Attack on Madrasah students

Shanmugam has appealed to the public to be calm and let the police investigate this case and not to speculate. Three Madrasah female students were beaten by a Singaporean man.  The man has been arrested. His brother, Mohammad Johan Koh had apologized for the incident and revealed that he attacker had some mental problem and had been admitted to IMH before.

Let’s hope this is a looney case and not a case of Islamophobia. It would be very serious if Islamophobia has come out in the open. The authority must be highly sensitive to this trend and make sure it does not surface in our fragile multiracial and multi religious society. We cannot allow such incidents to happen and any signs of it popping out must be slammed with a sledgehammer.

Every Singaporean has a duty and responsibility to make sure inter racial relationship is not undermined or agitated by irresponsible individuals.  It would be good that civic minded citizens could step in when such infringements happened in public places. Unfortunately when every other person is a foreigner, things would get more difficult as there are very few Singaporeans to do anything to keep things in order. Everyone would be looking at everyone and foreigners are less likely to interfere. This is the price to pay for having so many foreigners here to dilute our identity and existence.

Where are the Singaporeans to stand up and say this is my country and we are all Singaporeans?

PS. In the media there were hints that this attacker is a bit loony. But loony or not, what he had done is very serious to our racial and religious harmony.  Time to call for maxing out the punishment.


Anonymous said...

/// Where are the Singaporeans to stand up and say this is my country and we are all Singaporeans? .......
But loony or not, what he had done is very serious to our racial and religious harmony. Time to call for maxing out the punishment. ///

Singaporeans do wrong, the dafties call for maximum punishment.
Ang mohs beat up Singaporean taxi drivers, the dafties all keep quiet.

Singaporeans deserve to be ruled and lorded over by a bunch of overpaid idiots masquerading as elites.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There is no such "thing" as race, and all religion is FICTION.

Simple request right here: don't beat up people for any reason. You don't need to "live in harmony" as some assholes who don't understand life or the human species might tell you.

All you need to do is to leave the people you don't like ALONE.

Fuck your god and your race.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There's No Such Thing as "Race"

Get with the facts, motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

worry not fear not......

in Singapore, we are brothers and sisters among the majors races......

how about instant citizens........I hope the integration is ok........


Anonymous said...

Do you think there are only 2 races in Singapore?

The PAP race and their voters.
The Opposition race and their voters.

Veritas said...

Nothing is better evidence to show that Singaporean Chinese is racist and Islam is being oppressed.

The only silver lining is unlike Lowyat, no Chinese go to the Madrassah and protest against Malay cheat and no one rally people to shout "Takbur" "Confucius hu Akbar".

b said...

Singapore belongs to the elites that control it not the people. The same goes for any country. All are elite regimes whether democracy or not.

Anonymous said...

Actually everything belongs to nobody. People just borrow it, be it palaces, homes, hotels, expensive cars, watches, diamonds etc. They just have it, look after it, flaunt it for less than a century and after that nothing is taken with them, not even their bodies or corpse.

Not true? Now, here in Sinkieland even the HDB flat does not belong to us who paid for it. After 99 years, it is not longer yours.

Anonymous said...

The only sentence is life imprisonment for this crime so he does not Suka Suka disturb again, most sinkies are busy making money to feed the family so no time for thus type of drama shit.

Virgo49 said...

Chinese Taoist/Buddhist sinkies should go to Sim Lim instead of LowYat to protest of those unthinking imbeciles who think that their Gods are only the true Ones. Rest are devils.

Impartiality should be the order of the day when you want to chastise Others for religious phobias.

Why some got away Scot free when they insulted Others? ?

Or is theirs the Official National Religion? ??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi everyone, please do not agitate people to protest on religious and racial grounds ok.

patriot said...

Saying it for the Upteenth Times that
Sin is 'invaded' by invited aliens.

Protest of any kind is a waste of time.

Rally for the abolishment of National Service which Redbean has rightly described as being security guard to the Tiny Dot.

Some even lost their live whilst undergoing training, as in the Case of Trainee Dominique who was killed due to over-use of tear grenades. His Death happened when comnander and trainer did NOT follow Training Procedures which stipulated 2 grenades, BUT, 6 were used.

Who are we protecting?
With National Assets sold to foreigners and increasing alien occupants, ARE NATIVE SINKIES OBLIGE TO PROTECT AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR WEALTH/ASSET AND SAFETY???



Anonymous said...

What the f#@k do you mean by "Time to call for maxing out the punishment"?
The man is certified mentally unstable by IMH. How can you hold him accountable if he has mental issues? He could have attacked somebody else, a tattooed PAP supporter or some other LKY idol worshipper. So far we don't why the 3 madrasah sudents were targeted,. Maybe they were dressed in the full eyes only uncovered burqa that never fails to set my blood pressure up. Maybe they were talking loudly in a language the man could not understand, and mistook them as making fun of his poor man's clothing. That busybody BG Tan provided no inputs to prevent further attacks, typical of his useless contribution to society.

Anonymous said...

The way you talked you are as mad as that man. There are different degrees of madness. Some a bit mad, some crazy. Some a bit mad but pretend to be mad Some just kongcum.

Virgo 49 said...

Wah pian, just three Madrashah students kena hammered by an insane yellow sinkie and so many Ministers cried foul.

Even have time to console them.

How many chinee sinkie kena whacked by ang mos, killed by bombs by the terrorists, any MPs or Ministers cried foul??

For decades they are the Triumph cards for them in any Elections as they know chinee sinkies like the Hougang knights and not so loyal Aljunied knights are kwai lan hokkien and teochew pengs.

They are upright people who dared voted against the PAP irregardless of the carrot hung in front of them.

Poor Potong Pasir knights, one time upright people now brought over by the abalone porridge.

Lastly, yet these privileged people thinks that the majority decimates them

No know whar to say.

Luckily stay in Matland and still enjoy tourists status and hospitality.

Anonymous said...

This chap employed as security guard is mad? You think the company mad to employ mad man ya?

patriot said...

Everywhere in Sin there are mad

I am mad too and there are many
others around.

Just look around You and You will
see them.