USA The Greatest Rogue And Terrorist Country Since The Annal Of History


The only reason why US is picking China as an enemy and is opposing China in the South China Sea and The East China Sea is part of its policy to contain China from peaceful development.The containment of China must be seen in the light of US application in the use of its three Evil Doctrines viz (1) The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, (2) The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny and (3) The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism.

After the Second World War China should have retaken back her rightful repossession of the territorial South China Seas and The East China Sea together with all the islands, isles, islets and reefs which the United Nations confirmed that they belong to China and instructed Japan to legally give back China the aforementioned islands, isles, islets and reefs to China as declared in the Cairo Conference on November 22nd to 26th, 1943 and The Potsdam Declartion of 26th July, 1945 and reaffirmed in The San Francisco Treaty of 8th September, 1951.

However, after The Second World War China was too weak and debilitated and did not have a navy to speak of and so it delayed its right to take legal repossession of the said territorial islands and seas. Moreover at the time of the Korean War 1950-1953, America stationed its Seventh Fleet in the East China Sea and the South China Sea to prevent China from taking repossession of of those islands, isles, islets and reefs and the surrounding territorial seas. Had China been strong and possess a strong navy to take back those islands, islets and seas after the Second World War, there would not have any issues today regarding the South China Sea and the East China Sea. As it is the US has always been the devil, the stumbling block to prevent China from exercising her legal right to take back her territories and seas.

Will the Evil Empire USA allow the world to have peace? No, so long as the Evil Empire clings to its continuous practice of its three insidious evil doctrines , the world will never have peace. So long as the Evil Empire is one of the key architects and the chief and important member of the satanic and harmful organisations like the Illuminati, The Free Masons and the ever pervading Rothschild Anglo Saxon Jewish Zionist financial organisation, there will be no peace in this world.

The three evil doctrines base their concepts and practice on the Christian Holy Bible which is also similarly reflected in the Islamic Koran. That's the reason why the Christian West and the Arabs with their fellow muslims have perpetually been fighting for world domination and hegemony. The three doctrines of USA and the West are (1) The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, (2) The US Doctrine of Manifest Destiny and (3) The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism.

Basically the Doctrine of Christian Discovery states that Anglo-European Christians are anointed and empowered by their Christian God with divine destiny to attack, invade and conquer all lands that belong to non-Christians and to convert the local inhabitants to Christianity, and those that are not converted should be killed or massacred. The Doctrine of Christian Discovery is the root cause of all American and European aggression and conquests, the root  cause of Western colonizatioin, dispossession and genocide. The contemporary American indulgence in its practice of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery allows it to assume that it is entitled by God to invade, occupy and take possession of other people's lands without any sense of guilt or conscience. To the Anglo white American Christians all wars are undertaken on God's behalf and are referred as crusades as in the Middle Ages in Europe. US is continuing the crusades of bygone years and believe that crusading the order of the day is God's commanding Americans to wage pre-emptive wars of aggression. So crusading or preemptive wars of aggression, conquest and domination is now the prevailing and controlling idea of US foreign policy.


The US Doctrine of Manifest Destiny is the continuation and extension of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery but adapted to the needs of 19th century US colonial and imperial designs. Its hard core idea is that America has a divine providence destined by God to expand its borders with no limit to area or country. Manifest Destiny has been and is the reason for American aggression and territorial expansion. They believe that America's security is best served by conquering land beyond its borders and seas and there is no end to the expansion of American territories. In short America wants to conquer and subjugate the whole world to its domination and hegemony. Hence the reason for the present American stirring up of turmoil and instability everywhere like in the Middle East, Ukraine and the South China and East China Seas.

American Manifest Destiny also invokes the right and justice of white people to destroy anything and any one of non-white people who got in the way of their expansion of aggression and conquest. And American leaders past and present like their presidents, state secretariies, senators, congressmen and military commanders strongly hold the view that the Anglo Saxon , the white Americans are destined by God to rule the world.

At the heart of Manifest Destiny is the pervasive belief in American cultural and racial superiority. The Manifest Destiny is now further strengthened with the more dangerous concept of American Exceptionalism. American Exceptionalism is a pervasive faith in the uniqueness of immutability and superiority of America's founding liberal principles accompanied by a conviction that United States of America has a special destiny among all nations to rule and lord over the whole world. Hence its belief in perennial warfare to conquer and subjugate others. US government portrays itself as anointed by God with the sole priviledge to carry out God's mandate. As it is US arrogantly feels it is not bounded to accept any moral or legal standard in its savage behaviour. Thus US always adopt an innocense of moral superiority and entitlement.

