Bukit Batok By Election – One simple question

Bukit Batok residents should ask the two MP wannabes one simple question. We are going to pay you $16,000 a month, plus bonuses and other tangible and intangible perks. Would these be good enough for them to serve full time?

If the answer is yes, good. Vote for him. If not, ask him why? Money not enough? $16,000 plus plus not good enough for an MP to serve the people full time? Hey, $16,000 is a lot of money you know. The cleaners only earn less than $1000. The sweepers also earn less than that amount, so do the toilet cleaners and security guards. Even an estate manager in any big development would barely be paid half of this sum.

$16,000 not good enough? How much do you want to serve full time? $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000? An MP’s job is very important you know. You don’t think an MP job is masak masak, can do part time, walk about only on weekends and at night.

With $16,000 we want a full time MP. Take it or leave it. We want full commitments and conviction and dedication to do the job, as an honourable MP. We are voting for more than just an estate manager, an MP that looks after us and national issues and represent us in the Parliament, not absent from Parliament. An MP’s job is not chasing after soiled pampers or kissing dogs and cats, or kissing babies only.

The people of Singapore must raise their expectations of what an MP is all about if they are going to be paid $16,000! Of course lah, to some $600,000 also peanuts and would not be able to appreciate how much is $16,000 or $1,000.  Such amounts are small change, not worth a second look, not worth a full time devotion to the job, got more important things to do to make more money. When people look down on $16,000, you know what kind of people they are or what is in their minds, what is more important to them.

Who would you vote for, an MP who would serve you full time or one saying he could only spare you some of his time, part time? Just ask, $16,000 full time, want or not? If not, next please. Have you heard of people sneering, ‘What is $10 million?’


Anonymous said...

"Just ask, $16,000 full time, want or not?"

Please lah, it is not a matter of full time or part time, but whether who can serve them better.

Depending on the circumstances and also the job, full time not necessary can do a better job, anymore than part time will do a worse job, tio bo?

I am afraid in the case of Bukit Batok MP, common sense will tell you that the circumstances and also the job may not favor Dr Chee, even if he does it full time.

Anonymous said...

I think if Dr Chee is elected, he may show his face and his grinning white teeth to residents much more often than Murali. That's the advantage Chee has over Murali. So residents who like to see his face will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

"So residents who like to see his face will vote for him."
Anon 9:54 am

So if opposition field young pretty ladies who are willing to be full time MPs, will this strategy work to their favour in the next GE? But sure can get Agongkia and Matilah's votes.

Virgo49 said...

Daft Sinkies easily manipulated and brought over even by abalone porridge.

For years Mr Chiam served faithfully and Ms Lee Li Lian also served full time.

Why get one who only shows faces at special occasions like to commemorate a passing human being they believed to be God.

The PAP will simply thrown in some special goodies for the Built Buttock residents and you shall see the percentage of the PAP votes up higher.

Soon Sinkies got to sell their buttocks as the economy worsens and the foreign hordes replaced them.

As one bro said need to borrow from Kins to buy their coffins or don't shed tears until they see the coffins

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a matter of chees and byes.
Not happy with more chees and you want more byes?
This by election is all about cheebyes but no one is talking about it anymore.
What do you think is the reason?

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure, Dr Chee would not have to do his walkabouts and integration with the residents at night and work so hard into the night.

As a full time MP, he has the full day to conduct his duties and integration with the people in broad daylight and working very hard also.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Just ask, $16,000 full time, want or not? If not, next please. //

The current critical issues in sinkieland are those of economics than say social or law in terms of relative importance to typical sinkies?

If there is a trained economist and a good one among the candidates, historically at this type of economically trying times especially in the coming few years, sinkies might show their usual practical streak and choose a good economist ahead of a psychologist or lawyer?

