The secret formula for more by elections 美人计

First there was Yaw in Hougang and followed by Palmer in Punggol East. Now we have Bukit Batok heading for another by election. The opposition strategists must be putting their thinking hats together trying to figure out how to make more by elections happening in order to get more of their candidates into parliament.

If they still cannot figure out how, maybe they can learn from the Police in their well developed investigating procedures. Put all the facts and evidence on the white board and try to pin down the common denominators. In all the three cases you have a man and a woman, actually not a man, but an MP. Then there is the element of indiscretion. So, what are the common factors and what are the relevant factors that eventually lead to a by election? Give you a clue, it is not a 4 letter word.

For those who are still trying hard but unable to find the answer, look at Sun Tsu’s military strategies, the 36 arts of war. One of them is applicable in this case. The KGB and CIA used this art form very well, and very successfully. James Bond also had been willing victim to this deception and took the risk with all its pleasures.

The big question is whether the opposition parties are ready to put this strategy into practice to gain a few more by elections: )



Anonymous said...

Rb, it's not 不过 but nan guo

Virgo49 said...

Opposition just engage AhGongKia to be the trainer of more Wendy Lim to join the Grassrots.

As one PAP draft Saud MP very stressful working long hours.

So these Grassrots Female companions can accompany them to gardens or hotels to relieve stress.

Heujalla you have more bye erections.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah easy lah. Just play dirty, and leave no quarter. (no pan chan)

You can hire someone like uncle matilah, but you probably can't afford them 😂

Q: How to test the abilities of a so-called "dirty tactics professional"?

A: Have them get a poor street beggar or homeless person to give them money, not using force but by pure "confidence trickery". If successful, hire these type of people immediately. 😝. Sure win.

Anonymous said...


In an organization well known for ugly women;
this should not be too difficult

Anonymous said...

Matilar, I do not know how you value yourself so highly cause your type of experience of incest by force not many takers lar. I think angkongkia type of experience is probably better, he having taken advantage of many Lau Mei Mei and Kena from tuakee so bisexual experience. He has experience according to some anon being Kena doggie from behind by tuakee, some more tuakee stretching his hands from behind playing his little Canon and two flat tires. U got this type of experience or not? Plus as he scream like a pig in pain and tuakee pump lagi more as he thought angkongkia is reaching climax!

Anonymous said...

New regulations coming up. All pretty women joining must be sent for vetting to make sure they are safe. New do's and don'ts for MPs when in the company of the opposite sex. The rule that said cannot spy on MPs will be removed.

Anonymous said...


Yes! 英雄不过美人关! Yes! 英雄不过美人关!

So we have the Murali/Chee-By-Elrection 关!

Shy Not! Shy Not! This is the world!


Green Matter said...

Forget about (itchy mind) dirty trick! Most important is SDP CSJ (and family) enjoys the learning Journey to the West on the Year of the Monkey . 徐順全 西遊記 . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Rb // 英雄不过美人关 //

Aiyo ......

Uncle RB, your "generosity" is UNSURPASSED in 6 instances ....?

1) Since when this scandalous Mt Buttock ex-MP is a "英雄"??

Yiewr EYES paste STAMPS?

He got the "英雄" look meh?

If so then this resident botak 60+ yo mati lao ah pek is the "Super 英雄" Lo?

Any reader agree?

Pls kee chiu?

2) And ...... and ...... the za bo involved is a ...... "美人"?

Uncle RB, what is your judgement criteria vs say Miss Universe Pageant criteria?

You based your judgement of her as a "美人" on her look?

Your eyes got paste how stamps?

If not by look, then by some "privy information" the Mt Buttock "英雄" privately "whispered" into yiewr EARS?

Sthg very "special" that is/ are beneath the clothes or bra or ......?

Ai beg to differ ....?

Should be "狗熊过不了老鸡母关"?

You want consider change your Chinese subtitle for this post?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, rb eyes no paste stamps lah

If u recall rb already abt 80-yo and the za bo in the affair abt half that age of approximately 40 .....

So to abt 80-yo rb, 40-yo lao Chio mb looks like "young baby grass" ( 嫰草 ) aka "美人"?

It is relative lah .....

To those 20 sthg or 30 sthg or even 40 sthg, they may think she already a "lao kuey mu"

Same same lah like the 70% think "shit" is "nice, fantastic, cannot have enough"?

Whereas the 30% from Changi 50 miles away can smell the "shit" in the West "Buttock"...... and vice versa for the 30% staying in the west of the "shit" in East Chengi or Chiangnai?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.11am you are not wrong! Good! Good! Good!

But. Very sorry. Very sorry! When the room lights were OFF,
the man and woman will be 英雄 and 美人 lah.

