Globalisation is good for Singapore

For once, let me agree with this mantra. How can Singapore survive and compete with the best in the world with a small population of daft? Even our best would be half bakes compared to the best in the world. And there are more than 6b people out there with many that are much more talented than the best Singaporean in any field, yes, in any field, including political leaders.

The head of UBS Asia Pacific wealth management, Edmund Koh, said he is proud to be a Singaporean. And he supported the idea of hiring the best man for the job, regardless of nationality. He is concerned that Singapore is swinging too much towards hiring Singaporeans and missing out on hiring the best from the rest of the world. The fact that the ST gave him so much attention and prominence to hire the best talents regardless of nationality is itself an endorsement of this policy.

This doctrine of hiring the best to make Singapore the best in all fields is a good aspiration. Let’s make it real. Come on, look around and see the number of clowns and half bakes everywhere.  They just don’t stand a chance when the best is to be hired. No need to look very far. And look at the state of the Singapore economy, negative growth or zero growth in the last few decades if not of the flood of immigrant workers.  Singapore sorely needs the best talents to be here. Let’s make it happen.

Let me for once support this policy of hiring the best from the world. Forget about Singapore as a nation, a country.  If Singapore is not a country, there are many advantages arising from it.  We can forget about citizenship and national service. We can give citizenship freely to everyone. Our young men no need to be strangled by NS.  These are age old concepts, irrelevant today, outdated, out of sync. There is no need for a country with globalization. There is no need to have NS and guarding a country when there is no country. Everyone just go out there and be the best he can be, competing with the rest of the world.

Singapore should bravely step up this call for globalization.  Not to worry, it is coming with the Asean Community and the concept of free movement of labour and talent. Borderless, and everyone within Asean can move freely to find jobs in any Asean countries. And you don’t have to guess where all the Asean talents will gravitate to. Singaporeans will shine if they move out into the other Asean countries. 

We shall hire the best from the world and pay them the best salary we can afford. I am sure there are millions of people out there that are better than all the politicians we have in Parliament, all the permanent secretaries in the ministries, all the top bankers in all the banks, all the CEOs we find here today. And these incumbents would most graciously to want to be replaced by the best from the world, for the good of Singapore.

Let’s do it. Let’s replace these duds and half bakes quickly.  We don’t need silly Singaporeans here. I support. Let’s make Singapore the greatest place to be, with the best talents from the world.  The average Singaporeans and the duds and the sillies would find their right place in the hierarchy of jobs.  They will know where they belong.  We need a lot of security guards, taxi drivers and personal assistance to serve the best talents of the world here.

I heard many sillies quietly saying to themselves, not to worry, I am the best, I would not be replaced.

What do you think? Plant your own timber? That mantra only bluff bluff lah. Hire the best is the way forward. Singapore does not owe you a living.  The politicians do not owe Singaporeans a living. Stop the entitlement mentality, exception, it is ok to think you are entitled to millions. What? I heard still got people talking about creating a Singaporean core or looking after out PMETs? Am I mad or those people are mad? Or am I out of sync? When people were talking about foreign talents good I was talking about Singaporean first. Now people want to build a Singaporean core and I am talking about replacing all the silly and daft Singaporeans with the best from the world.

I must be very confused.


Anonymous said...

" Singapore does not owe you a living. The politicians do not owe Singaporeans a living. Stop the entitlement mentality, "

Is this also true?

Lee Kuan yew is dead.
Singaporeans do not owe PAP a living anymore.
We can vote Opposition now.
we can vote for the best people who will benefit Singaporeans first ... and not Aliens first.

Anonymous said...

No! You are not confused! You are correct! You are correct!

They did said that globalisation is gooooooooooooooood for Singapore!

But! "你死你自己的问题! 你死你自己的问题! 自己要保重! 自己要保重!"

Please take good care of yourself!


Anonymous said...

My crysal ball showing me the future cabinet of Singapore City.

President - Obama
Prime Minister - Modi
Defence Minister - Putin
Foreign Minister - Ban Ki Moon
Finance Minister - Lagarde
Home Affairs Minister - Mahathir
Law Minister - Chesterton
Manpower Minister - Lim Swee Say
Transport Minister - Donald Tsang
NTUC Chief - Chan Chun Sing

Anonymous said...

