James Cook invaded Australia, NOT discovcred

A BBC news reported on 31 Mar 16 that an Australian Premier wanted to change the true history of Australia, that Britain invaded Australia, not discovered Australia. And I quote,

‘A top politician has backed university guidelines saying students should refer to Britain's "invasion" of Australia.
The University of New South Wales (UNSW) rejected claims on Wednesday it was "whitewashing" its curriculum.
Its Indigenous Terminology guide urges students to use the term "invaded" rather than "settled" or "discovered", and to avoid the word "Aborigines".
Queensland state Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she supported universities teaching "the truth"….

"A lot of Indigenous people lost their lives, there were massacres and the truth always must be told."
When the premier was asked if this meant Australia had been invaded, she answered "yes"…. There were already more than 250 separate language groups of Aboriginal people living on the land.
Then began a process of colonisation and land confiscation which denied Aboriginal rights to land, citizenship and equal status - rights which in many cases were only finally bestowed in recent decades.’

This piece of news would not be of interest to the West or even people in Asia. Our New York Times would not be bothered with such news but would reported profusedly on the island dispute in the South China Sea because it serves a different agenda and the interests of those favoured. The indigenous people of Australia have lost their land. It is history. No point talking about them. The main purpose now is to prevent China from claiming the islands. It is easier to control the South China Sea if the islands are claimed by the Asean countries than by China. It is better to keep the dispute alive and let it fester and agitate the claimants to go after one another, then sell them more weapons in a divide and rule strategy. Keep reporting the dispute and tension and keep stirring hatred and conflict among these countries. Let it become second nature and the Empire will sail in to take control.

The Asean countries have retaken their land, regained their independence. The important thing to them is to go out and claim islands in the South China Sea like Britain claiming Australia and the Europeans claiming the world outside Europe in the seventeen century..

The status of the islands in the South China Sea is in a way similar to Australia, New Zealand, the continent of North America and many other pieces of land all over the world. The only exception is that the islands have no indigenous people, uninhabited. Yes, anyone can claim them. But the rule of this game is still the rule of yesteryears. It is finder’s keepers, and if there is a dispute, the claimant must be able to make the dispute go away, to make it a reality. It is a different ball game for any country going out to claim land or islands. Face the fact, you need the barrel of the gun.

The Asean countries are strong, military powers in their own right and thus are able to make competing claims against China. Go ahead and make your claims a reality, if you can.

Let me return to this BBC news. Who is this Premier? Read her name. Yes, she is an indigenous people. She is a minority that survived the massacre and lives to tell the truth and wants to claim the rights of her indigenous people. She wanted the truth to be told. Who asked her if it was discovery or invasion? Obviously the descendant of the invaders, and his truth was that they discovered Australia. That was why he had to ask if Australia was invaded. What, indigenous people the owners of Australia?

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, a Papal Bull, gave them the authority in the name of God the Almighty that non believers were sub humans and had no rights to land ownership. And the superior Europeans had all the right to take their land and their lives in the name of God. The Europeans, in Australia’s case it was James Cook and his British sailors, discovered Australia. The indigenous people were like the live stocks in the land, no rights to anything. That was their truth. This is not worth reporting, not worth to know.

So, would Australia rewrite their history books after more than 200 years of British and western truths? There have been some changes in mindset and some left over surviving tribes were given some land, while the rest of the continent is still owned by the European settlers that ‘discovered’ Australia.

Can you live with the truth? Whose truth? White men don’t tell lies. They just tell their own truth. You can’t handle the truth.

PS. BBC reported this, ‘Meanwhile, the University of Queensland says it does not teach that Captain Cook "invaded" nor "settled" Australia’. So, what did they teach?

PS. People who did not know their history would be happily deceived.


Anonymous said...

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, a PAPal Bull, gave them the authority in the name of God the Almighty that non believers were sub humans and had no rights to land ownership.
So do Singaporeans have any rights to HDB flat ownership or not?
Do Singaporeans have any rights to CPF ownership and withdrawal or not?
Are Singaporeans sub-human or not?

patriot said...


Any tribes that fight amongst themselves(infightings) deserve to
be subjugatrd, colonized and enslaved.

What's the point of territorial
ownerships when the native
inhabitants are killing each

The British was great organizer
and ruler during its heyday.

Look at African and Middle Eastern Kingdoms run by the Indigenous
dictators and tyrants.

Even in Asia and S E Asia, many
who had been ruled by the Brits
are reminiscent of the Good Old

Me am one of them.


patriot said...

me surmises that OCCUPY is a more appropriate to use for aliens
residing and owning others territories.

Sin is occupied by many aliens that do not invade or take the land by force. In fact, theyhave to
pay to reside in Sin.

When State Assets are sold to aliens, similarly it should NOT be said that they(assets) are robbed, stolen or plundered.



Anonymous said...

