Changi Resort beckons for the pioneer generation

The new Changi Prison was built on a sprawling piece of land, landed property, with the latest security system and gadgets, costing, if I can recalled, $1b or $2b! It is a really expensive piece of property but could turn out to be a welcome retirement home for the pioneer generation in time to come. No where in Singapore is there a free charity home providing free meals, free medical, a bed to sleep on and 100% security from terrorist attacks or being robbed or walloped by the rich and talented foreigners on the streets of Singapore. This is the safest fortress for the feeble senior citizens to retire.

There is a new trend developing in Japan, where the senior citizens took on petty crimes as a way of life, to get invited to stay in prison for free food, medical and lodging. The high cost of living in Japan is forcing the seniors there to think out of the box to live and to get by.  The state pension of $9,400 per year for the retirees is just not enough to live on. The next viable and workable alternative is to get into prison for free food and lodging, and the answer to that is petty crime like shoplifting.

Singapore is now the most expensive city in the world. How can anyone expect the retirees without an income to get by? The Silver Support Scheme of $750 per quarter would just be too little to survive. And what about the super expensive medical bills in spite of the Medishield Life Scheme?

Would our pioneer generation survivors follow the trend set by the retirees in Japan? Our Changi Resort is the latest state of the art abode and is perfectly suited for the oldies, free food, free medical, good security and a warm bed to lie on. Maybe this is the foresight of the govt, to plan ahead for the pioneer generation oldies if they fall through the net.

The spacious Changi resort is beckoning to them.  Just be a little creative, and with a little effort, the pioneer generation could be invited to spend their golden years in the comfort and safety of this billion dollar complex, well fed, looked after and secure for life, protected from the elements and the beasts in the streets.

The Japanese have started it and setting the trend. We have the Korean wave for the millennial. This Japanese Wave will be very suitable for the seniors. Would it become the next craze in Sin City? A pop culture for the oldies, a revolution by the seniors.


Anonymous said...

Are prisoners allowed to vote?
- if yes, do you think they will still vote PAP from prison?

Anonymous said...

Ahsoka?! Ahsoka?! Ahsoka?!

I didnt know that the senior citizens in Arigato took on petty crimes
to get invited to stay in prison for free food, medical and lodging.

This is indeed thinking out of the box to live and to get by!

Is this really another "passive" income option for our seniors?

Will this trend entrenched here?

Will the "You-Die-Your-Business" "You-Die-Your-Business" way of life
here, "forced" our seniors to follow this step?

自己保重! 自己保重! 自己保重!

Hahaha.......知足常乐! 知足常乐! 知足常乐!


Anonymous said...

More lazy bargains on the card not to miss for the (internet) fun, free fibre WiFi n charging points available, over freedom/ privacy/ ... Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

They cannot beat or cane seniors. May have to push them around in wheelchairs in prison for a bit of fresh air. Can't ask for more.

Anonymous said...

This is another "大屋换小屋" option for our seniors?

This is another "大屋换小屋" option for our seniors?


Anonymous said...

Rb I think Changi prison has no bed. The prisoners slept on concrete floor may be with a mat. For old folks with weak bones, I don't think they can tahan. This is to discourage the Japanese trend taking hold here.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Changi prison idea:

No need for this lah. All the govt has to do is to encourage the old-fucks to use the filial piety laws aka "The Maintenance of Parents Act".

Charity begins at home. The "The Maintenance of Parents Act" could provide a lucrative revenue model for lawyers.

For the very "calculating" types of Singaporean---the type who counts every fraction of a cent, a cottage industry of professional killers could emerge. The calculating Singporean could then decide whether knocking-off his parents is "cheaper" than having to support them until they die anyway.

Anonymous said...

No bed in prison is against human right.

Anonymous said...

"The Maintnance of Parents Act" looks good , but hardly works like a charm in general. Asian parents, generally, will not resort to this, unless in desperation. After all, Sinkieland is now like a welfare state, though not in name. Workfare is one example, where people who knows how to beat the system, work the minimum, with minimum effort, coupled with minimum productivity, for maximum payouts, Shit by any other name smells just as revolting.

I don't know. Maybe the statistics will show how many parents actually make use of the "Maintenance of Parents Act".

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1116

As I opined in my previous post, the govt needs to ENCOURAGE parents to use the The Maintnance of Parents Act. Perhaps they could run a campaign. They're good a that 😂

In 2010 there were a series of TV spots on "filial piety" (check YouTube) which were very popular with the public. The new campaign could run along similar lines with a more "carrot and stick" approach which has shown to be a very effective way of "motivating" Singaporeans.

Singapore has been a welfare state for sometime now. However the welfare is TARGETED to certain groups and always has a political motive. The classic case is "Vote for us (PAP) and we'll 'look after' your HDB estate. If you don't, we won't.". Before elections there also have been cases of CPF top ups, share issues and whatnot. 💰💰 Singaporeans like anything to do with "free money".

