Free parking is a subsidy, what about free air?

Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong today (April 11th) said that free parking in some car park spaces are not “free” and are in fact subsidies from the government.

“Free parking is not free, it’s a subsidy to the motorist, paid for by non-motorists.”
This is an example to prove that Singaporeans are daft. Only super talent can like that. It requires a very high level of intellect to reason why free parking is a subsidy.

What about free air? Is free air also a govt subsidy? What else that is free is govt subsidy? Sunlight? Haze free air?
What would opposition parties say?
Food for thought.


Anonymous said...

Footpaths for pedestrians are also a subsidy. Daft 70% Singaporeans will soon be paying walking tax when they venture outdoors for their subsidized fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Free bicycle tracks are also subsidies, paid by motorists.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha......

Some moons ago, one top top govt uncle from our neighbouring country
said that the free fresh air is from them!

patriot said...

In the Tiny Dot where EVERYTHING
is own by the REGIME, ALL THINGS


agongkia said...

Me feel free parking is actually a subsidy from many unfortunate drivers who pay wan ong parking fine .
An example is once my towkay stop for few second , just to pick me up but received a summon to pay 100,claimed to be parking on double yellow line but line not drawn after earth work ,no car park attendant around but they claim to have photo.And days ago saw a plain clothes going around with his green colour bike just to book motorist secretly when
motorist are unloading where there is a shortage of car park,at Jalan besar.
Angmokia,will think parking free cos he Tuakee.Once saw angmokia park at porch in front of changi expo not mean for motorist but he does not know such parking cause inconvenience to expo visitors cos screwty guard chase away visitors near to his vehicle.
Do away with those free parking at night instead of sending plainclothes to accuse innocent drivers just to meet quota lah.

Who need free parking?Telling others go technology but why can't have more barrier type parking.
If no brain,let me contribute idea on how to collect parking legally in all corners ,instead of stooping so low just to collect fines.

Anonymous said...

Not many will run on sunday in the city

B cos monday to friday can run there too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.06am, your comment that free bicycle tracks are also subsidies, paid by motorists.

How about those run etc etc etc on roads on car-free days? Oso subsidised by motorists?


Anonymous said...

Rb, this type of talk is old news lar. It's like The Maid levy for those over 65 and kids under 12 paid less and the forgone amount is call government grant, so they tax you less is call a grant. So perhaps they can do a headcount levy of 10,000 per person then give u a grant of 19,000 and all daft sinkies become very happy Lor

Anonymous said...

Since free parking can be found in landed property areas and not in HDB, so the rich have subsidised free parking but poor not subsidised.

Anonymous said...

The exercise here is to continue its assault on your coconut that there is no free lunch. Go and be good and make love to money. And because you are so stupid, you will shed rivers of tears at the tomb of your leechers.

Anonymous said...

This is further proof that HDB flats belong to HDB and the Government.

If you own your own condo, do you pay parking fees?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is for free. So-called free footpaths, roads, air, your own fucking life, your cheebye kid's life all already paid for by taxes -- GST, income tax, corporate tax, waterborne tax, property tax, conservancy charges, CPF, stamp duties for all legal paperwork (e.g. property purchase, pty transfers, change of owners, rental agreements, business contracts, I-owe-you-you-owe-me whatever contracts, etc etc), road tax, petrol tax, tobacco tax, alcohol tax.

Even shitting is not free --- that's why you pay monthly tax based on number of toilets you have + water you use. And of course the waterborne fee and the famous 30% water conservation tax.

As for condo parking, you already pay every month --- whether you got car or not. Average is $300/mth for maintenance & conservancy fees. Can be $2,000-$3000++ fees per month if you stay in Orchard Rd condos.

Anonymous said...

Govt tells you you need to go fuck out babies to keep Sin sinning. WTF, they even pay you to fuck, part of incentives, but you fucking bear the entire financial burden of raising useless kids(fucked by stupid education and policies) WTF

Anonymous said...

Really need tons of $ to c rainbow or make 1

Anonymous said...

Right. HDB is subsidised as we have been told all along. Upgrading for votes is subsidised. They also subsidised Sinkies to fuck and give birth, so what else is not subsidised?

In fact daft Sinkies have been fucked all along without knowing it. All the expensive housing, cars, cost of living are the result of Government policies that caused rentals of business premises to escalate, benefitting the Government and bosses, because daft Sinkies have to bear all high costs resulting therefrom, in particular the high food prices and household products. The poor are the most affected.

Anonymous said...

What would opposition parties say?

Aiyo RB, if the opposition parties are not ready to be govt, 70% will not vote for them during an election. So does it matter what the opposition parties say? Or even what Chee Soon Juan says? Can he even win in a SMC by election against a PAP minority candidate?

Anonymous said...

Subsidy must start with continuous cash paid by govt to lower an item s price, then it is called subsidy. eg govt buys rice at $5 per 10hg pack and sells to citizens at $1 per pack, govt subsidizes $4 per pack.

Is that clear on the word subsidy?

What govt pay for free parking continuously and the public actually receive cash benefits? NO for free parking, no cash benefits is derived for drivers. So only daft will think avoid paying is a subsidy.

Let me ask you: screwing grass rot women was free for some mp, was that s subsidy? The govt will not agree it is a subsidy. But the fact is someone avoided paying for the sex service. This is similar to free parking the penis, correct?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Its true that most things in Singapore are not free, far from it, damn expensive. With recent events however, this thing may be free - Given that his own sister has called him dishonorable in facebook and not been sued for libel, perhaps one can deduce that the general public is free to do the same in facebook. Unless, he is only making an exception for friends and family.

Anonymous said...

'Dishonorable' is a pretty strong word. A honourable Japanese, if he loses his honor will commit suicide by dismembering himself. I guess the word has lost its meaning as with all others like 'subsidy', 'democracy', 'human rights', 'compassion' etc.

Anonymous said...

Has Lawrence Wong just admitted to money laundering? He said, “Free parking is not free, it’s a subsidy to the motorist, paid for by non-motorists.”

When motorists pay road tax, the govt tells us that it does not mean that motorists paid for the roads - the money goes to a general fund. When motorists pay COE, it's more of the same thing.

Now Lawrence is saying that parking costs are paid by non-motorists. Non-motorists, get it? That means to Lawrence, the money paid by motorists has become the property of non-motorists. Not content with putting that money into a general fund, he is even denying the source of that money. Not content with saying, "this is not your money", he is now saying, "this money did not come from you"! Is that money laundering or what???