Home coming for the Barisan Socialis

Uh, not exactly. But in a way, we are seeing the return of the Barisan Socialis, or at least the next generation of the descendants of the Barisan Socialis politicians making a come back to Singapore politics. We have seen the Puthucheery, the Ong Ye Kung and now the Murali. And I think there were another few that came in earlier if my memory is clear.

This is a very unique phenomenon in Singapore where the first generation of politicians, the fathers, were fighting for life and death in the poltical arena. We know who won and who were sent to jail. Today we are seeing the children of the jailbirds being courted by the PAP and invited to join the PAP, and to contest in GEs, to be MPs and even minister, akan datang.

What is the story? Hsien Loong making amends, for the bad blood of the early generation of politicians? When papa was a politician, Barisan Socialis or PAP, the children would be good politicians too, a new political breed, to extend the political life of the PAP?

When they started, they slept in the same bed. Then they broke up and threw punches at each other. Today they are making up. How would the story end? The scions of the Barisan Socialis are joining the ranks of the PAP. So they said, no permanent enemies. Political necessity would decide who should sleep with who.

The enemies are in bed and safe. The latest development following the one year anniversary of LKY commemoration is showing up the cracks among friends, or those supposedly to be on the same side. Wei Ling is having a bout with Janadas with gloves off. It is Round One and everyone is waiting for Round Two and Three. Yes no permanent enemies and no permanent friends as well. The schism within the ruling party and the establishment are starting to show.

With the big tree fallen, would the monkeys start to scatter?


Virgo 49 said...

These sons of Barisan Socialist got no backbones as tbeur5 Fathers.

Go with the flow instead of against the flow.

We are been pragmatic as taught by our Great Leader.

No one owes you a living.

Till now sinkies still behaved as though they under siege.

No one owes you a living.

So care only for oneself and immediate family.

The rest fellow sinkies are our competitors.

Even though we are so called One Nation.

Killed or be killed.

That's why these smart ones joined the PAP rather than carry on their Father's ideals.

Maybe their dads are also daft.

Should have joined their camp and be multi millionaire now living in Sentosa Cove and tried wayang wayang run for Presidency every five years.

After all, got PAP blood in them just old wine in new bottle.

Veritas said...

Kuan Yew and stooge are always the one lying and masturbating history. In reality, PAP was a project of Chinese communist and banana. The communist knew that they need banana to legitimate and making themselves appealing to British. The banana knew without the mobilization of MCP, they will be loath and despise by the population.

After PAP took power on 1959, the first thing they did was -- not to increase, but to decrease their own salary. Then a lot of PAP still have the communist zeal of serving the people. Kuan Yew even promise free uni, free healthcare to everyone.

Without British intervention, the PM of Singapore will be Lim Chin Siong, not Kuan Yew.

Unfortunately, as Kuan Yew age, his mind got full of shit.

All these PAP history will soon be uncovered.

Anonymous said...

Home cominG?

Ha ha ha.........remember............




Anonymous said...

But TCB not stay in Sentosa Cove leh?

He stay off Holland Rd, an exclusive gazetted district for GCBs ( Good Class Bungalows )?

Which one more expensive?

Virgo 49 said...

Sentosa Cove condo lah!

Maybe resort second home.

Wah see joined PAP bagus bagus.

One time report that he on behalf of residents there asking Sentisa Corporation management to waive entry fees for their friends and relatives visiting them.

That's the problem with the super rich.

Cars hundred over k bungalows costs millions but insisted that they waive five to sux dollars entry fees.

Parking just fifty cents coupons also ran 100 metres in 5 secs when Fong Fei Fei lai lo.

No wonder now all gantry parking

Hermit said...

TCB was retired early because he criticised government policies too much.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It makes sense to include former left-leaning soialists into the political machine. Not only "include" but actually develop close ties and incorporate them.

As the shit begins to hit the fan, and even smart people get replaced by SMARTER machines, systems and processes, you are going to need the labour-union type left-leaning socialists to help you manage a very socially and economically DISRUPTED society, as people lose their livelihoods to intelligent, LEARNING machines.

"Disruptive Technology" is alive and kicking-ass in Singapore. The average blur-blogger here is unaware of what is going in their own cuntry. I suggest they have a serious look at what groups are meeting and what tech is being developed by searching the local MeetUp (or similar organisations) calendar. I'm particularly interested in additive manufacturing and decentralized virtual machines like Ethereum and other developments in blockchain technology.