US most powerful leaders in the government and military have constantly made never ending statements confirming that Manifest Destiny, American Exceptionalism and millenial belief in the Doctrine of Christian Discovery are foundations of US foreign policy.

The ever pervading US foreign policy is an extension of a thousand years of Christian Holy Wars against muslims, heathens, heretics indigenous people and others. These aggressive wars were carried out by might of military forces, state sponsored explorers. government supported traders, missionaries,settlers, law makers,court officials and other individuals imbued with the belief that they own what they discovered which is actually to say  what they had robbed  and it is their divine right to grab anything and everything from others.

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery is still used by US government , its law makers and judges to deny indigenous people, the American native Indians of their lands and human rights.

The Manifest Destiny is still used by US to justify pre-emptive wars and presumptious 'humanitarian' invasion of other countries to bring them benefits of superior Christian society such as freedom from 'evil dictators', democracy, free markets, material aid and human rights. American Exceptionalism is frequently quoted by American leaders to remind the world that US will never be constrained by international law because anything  that US do is blessed by God and therefore by definition it is beneficial and above critique or beyond criticism. This is arrogance most profound.

US is indeed using all of the above mentioned doctrines as a cover, a smoke screen to justify its ever pervading perrenial evil doings and wanton aggression against all other peoples and countries. These doctrines carry a presumption to unrestrain invasion and possession and are now incepted as US legal doctrine and principles.


How US destroyed all the self-governing native Indian states and how it massacred and genocided eighty-Five million native American Indians before swallowing up all the native lands to form the present USA is already well known. How US used deceit, intrigue, fraud and military might to to coerce and forcefully and illegally take away one million six hundred and fifty thousand square miles of Mexican land is also well known. These lands comprise the present states of Texas, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico and California.US occupied and subjugated Hawaii through fraud, intrigue and military might in the 1890s. The native Hawaiians led by their queens and kings fought bravely against the invading force of US in1890s in which more than two hundred thousand native Hawaiians were brutally slaughtered. In January 17th, 1893 the queen of Hawaii was overthrown by US and the island kingdom was pronounced US territory. Hawaii was officially and illegally annexed as the 50th State of US on 21st August, 1959.

In 1898 US occupied Guam from Spain, another island kingdom in the Pacific Ocean. It invaded Cuba in 1898 to force out Spain and retained Guantanamo as US territory before granting independence to Cuba after the Cubans put up a fierce fight and resistance. In 1961 US tried to invade Cuba again in the Bay Of Pigs to topple Fidel Castro regime but was resoundly defeated by the Cubans. Cuba needs to take back the Guantanamo enclave from the Evil Empire.

From 1961 to 1973 US tried to gain control of Vietnam by taking over the colonial war from France but was badly defeated by the Vietnamese with strong support from China. US tried to conquer Vietnam to outflank China in the south.

US persistently tried to carry out regime change of countries which do not toe its line. It attacked and invaded the Dominican Republic in 1965 to topple its leftist regime. In1983 it attacked Grenada to topple a socialist government which was very close to Cuba. In 1898 US invaded and occupied Panama and deposed its president Manuel Noriega. In 1993 US attacked Somalia to carry out regime change of its government which was unfriendly to US. Similarly US started wars in Bosnia , Kosovo and Yugoslavia in the Balkans from 1995 to 1999 to carry out regime change so as to outflank Russia in Southern Europe. From 2003 to 2013 US attacked Afghanistan to oust the Taliban regime though the regime was originally built up and supported by America to fight the Russians who had earlier invaded Afghanistan too.. From 2003 to 2010 US attacked Iraq to remove the regime of Saddam Hussein who tried to trade Iraqi oil in Euros other than the US dollar. Likewise Libya was attacked in 2011 and its president Gaddafi deposed and murdered because he tried to trade Libya's oil in a new gold backed African currency rather than using the US Dollar. US is using the American Dollar as a weapon of war , a strategy to control and undermine other countries currencies, trade, finance , banking and commerce. US has been constantly trying to overthrow the present governments of Syria and Iran but is thwarted by Russia. It attempted many times to overthrow the North Korean regime but failed miserably.

