Bukit Batok - The $1.9m riddle, whose money?

What is this $1.9m upgrading package? To me it is a simple number  but why are the politicians fumbling with this number like a hot potato and could not get it right? Hey, I expect politicians to know how to count, to know how to get their numbers correct.  Murali said this $1.9m is part of the $24m package David Ong proposed for the people of Bukit Batok. Then why not say so, why not say it is $24m and not a miserable $1.9m. To those expecting and waiting for the $24m package, this looks like loose change, short changed.

Murali finally qualified to say that the $24m works out to be about $4.5m a year. He further qualified that some projects already completed, some work in progress, so the balance, does it work out to be precisely $1.9m? What is this $1.9m, work not started yet, new projects or projects initiated by David Ong? Or is the $1.9m projects the sole initiative of Murali so he has to say this separately to distinguish himself from David Ong? What is what now?

As a layman, what the Bukit Batok residents may want to know is where is this money coming from? Are they the resident’s money from the Bukit Batok constituency, or general tax payers’ money or are they the PAP’s money? This point is relevant to the question raised by the SDP about pork barrel politics, about vote buying.  The PAP said there is nothing to do with vote buying, so the money is rightly to be the residents’ money and the PAP is just managing the money and using the residents’ money to improve the estate. This sounds right, it is the people’s money and only how to use it in the best way to benefit the people. If it is the PAP’s money then the allegation by the SDP for vote buying may have some basis to work on.

Can I thus conclude that the money belong’s to the residents, is there waiting for the MP/Town  Council to propose how to use it in the best way for the residents? If this is the case, can Chee Soon Juan also promise to use the same money, the residents’ money to upgrade the estate that he thinks best when the residents give him the mandate by electing him as their MP? Can right?

So if Chee Soon Juan would to promise the residents that he would use the same many, the residents’ money to upgrade the estates for the residents’ good, would he be accused of vote buying? No right.

Let me organize the facts to make it clear to the residents of Bukit Batok and Singaporean.  The $24m is the residents’ money and David Ong had proposed how it should be used for the residents when he was the MP. Would this plan be changed because there is a change of MP? It should not right? Or even if it should, the money, the balance that has not been used should still be available to the new MP to use for the benefits of the residents right?  Oh, caveat, in a GE, when there is a change of MP, the money not used must be transferred to a reserves fund, cannot be touched by the new MP from another party even if it is the residents’ money. Don't ask me to explain the logic or stupidity of this provision. I am not a party to it. It looks mischievous. The money is not earned by the MP investing in some clever bonds. The money are contributions, collections from the residents. Why should a new from another party be deprived from using it for the good of the residents?

In the case of a by election, would the same rules applied, ie, the new MP cannot touch it if he is from SDP and not from PAP? I really dunno.  The basic question, whose money is it? The residents’ or the party’s?

There is this money paid by the residents, amounting to $24m, some spent, some on the way, some still available. Can Chee Soon Juan use this money to upgrade the estate and proposed his plans to the residents and not be accused of vote buying?

What is the issue, what is the problem? $1.9m or balance of $24m? If Murali can promise the residents with the residents’ money, why can’t Chee? It is definitely not the PAP’s money right?


virgo49 said...

Chee should ask the PAP : Mr Goh where is the 8 billions dollars??

Lend to Indonesia ah??

Masok, sudah habis ah??

Or to IIMCB??

What is 1.9m to 8 billions.

1.9 not enough for Dorai to make 5 gold taps.

Do not use peoples monies as backsides for your face

Anonymous said...

As mentioned before.......

Whether 24M or 1.9M upgrading programme.......

Whether SDP prepared or unprepared for the BE......

Whether who from pap stands as a candidate in BB......

Etc etc etc................

PAP will still win with eyes closed!

BB is not PE! Die-die-must-vote for PAP!

On 7 May 16, PAP will be returned with.........

PAP 68% vs 32% SDP

Only HE can help CSJ! Yes only HIM! Will HIM?

We shall see.