Unfortunately both are not and sinkies might be indifferent to both in terms of meeting their current needs for strong economic alternatives or options to brainstorm the way through to potential rough seas ahead and throw up breakthrough ideas for sinkies and sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

20 years ago I make 29,000 a month. Then was a lot of money. Today I not so sure is enough.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We had a breakthrough idea. Increase population.
The next breakthrough idea is also increase population.
The future breakthrough idea of this govt will also be increase population.

agongkia said...

Dun be lui bin.
An ideal one would be one who can forego the allowance,part time or not.
Any allowance should be distributed among the residents who need help financially.
Serve the resident sincerely,not because of allowances.

Anonymous said...

The future breakthrough idea of this govt will also be increase population.
RB 10:54 am

Why not, if the opposition is still not ready to be govt in the future.

Anonymous said...

There you have it?

The candidate sinkies and sinkieland need badly?

3 breakthrough ideas using breakthrough population x 3?


Fellow sinkies, please now go stand near the windows if you are at home or stand up if you are outside at foodcourts or hawker centres and do 1 gazillion face palms to "salute 3 breakthrough ideas" ahead that can help the sampan sink faster ...... oops ....... stay afloat longer ........ oops no, stay afloat forever. ....?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyoh. Please lah folks, keep this amunt in perspective. Remember you live in Singapore---one of THE RICHEST places you can ever be on this planet.

16 grand to many in Singapore is merely "the cost of a good night out". If you ask a few towkays, they will tell you their "budget" for an evening of mahjong is 20k and above.

The money is there...in bucket loads. All you have to do is GET IT from the people who HAVE IT.

However if you think you can raise money by selling packets of tissue at the MRT or food centers, then you probably find raising 16k a bit difficult. 😂😂 (worse business idea EVER)

Anonymous said...

Our retailers eg Isetan, metrol, are losing money due to poor purchasing power obviously. Increasing population reduces local citizens s employment chances, and also reducing the salary pm when employers have foreigners to choose.

How long do u think Isetan can bear the loss of $2millions per month? The banks will go bankrupt.

Dont ignore Indonesia has grown up. Jokowi has set deadline to take over the aircontrol of its own airspace. It means controlling the flights into changi and also flights taking off from seletar for sg s jets. This outstanding problem is again re surfaced: sg taking in criminals who ran off with indonesia s illegal money. Last week, 1 was sent back to Indon. The man ran off with a sentence of 14 yrs in indon, yet sg was able to keep him since 2011.

And Indon v president is not giving chance in his words:
"Speaking to reporters at the Vice President’s palace, Mr Kalla noted that Indonesia already has in place extradition treaties with many countries.

“But the area where many fugitives run away to - that is Singapore - there is no extradition agreement. Hopefully, Singapore can change its mind to also sign an extradition agreement,” said Mr Kalla."

Sg citizens may find some day, a repeat of Little India riots by foreigners. Will NS men be able to control the situation? Think harder. NS men are not cohesive with so many foreigners taking away their jobs and higher education opportunities. Sg is heading for something called implosion, may be.

Anonymous said...

Sg is heading for something called implosion, may be.
Anon 11:31 am

Not so soon, when only just last year, 70% had voted for the PAP.

Maybe the implosion will happen in 50 years' time, about the time when the opposition is ready to take over as govt, or worse, forced to take over as govt.

Anonymous said...

"Our retailers eg Isetan, metrol, are losing money due to poor purchasing power obviously."
Anon 11:31 am

Not really or obviously lah. They are losing money because Sinkies are getting better value for money by shopping in other places, and more conveniently too.

Anonymous said...

"Sg citizens may find some day, a repeat of Little India riots by foreigners. Will NS men be able to control the situation?"
Anon 11:31 am

Of course NS men will be able to control the situation. The strategy is to let those rioters riot until they get tired, then the NS men will move in to arrest them. This is a less risky way to arrest rioters, and to get the job done. No point confronting rioters head on, as this is more dangerous to the NS men and also may not get the job of arresting done.

Anonymous said...