Anglo Saxon Europeans and white Americans professed to be Christians and follow the teachings of the Ten Commandments. But how can they reconcile the Ten Commandments when they adopt the practice of the Three Evil Doctrines as part of their national constitutional laws which are in serious breach of of the tenets or core of the Ten Commandments such as (1) Thou shall not Kill, (2) Thou shall not steal and (3) Thou shall not murder.

They have killed and genocided hundreds of millions of indigenous people worldwide. They have robbed all the indigenous peoples of their lands, properties and natural resources. They have through CIA and FBI carried out untold series of murders and assassinations of foreign political leaders like presidents, prime ministers and other statesmen and even scientists.

US has more than one thousand military bases around the world. Does US need so many military bases if it has no evil intent. Since its independence from England US has always and never cease to attack , invade and occupy other people's lands. This guilt conscience of senseless violent aggressions against others make US fear of retalliation. The military bases are US means to pre-empt other countries from rising to post a challenge to US aggression and world hegemony. US stated policy is not to allow any other country big or small in this world to become as rich and powerful as US. Therefore when US talks of allies  it means that these allies have to serve the purpose of US interest only and that is to fight proxy wars on behalf of America. US will not allow any allies to rise to the rank of US power  and status. US is playing God to others but nevertheless her evil ways and deeds will soon catch up with her and US will definitely face retribution and encounter internal implosion, political and economic collapse in no time.

The world must realise how many wanton wars, attrocities and terrorism US has imposed on other countries which failed or refused to toe the line of US dictatorship and hegemony. All peace loving countries must wake up and unite to remove the satanic regime in Washington. The world can only become more peaceful and safer with the collapse  and demise of the Evil Empire, the United States of America.


Monday, 7th March, 2016


Virgo49 said...

Pray that Mr Donald Duck, oops Trump become the President of Americunts.

He will concentrate on building the Great Wall of USA on the border with Mexico.

He will carpet bombed the ISIS and the dud Middle Eastern countries.

He will extend his hands to Trade with China.

Let him have this vision and with all his energy expended will leave China alone.

Another Four to Five Years, China would have the Eight Fleet and build up more military strength and will be Number One in the World.

Let China blow the yellow bananas that sucks up to the USA and now suck theirs.

Let the true blooded Chinese around the World have a sense of Deja Vu.

See the PAPies chow babas run for covers.


debj said...

*It appears that Malaysia may be a target of Washington’s asymmetric warfare: one of its commercial airliners was shot down over Ukraine; another just disappeared without a trace—to this day.

Now, Malaysia is in the midst of extreme political turmoil after $671 million mysteriously appeared in Prime Minister Razak’s personal bank account and he was unable to convincingly explain to the public how it got there.*

the moment i heard a mal plane *disappeared* with 250 chinese nationals aboard, the *con theorist* in me screamed FUKUS !!!




denk said...

that was me,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes denk, when it smells like a rat, it must be a rat.

denk said...


we all know very well whats unitedsnake doing in scs, its all in a days work for that dua pai gia....picking fights !

but what the hell is a nice girl like bharat doing in this company ???



smells like a rat, i like that !
but the rats might feel insulted by such comparison, ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

India has big power ambition. But she forgot the Indian Ocean is controlled by the USA. India thinks the Indian Ocean is her area of influence. Didn't know big brother is in charge.

Anonymous said...

Before calling the kettle rat black, better look at another smaller rat that protects the rights of religion, especially Christianity, at the costs of your blood. Your precious fragile peace is also not untainted by rat's bloody handshands, tio bo? You think like that got karma come visit you or not?

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of stoning in Sin. Lawyers are so busy making Sin's money and enjoy ahem...monogamous sex.

b said...

Those people behind America aggression are not all americans. They like to call themselves globalists, socialists, humanitarians etc. A lot of amercians are also victims of this group of people.

denk said...

*India has big power ambition. But she forgot the Indian Ocean is controlled by the USA.*

India's leadership is sorely needed in the Asia-Pacific region, and the United States is prepared to cooperate with India "as never before" on the high seas,

modi tao dua liao !



Anonymous said...

India should learn from history because they were under British rule once. The British Empire's rule was forced upon them, not invited. Invite the devil into your home and you may never be able to get rid of it. Gandhi must be turning in his grave right now.

denk said...

as a sco/brics member, beneficiary of massive chinese investments,
can we say bharat is TRIPLE CROSSING the chinese ?


Anonymous said...

The Americunts really think the Indians are stupid.
Praise front, praise back and India will just be led to go along.