Cheers n enjoy your looong weekend!

Anonymous said...

If 70 percent vote for PAP again then we must all join CC.

WE can then have free chicken rice, free mangoes, Wendies

We can join the Auunties to learn line dancing etc. Sound nice,

virgo49 said...

My ex-partner joined RC line dancing like a clown wearing cowboys hats and boots just to hold the hands of Wendies.

Line in line out switch partners.

Cheap thrills.

Hey, sometimes they got trips to Genting etc. Or better still Cameron Highlands. COLD COLD.

Some Wendies go alone.Husbands look for fresh fruits like AhGongKia and Matilah.

So you join and go alone also.

Nites can share same rooms


Anonymous said...

Like that how can sinkieland not sink?

No eyes to see?

The younger generations really "looked down" on all these uncles and aunties?

Anonymous said...

They "anyhow do", then expect their descendants to be well behaved and have food upbringing?

Anonymous said...

Stupid auto correct ......

Should be ".....good upbringing?"

Anonymous said...

I will always put Bukit Batok before own interests, says PAP’s Murali Pillai

But my job comes first, I will do my job full time and MP part time.

Anonymous said...

"If Murali can promise the residents with the residents’ money, why can’t Chee?"

Chee can win or not? If cannot, then Chee promise got use or not, u tell me lah?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, those aunties very experienced ones.

Squat down and they know what you want. Doggy is it??

They whispered in your ears that their ah laus do not touch them last ten years.

You tell them, I brought ten years worth of vigara and condoms and let's make ten years worth of love making.

Oops making Red bean blog into RA blog.

Anonymous said...

/// ... when there is a change of MP, the money not used must be transferred to a reserves fund, cannot be touched by the new MP from another party even if it is the residents’ money. Don't ask me to explain the logic or stupidity of this provision. ///

Is this what is meant by Singaporeans having to "repent" for voting for the Opposition?

Is it correct to say that if Singaporeans voted in an Opposition MP or government, Singaporeans will be "punished" by having money belonging to Singaporeans transferred to a reserve? So that Singaporeans can no longer access money that belongs to us?

But what about CPF money?
Even when we keep voting PAP into government elections after election ... isn't it true that accessing our own CPF money keeps getting more and more difficult?

So why keep voting PAP?
Does voting PAP make our own money become more inaccessible to us?

Anonymous said...

Head Of Deutsche Bank "Integrity Committee" Fired Due To "Overzealousness"


/// .... The shocking termination comes comes just three weeks before Deutsche’s annual shareholder meeting on May 19, at which the bank’s supervisory board is likely to come under scrutiny, and even more dirty laundery may be set to emerge, especially since as the FT adds, "one small shareholder has requested a special audit of whether members of Deutsche’s supervisory board or management board breached their obligations in how they dealt with some of the bank’s legal entanglements." ///

Who guards the guardians?
Who watches the watchmen?

Do you think Deutsche Bank will need 56 man-years to meet its regulatory and legal requirements?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> what the Bukit Batok residents may want to know is where is this money coming from? <<

Wishful thinking. The majority whose collective votes will count in the end do not care. All they'll be interested in is in the MONEY to get their kampong "upgraded".

Success in politics depends on how successfully you can MANIPULATE the public consciousness to your benefit. People are only concerned with their own NARROW self-interest. When you successfully appeal to their self-interest by stimulating the "fear and greed" mechanisms, you will get their collective vote.

Giving away "pork" is a tried and true political strategy in Singapore. Those wards who have not "towed the PAP line" have been made to "pay the price". Those who favour the PAP over the opposition have had their "support" rewarded. Pork barrel politics WORKS in Singapore. Period.

>> The PAP said there is nothing to do with vote buying <<

😂 What, are you 5 year's old? 😂

Of course they will say that lah! One of the greatest strengths of being an adult human is the ability to DENY THE FACTS even when the facts are plainly visible to everyone and out in the open. If humans cannot lie bare-faced and stand by their lies as "truth", our entire civilization an species will COLLAPSE. Bullshit is the GLUE which keeps everything together, functioning and running smoothly so we can all have a great standard of living.

