Be wary of nincompoops and sycophants

I remember this story of a turkey that was fed with bull shit and flew to the top of the tree. At that height and visibility, it became an easy target for the farmer who promptly shot it down.  The moral of the story is that those that climbed too high by bull shitting would be exposed to danger and would fall as quickly as they got up there.

In corporations or in politics, there will be a lot of nincompoops or sycophants who are very slippery in flattery to fan the ego of their bosses to get themselves into the good books. The intention could be just that, but sometimes the intention could be more serious, drugging the bosses to commit hara kiri without knowing it. Some bosses are just like the turkey and would be happy being fed with shit to be unnecessarily exposed, standing high on the tree top naked.

In a way the same story can be used to understand what Lee Wei Ling was trying to say and do. She is apprehensive that too much publicity given to LKY, already respected by many by the turn out at his funeral, could turn negative and ultimately make a mockery of LKY when sarcasm and doubts started to build up among the skeptics. LKY departed with great honours and the feeling was good in the minds of many. This goodwill should be left to stay in the minds of the people for as long as it could hold. To exaggerate it could end up being overdosed and trigger a bout of rejection.

Hsien Loong must be wary of the nincompoops and sycophants trying to curry favours by feeding him with the wrong message, that the people wanted more celebration of LKY, wanted to build more and bigger monuments, wanted to build temples, to elevate LKY to a deity to be worshipped.  Singapore is a first world country, not like those in the 3rd world when hero worship and megalomania are acceptable, when political leaders could assume a god like image for the people to bow and pray and worship. Trying such behavioural tactics on a first world educated and sophisticated people would likely lead to unexpected and negative reception. We have gone pass the 3rd world mentality. Or haven’t we?

Hsien Loong should appreciate the contrarian view of his sister, and kick the butts of the nincompoops and sycophants telling him the wrong things. What was fed to him could be expected, as they were the messengers of good news, telling the master what he wanted to hear.  What was not fed to him could be something exactly opposite. How is Hsien Loong going to hear the bad stuff if he is surrounded by people telling him only the good stuff?

It is good that the big celebration was preempted before it gone too far. In this case, my view is that Wei Ling had a better feel of the ground. The ground swell, the spontaneous  groundup adoration seen during the funeral were not there this time. Hope no one is telling Hsien Loong that people are crying and fainting at the anniversary commemoration.  In the developed world there is such a thing called quiet dignity.

Beware of the hidden agenda of those ‘friends’ that are waiting for the Ides of March. Beware of nincompoops and sycophants.


Anonymous said...

LKY here! LKY there! LKY here! LKY there!

Be very very careful.....beware of LKY Fatigue!

Yes! LKY Fatigue! LKY Fatigue!

Remember the chinese saying......简单是福!


Anonymous said...

Rb //Beware of nincompoops and sycophants.//

Uncle RB, you have only got it half correct?

It's the gatekeepers?

Remember Qin Er Shi?

Remember 赵高?

The eunuch who was a "alpha, beta, Charlie ..... etc" blocker ( gatekeeper ) all rolled into one?

How could the sentiments on the ground reach Qin ER Shi when HIS "Alpha, Beta, Charlie ..... etc" BLOCKER ( gatekeeper ) decide who HE should see, who HE shouldn't?

What HE is told and what HE is not?

When the end was near, the Eunuch could not "wrap the fire with anymore papers" and knew Qin ER Shi would not let him off for BLATANT CONCEALMENT of the HARDTRUTHS on the ground?

So the Eunuch 赵高 decided to 先下手为强?

He CONNED Qin ER Shi to take his summer break away from the protection of his Imperial Palace Guards and personally knived him to death while Qin ER Shi was frolicking among the "planted beauties " and licking their poohsees?

Anonymous said...

Like Julius Ceasar stabbed by his senators to death.

Virgo 49 said...

Follow the Philippines lah!

Actors, boxers, conmen what have they stand for elections and they worshipped them like Gods.

Indonesia, blind man dripping with saliva also became President just because he is more Allah mak.

Singapore will become like them soon if the stupid por lan pars goes into full gears.

Soon we be like these clowns and no need Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Chia yew Dr Chee

Anonymous said...

Rb //To exaggerate it could end up being overdosed and trigger a bout of rejection.//

Uncle RB, INGRISH is like very "INEFFICIENT" leh?

What u said above in 14 words could be replaced with only 4 words in CHINESE?


Means what?

Means after the New Emperor has drawn a picture of the snake, the POR LAMPARS told HIM the picture would look even better "ADDING 4 LEGS TO THE SNAKE"?

So the rest is history liao?

Show the MIDDLE FINGER to the (shitty) PLPs for ( ETERNALLY ) WREAKING the ( perfect ) picture of the SNAKE?

The original image of IMMORTALITY of the snake picture is now TURNED into rubbish after the PLPs suggestions to add "4 LEGS to the SNAKE" ( drawing )?

Anonymous said...

He heard what he wanted to hear and the coat tail rides well even though it was overused or have been abused.

Anonymous said...

Did Singaporeans get the government we deserve?
Did the Prime Minister get the advisers & Ministers he deserved?

