A strange assurance from the MOE

MOE assures a concerned parent that creationism ‘is not part of syllabus’

In a series of sermons addressed to the megachurch Faith Community Baptist Church, Pastor Lawrence Khong launched a tirade against the Theory of Evolution. In one such sermon, which you can view a snippet of here, he argued that Darwin's brainchild was "a real deception from the Devil."

“Every day we are subjected to a worldview that is a real deception from the devil. For example, I mean the world is telling us that evolution is a fact, undisputable. It is taught in schools. But the fact of the matter is I will be exploring with you that you could hardly find any evidence of true evolution. And in fact, evolution is based on faith and not facts.  In fact, if we study the different theories, we find that creation has the most evidence to show us that indeed there is a God who created us.”
-          Lawrence Khong

The above quotes were from TOC.

I am not sure why MOE has to assure the parents that creation is not part of the syllabus in schools. For MOE to state this implies that this must have crept up somewhere in their discussion or creation has been discussed by some quarters.

A truth is a truth. A scientific truth is a scientific truth and can be verified. If it is not it is not. If a scientific truth cannot be verified, I can say for sure, the scientist is the wrong that is making the wrong assertion, not the devil.  

A belief is a belief. No need any verification. Just belief. That is why it is called a belief. That is why it will always be a belief and subject to controversies and discussions with one side trying do shout down another in order to claim that it is the truth. A scientific truth is just that. No need to shout at everyone and forcing others to believe that it is the truth. Is that simple enough to separate truth from a belief?

I have no quarrels or issues with people who want to spend their lives fearing the Devil and loving God and explaining everything in life as a tussle between the Devil and God. These two beings have been fighting since time immemorial and will still be fighting in the lives of those who chose to take sides and think everything in life is either the work of God or the work of the Devil.

I think there is more to life than just fearing the Devil and loving God. Let the two giants fight their everlasting battle of existence. The small little human beans have a life to live, to make meaning of live, to experience and grow, to feel the goodness, the bad, the pain, the sorrows, the joy and ecstasies of life, of being alive, to have a chance to live to know what life is and being alive is all about.

For those who chose to live life fearing the Devil and loving God, as long as you are happy that that is the meaning of your life, good for you. Do not impose or expect others to live your life and your beliefs. It is a choice, a personal choice, to live one’s life the way one wishes.  If your belief is the truth, after so many millennia, the truth should become unquestionable, and not still a controversial belief.

1 + 1 = 2. That is the simple truth. If people are still not sure and just believing that 1 + 1 = 2, then it cannot be the truth. If 1 + 1 is not equal to 2, I will not believe that it is the work of the Devil for being so. If my life is not going the way I want it, I will not blame the Devil. Neither will I thank God if my life is a little better than it should be. My life, how I live my life, has nothing to do with the Devil or the God. I don’t have to blame the Devil if things did not go well, and I don’t have to give credit to God if things go well. If the belief is what it is, the two would be too busy fighting each other in their unending battle of Creation.


Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable that so many 'educated' people are living their lives under the spell of devils and fighting the devils daily in every aspect of their lives. One has a temptation, it must be the devil. One wants to eat or drink a bit more, it must be the devil at work....

So pathetic.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Jesus please Fuck me with a rusty parang....

...Never in my wildest entertaining nightmare did I ever dream that I'd see the day where the "Creationism vs Evolution by Natural Selection" shit-fight would happen in Singapore.

On with the show 🙏🦂

I'm waiting for the day the blessed pastor SHOWS THIS to his faithful congregation. 😂😂😂😂

Anonymous said...

Mr Piper's first e-mail to MOE

In this video the pastor Lawrence Khong says evolution taught in school is the work of the devil, that it isn’t based on facts and that his creation myth has the most evidence. I think these kinds of anti-science messages are against proper fact based education and work against the economic interests of Singapore. What in the ministry doing to combat these dangerous anti-science messages and to instead promote real scientific progress?