Anonymous said...

So why keep voting PAP?
Does voting PAP make our own money become more inaccessible to us?
Anon 12:25 pm

Because the opposition will be worse if voted in as govt, that's why. Is Chee PM material, u tell me lah?

And why would majority (aka 70%) Sinkies want to access their CPF money, when their bank accounts already have so much money? And which bank can pay as much interest for deposits as CPF ?

Anonymous said...

Why Low Thia Khiang and WP never help Chee Soon Juan in his Chee by election campaign? I say Chee by election because the "super-star" candidate is Chee. Before this, who has even heard about Murali, as compared to Chee?

Anonymous said...

PM felt Chee was hypocritical saying people should not kick the pm who played with other s wife while he is down.
PM s words must be taken seriously. What i interpreted the message is to carry on kicking this mp for bringing family breakup to a married woman. At least, a 50% responsibility has to be shared by the mp.

Chee must say this out clearly to the BB by election rally participants. At least 50% responsibility. But Chee chose to say dont kick someone when he was down. This showed Chee is not high in moral principle in married men playing with married women. Chee better learn from PM s high standard demanding SDP to bombard such poor behavior from a person taking $16k from coffer per month.

I agree with PM, Chee was not sincere but trying to gain favor from the crowd for saying some idiotic idiom. Kick the fellow when he is down for going for pleasure between his legs ignoring a family s welfare at breaking up. Learn from me Chee or dont even mention such issue.

Anonymous said...

Amid Rising Fears Of Nuclear Terrorism, Belgium Hands Out Iodine Pills To Entire Population
One month after we learned that the Brussels suicide bombers had planted hidden cameras at the home of the top Belgian nuclear official, we now learn that in a disturbing continuation of this story, the entire population of Belgium will be receiving iodine tablets, which helps to limit the effects of radiation on the body, as fears increase around the security of its nuclear power plants.


Should we build a nuclear plant in Singapore?
Will we enjoy more terrorists-related tourism dollars?

Anonymous said...

PAP 68% vs 32% SDP
Anon 9:34 am

I would be more charitable to SDP. My prediction:

PAP 60% SDP 35% Spoilt votes 5%

Because some people really may not like PAP but they also don't want Chee as MP. So they spoil their votes lah. And I predict spoilt vote % will be quite high.

Anonymous said...

German nuclear plant hit by computer viruses


I love the smell of radioactivity in the morning.

Anonymous said...

"Learn from me Chee or dont even mention such issue."
Anon 1:19 pm

I agree. This is another wrong move made by Chee. He indeed has a lot to learn, due to the many wrong moves he had made in the past, some of which were downright stupid, eg shouting at ex PM Goh during an election campaign.

Anonymous said...

Something to learn from AHPETC. When the enemy made a mistake, bite on it, don't let go, keep repeating it and tear it pieces and chew and chew everyday, keep reminding everyone of the enemy's mistake, keep hammering, never stop. That is what good honourable politicians should do.

No wonder WP got hammered to shit and Dr Chee is not a successful politician.

Anonymous said...

They are still attacking Dr Cee at the rally. See post in TOC.

Lakam Bhai wrote, "Looking at how these pappies attack CSJ (Chee Soon Juan) is really shameful! 20 yrs ago story all dig out! BB wouldn't want to hear grandmother stories la! Talk abt wat they are going to offer to the residents. No point talking abt the past! Even CSJ did not dig out any stories from the previous MP. That case totally shameful!"

Jeenee Ng wrote, "Which is more serious? Shouting at people or sleeping with resident's Wife? I do not mean to launch personal Attack but you guys have forgotten what was the reason to have this By-Election in Bukit Batok and attacking people for stuff that already happened more than 20 years ago. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.“

Namtose Ng wrote, "Can we stop all these personal attacks on Dr Chee. All these happened more than 20 yrs ago n in a spur of emotions. - Really NOTHING when compared to betraying brother/grassroots who has helped us so much ... and sleep with his wife. ."