Ano 11:54am.
I think u missed out on the private debts average citizens are bearing. 70% to 80% citizens has increased their private debts. ie from buying flats to buying flats and condos.

At the same period, the salary average citizens earning has been staying at level 10-15 year ago. A manager job was paid $5kpm, it is still $5k pm. May be u are at different jobs that can give u super scale increases. But u must look at jobs offered in the market.
Look at the income, then look at the outlays. U can work out the purchasing power.

U might thing going to JB to buy cheaper goods, took away local retailers business. Who is so free to go JB to queue at the causeway for savings? If they dont need the savings due to their income.

The situation is spiraling down, ie debt heavier due to interest higher, due to lose of jobs, and income stagnant, but children expenses increases.

U have different observations? State it out.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous April 24, 2016 11:18 am
//The future breakthrough idea of this govt will also be increase population.
RB 10:54 am

Why not, if the opposition is still not ready to be govt in the future.//

To put things in perspectives, total merchandise trade fell by about $100 billion in 2015 to about $880 billion from about $980 billion in 2014

Yoy, NODX in Mar 2016 fell by another 15.6%

Given the worsening competitiveness of sinkies exports, the trend is unlikely to reverse any time soon given deep embedded structural and high costs issues sinkieland faced which CANNOT be resolved overnight or even at all?

Anonymous said...

So 2016 probably is a given that total merchandise trade might nosedive another conservative projection of 10% Yoy?

That means it will plummet to around $800 billion or less for 2016?

Given "no respite in sight", who is to guarantee this trend will cease by end 2016?

Anonymous said...

What would happen in the economic scene by 2020/ 2021?

Never say never?

The economic pains of plunging exports ( given historical dependency on exports-led growth ) likely will be felt in 2H 2016 onwards and given the time lag element, 2017 could be worst?

Anonymous said...

U have different observations? State it out.
Anon 12:06 pm

How many stores are there for Isetan and Metro, as compared to other retailers?

Sinkies not necessary buy at JB to get better value for money. There are so many stores around their homes or offices offering better value for money than Isetan and Metro.

And Sinkies who travel frequently are even buying things overseas or online. I have friends who never bought any of their clothes in local shops at all.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether full-time or part-time or who so ever stand for
the BB by-election, the current market "han-cheng" index is:

PAP 68% vs 32% OPP

Don't look any further for forecast!


Anonymous said...

If brick and mortal retailers cannot "tong", who is going to pay the "HIGH RENT" $$$-faced landlords are asking?

Who is gg to hire all these employees by $$$-losing retailers?

Unemployment consequences are multi-dimensional and debilitating individually, socially and economically. .....?

Dun prey prey?

Besides, prolonged unemployment results in human capital decumulation as well as the economic phenomenon of HYSTERESIS?

Anonymous said...

Sin Is rich so can pay high wages
Sin is righteous because it laws said so
Sin is the way, the truth and Sin is your life

Anonymous said...

Ano 12:21pm

U r saying in this po that Isetan Metrol s losses are other sg retailers gain. I have no statistics except observing if this is really true. Other should watch if this is true. In general, Isetan, Metrol have buyers good at selection, and buy at volume discounts, yet they cannot beat other similar products retailers. If that is the true background, Isetan and Metrol have stocked the wrong products?

I thought you were hitting at my po on the same reasoning of low purchasing power. So we are not on the same subject. U are hitting at the big retailers wrong products on sales. I dont think that is the reason i avoid buying from them. I used to buy office wear and children wear from Isetan. But not now as the prices are too high, probably due to the increased rental at orchard road.
Mine is the purchasing power problem.

Anonymous said...

I paid $16,000/month and all I got was a lousy nodding white parrot in parliament and a part time monkey that works 3 times a week.

Can complain to CASE or not ah?

Anonymous said...

Sin is an exceptional country. It can pay politicians in the millions. It can pay landlords sky high rentals. The people can afford to pay and pay for their goods and services.

This is the right model to go forward, pay and pay for more prosperity.