Do you think;
In a daft plutocracy (money-tocracy), thinly disguised as a meritocracy,
Everybody gets what they deserve?

agongkia said...

婦人之見,Nothing wrong for a son to honour his father whether one like the father or not.
Can honour weekly for 7 weeks,or 49th days ,100th days,1 year,1 year plus third days,3 years....
It's mourning for the children and those who wish to join can oso join in.
A great relief to know my PM is a filial son.
Sinkies should learn from our PM.
My Ah Kong passed away I oso put on white cloth on my right arm till 1 year plus 3 days.
Filial son are hard to find.
I support 孝子。

Anonymous said...

Sinkies will be sinkies....Poops and Poops ...useless people how can think one

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans get the funerals they deserve.

In a Singaporean democracy, it is ownself fuck ownself.

Anonymous said...

What have we learnt so far? Behind the power is a monkey with a middle finger? LoL

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia, you can show your filial piety to your own family members wearing the mua har and clothes for donkey years- no one gives a damn.

But do not force others to do the same. LKY's death anniversary remembrance as revered by his family members are naturally normal to observe.

Not all sinkies are comfortable to this never ending artificial show of reminders.

Even his own daughter which she knows her father better is dead set against it.

The PM if he has Late LKY's traits of forcefulness will simply tell his pao lan pars nincoompoos not to waste too much time on this.

LKY's famous exhortation: A honest day work for a honest day wage in out time.

Not wasting precious time darwing million dollars salaries and going round doing exhibitors shows.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 11.11

Many married men bo lan yong.

Just manipulated by their wives.

To maintain peace in a household, a man must never always side the wife against his family members.

Whoever is in the wrong, he must puts his foot down and reprimand them.

Especially the funny species of Eves.

They are usually at loggerheads against one another.

Very hard for two women in a household to get along peacefully.

So the son is caught between the Mother, sister and the wife

So the tau hoo husband who better be a woman in his next life born without balls or guts is easily manipulated by the wife or wives of Ahgongkia.

Now you see the flare up show of those who for years been tolerating artifically each other until the Patrich goes off.

agongkia said...

@Virgo Lao Chek ah..

PM got force Sinkies to attend meh?Sinkies especially those PGs love LKY like their Father or Ah Kong.
They honour LKY more than they will honour their ancestors.Got wrong meh?
A filial son is a compassionate man.A compassionate man is a caring leader.Under his leadership Sinkies sure got hope.Sinkies get a caring leader they deserve.
Heng Ah.

agongkia said...

@Virgo Lao Chek
Thia bor chwee,tua poo kwee.
Behind every successful man is usually a capable wife.Sometimes got to wayang wayang to appease wife.Else wife don't give then how.Sinkies can only have 1 wife.Dun give mean husband got to own self pah own self.Pah chew cheng lah.
Ask Sinkies help me fight to legalize polygamy they diam diam Kia bor.
Not everyone so lucky like me money no have but meimei many many.
Sinkies happy with only 1 wife so bopian let the wife boss around.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".

Got Trojan Horse?

Virgo49 said...

Aiyah AhGongKia, frankly those who put on show that they are filial to their parents when they are already dead are first class hypocrites.

So many ceremonies after death just to show people that they are filial and being so much inconveniences to their Neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is no one said anything about going overboard and it has to be left to LWL to bring it up. Does this remind us of the little boy and the emperor's new clothes? Nobody, especially the apple-polishers, boot-lickers, lampar sors, said or cautioned against over-selling. In fact they wanted to use this to show how 'PAP-ness' they are and how loyal they are to the powers that be.

As to the point in question about preserving the dynasty, I agree with what LWL wrote, because even though she pointed out belatedly when most people knew decades ago, the fact is obvious even after the old man took power. His speeches, his ideology, his high-handed knuckle-duster behaviour and his destroying of all opposition human beans points to a man obsessed with power and intent on creating a dynasty.

As to the denial by the brother, whatever the reasoning, I do not believe him. That is why, living in Hougang, I have been doing the right thing all those years.

Anonymous said...

里有殯,不巷歌. Personally i dont think is fair for msm to instigate issues on a family feud regarding a dead man. I felt uncomfortable for what i have read in fathership, straighttame, chaopao.
However, i felt the daughter was right. She does not want someone to raise her dad s name to deity status, and some days, the reality proves that people s' blindly worship is simply illusion. Nothing, nothing in really delivers what the worship promises. There may not be truth in it.

And the deity is pulled from the worship table and dump into rubbish history. That is devastating. Keeping him as a passed on human being deserving the due respect of the family 's descendants is fair and lasting.

To public: Dont worship if u dont believe it. I will not allow my kids to worship someone s dead image other than my own ancestors in ching ming. U too?

Asking young kids to bow to a dead man s image is 司馬昭之心,路人皆知. We know the motive and it was stated in the press too. Silly to oblige your children? agree?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies brain...dont even understand the meaning of worship.. They are doing exactly that but denying it.. Sinkies are sinkies.. Useless crap

Time Is Near said...