Technologies like Ethereum and one of the offshoots Augur (market prediction) ave the potential to massively disrupt the banking and financial sector.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Tiok Bor?

Sentosa Cove condo one how much?

GCBs minimum land area 15,100 sq ft?

Mostly are in the range 20,000 to 35,000 sq ft?

Multiply by current market price $1000+ psf?

One GCB average worth how much?

One sentosa cove condo current average price worth how much?

Go URA website check lah?

Virgo 49 said...

Critizing for over two and half decade as PAP back bencher??

Still in same party what?

There's a Party Whip.

How much can you move the Deaf, blind and self righteous that they always right

Some of them ex PAP members are now guilt conscious of what their leaders and party had caused so much harm to its people that now retired, they tried to make amends before their last screw goes into the coffin.

See today Lim Siak Suay acknowledged that many PMETS are unemployable for nearly six months that they tried to make amends by revising the MOM policies.

They will never admit their stupid wrong policies all the years.

But tried to make amends discreetly to cover their blunders.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Te govt will need all the help it can get for managing a society of 20-30% (and probably more) rate of unemployment.

In previous times, if you were replaced by machine processes, all you needed to was to retrain and get another job....even one for less money. However, those were the days where machines were not "intelligent".

Now they are becoming intelligent and will soon surpass average human intellectual capability. This will render humans more or less UNCOMPETITIVE on virtually every level of the production processes. Societies will be disrupted. The economic lives of many people will be seriously disrupted.

Therefore governments will be facing massive challenges. Singapore will probably introduce the Universal Basic Income because at the moment, there is no alternative.

Without the labour unions on their side, governments will probably not be able to quell civil disobedience or anti-robot "uprisings" from the disenfranchised, former wage-earning, former upwardly mobile middle class. (i.e. "most people")

Virgo 49 said...

Sentosa cove condo second home lah!!

First homes bungalows in mainland Sin I don't know lah and I don't want to know either.

Mine can only afford second home melaka low cost apartment.

791 sq ft. But at least can stay there in case Sinking land sinks.

Got ground instead of treading non water.


Anonymous said...

We need more PMETs to be displaced and out of jobs before change can take place for the good of the average Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

I think the children of those Barisan Sosialis leaders want to fight winning, not losing battles.

Like the 70%, they are smart Sinkies indeed.

Lee Wei Ling is not even a politician, so RB, u cannot compare apples with oranges.

Anonymous said...

"Without British intervention, the PM of Singapore will be Lim Chin Siong, not Kuan Yew."

The only reason why the commies wanted Singapore and Malaysia was because the British had already made Singapore and Malaysia into economic powerhouses then! Lim Shit Siong and Shit Peng wouldn't have anything to greed for if not for the British.

Commies and their followers should look things in perspective!

Anonymous said...

RB. Just like the way you described. Yes, the old mighty tree has fallen. This will give way for the young and promising tress around it to grow fast and hopefully to replace the fallen tree. A new battle is in the making, just like nature.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Talking about property in Matland, can't see the long term growth factors in many AEC cuntries.

Pocket of opportunities yes.

Opportunities for cronies capitalism yes.

Low cost place for retirement can consider.

For many AEC cuntries, someboLEE got to do the "shit" work to foster growth and development.

And that is a long, tedious, arduous process fraught with ( GREAT ) uncertainties?

In the end, many ( AEC cuntries ) likely will at most be stuck in the "middle income trap".

Without the necessary factors and conditions ( for long term growth ), that's probably the limit.

AEC is more like a short to medium term proposition?

For oldies probably ok?

For those ( in the ) 20s to 50s, the returns may not be worth the ( painful ) efforts?

Either way, good to plan ahead and make sure lots of buffer for ( many likely potential ) rainy days ahead over the next 5, 10, 20, 30 years.

By 30 years time, many oldies probably might not see that day but 10 to 20 years buffer probably is still necessary ( for what may come )?

Anonymous said...

Rb //The latest development following the one year anniversary of LKY commemoration is showing up the cracks among friends, or those supposedly to be on the same side.//

Uncle RB, if there are some who are really hoping that the political landscape would likely change significantly in time to come, likely they have misread the situation?

The realities ( in sinkieland ) as a tiny 70,000,000,000 sq millimetre barren rock likely means it is more like a burden than a prize-catch whoever "wins the game"?

For those who are not ALREADY in it, what is there for them to do otherwise?


In the last 5,000 years history, unless there are internal implosion or external aggression, the better and best people would likely be staying by the side-line?