In darkness, everyone is 英雄 and 美人!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am just quoting an ancient saying lah.
Like dat oso cannot meh?
Sunday morning you people so serious meh?
Want to check how many more mistakes and commas that I did not put in? : )

Anonymous said...

But this coming Bukit Batok by election will be different. Because for the first time since 2011, PAP will win this by election. And subsequently all future by elections, if there is one, and whatever the reason for the by election.

So RB's 英雄不过美人关 strategy may not work to the opposition's favour. And all because of one "every time lose" Chee Soon Juan. He will be a jinx to future by elections and even general elections.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .... uncle RB .....

Sunday morning lah ...... we oso not so "serious lah" and "just jokgging jokgging own-lee" .....

Dun "angry" lah .....

Just "playing with the language"

Not "personally" at you.....

"Free entertainment for the other silent majority readers"

But ......

"Miscomm", "miscomm" ......

Kena Uncle RB's "ire" liao ....?

JiakLiat ......

Btw, typo earlier ..... uncle RB is actuality abt 60 yo "own-lee" lah ...... NOT 80 yo ....... kena "food coma" just now after heavy Sunday morning breakfast with some regular TKSS sinkies ..... mb after that the "Math brain cell oso went to sleep liao ......" ......

Btw, No need so precise to the last ones unit lah, just the tens or hundreds unit can liao ....... yiew know what refer to?

Aiyo ..... still in "food coma" ......?

Need gonna take a Sunday noon "Laid-鸡" siesta liao ......

"See you all" in an hour's time .......

Hopefully recover from the breakfast food coma by then .....

But kena the lunch food coma .....

Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousMarch 27, 2016 12:08 pm
// So RB's 英雄不过美人关 strategy may not work to the opposition's favour. //

Aiyo ..... then change strategy la.....

Can think out of the "box"?

How about use "老鸡母难过猛男关"?

Anonymous said...

This kind of greed on free sex is costly. The buttock woman s husband was said in one post, he was contacting lawyer. Obviously going for divorce. So the mp is healing and the non mp partner is breaking further.

Mp going for sex from grassrot women is similar to kind of conquest of the weaker sex, if there is no harassment involved.
The ending is always painful. Its not hero not being able to conquest a beauty s gate, its not in these cases. These cases are more of bullying the younger women s eagerness to please these mp. This kind of eager to please women can easily succumb to request for sex from the mp. That s probably how it works so easily.

But the women never realize that the husbands will divorce them upon discovery, in order to save their faces in working world.

So women: wanna offer cb to mp, better plan early, dont trapped yourself if dont want to divorce, mostly is the painful ending. Unless divorce is a joyful one, then, the woman must go join grassrot and rock there. The divorce will come by itself.

Anonymous said...

a little R(A) rating lah..............

when a man and a woman (still "can" age) in a room with the lights OFF........

they will be 英雄 and 美人 lah........

so uncle rb is correct.....

indeed 英雄不过美人关.........


Anonymous said...

Was the woman a PAP grassroots woman?
Was her husband a PAP voter?
Do you think the husband will continue to vote PAP?

Was the man a PAP MP?
Was his wife a PAP voter?
Do you think his wife will continue to vote PAP?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousMarch 27, 2016 12:24 pm

//a little R(A) rating lah..............//

The subject of the post title:

"" The secret formula for more by elections 美人计 ""

Is itself r-rating stuff?


Unless someone choose to talk other subject matters and go "out of point"?

Otherwise to skirt on some face-blushing contents is inevitable and "rightfully so"?

Anyway this CHEE BY election is itself "r-rating" triggered?

Anonymous said...

The answers to Anonymous 12.27pm PSKE exam questions are as below:

Was the woman a PAP grassroots woman?.........................yes
Was her husband a PAP voter?..................................yes
Do you think the husband will continue to vote PAP?...........yes

Was the man a PAP MP?.........................................yes
Was his wife a PAP voter?.....................................yes
Do you think his wife will continue to vote PAP?..............yes


Anonymous said...

Now is the time for Mt Buttock's women to vote "properly " and reassure their husbands they DO NOT standby giving their husbands "FREE GREEN BERETS" ......?

Now is the time for the Mt Buttock's husbands to tell the "PAPIGS CHEATERS" that they ARE NOT going to roll over and lay dead to let others lay their "PAPIGS hands and LJs" all over their wives body and poohsee?

Now is the time for the 70% to right past wrongs and vote correctly to avoid similar "family 丑闻 and 悲剧" enacting again?

Anonymous said...

Riding the lightning rod.


Anonymous said...

Female PAP Sex Maniac joke
Q; What's the difference between a female PAP sex maniac and a broom closet?
A: You can only squeeze 2 men into a broom closet.