Carrot💰 and Stick 🔫 👮....Works like a charm in oh-so predictable Singapore. 😝 😜 😱

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, new law above 70 Fall in at Changi Beach facing the Resort.

No lucky draw. ALL drafted. If not got White Donkeys No more Horses sure exempted. They Orr Amm one. Play dirty. Wear Lab coats.

Just get two or three Armoured or Tua pow pengs with GPMGS. Now dont know still got GPMGs or not. Or machine guns.

Line up in rolls and start firing.

Solve all problems. No need worry not enough nursing homes. Community Hospitals.

Send to JB. JB now also mostly Seafront condoms. Oops condos.

No need give extra PG subsidies.

One smart alec keeo blaming Pioneer Oldies for his woes.

Who has better ideas??

CCS or TCJ??

You see medisave life schedule Of premium or not??

Last time pay 300 plus now pay 600 plus. After so called subsidies 400 Plus.

What's about those not included in the subsidy??

Die lah. They said affordable.

Just received my Insurance renewal. Wah piang 900 plus with integrated shield. Plus rider thousand three plus.

Lucky CPF still git5 enough for 20 odd years.

After that got to volunteer chiang pee at changi beach.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo ..... Uncle Virgo49

MSN has so many "altruistic readers" ......

By then can form a sinkieland's MSN Oldies Voluntary Support Group?

In principle, Ai fully support such a voluntary outfit. ......

With Lao Goa having said they ownselves check ownselves, sinkies better ownselves look after ownselves ...... through ideas/ outfits/ network such as MSN's Oldies Voluntary Support Group ......?

patriot said...

Indeed the Bungalow at Changi provides the Best for the Oldie Sinkies.

Food, shelter, exercise, study and healthcare are all provided and protection round the clock.

Do show and guide the Old Folks, especially those that run out of fund for food and healthcare, to
the Place. They will appreciate the Kindness.


agongkia said...

Our Garmen has done well for the PGs so stop having entitlement mentality.
It is the duty of children to look into their welfare .NOT the garmen.
Many of these PGs like Virgo ,Patriot etc are many times loaded than many so stop thinking PGs need worry about their accommodation.
My Ah Kong always tell us not to have entitlement mentality and work hard,longer hours and not be lazy or choosy about jobs.
Ah Gong Kia ah..When your ah Kong came here,want to find job not easy,want tarsai oso need recommendation,but ah Kong lucky work as farmer ,driver and part time accountant at night .
Ah Kong knows that when he grow old,
he needed saving for sickness and funeral expenses.He specially instructed me not to depend on Garmen.

Anonymous said...

" It is the duty of children to look into their welfare .NOT the garmen. "
April 01, 2016 5:36 pm

If the PG is a PAP voter;
then children should let PAP gahmen look after the old fuck.

Anonymous said...

Fucking agongkia @ April 01, 2016 5:36 pm

You think look after elderly people in their eighties and nineties is so easy ah?
Only need love and filial piety and an untrained maid from a 3rd world village is it?
You also need medical skills and knowledge.

agongkia must be a dumb PAP motherfucker.
who thinks any SAF General can run a shipping company like NOL or a train company like SMRT.

It's now 2016.
40 plus years since our famous "Stop at Two" population policy.
Do you still think any old fucking untrained politician can be trusted to formulate a good population or fertility policy for Singapore?

agongkia said...

You need medical knowledge and skills to look after your elderly?Bluff who?
When is the last time you visit them.
Got give allowance or not.
My PG colleagues without car take very frequent off to send his PG wife for medical appointments, just becos my towkay give off easily.
The sons, ex senior civil servant and businessman sons always claim they are too busy to send her.
These poothowkias never bother whether their PG father in his 70s can risk losing his job anytime becos of the inconvenience he caused to his company.
You must be like these poothowkias.
Stop giving excuses.Be a filiel son.

agongkia said...

Many PG vote for PAP because they have foresight and know they cannot depend on their children. Voting for a trustworty and reliable Chenghoo can at least enjoy quarterly payout.Half a loaf is better than no bread.
Else they Chia Chow ,eat grass.

Anonymous said...

@ agongkia

It's a miracle!
You have solved the medical problems associated with old age.
Filial piety.

Filial piety can solve medical problems associated with dementia and Alzheimer.
Filial piety can cure knee problems and arthritis.

Singapore is saved.
The whole world is saved.

Do you think it was filial piety rather than SGH Hospital that made LKY's final months comfortable?
If yes, then LKY should have used filial piety treatment at home rather than at the SGH Hospital tio bo?

Anonymous said...