Those who often emerge under "normal" circumstances to challenge the status quo might have pockets of support or minority support but unlikely to unseat the incumbent?

Such applies to big countries and might be even more for a tiny snort?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi bro 6.25

You are absolutely right.

For young Singaporeans to be in Matland to earn a living is not a wkse choice.

Only maybe in Penang where one is satisfied to be having their maybe above average salaries of the natives with our paper qualifications.

But maybe cost of living with their salaries can afford terrace house and car. Better than living in pigeon holes HDB, EC, condo or shoe box apartment which costs your total CPF savings.

We had brought the condo and apartment donkey years ago on the cheap same as sinkie land price in the 80s.

Retirees with sufficient savings with no more back log attachments with grandchildren & etc are staying there without second thoughts.

I had talks with my two single children that it is easier for us to uproot. Penang be ideal choice with better prospects of their qualifications. Can earn a living there

Matland have a Silver haired scheme for retirees with assets of million or so in cash.

One five room HDB flat in central district can fetch about worse case price 600K.

Ringitt over million. Can purchase condo there and Sponsored children expenses till they gainfully employed.

Aiyo, they treasured sinkie land and auss land degrees.

Should have no problem securing employment. Old man with old lady will spend more time in Goh Tong Jaya.

Have foresight be difficult to survive un sinkie land if the Daft 70% still loves the PAP

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha,

Uncle Virgo49,

If fully paid up, one 5-room flat from Commonwealth or Queenstown MRT onwards to Kallang MRT in the East and Boon Keng MRT in the N E is easily worth $800k+ to above $1 Mil even at current not so buoyant resale market?

Covert to RM average at 1 to 2.9 also have about RM2.4 to 3 Mil?

More than enough for Silver hair?

For oldies, Melaka should be reasonable for a golden sunset?

If with young and old, Penang should be ideal for both needs?

Whether sinkies can survive in sinkieland or not may not be totally in the hands of the "super talents"?

After all, sinkieland is a price-taker in the world including even interest rate?

Anonymous said...

A prolonged global downturn will highly likely posed a serious threat to sinkieland's well being?

If given current world's dynamics, that is still far off as any minor downturn would be met with massive fiscal and monetary policies counter measures by the global elites to prop up the system?

So in the foreseeable future, sinkieland may not crumble under the weight of a global economic winter?

More likely, as sinkieland is highly dependent on significant growth in its external trade to ensure its economic vibrancy, erosion of its international competitiveness is more menacing than any other determinants of its economic growth?

Anonymous said...

Given its small domestic multiplier size, the current domestic fiscal prime-pumping projects in the pipeline till about 2030/ 2035/ 2040 and beyond might not be enough to turn the tide if current erosion of exports competitiveness is not averted?

The 2nd and 3rd generation successors had and will continue to do enough for the blissful golden years of the 1st generation old guards?

Come to the 4th and 5th generation successors, would they have such "good fortune"?

The 2nd and 3rd generation successors are able to or would be able to retire blissfully as the 4th generation successors are likely to maintain certain level of growth and stability?

But beyond the 3rd generation successors, can the 4th generation themselves enjoy a blissful golden sunset with well-placed 6th and 7th generation successors in charge?

Likewise, it applies to the sinkie masses too?

Will those in the early 50s and younger have a golden blissful sunset?

That is not a certainty from current visibility?

Will that itself lead to some change down the road?

To some extent, may be?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

By the year 2050, many born post independence could be at most at your current age or younger?

By then, the 6th and 7th generation successors should be in place and in charge?

The 4th generation successors would be in their late 70s/ early 80s?

Likewise the sinkie masses in that age-group would be concerned if their blissful golden sunset can be safely redeemed?

Thus what happens between now and 2030/ 2035 would likely determine what would be waiting the fate of the 4th generation successors and their fellow sinkies?

Anonymous said...

To put it in another perspective, what the 4th generation sowed now will be what they will likely reap in 2050 during their sunset years?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Have foresight be difficult to survive un sinkie land if the Daft 70% still loves the PAP//

Ha ha

Have u NOT heard the "super talents" are NOT hard-driving enuf and their hides need "BIG, SHARP WARING STATES era JAGGED" spurs to push and drive them harder so that this barren 70,000,000,000 sq millimetre rock will not sink ( too fast )? That's why need to KPKB EVER LOUDER to "spur" them every single day 24-7-365?

Look at the "PIC" scheme?

They already openly proclaimed it is a "success" and "met its main objectives"?