Q: What's the difference between a female PAP sex maniac and a Rolls Royce?
A: Not everybody has been inside a Rolls Royce.

Anonymous said...

Rb // The big question is whether the opposition parties are ready to put this strategy into practice to gain a few more by elections: )


The papigs would be highly "on guard" in the near future unless "IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED AND THE RAW RICE HAS BEEN COOKED many times over"?

This 计 may have lose its efficacy in the SR.

Therefore new stratagems may have to be employed?

Such as:

" 苦肉计 "?


" 猛男计"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.21pm

U very mean leh ...?

But how come u know arh ...?

Got news ( about lobang ) must share mah ?

Anonymous said...

They dont call this Chee By Election for nothing. Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful PAP woman joke
So this beautiful PAP woman says to Matilah, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."
And matilah thinks what the heck, and he showed her his penis.

Then she shows Matilah her penis.
Hers was bigger.

The said...

/// Anonymous Anonymous said...
Rb, it's not 不过 but nan guo
March 27, 2016 9:52 am ///

Aiyah, don't likdat lah. If you correct RB, 他会很难过 - 红豆难过美人关。

Anonymous said...

Love is also tempting. Organisation has been known to profit tremendously from preaching love. If it was just sex, plenty of places to have that if you have the means. Youthful love is a stronger potion But unfortunately, the low downs come from the lowly kind and perhads the reason why top down rule or the high minded over the lowly minded is still the call of the day

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the two of them go to fuck?

Anonymous said...

For MPs marriages still intact. Not bad

Anonymous said...

Former MPs...

Anonymous said...

Who so lucky like Jacky Chan? lol...still role model IN ASIA lol. Even Sin gov loves him lol

Anonymous said...

His police story series the best...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Rub shoulders with Asian leaders somemore...Asian leaders rubbed song song hoor hahahah

Anonymous said...

How come nobody ask Jacky Chan where he fucks? lol...it will be an epic interview lol maybe the next time he visits Sin, mediacock, through national tv...can ask him ...and learn from him lol

patriot said...

Plse correct me if me am wrong.

There is difference between
美人計 and
if me am not wrong.
美人計 is female using her
beauty and sexiness to enarmour
another, in a scheming manner or

美人关 means the beauty of woman is
irresistible to one who falls for the Beauty.

In the Bukit Batok Case, does anyone
suspect a 美人計(scheme/trap)?
If there is indeed one, who is the Perpetrator?
What's the Motive?

From the Look of it, both thr '美人' and
her hubby are both Pappies Supporters. They CANT HAVE SCHEMED TOGETHER
TO CAUSE the Case.

美人計 only stands if there is an ulterior motive by the Female.
If the Female has genuine feeling for the Male, 美人关 is more fitting than 美人計。

Maybe, Mr Agongkia and his Sifu could offer us their expertise.


Anonymous said...

we need to get some priests to bless the Chee by election with holy water for good luck. Maybe more Chee by election opportunity for the oppositions

Sex Is A Sword Near Your Neck said...

THE BEASTS, in the midst of a flock of tamed domesticated white sheep, adorn themselves with whiter than white wool so as to deceive the sheep and some daft shepherd dogs. These daft sheep and shepherd dogs, are consistently unquestionably daft, dafter and daftest for five good decades already.

Though, as in the Nature of Things (both living things and dead things, or organic and inorganic), once a while, according to the probability of chance, these BEASTS would unwittingly expose their arsk to show their fluffy wolffy tails and stinking sickening smell of skunks, the already mesmerised daft sheep and shepherd dogs would still not see nor smell nor feel anything amiss.

This is the displayed character of the Voting Population in PAPA-Land over the last 50 yeaars. Some people say, 'When a dog has eaten shit, it will forever love to eat the same smelly shit again, and again and again.....

So People with dreams of change, you have to pray harder for Divine Intervention, for a Real Miracle to take place in this PAPA-Land of Injustice, False Peace, Psuedo-Democracy, Inequality, Non-Progress for the Dafts Majority and Prosperity only for the Elites and Inner Circle of Power.


agongkia said...

@uncle Patriot
Replied to you but post missing.
No more long story,美人關 or 計,not important.
Learn 三從四德。
Men need to know it is sinful to have affair with others wife and women to learn to be faithful to the husband.
One can think he or she is successful,can name themselves or their children as angmo,pray like angmo but never behave like angmo if one is not one.
Men should learn to treasure their family,women should be faithful to their husband.That's what a common folk like me can offer,else it only bring disgrace not only to themselves but also to their family and organisation.
This is not the only case.i know some other cases.Time to stop before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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