The Americans are militarising Asia

The daft Asians could not bother to think what the American pivot to Asia is all about. They only listen to the Americans screaming China is militarizing the South China Sea. And when they blow the pipes, the daft Asians all fall in line and follow the pipe piper without knowing where they are being led to.

China is the expansionist power. So it is right for the Americans to sail their warships and fly their war planes to balance this new emerging power when the while the world’s Number One hegemon continues to militarise Asia and threatens everyone with wars. The American pivot to Asia is as good as the Americans saying ‘We are back, to take control of you, yes you, the daft Asians.’ We are the Empire and we will rule you, daft Asians. We will tell you who is good and who is bad and we will make you fight among yourself, Asians against Asians, and we will sell you all the weapons to kill yourself.

While the daft Asians are still smoking the American designed drugs, the Americans are moving in, bases in Singapore, negotiating for bases in the Philippines, in Vietnam and Australia. They are going to station nuclear bombers, the B1s and B52s in Australia with enough reach to the South China Sea and the whole of Asia. These are on top of more than 100 military bases in their semi colonies in South Korea and Japan, the military fortresses in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean that the Indians could do nothing about, and in Guam.

The nuclear bombers are offensive weapons with a global reach. The whole of Asia is now under the American nuclear umbrella. They can do regime change to any Asian country they want and no one can do anything about it. They are here to balance against China? China’s military strength is not even one tenth of the American military power. Who is balancing against who? I am posing this question to the daft Asians.

And what kind of weapons did China placed in the South China Sea? Defensive missiles, to protect the islands, not offensive bombers and aircraft carriers with strike aircraft and bombers.

Daft Asians cannot tell the difference between offensive and defensive weapons. The Chinese are arming themselves with defensive weapons to defend against the American offensive fighters, bombers and aircraft carriers. The American aircraft carriers, bombers, missile destroyers are all attack weapons of war. Understand?

Who is the aggressor? Who is amassing attack weapons in Asia, not just the little pond called South China Sea. Who is in charge, in control, militarily of Asia? Is China putting defensive weapons on the islands a threat or Americans moving in their nuclear weapons and offensive weapons to rule over Asia and the daft Asians a bigger and real threat, clear and present danger?

How daft can Asians be? The Ameicans set up a straw man to distract their real intention and the daft Asians swallowed it without thinking and keep throwing stones at the straw man while the region is taken over by the Empire.


Anonymous said...

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

Anonymous said...

The South China Sea issue is due to every country, even small countries, trying to make claims to islands that were long claimed by China. Everyone one of these countries making claims are as expansionist as China.

This is a different ball game than the Americans expanding into the region to recolonize Asia.

Anonymous said...

While the Americans are shouting thief and the daft Asians ran out to look for the thief, the Americans just moved in to take over their countries and to be the new masters.

Hahahhahaha, yes, Asians are really stupid. Deserve to be colonised and ruled by the West.

denk said...

murcunts accuse china of militarising scs, wtf ?

whose fucking planes have been circling over sg sky 24x7 making a fucking nuisance of itself ?

now that sg is okinawa2 i understand more the plight of

murcunt pacom commander harry harris, wtf are u doing in scs picking fight with china while your people
are under the jackboot of the murcunts ?

denk said...

viva okinawa !!!

see what the poster says....
abe = 米国犬 = murcunt poodle !


denk said...

viva sg......my ass !

70% wanna be 米国犬,


Virgo 49 said...

Sin airspace limited like the tiny red dot.

One fine day overlapped and flew into Malaysian and Indonesia airspace and shot down like the MH plane.

Hahaha got show to see.

Anonymous said...

South China seas islands are not hot issues these days. North Korea fat boy claimed today NK can miniaturize nuclear war heads to mount on ballistic missile. If this is real, it is an improvement. In the past people discount the NK s nuclear capability. US South Korea all believe the boy was bluffing. So watch these days: there are 300000 S korean troops having exercise with 17000 US troops on east west franking attack and landing. 2 US carriers are involved. The war game is to end on 30 April.
Meanwhile,Taiwan new DPP government is not keen to claim the south china seas island. The ex president Lee said in his new book that those islands in south china seas belong to Japan. Lee was in Japan imperial army as second lieutenant. He had own Japanese name and was given "the emperor s descendants" status in Taiwan in the past. So when Taiwan new president Tsai ignores KMT s claims on islands and Yong Sin island, China mainland will have their blood boil for not defending chinese s assets.