This khongcum guy is thinking that he is God's gift of wisdom. There is a Chinese saying for such people, 走火入魔。In other words, the devil is in him. And no one dares to tell him to shut up thinking that saying so would be struck down by his God.

Anonymous said...

RB: what your concern is a big big issue. It seems to be a hidden "setup" controlling children s belief at young age. Sg had just experienced the big con job of one set up. It was highly influential when it was at its peak.
My ceo was a member of that setup. He was very keen to ask me to join him on sunday. I did not because i did not have such belief, but more open to scientific cosmo setup. Then as time passed, the ceo passed me resumes of young women demanding $8kpm, $10kpm from banks and manufacturers asking me to "consider". I put them aside as the local salary in office simply could not match the $8kpm. The experience of the target was not even relevant, not to mention marketing task of our products was impossible for inexperienced as manager.
Then the ceo hired a young man gm seemed to be from similar religion. I decided to throw my tower. I was right when sitting in other firm fast. The ceo s company eventually went down in business, the ceo s own contract was not renewed, and the new gm left after on 2 years of service. The entire company site was sold this year 2016.

This is a real problem if moe allows some religious setup to control the children s syllabus, converting it to propagate a certain religious propaganda. It will back fire on our children s future as their "new found" religious belief cannot match the progress of scientific theories.

People believe in some super nature for money. This is common as they cannot control the flow of cash, yet they also cannot do the tasks capable people are doing like billgate or steve jobs. So they prey to super nature. When a person about to die weak and helpless, they tend to believe somehow the supernature. As long as it help children to think in an open scientific way, we support. Think in close "god" way, we must reject. Dont forget the con case of the church is still going on.

Anonymous said...

Is calling LKY 'Father of Singapore' Scientific or religiously correct?

Jesus said, do not call anyone father. You have only one Father and he is in heaven.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our employment scene is in a downward spiral despite donkeys claiming to hire on merits and not nationalities. There are many cases of big local organisations hiring based on ethnicity, nationality and yes, based on religious affinity.

The only thing they forgot to do right is to hire Singaporeans in Singapore and allowing Singaporeans to go jobless in their own country. This is the sickest of all hiring practices. Singapore will soon be taken over by foreigners and Singaporeans will become boat people if the trend is not stopped.

Virgo 49 said...

This Pastor Khong escapes so many times not charged under the Religious Harmony Act.

They have a soft spot for him or they truly believe he is the Messiah.

Last time he openly criticise idols worshippers and made jokes on them.

If it happened that it is criticise his religion, this person will be now at Changi Holiday Resort new wing.

You have a mentally unsound guy to peach you, the followers also become mentally unsound.

Many media corpses artists his followers.

Anonymous said...

The unthinking are easily misled even by idiots if they refused to think.

Anonymous said...

Why mentioned media corps artists? Are they role models in thinking ability or just in outward appearance?

Virgo 49 said...

The government seemed to be reluctant to make any move to this Khong-cum Pastor as they knew his followers are unlike other believers who are sane people.

The Media Corpses Artists are the mouthpiece of the government's propaganda machineries.

So they closed eye for them to do their Devils work in brain washing the sinkies.

Also, many of the bananas elites are also in their faiths

agongkia said...

My name is not Adam.
Imho,i am the descendants of Apes.

agongkia said...

//indeed there is a God who create us....//
Which God?jeejus's father
or my Monkey God?

Anonymous said...

Scientists call it the "THEORY of Evolution"
- theory not FACT
- scientists still say the evidence is insufficient

If Pastor wants to have the "THEORY of Creationism" taught in schools
- do what the scientists do
- gather your evidence into a coherent theory
The Bible is not entirely consistent if you read the texts carefully
- the Gospel of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are not 100% consistent in their eye witness accounts
- Also missing are the Gospels of the other 8 followers of Jesus

Anonymous said...

"Is calling LKY 'Father of Singapore' Scientific or religiously correct?"

Its politically correct. Just ask Chua Mui Hoong or Calvin Cheng.

Anonymous said...