Anonymous said...

North Korea Tells Citizens to Prepare Themselves for Famine


Do you think Singapore is entering into a recession?
Do you think the $16,000/month MP salary is recession-proof?

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

The higher up you ascend, the more pay you will be rewarded and the less productive you should be(talk cock mostly). They are Members of the elite class of special Privileges.

Virgo 49 said...

Now Murali-AH just thrown in the baits- Multi-generational park, civerec link ways in the pipeline for Bukit Buttocks residents.

Mr Chee got what to offer??

A voice in Parliament??

You think the Bukit Batok residents will buy Murali ir Chee's options??

Voice in the Parliament not only for buttocks residents but all Singaporeans.
Why cares for who he speaks for??

We want the parks for our leisure and convenience first.

To Hell with the Voice of Parliament.

Better see the Voice of China on telly better.

Bukit Buttocks residents not have gonna be like Hougang residents.

No trains, we take bus. No bus we walk.

They would not want to forego this extra for the rest of the sinkies.

We are conditioned to behave thus by the 50 years of PAP divide and rule tragedies.

patriot said...

As said by Redbean; the Planner built too many Public Housing, of course due to poor planning or ill intent.
What did the Rulers do?
They resettled the Villagers, paying them peanuts and sell them all the Excess Public Housing.
They must have discovered good money coming from building housing and acquiring land. So, more resettlings and more building developments.

Then more expensive designs were incorporated and condition to buy them were expanded for PRs to buy them resale. Soon more PRs were and are invited to be citizens and are then allowed to buy new public housings and even landed property.
What follow is up to your imagination.

Shall repeat here, that the ONLY way to keep the Economy going for Sin is to import more settlers and sell more National Assets.

And as a collateral consequence, the
PAWNING of the Native Sinkies. Anyway 70% were happy with the Arrangements made and are in the Making.
Dont believe me;
believe in the Result of the Coming By-election at Bukit Batok.
Murali 70% easily.


Anonymous said...

Why like that? Because they all think like graduates with fucked brains

Anonymous said...

You think Murali so rich ah, can give free this, free that, can build this and that?
Where is the money coming from? PAP or poon pee pee?

It is your money ok.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are not daft for no reason.

They sell themselves for crumbs
and think they got good deals.

What's money when money are
fron the daft thenselves?

Anonymous said...

How Boots went rogue

Britain’s biggest pharmacy used to be a family business, dedicated to serving society.
Now, many of the company’s own staff believe that its relentless drive for profit is putting the public at risk

Is the same thing happening to PAP and the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

Is the Boots Family similar
to a Familee in Sin ?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Have you heard of people sneering, ‘What is $10 million?’//

Last year total merchandise trade shrank by about $0.1 trillion or about $100 billion . ....?

Going by current trajectory as of Mar 2016 ( given Mar 2016 alone NODX fell by 15.6% yoy ), it may shrank by approximately another $80 billion?

Within 2 years ( 2015,2016 ), almost $200 billion or $0.2 trillion could be wiped out in total merchandise trade from the $980 billion figure clocked in 2014?

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, based on 2015 figures, global world trade rose?

Also it is projected to grow as well in 2016?

What is happening?

Anonymous said...

Historically, falling exports are linked to domestic structural problems and uncompetitive products in the international market?

In countries such as Greece, uncompetitive products are seen to emanate from rigid labour institutions etc.

This should not be the case in sinkieland as its labour policies are (in)famous ( among sinkies? ) for "national infidelity" bordering "the wide legs loose morality found only in red lights operating zones"?

Anonymous said...

In other words, its plunging NODX month after month in recent past is UNLIKELY due to its labour market as its "legs are opened so yawning wide inviting massive huge penetration of foreign labour influx"?

Karma is a bitch?

The price of falling NODX is an indirect consequence of GREED on unprecedented scale caused by riches attained through PURE property inflation and exploitative, economically unproductive rent seeking parasitic policies?