Redbean is showing his " anti-west " colours again. There are many thing the west has given to the countries they have colonised. Take Singapore as an example, what was so bad under the British rule? Sure they were some not so savoury things under the bRitish, but you must also admit that the British left behind many good things. For a start, the British left behind a country with a perfect system to enable someone to modify it and so can claim to be the founder father.

I for one do not regret the British rule. Maybe it was better than it is today? Had the British not left, this country could well be better off than what we have now?

Virgo49 said...

The Chinese with their myriad of different dialects and different religions and their ego of mine superior than yours are like loose sand. Also many yellow bananas in our midst who looked down on the Chinese Helicopter, oops educated Nanyang Chinese.

They fight, kill and sabo one another. That's why other natives and whites able to sabo and divide them.

See one stupid Chinese IMH so called sinikie of 48 years old. (do not know whether this is an alien who become localised) goes to hammer the Madras-ah students.

Within 48 hours, kena arrested.

So many bananas with their imaginary superior mentality like Believe in Me and You shall be saved provoked and criticized Others who are not in the same league.

No case made and no arrests made and no charges made.

And yet these Dafts still loved the Partial Regime.

Better to stay in Matland and be so called second class citizens rather than in sinkie land where you are much worse than second class citizens.

At least down there, they leave those Idols praying worshipers in PEACE.


Anonymous said...

The guy should be handed over to Matilar so that he can perfect his doggie style skill then can practise on angongkia. At least he serve some purpose in life rather than go bully some young girls.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, I have to delete your post for diplomatic reasons.

The present Sultan of Johore is the most progessive minded ruler Malaysia ever had. He is a very different man and you will see more positive things coming out from the Johore Palace. I must say not everything will be favourable to Singapore, but this man is a modern and educated leader.

Veritas said...

Without white man Australia will be a shit hole of child killing, cannibalism.

Veritas said...

Hi RB, what I say is true. This sultan johor is good because there are 50% white man blood in him.

The last one is a murderer who always want to defend Islam.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Abos of Australia are a "conquered race". All of the present day Abos get lots of money from the guilty-tripped whiteteys. Most of the violence the present day Abo experiences is from their own tribes and extended families where people are killed, beaten up and children raped.

Yet, they still continue to get "free money" from the sill guilt-tripped whiteteys. A certain class of these guilt-tripped whites have taken it unto themselves to help the "poor downtrodden Abo" to re-write history and ensconce themselves and their kindred into a lucrative "special interest group" which keeps the (tax payer) money flowing into their pockets and their various "projects".

Abos get any and every sort of welfare imaginable. For e.g.: Their kids can attend any school of their choosing....even the most expensive private school (fees around $40-50k per year) for FREE (to them). You, the non-Abo better have a good racket/ job going if you want your kids in these exclusive schools. No freebies for you. You are the wrong race.

There are many other "perks" for being aboriginal and even PART aboriginal. All of these perks are taxpayer funded and the majority remain UNKNOWN to the world-weary working stiffs who have a chunk of money deducted from every pay check (about 25-33% for the average waged schlepper).

Australia, often touted as "The Lucky Cuntry" is not without its social problems...like homelessness or vagrants wandering the public spaces begging for money and cigarettes---which now cost over $30 per pack and all come in the same state-mandated vomit-green box with no branding allowed. One can understand white homeless people down on their luck---for e.g. hedge fund collapsed, trust fund ran out of money, blew every cent on gambling, cocaine and hookers...and various other "hard-luck" scenarios you only find in wealthy western societies.

How is it then, a disproportionate amount of these public beggars just happen to be Abos? They get tons of "free money" from the state, plus every other perk, job opportunity and everything else non-aboriginal society bends backwards to give....yet they brazenly accost strangers in the public spaces for smokes and dough, and risk the chance of being ABUSED or worse if you REFUSE?

No one DARES to talk about this for fear of being branded...you guessed it...A RACIST! 😱😱 Oh shock! Oh horrors! How dare they! 😱😱😱

So come to Australia and see for yourself. Don't just take my word for it, because if you haven't hung the "racist" label on me yet, you are either too cool for school, a racist yourself or I have failed to piss you off. πŸ‘» (The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off)

BTW, the term "Abo" is derogatory and will get you a harsh scolding if you used it in Australia (unless you hang with my "unfettered free speech" crowd). My advice: don't use it, unless you know what you're doing. I use it because I don't give a shit about anyone's feelings, and usually I don't know (nor care) what I'm doing. πŸ’£πŸ’£

Anonymous said...

What about LKY?
Did he "Founded" Singapore?
Did he "Discovered" Singapore"
Did he "Invade" Singapore?
Did he "Dafted" Singapore?

What did LKY do?

Anonymous said...

LKY "discovered" Mr "So" aka Gold-Fish Eyes ....?

