Articles on LKY in social media

Many articles on the commemoration of LKY were posted in the social media and their contents were mostly negative. These articles would not have appeared and the fond memories and dignified final journey would have been etched deeply in the minds of the Singaporeans forever. The appearance of these articles is starting to cast doubt and prompted people to question the contributions of LKY as a pioneering leader of Singapore. Like it or not, the debate would definitely create distortions in the minds of some and make some converts to rethink in their beliefs.

The articles appearing in the TRE, ‘Lee Kuan Yew was only human, should not be revered like God’, ‘Hard truth that PM and sis must obey’, ‘Lee Wei Ling kena Davindered into sllence’, ‘Lee Wei Ling versus Janadas on Facebook’, ‘Lee Wei Ling: The editors in SPH are too timid to disobey’, ‘Why doesn’t Harry’s daughter objected to this?’, ‘Be wary of nimcompoops and sycophants’, ‘Are Dr Lee’s concerns about ‘Pa’ being venerated?’, ‘Ho Ching apologises for ‘rude monkey’ posting’, ‘LKY glorification is not about LKY but about those who try…’, all invited a lot of comments and many from negative to very negative about LKY as the founding PM of the island.

There are many more articles floating around in other sites in the social media, and mostly did not have much good things to say about LKY and with ugly commentaries. All this is so unnecessary, the consequences of the ‘ground up’ exuberance to want to commemorate LKY’s first anniversary in a big way. Like Wei Ling said, the memories, all good, were still vivid in the minds of many Singaporeans, but now so many articles have been written about the event and tarnishing an otherwise fine ending to a long and good journey of a statesman.

What a pity. Doing so much for so little, and some turning out so bad.  In politics, a good feel of the ground is very important.  Never listen to eunuchs.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

LKY---like it or not---is now a cult of personality. He is either liked or loathed with very little in between.

In his wisdom, Lee never gave much quarter to the "chattering classes", of which the TRE is the nation's embarrassing undisputed champion.

None of the chattering classes did JACK SHIT to dissent against Lee and the PAP when Lee was alive. Now that he's gone forever, the dissenters still choose to engage in unproductive enterprises which will have NO EFFECT (none, zero, nada, zip, sweet fuck all, kosong, bo liao) on the course of the nation and its history.

Lee is DEAD, you idol worshiping/ idol kicking cum-guzzelers. Nothing you say or do now will ever matter.

Anonymous said...

I do not know you. I know LKY. Now go fuck off

patriot said...

I am saying it again; sori to be so loso.
When his two children, the Eldest Son and only Daughter created events and news about the Horrible Man, the Purpose is to remind the People not to forget someone dear and close to them, the Siblings.
Dare I say Sinkies have short memories and are oso too busy etching over survivals.

Let me be candid about my impression of the Horrible Man.

He was ibdeed a man with much material achievements been the First Prime Minister of Sin followed by been Mentor to the Succeeding Rulers and held almost complete controls and sways over them.

However, if one scrutinizes the Deed and Achievement of the Horrible Man, everything that he had attained were material in nature.
Where are the Virtues in all those attainments?
He was openly described as a RUTHLESS Leader, he declared that he carried knuckle duster and other instrument dared others to challenge him, he even said he shall get his opponents down.

Where is the Virtues of Humility, Respectability and Propriety to remember such a person?

No wonder some Pioneer Generation Folks and Youngsters like Amos Yee find him (un)dislikeable.


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck are you? That's the greatest lesson he taught us.

Anonymous said...

Not only (un)dislikeable.
They find him horrible.

Anonymous said...

He went to America and said.. I am LKY, who the fuck are you?
He went to Europe and said..I am LKY, who the fuck are you?
He went to China and said...I am LKY, who the fuck am I?

And his people said...he is LKY, who the fuck are you? Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

In Chinese slave societies;
it is perfectly acceptable to treat Chinese citizens as slaves

That is why if you want to be a human being;
It is better to become a banana and emigrate to USA or Europe.

Do you think that is why when LKY go to China;
he had to ask himself;
who the fuck he is?

Is it true?
In China, LKY is nothing more than just another slave ... because he is Chinese?

Anonymous said...

Is lky a tainted milk powder brand from china?

Anonymous said...

small dragon must kowtow to big dragon

Anonymous said...

Why still talked about LKY?

LKY had already became 仙!

YES! 仙!

Anonymous said...

When one old man was around, this indonesian lived like king with money stolen from rescue money to bank.
All of a sudden, on 21 April, this man was taken and sent back to indonesia. He actually faced a 14 year custody sentence and yet could live in this rich man s world.
Indonesian has no power on singapore because of one old man.
Now how, are there still rich man who owes money to some govt?

"Hartawan fled to Singapore in 2011 and was on the Indonesia police's wanted list, said Kompas."

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.