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 207 & 222:

CSJ's biggest "problem" is that he's too nice a guy and too decent a human being to succeed in politics. When he doesn't get the attention, he goes off to his mates in The Guardian or the Beeb (BBC), instead of say, going off to the find someone who can "destroy" his opponents. He refuses to play dirty against a "superior" opponent, so he ends up in the shitter all the time.

The PAP are Machiavellian---i.e. they use carrot and stick effectively and bend to the idea "it is better to be feared than loved". In the meantime, CSJ goes on a "walkabout" throughout the whole island of Singapore trying to "win hearts and minds" with his cordial demeanour and passion for a (more) democratic, politically pluralistic Singapore. Sorry lah Dr. that shit won't work in Singapore.

LKY had it right when he said the only way to govern a Chinese society was to whack them hard and forcibly interfere with their lives as necessary.

Chee SJ is too much of a normal, decent human to do any of those things. And so, the only way he will get it is if he wins the "pity vote", and that ain't happening in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

/// LKY had it right when he said the only way to govern a Chinese society was to whack them hard and forcibly interfere with their lives as necessary. ///

On this point I have to agree.
Chinese slaves are used to being bullied and exploited by their emperors and elites.
Democracy, equality and freedom will never thrive under a Chinese civilization and culture.

Sorry redbean. This is a point I find very hard to let go.

patriot said...

'forcibly interfere with their lives'.

This, MP Ong did with his dedicated grassrot members. Wouldn't say it was forcibly done, but he knew that Wetty was married and her hubby was oso his ardent grassrot supporter, maybe he is still a Pappies Supporter?

It is going to be an uphill task for Chee, NOT BECOS HE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH OR TOO GOOD(?) as assessed by my Idol.
It's becos Sinkies just love the Sinking Feeling and also too use to the Screwings by the Pappies.

Very much concur with my Idol that the Sheeples deserve their Screwer Masters.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28pm
The concerted attacks on Chee by pap speakers and mp reported last night and this morning reflected the unchanged politics of discrediting opposition candidate. I agree with u its Chee trying to be seen as a "good boy not kicking somebody down" sounded unnecessary last night. I would add point for Chee when he stated objectively pap mp has not been high on moral behavior on 2 cases leading to by election. Such behavior reflected the selected candidates flaws. And if Chee points out the consequences of costing hundred thousands to have by election and painful experience for the husband to pick up pieces of broken relationship similar to broken glass, the listeners would have add points for Chee.
Your example of him shouting at goh was an act of a "hero bo kis si". Such behavior did not add point to asian adults watching their kids.
Chee study psychology, he needs his wife to tell him to be more careful on words perhaps. Chee should realize his chance is getting better with old men in pap having to surrender i/c. He must also act fast to grow his career because his turn to give up the i/c is not extremely far fetch. Wish him good luck.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to get dirty, don't enter into the pigsty. Pigsty is for pigs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Wendy's family, husband, relatives and friends will be voting?

Anonymous said...

Chee should realize his chance is getting better with old men in pap having to surrender i/c.
Anon 4:25 pm

All will know in the late hours of May 7 whether above is true or not.

For Chee, if he wins, it will be a great deal, but if he loses, it will be a great blow for which he may not recover.

Anonymous said...

This by election is called cheeby election not for nothing. But strangely cheeby is a word that would not be spoken, or no one would say it in the whole election. Chee is the honourable gentleman that would not want to raise it to embarrass the families. This is a kind an honourable man, a good believer of God, a God fearing man, that would not keep harping about an indiscretion, a mistake someone made in the past.

Only small and vicious and morally corrupt people will keep talking about history. One day they would wear a yellow ribbon to tell you they are kind and will forgive people for their mistakes. When personal interest is at stake they would become the most vicious devils and throw the yellow ribbon into the shit hole.