" My PG colleagues without car take very frequent off to send his PG wife for medical appointments, just becos my towkay give off easily.
The sons, ex senior civil servant and businessman sons always claim they are too busy to send her. "
April 01, 2016 8:43 pm

Don't conflate keeping medical appointments with filial piety and the need for a comprehensive medical care system for elderly Singaporeans.

Filial piety can replace comprehensive medical care?
If yes, then why not PM Lee renounce his medical benefits and use his children's filial piety to monitor his medical condition?

My friend works in Europe,
Only son.
Can't get a job in Singapore even though two of his Junior college friends are now Cabinet Ministers in PM Lee's cabinet.
Elderly mum is in Singapore under the care of a maid from Sri Lanka.

How does making Singaporeans work overseas compatible with also asking them bring parents to doctor appointments?

agongkia said...

Lame excuse lah.Your friend works in Europe because he just want to avoid taking care of his elders.One day he may even return to sell his parents house leaving the elderly homeless or secretly pray for his elderly to go heaven earlier.

Dun be naive.Many of my so call childhood friend also does that claiming cannot get a job here but the intention is to shirk responsibility and working oversee is just an excuse.
Your friend should come back immediately to care for his mum.Dun charboe.

Only poothowkia will leave their elderly in old folks home or hospital over knee problem etc.claiming comprehensive care is needed.
I care for my elderly till they kick the bucket in their 80s.
Bluff who?

Anonymous said...

"I care for my elderly till they kick the bucket in their 80s."
April 02, 2016 12:14 am

Don't bluff lah.
You are just waiting for your chance to sell your parents house leaving your elderly homeless or maybe secretly pray for your elderly to go heaven earlier tio bo?
You Singaporean or not?

All Singaporeans believe "you die is your business."
So what is your real motive in pretending to look after your elderly?
Are all their jewelry and money safe from your sticky fingers or not?

agongkia said...

Go and ask your ah chor,ah Kong or any kopitiam ah pek on whether they prefer to kick the buckets at home or in hospitals.
My love one once in Changi ICU and doctor say bokewliao..I rush to see him and he pleaded to go home ...finally he recovered,live for about another 8 years..
Elderly seeing their children at home can motivate them to live longer and can have a longer lifespan.
Go and visit your elderly this weekend.Buy them angkookway,soonkuey and kopi O kau .,instead of spending your time to kaypoh here.

agongkia said...

Ah boy ah..Go sleep early or if you got insomnia, go 24 hour kopitiam and buy Plata for your parent or grandparents n show your concern.
Dun play with your daddy's laptop.Good night.

Anonymous said...

@ the lying piece of shit called agongkia @ April 02, 2016 12:50 am

/// What concerns me is: How do I go? Will the end come swiftly, with a stroke in one of the coronary arteries? Or will it be a stroke in the mind that lays me out in bed for months, semicomatose?

Of the two, I prefer the quick one.

Some time back, I had an Advance Medical Directive (AMD) done which says that if I have to be fed by a tube, and it is unlikely that I would ever be able to recover and walk about, my doctors are to remove the tube and allow me to make a quick exit. I had it signed by a lawyer friend and a doctor...

If you do not sign one, they do everything possible to prevent the inevitable.

I have seen this in so many cases... Quite often, the doctors and relatives of the patient believe they should keep life going. I do not agree. There is an end to everything and I want mine to come as quickly and painlessly as possible, not with me incapacitated, half in coma in bed and with a tube going into my nostrils and down to my stomach. ///



So why did PM Lee keep sending LKY to SGH?
Why ah?
Why not use filial piety like agongkia suggest?
Why not use filial piety like all the PAP Ministers recommend?

agongkia said...

Why?Becos he not only father of PM but oso father of 70% PG Sinkies:-)

Anonymous said...

@ hypocritical piece of shit called agongkia

It's stupid Sinkies like you (and PAP Ministers) that create a lot of useless work for everybody.
Filial piety is not a substitute for a comprehensive system of preventive medicine and healthcare checks on the vulnerable elderly (rich or poor).

Preventive medicine reduces the demand for hospital beds.
And it's cheaper than curative medicine.

Filial piety is like religion.
It's a personal choice and has no place in the formulation of public health policy.

Those PAP Ministers touting "filial piety" as a cure-all should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

Wait you have an elder having all kinds of sickness and you cannot pay the bills. Then you will know how much is filial piety.

agongkia said...

Who cares ?So long as you dun hand long long asking for handout or free Changi stay when you got old.

agongkia said...

So when you are old and sick,tell your children to leave you in forest to die,no need pay bills lor.

Anonymous said...

Who cares ?So long as you dun hand long long asking for handout or free Changi stay when you got old.
April 02, 2016 10:06 am

Then PAP gahmen also dun hand long long asking for National Service or give cheap below market salary free when we are young.

agongkia ... you are indeed a hypocritical piece of PAP shit.
did you emerge from LKY's bedpan?

agongkia said...