At the top Singapore must get the best from the world.
At the middle we must get from 3rd world countries that are cheaper.
At the bottom we can leave them for the Singaporeans.

Virgo49 said...

Their own Kawan Kawan - best of Singapore.

Others duds must get from the Rest of The World.

SGH, MRT blunders Just to name a few. No no cannot have blame mentality.

They are the best. Rest of you can be replaced.

UBS- That Moody Fellow already downgrade you to Low Standard And Poor.

Anonymous said...

Rb // Singapore sorely needs the best talents to be here. //

Sinkies also need the BEST environment they deserve.

So it is a matter of time for sinkies to "sack" their "barren rock" and resettle in a land of aplenty?

"This barren" rock is not mobile but sinkies are .......?

Ha ha ha

Heng ah?

Anonymous said...

// Singapore sorely needs the best talents to be here. //

Uncle Virgo49,

You also deserve the BEST GOLDEN SUNSET LAND to retire ......

Who doesn't?

"Sack" the "pi sai", "absurdity", "SNORT"!?

Anonymous said...

Cannot blamed the SMEs wanting to employ foreigners.

Many many SMEs and many many VerySMEs really cannot TAHAN anymore.

The rising high costs of doing business here drive them to go
globalisation for much much cheaper young employees without
need to do NS or go back for ICTs.

My feelings for the future of this very very crowded tiny city state
is really no good!

Any chance of a U-turn?

Maybe in the dreams!

Anonymous said...

// Singapore should bravely step up this call for globalization. //

They said sinkies need more spurs into their hides?

Likewise the city of sin needs to?

To send it permanently into its destined fate of "ABSURDITY"?

Anonymous said...

If you can become a minister and earn millions, I am very sure your feeling will be very different.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Globalisation rocks, and is good for anyone with the spirit of adventure and a desire to increase value in their lives.

Singapore needs to replace its local idiots by making the genepool more DIVERSE.

Keep the fucking borders OPEN, and let the thundering hoards in.

Got "hard drivin'" and "hard strivin'"?

Anonymous said...

Do sg realized dat the wrold has advanced

To i phone stage?( n i m still using simple

Operating nokia hand phone.)this is wats happen

When i keep on remebering of fishing village.on tv.

Anonymous said...

Yall "MF" daft, silly, kongcum talked so much but till now, can anyone nailed down what is "GLOBALISATION"?

If yall cannot define what is it, ghost or shadow or what, then kpkb at what and tawking abt what?

All deserved BIG SPURS STUCK IN THE BUTTOCKS ( to trigger more ERECTION )?

Anonymous said...

Globalisation scholar Professor Anthony McGrew, Executive Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor of Global Public Policy gave this "VERSION" of "GLOBALISATION":

" A historical process involving a fundamental shift or transformation in the spatial scale of human social organisation that links distant communities and expands the reach of power relations across regions and continents. "

In other words, it is "simply the widening, deepening and speeding up of worldwide interconnectedness".

Anonymous said...

But is it inevitable and irreversible?

Is it "dissolving the significance of borders and the notion of nation states"?

Should contemporary trends be viewed as a process of internationalisation than globalisation?

What clues or events have thrown light to what the future forestall?

Have not regionalisation instead of globalisation played the more potent and contemporary role in the determination of nation states economic and political relationships?

Anonymous said...

1) Is it inevitable and irreversible?

Events such as 911 in 2001 had proven that the whole process is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional?

It is not solely about economics integration and international trade?

Anonymous said...

The world does not owe you anything, whether you are a true blue Singapoean, a new citizen, PR or a FT with a work permit. Singapore is a place for those who are willing to give his best to this little rock. Mr Edmund Koh is right, why should Singapore hire a Singaporean who is not as good as another from a foreign country, who is better suited to the position in hand. Singapore must never adopt the entitlement mentality.

If I run a company, I will choose the best workforce to work in the company. Why should I select people who are not suitable, just because they are the native of the land? It does not make economic sense. Any enterprise is out there to make a profit, not a place to keep people in employment just because they are national of the country.

Mr Edmund Koh is right. Good article in AsiaOne.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Tom Friendman: The World Is Flat

Friedman is my "go to guy" for this stuff.

Harlow, SG.GOV, if you read this blog: Keep the borders open, and the foreigners coming!

Got cultural and societal shift and upheaval?

