The US has no time for the Middle East and ISIS

We know the story of how ISIS came about. We know the story of WMD. We know the story of how two Arab leaders were dethroned and their leaders murdered and their regime changed. We know ISIS is now an international problem for the whole world to cope with. The incidents of suicide bombings and surprise attacks are increasing and the death tolls are getting bigger in numbers. Shanmugam has just spoken about how serious is this ISIS threat with more and more people joining their ranks as fighters and suicide bombers. Singapore is facing the highest level of threat today, from ISIS.

The Middle East is burning, caught in a war that would last another hundred years and another hundred years to rebuild, if they are successful, or would be in a state of perpetual warfare? Where are the Americans? Mission complete, time to move on to start another fire somewhere in Asia. We came, we saw and he died. The rest are just collateral damages. No need to waste a tear, no need to look back. This is exactly the state of affair that The Americans have planned, wanted and executed. It is time to move elsewhere, to create another Middle East in turmoil.

Pivot to Asia, move 60% of American military resources to Asia to start another war in the region. This is the new American priority. The Americans are busy moving their big weapons into the region, signing up military alliances and negotiating for more military bases and facilities to conduct war. Asia is the next war zone to be burning. Many Asian countries love wars and wanting to show how good they are with their expensive weapons of war. It shall start either in the South China Sea or in the Korean Peninsula. The latter is easier to instigate. No need WMD, just scream loudly that the North Koreans are a threat to peace in Asia, plant a false flag incident and the two Koreans will be so eager to flatten their countries and to kill their own brothers and sisters. See, the Koreans are the perfect specimen of daft and unthinking Asians that could not see anything further than their nose. The Americans and the Japanese are prodding them from behind, go fight, we will support you, the North Koreans are bad.

The fall back position for the Americans, if the Koreans are reluctant to go to war, is the South China Sea. The ambitious Asean states are more silly and more daft than the Koreans. They wanted to go to war with China to claim Chinese islands, some just rocks, in the South China Sea. They could not see themselves as expansionist regimes that are ripe for regime change. They think that they are big and strong countries, with the backing of the Americans, and can claim and seize islands belonging to China. They are buying more American weapons of war, spending more in their military budget, providing military bases and facilities and inviting the Americans into their countries, to prepare to go to war with China. They are going to push China back.

What would happen to their countries and people when war starts in South East Asia? They are going to defeat China, with the help of the Americans, and to own a few pieces of rocks in the South China Sea? Or would the region be turned into another Middle East, all the countries in the region engaging in a senseless war of mutual destruction till eternity?

What are the American’s goal, agenda and strategy for Asia and SE Asia? What is the American game plan? Do Asian countries want to turn themselves into countries in the Middle East, embroiled in incessant warfare and forgo the development and progress they have built in the last few decades of peace and stability, without the Americans messing around with their warships and war planes?


Anonymous said...

// What are the American’s goal, agenda and strategy for Asia and SE Asia? What is the American game plan? Do Asian countries want to turn themselves into countries in the Middle East, embroiled in incessant warfare and forgo the development and progress they have built in the last few decades of peace and stability, without the Americans messing around with their warships and war planes?//

Every 300 years or so, a major tectonic shift occurs in the world stage?

In the 1800s, the system of Mercantilism and Monarchy was supplanted with republics, democrazy and CAPITALEEISM brought about by Napoleon and his series of Napoleonic Wars?

The world is again reaching the 300 years threshold and a new world order, system and ism are about to emerge?

After detonating and nuking each other to Ashes, the new system, order and ism are all rolled into one?

It is called the 21st century "Flinstones", aka cavemen?

Back to the past?

Start all over again?

Wearing a piece of fig leave covering the crotch or groin, running around with a spear chasing wild papigs ...... oops ...... should be wild pigs?

Anonymous said...

The real fight is not America versus China.
It is freedom versus servitude.
Democracy versus Aristocracy.

Anonymous said...

Worry Not! Fear Not!

There wont be war here!

War like coming "SOON"!

But. No! No! No! There wont be war here!

Don't waste your time n your life!

You only lived once!

Enjoy life! Dont worry! Don't fear! No use!

Politicians all over the world are the SAME.

Talks only! Wayangs only! Let them be!

So.......... Worry Not! Fear Not!


Anonymous said...