Mr "So" aka Gold-Fish Eyes discovered super LONG TERM "Sg-Invention" ....... the results will be known in 200 years time .......... any investment is SUPER LONG TERM ....... even when most world democracies only give 4 years for their garments to deliver. ....?

How ironical right?

When sinkies are expected to produce results "almost instantaneously", garment new initiatives can be "afforded luxuries of SUPER LONG TERM" to show results .....?

In other words, a nobody cannot afford to fail?

But super elites are NOT subjected to such performance based assessments?

If nothing has worked, just say haven't work or will need SUPER LONG TERM 200 years and 6 GENERATIONS to allow it time to work .....?

How many face palms?

You decide?

1 gazillion also not enough?

Anonymous said...

50 cents SkillsFuture. ...... oops $500 SkillsFuture ( still not EVEN enough for one month tuition fees for many sinkie students ) grant is an "act of good faith" and "advice by economists"?

When $500 is not even enough for basic pri or sec tuition fees for one month for many students, what future skills can $500/= enable adult sinkies to acquire?

Taxi license courses already cost more than that?

And is having a taxi licence part of SkillsFuture initiative?

$500 grant is not even enough to ( cover fees to acquire a taxi licence and ) get a "NO-SKILL, NO-FUTURE" vocational licence, what other "Future SKILLS" can it really acquire?

Any "economist" who "gave advice" for this $500/= SKILLFUTURE GRANT "should sack himself"?

Anonymous said...

Is BOTAK an economist?

Yes he is?

Is Mr Gold-Fish Eyes an economist?

Yes he is?

Who was the economist who gave advice on the $500 "ParkChoy, WongBok, Lettuce, Pumpkin, Winter Melon ..... etc" symbols to showcase and market the SkillsFuture grant and roadshow publicity?

Anonymous said...

Lao goa said "ownselves check ownselves "?

30% sinkies said some people "ownselves amused ownselves" with "vegetable symbols" to publicise and promote the $500 SkillsFuture grant?

30% sinkies said some people "ownselves delude ownselves" $500 grant can equip "ownselves" with Skills for the FUTURE?

And "OWNSELVES make OWNSELVES LOOK very SILLLY" by associating this SkillsFuture initiative with ......... OMG ........ "VEGETABLES SYMBOLS"?

Halo! ..... SkillsFuture is to acquire skills to compete with world class high tech?

or ......

Acquire ...... OMG ...... farming skills to compete with ......Flinstone and cavemen ......?

Halo Mr Botak and Mr Gold-Fish Eyes economists, the "ParkChoy, Pumpkin, Lettuce, WongBok, Winter Melon, ......" vegetable symbols EQUATE to what SkillsFuture hah?

Back to the past "BOR TAK CHAY" agrarian society and economy tilling the farms from dawn to dusk under the hot sun?

Where to find land in sinkieland for such "Skills" in the future?

Can import more alien land just like importing alien labour?

Halo Mr Botak and Mr Gold-Fish Eyes economists, which economics textbooks or professors teach such a ( kongcum ) crazinomic "siao ting tong" concept, theory and idea?

Pls pray tell if parents need to spend about $10,000 to $15,000 per child per year ALONE say in sec 2 or 3 to make it through, how much will each adult sinkie need to acquire "Skills for the Future" ( economy )?

Why subsidise alien children to the tune of $10,000 to $50,000 or even more per year per alien children to study in sinkieland's universities, polyclinics, JCs, secondary schools, primary schools and then give a paltry miniscule $500 "SkillsFuture" grant for sinkies adult to acquire "SKILLS for the Future"?

Bluff who?

Kongcum, daft, siao ting tong 70% sinkies?

Anonymous said...

SomeboLEE said, when asked by reporters during an overseas trip, that some "economists" gave advice on the economics policies rolled out in recent years ......?

Now which "economists" gave the advice to roll out the $500 SkillsFuture grant?

Which economics professors or textbooks taught these "economists" "Skills for the Future" can be acquired with 50 cents grant ........ oops ....... $500 grant?

The said...

Of the almost 200 current member states (and one observer state) of the United Nations, the British have, at some point in history, invaded and established a military presence in 171 of them.

This is what British historian Stuart Laycock learned after his son asked him how many countries Britain had invaded. He dug into the history of almost 200 nations and found only 22 that the Brits hadn’t marched into.

Here are the members of this exclusive club, the countries that Britain hasn’t invaded (and that should maybe be a little wary now):

Central African Republic
Congo, Republic of
Ivory Coast
Marshall Islands
Sao Tome and Principe
Vatican City



Anonymous said...

Who is the founding father of Singapore? One day Sinkieland will also rewrite the histoy books. For sure some apple-polisher, boot-licker or ball-carrier will make such a suggestion. Just you wait.

b said...

They should count themselves ''lucky'' for being conquered by british not muslims next door to them. In those days, everyone conquered each other in this way and maybe the british were already more civilised. It can be worse.