To the Millionaire Fuckers Who Fail to Control our mosquito population in Singapore
- Here is redbean's mosquito trap idea that has been implemented in Canada.
- What a fucking useless bunch of vampires living off tax-payers' money

How this Canadian-designed mosquito trap could help fight Zika virus

VoodooChild said...

It is important to differentiate the message from the messenger. On judgement day, you will have to answer for your own actions, so think before you follow blindly like so many conditioned Singaporeans.

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

Pastor King Kong graduated from NUS. Don't prey prey ok


Raffles Institution: 1977-1980
Raffles Junior College: 1981-1982
Graduated from National University of Singapore,
Bachelor of Science (Computer & Information Sciences):

He very scientific minded and intelligent you know

Anonymous said...

"In the ranking by London-based education consultancy Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) released this morning, NUS took the 12th spot this year, up from 22nd last year, and NTU was placed 13th, up from 39th last year."

We entrust Sin to learned people you know. Don't prey prey. It is meritocracy and the best has the biggest mouth

Virgo49 said...

1985-1988- IT degree only useful for Microsoft words and Excel.

As one bro posted the retrenched PMET photocopied 200 copies for use as Toilet Paper in Long Long Time Ago.

patriot said...

From the look of it,
Matilda and agongkia are
indeed more 'scientific' in
claiming to have primate or
more specifically ape ancestors.

Where did apes come from and
why are primates still primates
since they had 'evolved' to humans?

The Chinese found that life comes from
the Five Core(Main) Elements ie (木,金,水,火,土)wood, metal, water, fire/heat and earth in no order of merit.
There maybe order of proportions, anyone's guess.

The Chinese Civilization did not embrace any religions till they(religions)
were brought to them by aliens.
Chinese embraces the Spirit of Virtues and they do worship those with outstanding and exceptional virtues in filial piety, patriotism, fidelity, chivalry and integrity etc. It's all about spirits of virtues that's being revered and NOT the superstition of miracles.
Only kins and those died wholesome are remembered.
No imagined being or imagery are worship by atheist Chinese, converts NOT included.


Anonymous said...

Not any toilet paper....it is premium toilet paper from premium local institution of higher learning which has its own distinctive and premium monkey suit upon graduation

Anonymous said...

The Churches are full of monkey suit wearers(very worrisome) who can't distinguish between truth and belief. Many of these monkey suit wearers are movers and shakers. No wonder earthquakes everywhere.

jjgg said...

Why also we pay so much to our senior ministers? LHL is in perpetual holiday mode...oops..I mean visiting the Middle East n signing fantastic trade deals with Israel n Jordan etc etc ...why he didn't go afghan ah..we can sell guns n bullets to them what...what about Shanmugam..big deal speach in UN eh..will make as much impact as a toddler swinging at punching bag..n the other chap also just came back from states..made one or two speeches to justify the expenses by taxpayers...not too long ago also came back from a thank you trip for supporters n volunteers..these jokers are on a roll of their lives...courtesy of taxpayers...oi motherfuckers...which bus or mrt did you cram in today...hehe

Anonymous said...

Nature creates.

Science evolves.

Believers are religious, superstitious
and imaginative.

Atheist is practical, real and
true to facts.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is a supernatural religion( of course not the exception). Which means it is unnatural in a natural world. Hence, their entire Gospel is supernaturally based or unnatural and stupid. To admit creationism as unreal is to also admit Jesus is...unreal(the whole Gospel/grace is pivoted on the beginning story).

Alot is at stake(Christianity will collapse or totally demolished ) and they are in deep shit that's why full of shit( their bloody history is still on going)

Anonymous said...

No talking snake...no crucifixion and resurrection
No first Adam...no second Adam for real

Major step to world peace when the three notorious idiots business close shop

Anonymous said...

Your Govt is harbouring Sin

Anonymous said...

Sin is Sin...tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Nobel Laureate Bertrand Russell wrote:
Science is what we know.
Philosophy is what we don't know.
Between the two lies religion.

patriot said...

Nature exists with or without Science.

Science is how or what man(kind) understands

Religions are man-make entities
made out of imagination and fantasy.