be writing for them anymore. At least this old man here feels that there shall be less hero worships of the so called Horrible Man. At least one less of his Most Ardent Fan who is his daughter.

I am always impress with filial people, just sung my praises for
Matilah Singapura and Agongkia in an earlier thread. Similarly, Wei Ling is just as praiseworthy, however, I do wish that they keep their piety to themselves like those pious folks and their imagined wholesome figures.

Anyway to cut it short, me has been at My Singapore News for a decade or so, an active one, if i may say so getting along fine with All. There are little or no propaganda here and I sincerely hope My Singapore News will not be hero worshipping any or turns into a cult forming site.


Virgo 49 said...

My son left SPH years back. Told me directives from top on what's to write and what's not to wtite.

Even hints of telling them not to attend Opposition candidates rallies.

SPH's chairman always ex PAP ministers. What you expect??

My professor neighbour read not only the Shit Times but all SPH's publications of all Chinese papers as well.

Thereafter she will broadcasted all the news to all the neighbourhood aunties at the elderly fitness courts.

No wonder my constituency always LYK 80 percent.

I used to ask her you still alive till today with the PAP daily doses of poison??

Now she glared and avoid me.

Lost one outstanding professor of PAP propaganda.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


This blog is too small for Wei Ling. But of course she is most welcome to be here. A blog should have different views to be interesting. Here we have Matilah, Agongkia, Patriot, Southglory, Virgo and many others and we also have Mikospace or Michael Heng whose PBM cannot be missed.

Very important is to challenge views, opposing views, but not touching the person. That is unbecoming and we should not stoop to that level. As I have said before, everyone has his views and not necessary the same as yours. What is important is the logic and rationale behind that views, sensible or rubbish.

Mysingaporenews welcome all views, from both sides. My views on international relations are just my views and everyone is welcome to challenge them. This also applies to my views on domestic issues and politics.

Do not have to agree with me or with everyone or anyone. But don't get personal just because one does not agree with another person. We are all different and biased in our own ways, and have our own perception of things of what is good or bad.

Veritas said...

Freedom of speech is good thing. When someone screw you and you are not even able to KPKB about all your grievances, then must as well die.

However the majority of Singaporeans are very stupid. They allowed themselves to be screwed just because asshole mofos enshrine "sensitive to minorities", "reverance to leaders", "tolerant"...etc.

Also too many Singaporean Chinese moron are race traitors thinking Chinese are racist. That is why Chinese deserve to die.

Let me live one day in bumi land or dalit land and they realize what fucking racism is after being called cina babi or Chink on daily basis.

We need truth.

Virgo 49 said...

Veritas, in sinkies land, can called Chinese racists, cina babi or something to that effect.

Ok lah, no worry. Big brother must be magnanimous and just laughnit off lah.

But Hell breaks loose if you, especially if you are a Cina were to offend one in the minority.

Full strength Ministers will be out in full force to nail you.

See one moron hammered the students.

See yesterday's Sunday Times. How many Ministers opened their mouths.

Anonymous said...

SPH is nothing more than a propaganda rag, fit for the dog to poo, so what does Lee Wei Ling expect, now that her father is ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

She already stepped on some toes when she openly cautioned against worshipping leaders like dieties, meaning daft sinkie should not go overboard in remembering her father. That was a low blow, coming from her and does the job better than anyone else on MSM. So they tried to shackle her. Welcome to social media. You made a smart move.

Virgo49 said...

Now that guy Koh to be remanded at IMH.

These Minister/s thinks we are are murderers or full time gangsters? ?

So many incidents happened and the majority are MYOB only interested in making more monies as in their traits but these jokers always think we are up to no good.

Even the radicalized Indians arrested here, no one makes any sound or action but one Minister openly said we will make sure we will protect them.

And warning out of nothing.

They just creating boyey men fears for nothing.

Wah Phang, lucky staying in Matland, not.so.much.stress

Anonymous said...

Ya, all the 100 programmes folded up immediately after what she said.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ah! I love it: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY, and human empowerment to excel and be rewarded.

The internet is a meritocracy----better than the real-world "Singapore" type.

The principle is simple enough for a 10 yr old to understand:

If people like what you say/ sell, you are going to SUCCEED in your enterprise.

Congratulations Ms Lee for Sticking it to The Man!

The Straits Times, Singapore's other brand of toilet paper:

Print edition: $30

Online edition: $35

One of their best people going out on their own, and flipping the bird to mainstream media: PRICELESS!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49:

This is a clear example of why I'm skeptical of claims of "govt conspiracy" / "coverup". Not that I believe they don't happen...it's just that claims made about conspiracies have to be investigated, and any "evidence" uncovered must pass the "truth test", as we all know false evidence can be planted with the sole purpose of deception.

Sooner or later someone from the "inside" will be driven by good conscience not to keep quiet if there is shenanigans going on.

Veritas said...

Among all tribe, Sunni have a funny kind of Freedom of speech that are diametrically different from everyone. Sunni can go around yelling for minorities to be kick out, and harm. Every single minorities in Sunni land got threats and insults from mad mullah.

As a minorities, Sunni always KPKB how the majority oppress them and how they need to kill majority.

Anyone who dare tell Sunni to be good people will be accused of racism and oppression.

Sunni has the biggest freedom of speech in the whole world -- really?.

Sunni have their funny self censorship. Sunni cannot attack their Mullah, their sheikh or their Sharia. Sunni cannot insult Allah or Mohamad.

So anyone that advocate harming people ok. Anyone that say bad thing about Sunni leadership and their God not ok.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To the believers of all religions. Remember that God gives you a pair of eyes to see, a pair of ears to hear, and a brain to think. Do not surrender your ability to see, to hear and to think to anyone. When you see something is wrong, it is wrong. If you hear something is not right, it is not right. If you know something is wrong and not right, if your mind says it is wrong, believe in yourself, unless you believe you are an idiot that does not know what is right and wrong.

Do not let anyone tell you that God can kill and do all kinds of evil things, or anyone doing evil in his name and say it is right, because it is done in his name or he said so.

Please, do not waste the piece of brain given to you for you to think. Be confident in yourself, and be brave to call an idiot an idiot even if he is wearing a robe. See the world, see the truth and judge for yourself. You are not an idiot and do not allow anyone to turn you into an idiot.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> Do not surrender your ability to see, to hear and to think to anyone. <<

If you believe in some sky-wizard, or are even remotely "religious" or "spiritual", you have already surrendered all the above, and more.

>> do not waste the piece of brain given to you for you to think. <<

If you subscribe to religious dogma, you've already wasted your brain, and your life.