Bring it on!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1218:

>> I will choose the best workforce to work in the company. Why should I select people who are not suitable, just because they are the native of the land? <<

Right on brother! Keep on slammin'

Anonymous said...

Why should sinkies stay in sinkieland and do NS?

Why should the garment has this entitlement mentality?

Why can't the best talents Edmund Koh hires report to MINDEF and pay their dues in the security and national service of this barren rock?

Anonymous said...

Why can't the garment abolish NS and adopt solely professional military personnel regime?

Why the garment needs entitlement to enslave ( even straight As or 9 distinctions ) sinkies for 2 years at pittance, a level even lower than what blangas are earning?

Why can't the garment get the BEST TALENTS Edmund Koh has hired to do yearly in-camp trainings and report for mobilisation during their drinking sessions and fartking of SPGs?

Anonymous said...

@ simpleton one-view myopia of 10,000 degrees 12.18pm

// Any enterprise is out there to make a profit, not a place to keep people in employment just because they are national of the country. //

Any person is out there to make a good living, not a human bean to keep an absurdity snort pi sai guarded and safe just because it is a barren rock of entitlement mentality megalomaniacs?

Anonymous said...

Applying the "principle" of globalisation to sinkies context, then they are free to be mobile and move as they like, not chained by NS OBLIGATIONS?

Be free ......?

Fly as far away as your wings can take .......

You have nothing to lose except the shackles on your ankles, the chain around your necks, the handcuffs on your wrists?

Never, never again to be locked down and caged in a dungeon of man-made hell?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies should look for the best country to settle down, not any humid, barren, pang sai pi sai absurdity rock?

Anonymous said...

Why limit, restrict, constrain, tie down, chain yourselves to a small tiny absurdity of 700 miserable sq km?

Arziland is about almost 8 million sq km and 6th largest globally?

Others like China about almost 10 million sq km and 3rd largest globally?

Why stay in a midget cuntry?

And suffer immeasurable abuse, torture and torment physically, mentally, psychologically?

Anonymous said...

I love globalisation. I want every country to shout globalisation and open their doors to welcome everyone.

Knn, I found out only Singapore shouting globalisation and everyone can come here, Singapore belongs to everyone. But every country closed their doors to Singaporeans and said their countries belong to them only.

Anonymous said...

Basically charmless witless breed of blind followers who dwell or with gutters brain. Go watch and compare singaporean youtubers and what the rest of the world are producing or creating on line if you want to get a feel of the breed of idiots this nation is producing. Go live and walk among the rude and atrocious services and bad food on the ground before talk about high and mighty challenges because your base are just full of crap! Your mid are full of shit and your top are full of idiots.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Now then you realised been brainwashed for 50 years. ....?

Another moronic idiot who just woke up?

Anonymous said...


In a pi sai absurdity snort?

Roll red carpet oso not interested!

agongkia said...

Though I agree but articles written by simple minded Angmo Kia,geh angmo or their worshippers may not necessarily be correct because the word Best to them only mean those with certs or know ABC.
To me,Best include and mean those bortartcheh like me , willing to work hard,ability to work long hour and understand that we are not in the position to bargain for more salary with our employers just because of our willingness to work hard or are Sinkies.

Only khongcum employers will get those lazy,choosy and with entitlement mentality Sinkies to work for them just because they have certs or are Sinkies..
It's good to see employers getting more hardworking employees, FTs or not,to replace our Erm Chai See PMETs.

Anonymous said...

Can someone inform his employer he won't and not in a position to bargain, so can pay him simisai "salary" oso can, preferably much less than blangas. ..... but MUST WORK LONGER HOURS?

Anonymous said...

Changi Airport is only the 16th most busy in the world.
Did we have to pay to be included in the list since 16th position don't usually gets a mention?

Why are we paying million dollar salaries for such a lousy position?


Anonymous said...

@ agongkia @ April 05, 2016 2:25 pm

Good afternoon. Decided to join us after fucking your PAP voting mother?

b said...

Globalization means ''únlimited pool of cheap labour'' for companies and elites to enrich themselves. Welcome to slave age.

Anonymous said...

Just to get a perspective... Charming talent us like George Clooney... And he is not even close to Dean Martin talent and coolness... And what's representative of Sinkies talent, workers or identity?

Gurmit the frog Singh!