Shiok ahhh!!!! I can make more money in weapons liao. My stocks & shares in armaments & defense companies all shooting up thru the roof, and paying me bigger & bigger dividends every year. 1 man's death is another man's profits.

Anonymous said...


The "battleground" is "Mount Buttock"?

The real fight is:

Yiewr wives' poohsees are yiewrs vs Yiewr wives' poohsees oso belong to the Aristocrats? ( Slurp Slurp Slurp ...... behind yiewr back? )

Piak Piak Piak .....?

(P)iak (A)nd (P)iak?

They PIAK PIAK PAIK PIAK PIAK ...... yiewr wives?

And get the aliens to PIAK PIAK PAIK PIAK PIAK ......... yiewrs or sinkies men COLORECTAL organ?

Heng ah ....?

Born sinkies ah .....?

Wives lobangs kena Piak And Piak by aristocrats?

Own colorectal organ kena Piak And Piak by aliens?

Anonymous said...

Do the Malaysians know that the Americans are eyeing for control of the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea?

China already prepared for this and building land routes across Asia to Europe and ports in Pakistan and Myanmar. The silly Malaysians are thinking of fighting the Chinese while leaving their backside open for the Americans to put the screw in.

And Hishamuddin is wasting no time to wait for Najib to fall and to take over, to by pass Hamidi and Muhyiddin. He is too low down the line and with Americans backing for a regime change, he will move up to be the tiop dog to be PM.

Anonymous said...

President Trump will trump all the existing game plans when he takes over. His Wharton MBA will see to that about game plan. Geopolitics game plans will similarly turn over. But he needs 8 years to do that.
Obama spent 7 years after his Noble Peace Prize and what do we see? Nothing in black and white. Only shades of grey.

Anonymous said...

ISIS might have openly stepped inside Singapore.
1 new citizen brought saf #4 to middle east to experience the war.
ISIS is a loose concept. People declare their loyalty to ISIS from this region. ISIS spread into this region through experienced individuals. These experienced individual would spring into action anytime they think fit. It is this kind of sudden move that causes surprise. 100% deadly to NSmen wearing uniforms in green or blue.

1 scholar had said, Singapore can open the door free flow for Indon grads to seek jobs. Indon young and old are clear of ISIS? Free flow is a western concept, similar to Merkel wanted free flow of Syria refugees into Germany.
Merkel might be on the way out, but scholars the pigs, will get 80% votes in election 2020 for having free flow of Indon professionals into Singapore. Free flow of pmet from Malaysia include hiring malaysians giving them PR to be in blue uniforms.

U wanna talk about ISIS security in Singapore? Be prepared when some men women suddenly holding gun on their hands to shoot randomly. When such free flows goes for few years, men women with packages of explosives and holding guns is impossible?
Do people import guns by parts to avoid detection or declaring they have guns at custom?

The best alternative is: abolish NS to avoid citizens having to face blood sheds by putting them as targets for ISIS inside to use them as warning.

Singapore can hire its own professional soldiers similar to Indon and Malaysia. The battle is not far fetch. It is getting nearer with free flow of people into Singapore, worst, giving them jobs, citizenships to live here long term. Singapore voters ask for it. Next voting is another resounding 70% yes to the pigs. Be prepared to get it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if one were in-charge of ISIS strategy, east, south and south east Asia. This is where the world's Muslim populations are located. Hopefully, as an ISIS commander, you and your teams can "radicalize" these people.

You have Pakistan in south Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia (world's largest Muslim population), the Philippines in SE Asia, the ethnic Uyghurs in China's Xinjiang region, and the Muslims of southern Thailand. Many of these people are oppressed, so they are "ripe" for radicalization.

ISIS's objective of a caliphate are a bigger threat in our region than all out war between the states, or part of a messy proxy war between the US and China.

One thing about ISIS, is that for a terrorist organisation, they are remarkably "transparent".

If you read DABIQ, the "official" (excellently produced) magazine of ISIS, you will have a better understanding on how well organised and financed these horrible people are, and get an idea on how they are going to achieve their goals.

Anyway, at the moment, the Asian states can't afford prolonged armed conflict. No even China can. Everyone is economically shakey, so better cooperate and trade rather than fight.

America doesn't even have to fight. All it has to do is taper more Federal Reserve money printing, raise interest rates and strengthen the dollar, and most of the heavily-exposed Asian state who have US-dollar loans will DIE. 🙀

No money, no honey.

Veritas said...

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Veritas said...

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independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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