When a strong leader dies and a weakling takes over the helm because of blood relationship,
before long, this weakling's position will be tested and trampled upon, not by Outsiders, but
by his very own Inner Circle or Family Members, especially his own spouse or siblings,
because "Familiarity Bleeds Contempt".

Outsiders can only watch, grumble and throw vulgarities at this Weakling but still not able to
touch any of his hairs, not even by the balls of his hairy chin chin.

The Weakling, who has no standing of his own, will always make Reference to Tradition, Culture or
the Cabinet (the Cupboard that keeps many Skeletons) and the Masses.

After more than 50 years, the Meritocracy Bull-shit is still being brought up to hammer a point home?
Even my four-year-old grand-daughter knows the word Meritocracy is just a Hairy (or Harry's) Fairy Tale.

Reading through all the recent exchanges, including those in the past which click and ring a bell,
with 80% confidence-level, I dare say Dr Lee was speaking the TRUTH from the Bottom of her Heart!

Why? Very simple.

Suffice to say:


(2) A Medical Professional, especially a Doctor, is more trustworthy than many other professionals.

(3) Anyone with the support of a Monkey that shows his Middle Finger, a crude and rude defying gesture,
is a Pea Brain who deserves to be slapped in public more than what Amos Yee received.

Anonymous said...

"Dr Mahathir Mohamad has criticised hudud, the Islamic penal code PAS wants to implement that imposes “Taliban-style” punishments like decapitation and stoning, a report said.

The former prime minister told The Australian that Malaysia was “sliding towards” more conservative Islamic principles, even as activists reportedly said raids by the religious police have been increasing.

“He wants to be a moderate for the world, but domestic­ally he agrees with these extreme so-called sharia laws,” Dr Mahathir was quoted saying in the Australian paper, referring to the prime minister and UMNO president."

Sin City has their own Taliban laws too you know

Anonymous said...

If there is someone who can take on the second strongman it will have to be a truthful woman. The men have no balls.

Anonymous said...

Will the brother dare to Stone his sister?

He needs to touch himself to find got balls or not, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

All pathetic bullies will have their day of reckoning? Don't pray pray

Anonymous said...

The Lee's garment likes to deploy stones at people for bearing falsehood because they can. Let's see whether they dare stone this woman bearing falsehood, whose words were widely damaging to high office and the righteous one high and costly reputation (since her words have already been condemned as false by the righteous one)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

At the end of the day, it is about making the lives of ordinary sinkies better and the longevity of sinkieland?

How could it ( ever ) be just for the sake of a challenge regardless of the courage?

The conviction behind any ( potential ) challenge is that there should be a sincere, genuine and emphatic belief, ability and desire to make the lives of the people better and fortify nationhood further?

Cracks, fault lines, unmistakable ( fatalistic ) wrong policies rearing their ( ugly and conspicuous ) heads for the past 3 decades?

2 decades of ( strong and solid ) nation building, followed by 3 decades of forgettable ( and dysfunctional ) sycophancy and nincompoopery?

How long can the wealth ( and foundation ) built in ( the first ) 2 decades last?

3 decades of running down this wealth ( and foundation ) and ( it ) makes one wonder how long can it last before cracks turned into broken dams and the flood sweeping away whatever along the way?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro Time Is Near.

Time is already near, you bet.

Regarding your item 3 Of the monkey with the rude sign.

Think she needs the 500 Skill Fund upgrading for computing course.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

When slavery exists in a society, the end is NOT FAR, NOT UNLIKE any others in past history?

Think about it?

Is the society not divided into the "Elites" and "Slaves"?

"White horses" and "Work Horses"?

As for the hordes of foreign labourers, use or call them in whatever name or form but in essence how are they different from "slavery in the past"?

The small "handful" of ( inbreeding and self selecting ) elites "enslaved" the "indigenous masses"?

And when that is not enough, they "imported" another "2 million" from foreign lands with "promise, temptation and seduction of lust, greed and cupidity"?

Anonymous said...

Good idea. $500 can use to learn how to twit.

Anonymous said...

Remember, behind people who poo like you who have been temporarily assigned with ridiculous amount of power for a ridiculous amount of dirty money is a monkey with a middle finger.

Make no mistake about it. ..the monkey doesn't show up most of the time but it is there..with finger up your ass

Anonymous said...

Between LKY and LHL is a chasm that the latter can never hope to bridge even in two lifetimes. But then again, who says LHL would want to emulate LKY. He may be his offspring and some of his genes, but looking at him it is very evident that they are as alike as chalk and cheese. I would categorize LHL as a stealthy, more emotionless operator compared to his father. As such he can be IMO the deadlier of the two. While one would stoop to using hatchet and knuckleduster - which arguable gives an opponent a fighting chance, the younger Lee would likely to resort to the 'softer' but no less if not even more potent approach of using 'poisons' against opponents.

Anonymous said...

The son worshipped and obeyed the father. The rest who followed behind the son are worshippers in lieu

patriot said...

The Old One was utterly ruthless.

The Young One is as described by
Anon 1:38.

Sinkies have been in good hands
and 70% feel safe and good.


Anonymous said...

People here fark one another through their assholes mindlessly.
When LWL called her brother names, she must have good reasons for them.