Would the PAP talk about Wendy and David? What for? Gone, over, let's move on. Let's not talk about people's mistakes. This cheeby election has nothing to do with them. It is about town councils and about Dr Chee. Yes it is a cheeby election, about Dr Chee, nothing to do with Wendy and David. They have nothing to do with the PAP.

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 6.40

No need late hours. After 8 pm closing time within 2 hours, dip polls you will know approximately the outcome.

Hope like Aljunied Georgie Boy hanging his head low as he exits the counting station.

Cheers SDP

Anonymous said...

Wendy and David issue is for religion to masturbate for more tithes and offerings. Too much weight has been put on the character of leaders but the truth is, good character does not translate to good politics because good character is just too subjective. Good and honorable leaders throughout history have been plenteous dishonourable and murderous. There is no such thing as "good" because we can never totally agreed on what's good when your means to an end is my end to your means

PM better just stick to solving mathethetic quizzes.

Anonymous said...

Yah loor..even the great master said...why call me good?..you stupid or what

Anonymous said...

Good means can fuck you good so good you don't know who fucked you because you never suspect good people can fuck you tio boi

Anonymous said...

see good and capable people vote is it? so smart. see bad and incapable don't vote is it? so logical

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:40pm

May 7 is the first serious election Chee is getting in. I said getting in meant he had started to learn his rope to be mp in opposition. WP Low took sometimes to get into parliament. I hope Chee can win on May 7. That will set a stage for people more professional than Chee to join politics to help to solve the monopoly crowded by army personnel in senior ranks in political arena. We citizens need to survive with jobs, to help kids to get education, and to start small businesses provided the general public has purchasing power to buy our simplest things like Chee Cheong Fun (rice cake). Not everyone can drive, competing with graduates to drive taxi.

If Chee loses, it is a loss to many citizens in the west. Fewer people will join the SDP. They will join the opposition in the east. As to Pap s choices, they are tapping from army and civil servants. The same old policy of admitting foreigners from India, philippines, giving them S pr E passes, to displace citizens needing NS, and CPF. The results has spoken loudly. The products produced by these companies are not selling well to China market.

Singapore needs new leadership to create new jobs for citizens. Do u see the frequent break downs in mrt? Do u see the monthly non oil export last month was -15.6% decline? The current leaders are just collecting salaries. They cannot help to create more meaningful jobs. Citizens hope will naturally go to hope WP or SDP can have new blood.

U want Chee to lose, it is because, u dont mind Singapore is run by the same army generals of no new ideas, except taking in immigrants to buy condos. U like it. But not all parents think like u.

Anonymous said...

If Dr Chee lost by a small margin, anything above 40%, it shud be considered a morale booster for him. He should then work harder for the Next GE.

If the Economy dips in the Coming Years, alternative political parties politicians
with substance, Dr Chee
included shall stand
a good chance.

Dr Chee stands a good chance of scoring over 40% with a possibility of an upset as it is a By-election. The Voters have nothing to lose for putting one more Member of Parliament into the Cabinet. Adding one more Opposition to the PAP Majority is a wise thing to do, ESPECIALLY

Looking at it anyway, Dr Chee should be able to make some headways regardless he wins
or loses.

Anonymous said...

Many parts of sinkieland's economy are maciam Eastman Kodak and getting "irrelevant" in the international market?

The so called economic restructuring since the early 2000s is nothing but just "short term boosting steroids" that are beginning to show the serious adverse consequences associated with such "quick-fixes and band-aids"?

Gold-fish eyes bespoke Roadmaps for 20 sectors and $4.5 billions ITP spanning many years are just old ( poor quality? ) wine in new "fancy, high sounding" ( terms and ) "sparkling" bottles that cannot compete at the same level with the real good stuff at the international level?

Anonymous said...

The $500 SkillsFuture scheme costing many billions and wasted opportunities will almost certainly do nothing to upskill, reskill, upgrade sinkies job competencies in any meaningful way in the short run, medium run and long run?

The so called economic "bazookas" to reinvigorate the flagging and fast nosediving sinkieland's economy have so far seen one disappointment after another?