Can you see, read and interpret behind the "pictures" if what gold-fish eyes said IS NOT INCORRECT?

Based on some anecdotal examples and even supported by some MPs, the scheme to some extent "was abused" and thus implying some precious public resources NOT efficiently utilised and "misallocated" which could have been better deployed or utilised in other sectors of the economy? Oso such huge "spending schemes" are the "culprits" contributing to "garment expenditure growth" outstripping "garment revenue growth"? But gold-fish eyes prognosis and public proclamation is that the "PIC" scheme has largely met its "objectives"?

Now some people dun think so leh?

So who is right?


Ha ha

Think deeper?

And u will know why?

But u may need some ( in depth ) knowledge of macroeconomics?

Anonymous said...

To survive or even do well in sinkieland depends on what u do?

Obviously what u said the other day that going into taxi driving if kena retrenched is a dead end is part correct and part not so correct lah?

Correct in the sense the income from pure taxi driving is going to get squeeze more and more and "CAN ONLY GET MUCH UGLIER" down the road?

No bcos have u not read or seen media reports that some taxi drivers carry 8 hp?

So it all depends on what u do in sinkieland?

Taxi driving HARDLY has ANY BOE ( barriers of entry ) such as needing much capital, some specialised knowledge and/ or skilled sets, market and/ or price-setting power?

Such vocations ( without apologies or remorse ) are "sweatless" labour job PURELY exchanging labour ( time ) for a ( low ) wage ( rate )?

How much do you think their per hour is worth? Not much more than those old aunties or uncles who are smart enough to bargain for those $8 to $10 an hour retail jobs in certain f & b segments?

A contrast could be say a lawyer or doctor job?

BOE ( barriers of entry ) is high?

So those PMETS kena retrenched oso cannot become a lawyer or doctor unless they are willing or able to fork out another 8 years or so of investment ( in becoming one ) and provided they have the aptitude for such career?

So lawyers and doctors DUN just exchange their time for sweatless shop ( pure ) labour wage rate?

Their hourly ( wage ) rate is a function of their time, knowledge, experience etc and the last 2 components are "NOT FIXED"?

Thus, to survive or more than survive in sinkieland, sinkies need just apply some basic microeconomics ( in the Theory of Firms and Production ) knowledge to the jobs they get into?


Feel free to disagree?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies Jokes:

(1) Why sinkies kena retrenched?

Time is getting from "bad" to "worse" and a company decided to retrench some staff and they are down to a list of last 3 employees but can only keep 1 of them.

The management couldn't decide which 1 of the 3 to let go as their appraisal report cards are about the same?

So they decided to ask a simple basic question on breakfast but the name of the food has to be the name of a country?

Among the last 3 employees there were 2 aliens and 1 sinkie?

The answers given are as follow:

Alien1: I ate "Syria" for breakfast......?

Alien2: I ate "Turkey" for breakfast?

Sinkie: I ate "Chile" for breakfast?

Which ( last ) employee do you think the employer decided to hand the "pink slip" out of the 3?

Anonymous said...

Since the European Crisis between 2010 to 2012, Spain and many other European countries had stressed test their financial and banking system ........

This is to avert any Kallang kabok in times of crisis?

How about sinkieland oso stress test its political system?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... "European Crisi"

Should be .....

"Eurozone Crisis"

Anonymous said...

Eurozone is the monetary union of 19 of the 28 states in EU ( European Union ).

The population size is about 340 mil ( about slightly more than 50% of AEC's population ( Asean Economic Community )).

However, its GDP is about US $12 trillion ( about 500% of AEC's GDP ).

This implies that the per capita GDP of Eurozone is about 1000% that of AEC's.

It means Asean Economic Community ( AEC ) has a lot to catch up.

Another implication is that with that kind of economic influence yet Eurozone could fall into a deep financial and economic crisis between 2010-2012, it also means AEC ( with only about 1/10th of Eurozone per capita GDP ) must be very prudence and not be reckless lest they already forgot what happened during the 1997-98 AFC ( Asian Financial Crisis ).

In Indoland, then strong man the late President Suharto was forced out of power and Indoland financially on IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) bailout under very harsh terms.

Thailand too had to be bailed out by IMF under equally harsh terms.

With their South China Sea standoff, if crisis does hit Asean again, Pinoyland could be the first to forget about any bailout from newly formed China-led AIIB?

Anonymous said...

Oops typo ......"economic influence "

should be

"....economic affluence. ....."