Anon 1013
Only losers will keep mentioning LKY as if he is his father when they lost their argument.

patriot said...

Changi Bungalow is indeed the Best Refuge anyone can ask for.

Solid, safe and sound place for any homeless person of any age.

Free shelter, food and healthcare on top of compulsoty physical exercises and education.
It is only second to haven of any kind.

It definitely beckons.


patriot said...

Changi Bungalow is indeed the Best Refuge anyone can ask for.

Solid, safe and sound place for any homeless person of any age.

Free shelter, food and healthcare on top of compulsoty physical exercises and education.
It is only second to haven of any kind.

It definitely beckons.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! Seems like I lit the fuse to a very contentious issue: looking after the old folks in the family.

Nice to see my fellow "hum sup uncle" agongkia valiantly holding the fort from being run-over by those assholes who think they can leave the care of the aged to the state whilst they, the selfish children, carry on enjoying the good life in Singapore without giving a flying fuck to the welfare of their parents.

I say haul these horrible children into the courts and use the laws to seize control of their assets and forcibly pay for the upkeep of their aged parents, so that the taxpayer is not burdened. As a further measure, publicly shame these stingy assholes in the media. 👍🏽

agongkia said...

Sifu,its your loyal hum sup disciple.
I learnt from you:-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please, sir...you're way to kind by lavishing me with far too much credit...way more than I deserve...

Humbly yours...

patriot said...

The Disciple and the Sifu
are prepared and ready to
face off with their successors
in Court.
But, chances of it happening
NOT very high cos Both seem
successful with many families.
Maybe it's their families members
that will go to Court to fight over their huge
assets in Sin and elsewhere..

Anyway, it's not kind to say Fellow Sinkies are not filial, entitlement
prone or lazy, unless your kins, frens and people around You are showing such traits.

Do they?


Anonymous said...

My Ah Kong always tell us not to have entitlement mentality and work hard,longer hours and not be lazy or choosy about jobs.

Maybe it is time to tell your Ah Kong times have changed since china flood gate open. Next time it would be worst when robots take over. You think taxi driver job is safe but then who knows? Let us know if your Ah Kong got invest in property or at least buy HDB flat during his times so you and his son can enjoy?.

Live 8 years long till kick bucket in the 80s. So was in ICU and doc say no hope. Were they really "living" healthy (enjoying life) later on or suffering. Reminded me of an ex colleague story... Father kana cancer (cant remember which part) and was in 3rd stage. It came very sudden and no symptoms. Father request for Pork - 3 layer belly pork. Daughters rejected that request and make him go through detox program. In the end, old man did not have his last wish. What is filial?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot

Everyone is, at least at some points in their lives, lazy, entitled, non-filial....also arrogant, selfish, rude, apathetic, ignorant, insane, lecherous, angry and inappropriate. These are normal human traits, and states of being ("negative" ones) we all experience in our individual lives. Humans also experience the more "positive" states like joy, happiness, cheekiness, playfulness....etc.

In our wonderful island pardise, we live under The Rule of Law which essentially puts certain PROHIBITIONS on behaviour.

You can no more run through the public spaces bare-assed and dick-swinging naked just because you are filled with jubilation because Man Utd beat Arsenal, than you can go smashing up cars and destroying property just because you got angry after your boss called you "stupid" and insulted you by promoting a junior over you.

The law doesn't give a shit on how an individual feels, but it absolutely will punish them if they don't exercise self-governance, then allow their emotions to get the better of them and behave "unlawfully". Each individual is responsible for their own behaviour. e.g.: when they receive a notice in the mail to report for NS, the male individual has to---under the threat of punishment---turn up and report. It doesn't matter if he feels that NS is "siong" or has written lengthy passionate screeds on the internet on "why conscription is wrong".

Similarly, take the legislation pertaining to filial piety. Oldies need not fear, and best of all, they don't have to "judge" their children as "selfish" or "uncaring", which will make any parent feel damn lousy, as one will expect. The law is blind to these human emotions.

If an aged parent is in need of welfare/ healthcare or support....BANG BANG (sound of a magistrate's gavel signalling the FINALITY of JUSTICE), the kids have to comply with the law. Done! ...next case...

patriot said...

Good Morning
Matilah Singapura
and All;

I have lots of faith in the Law's 'Effectiveness', BUT, whether the Law works for JUSTICE, me am not too sure.

As for kids and spouses having to pay maintenance and alimony, suffice to say, there is little the Law can do, except maybe to increase the Residents at the Changi Bungalow and other Bungalows for Destitutes and desperates.

This time, me gonna say You and Your Disciple are the Most Sane and Saint Sinkies around. Kudos to Both for Your Piety and Loyalty.

Respectfully Yours:

patriot said...

Kudos to Both for Your 'FILIAL piety and Loyalty.

Amended by