From now till end 2016 when the Committee for Future Economy is targeted to announce its restructuring plan would be too far off, too little too late to be optimistic about anything that they are seen capable of delivering? ( remember their old wines in new fancy bottles that only deal further blows to sinkieland's economy and further downwards towards economic abyss and armageddon? )

Anonymous said...

The Chinese have a similar phrase to the old wines in new bottles adage

They called it:


Anonymous said...

They will often try to change the names, the forms, the packaging but still same old substance, same old one-trick pony?

Now is the time to have new "药" and not new "汤" but same old "药"?

Now is the time to have new "wines" and not new "bottles" but same old "wines"?

Anonymous said...

Why the conclusion that Gold-Fish eyes $4.5 billion ITP is unlikely to work?

Look at the scale of the problem?

In 2015 alone, total merchandise trade plunged by $100 billion?

The $4.5 billion sounds "big" but pales in comparison to the plunge of $100 billion in total merchandise trade last year ( 2015 ) alone?

Do sinkies really need to have an economics degree to grasp the magnitude of the "fire"?

Anonymous said...

To put it in simple terms, there is a raging inferno of a few hundred sq km and the fire dept despatches 45 fire engines but going to be spread out over 5 years .....?

So 45 fire engines over 5 years are down to about 9 in one year?

Then the 9 fire engines are spread over different fire spots of the raging inferno of a few hundred sq km?

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone who seriously think the fire at any spot can eveb be put out, much less the entire raging inferno of a few hundred sq km?

Thus, the ( disastrous ) outcome is likely predictable?

Sinkies and sinkieland need new ways to put out the "raging economic fires"?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9.20PM

Eastman Kodak developed the digital camera in 1975, but the management was riding high, seeing it had never existed and did not capitalized on it. It was the Japanese who saw its potential. Today leaders are Canon, Nikon etc and your handphones (who do you think makes the camera's components?)

Eastman Kodak file for bankruptcy, that Eastman is "pura" (go away/gone) and Kodak name remain.

Anonymous said...

Towards the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Manchurians tried to implement some reforms but due to their old ways, nothing good came out of such efforts and the rest is history?

In 10 to 12 years time ( by 2026 to 2028 ), where would sinkieland be?

Marching on the same spot?

Anonymous said...

To have progress in 2026 or 2028, what must be done yesterday?

What must be done last week?

What could have been done last year?

Anonymous said...

If the answers to such simple questions are nothing, would sinkies not realise how precarious sinkieland's economy is right now?

From 2016 onwards, the ( unsound and ) uncompetitive structure of sinkieland's economy is likely going to drag it downwards ceaselessly?

The drift towards abyss and ignominy could have already begun?

Anonymous said...

What $1.9 million riddle?

The ( real ) elephant in the room is the $100 billion plunge in total merchandise trade in 2015?

Uncle RB, think the title of this post missed the ( real ) $100 billion ( total merchandise trade decline in 2015 ) riddle?

Anonymous said...

those kids.......

Anonymous said...

Given the economic malaise sinkieland are having, a few critical areas need to be addressed foremost?

In the short run, fiscal and monetary policies to ensure stability in the macroeconomics front.

In the medium and long run, supply-side policies to correct/ remedy several structural "sickness" in the economy.

Anonymous said...

Labour market reform is one such area. If flooding the employment market with cheap labour can ensure sustainable economic growth and development, then populous but poor countries such as Bangladesh and the Philippines with population between 100 to 200 millions should be doing well but they are NOT!

In fact, despite such huge population, their GDP is still significantly lower than many countries with a tiny fraction of their population such as Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden etc.

Current policies of opening the foreign labour floodgates are not sustainable given the upper limits and deteriorating quality of life and mental capacities associated with overcrowding .......?

Anonymous said...

The Jiak Liao Bees have created "ONE GIGANTIC PROBLEM" in the property market since 1990 under lao goa's and Marboro Tan's jiak sai stewardship?