Pls... Hire the best foreigners and kick the sinkies educated half past six donkeys into the rubbish chute

Anonymous said...


Why worry?

Don't need to worry lah.





Virgo 49 said...

Globisation and Restructuring are just two words used by the hai kow yew snake oil elites, employers to con and get rid of their employees without much efforts and costs.

Globisation to hire cheapest dire straits exploited workers to do the jobs so that bottom line shown blue for shareholders and the big bosses.

Same time on top of pyramid, they can draw the maximum salaries, bonuses and benefit leaving scraps for the bittom of them.... What citizens right you talking in priority for employment.

Your rights to serve National Service. You are also classified as Residents.

Restructuring is when they want to rid of you without too much hassle and payouts.

What Labour laws you talking??

Forget about MOM, they are on our side. We are the ones creating jobs for you.

You should be thankful for that.

Don't talk about our wrong policies! This is global happening and we are part of this recession.

So you have it. Great conmen.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are good at using other people talents and monies. An example of heartlander made good and buy out international football club full of international talented players and you think a monkey like him growing up watching white men chasing after balls on TV over a mug of beer and a plate of quachee can gain respect to run such a club?

Go global my foot. Return to your beer cans and eat your quachee in your singlet and kaki shorts and slippers lah

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are no Japenis?

Though the Japenis population already shrank by more than 20 million from their peak, their leaders still steady poom pi pi ....... they are not panicking at all ....?

What nonsense globalisation and cheap labour to grow the economy?

At least they would have none of it?

They value the intangibles more ....... national cohesiveness, common identity, non-pollution of their culture ......

Sigh. .......

Why born a ( fartking ) sinkie?

Come to think of it ......

Next life even born a Japanese oso ok ..... but NEVER a sinkie ...... NEVER?

Anonymous said...

"... And what's representative of Sinkies talent, workers or identity?

Gurmit the frog Singh! "


He will be returning to TV to host(no one else more capable than him in sinkyland)...be afraid..be very afraid...lol

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a one trick pony? Increase population only way to go.

Anonymous said...

If only sinkies willing to use their brains to think deeper ......

The Japanese population shrank by almost 30 million from their peak or an equivalent of 20% ......?

Yet their nominal GDP growth rate is still about 1 to 2% annually.......?

And if accounting for negative inflation, their per capita real GDP growth rate ( taking into consideration their smaller population ) is actually growing by about 4 to 6% yearly .....?

Now, how can that lead to a lower quality of life when u can have more tangibles per person, less people to fight for space ...... smaller student-to-teacher ratio, no need to spend billions on aliens ...... no quirky habits and cultures invading the peace of the neighbourhood. .......

This is NOT abt xenophobic!

It is about sustainability.

Any FIRST YEAR POLITICAL SCIENCE student would learn that the number one core political problem of any nation state is to forge a COMMON IDENTITY.....

Now, where does that stand in sinkieland's national goals?

Is unabated and indiscriminate increase in the imports of aliens into a tiny cuntry SUSTAINABLE?

No wonder about 300,000 sinkies have uprooted and left for better and much bigger countries like Australia, Canada etc ...?

Even neighbouring countries like Matland, Indoland, Tigerland, Cap-boo-ture, Wacknam will do ....?

Anonymous said...

// Globalisation is good for Singapore//

What globalisation?

Even Budget 2016 Debate is so "heavily censored" and sinkies don't get to hear what MPs actually "said"?

What KIND OF FORWARD LOOKING so-SAI-ety is this City of Sin turning into?

Anonymous said...

When old man is around, his successors may still make even major ( fundamental ) changes to some irrelevant policies .....?

Now that he is gone, probably none wants to be seen doing that?

Lest they get blamed for anything that goes wrong later ( which some, if not many things likely will anyway )?

Anonymous said...

You lost a strong man. A lesser man is at the helm. And a lesser man may follows who can't hold it together. A wimp perhaps.

Virgo49 said...

You see after so much kpkb by disenchanted people in the social forum even now the PAP ministers and MPs spoke fairly for the workers.

Kim Swee Say said must give at least some retrenchment benefits for those been entrenched.

For few years many poor workers were simply lay off with just a month's notice and pay.

Even those immediate.

After been accused of being just.parrots they are now beginning to be Jack graw.

Tks to Redbean and others media.