Without tackling the interwoven and intertwined impacts and ramifications of the property market, labour market reforms would be "EMPTY TALKS" and the problems swept under the carpet, head hidden in the sand and politicians KICKING the cans further down the road by meddling with masak masak window dressing wayang such as the state trying to "save" the economy by involving more public servants in the running of the private sector which was the problem in the first place but now TOUTED by gold-fish eyes as the SOLUTION?

Education is another big sector that needs overhaul and the urgency cannot be overstated? Sadly, the jiak liao bees again are doing windows dressing and at the non-critical, non-material areas ......?

Anonymous said...

The eco-nomic system of any cuntry is not dissimilar to any eco-system?

Just like the food chain in the oceans or the wildlife, tinkering with one sub-system or variety alters the entire eco-process .....?

A sick economy is like a sick patient with health problems in various areas .......?

Anonymous said...

A sick economy will collapse even FASTER when it is "treated" simultaneously in all "sick" areas .......?

Not unlike a sick patient who needs treatments on his various organs such as heart, kidney, liver, digestive system, brain ..... etc?

Operating simultaneously on the heart and brain of a critically sick patient surely will send him to see the creator faster?

Anonymous said...

Thus, the issues that need to be resolved are NOT so simple?

It is not just identifying where are the problems, how much and how to solve them?

It is when to solve what by how much?

Like a sick patient whose heart needs surgery but will probably die if operated on as his health conditions cannot undergo the strain of an open heart surgery?

Therefore other areas then have to be treated and when the patient's health has recovered sufficiently, then the open heart surgery can proceed?

If is the same for an eco-nomic system?

Treating the wrong segment of the economy at the wrong time with the wrong policies is also going to send the "patient into the mortuary" and "make the patient return his IC much earlier"?

Anonymous said...


The Patient needs no more
treatment .

There is no cure for the Patient

Do not waste time with much ado
about nothing.

Let nature takes it's course and let
the Patient be history. End of the Story.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon plus plus,

I take your points and concerns in the $100b drop in NODX. Yes Singapore has built into the system many serious social and economic structural problems that would kill it in double quick time. These are the mammoth pieces of stones hanging over our neck and will snap quite easily. These inherent problems now are waiting to break our economy and country.

And yes, these 'funny' foreign talents, if they are so good, they would have turned their countries into jewels instead of slums. And these stupid people are bringing them here in plane loads to replace the very people that built this island and getting rid of our very own people.

This is the most serious sign of a country waiting to collapse, idiots in charge who cannot tell the difference between fakes and real talents. Idiots falling in love with snake oil sellers.

I will consolate your comments into one article and post it. What nick shall I use?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB,

Thank you for making the efforts.

One option is:

1) "天若有情天亦老, 月若无情月长圆"

PM Lee, LSS, GKY, JT, GF probably would understand but think the rest like Kee Chiu, Collect Card Boards for Exercise, One Shot One Kill etc probably eat too much "Kan Tongue" already won't understand?

Anonymous said...

Thus, other options maybe:

2) "浪子回头金不换"?

3) "鞠躬尽粹, 死而后已"?

Anonymous said...

4) "忠言逆耳利于行, 良药苦口利于病"?

5) "An Inquiry into the Rise and Fall of a Modern City State"?

6) "The Genius and Insanity of An Enigmatic Giant"?

Anonymous said...

7) "Buttock's CHEE BY election: NOW IS THE TIME"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9) "换汤亦换药"?

Anonymous said...

10) "Policies to Build the "MECCA" of "MODERN CAPITALISM""?

11) "Reforming Modern Capitalism: From Physical to Human"?

12) "The Economic Story of Sinkieland: From Eco-nomics to Lawyer-nomics to Casino-mics"?

Virgo 49 said...

Why rejuvenate the 20 sectors now when they are already so sick???

Dr Goh Keng Swee and Hon Sui Sen always three steps ahead when they forsee sunset and ailing sectors and took steps to rejuvenate the sectors or new economies before they are terminal ill.

All these dud ministers want to rejuvenate when they ard already too late.

Wait for the demise and doom.