South Korea is deploying the US THAAD anti missile system. This THAAD system can detect troop movements in most parts of Eastern/Northern China.
This is the catch: if china invade Taiwan, the THAAD will detect the troops movement.
China will have to live with this weakness unless it can destroy these THAAD during war. But missiles will hit South Korea, and these missiles might be intercepted.
So if US invade NK, China might invade Taiwan, if war breaks out in coming months. If China fears for their lives, there is little chance for a China Taiwan union. China will be silly to help US and South Korea to collapse NK, ie to let the US move the THAAD nearer to China border. China is like a frog swimming in warming up water if it is timid. Can it play hard ball to take risk? Watch.

denk said...

sg allows the murcunts to play all these silly war games here,
if one day an murcunt bird fall within sg sky, there's a 99% chance of hitting a hdb estate.
somebody gotta ka chung bua gu you,

anon March 11, 2016 4:40 pm

*South China seas islands are not hot issues these days*

it might soon be, the snake has collared jp, india to a joint exercise off ph coast.
ass carter just warned darkly that china should obey the icc verdict come may ...or else !
no doubt he already knows the outcome, hehehehe

over at the korea peninsula,
the snake has finally gotten sk to install the accursed thaad batteries despite china's vehement opposition.
typical one stone kills two birds m.o.
1] its like putting a dagger at the dragons' heart
2] it torpedos beijing's excellent relation with sk, practically the last of china's remaining friends.

all courtesy of nk !

beijing has better watch out, one of these days nk might *accidentally* lob a couple of nuclear missiles
over if u know what i mean. !

uncle sham
*O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!*

Anonymous said...

Anon March 11, 2016 10:45 pm.
U r up to date, 1 of the rare, not daft, on this pleasure/money first most expensive land. Hormat. Indian Jp Au had minister meeting on S China Islands. Indians has no claim. That is an indication supporting my claim that china is timid. If looking at the words used by foreign minister and pre xi, the cover is always peaceful development. Xi is far indecisive than the Korea auntie presi park. That woman simply cut off eveything with the fat boy and went into war exercise and deploy THAAD. Xi got played out for being nice guy. Similarly, Xi and predecessors got played out by taiwanese: the bien "4 not 1 will have", the ma "bu du" bu lam par, and pre xi is hoping to hear another batch of words from pre tsai on "92 kongxi" cyn messages, lumpar parlum, they are words covering a culture of misleading taiwanese young to get into war for independence.
Why taiwanese and the US are so patient to think china will collapse? US dare not to start any war with NK or chinese. War with them is nuclear standard.
The chinese re org the armed forces: the eastern war zone is commanded by a full general highest rank. This guy had war experience as an infantry soldier in vietnam war with china. The deputy has no war experience.
In other words, if chinese politicians keep convincing the china people peaceful development with taiwan, the US know the chinese armed forces will have few experience generals. But the war will be nuclear bombing at the end. US cannot afford to take that. So they put THAAD to cover their bases in SK. Meanwhile, the play patiently with china, encouraging china to feed taiwanese to get rich and strong. China is concerned with no man islands, and pretending taiwan will be at its side while the US is helping the taiwanese to marry china. Is this called timid? or buy time?
So how long can the china military men wait for the politicians to resolve the territorial loss of taiwan? to be a base for US eventually? This risk is obvious, tio boh?

denk said...

everybody knows palefaced speak in forked tongue, just ask the north american indians, !

bharat on the other hand, could teach even the anglos a thing or two in Machiavellian state craft !
so when the elephant pakat with the snake , china kena jialat jialat !

in nepal, cia./raw removed the pro beijing king birendra by extreme termination, the whole fucking family wiped out.

in sri lanka, cia/raw removed the pro beijing prez with a bloodless coup,
chinese investments terminated,

in bangladesh, bharat joined hand with another murcunt poodle jp to sabo chinese investments,

but the scs war game is the ultimat insult, bharat would never dare to pull the same stunt near the kuril isles !
modi is taking beijing for granted cuz he figures that the chinese are trying their best to wean
him away from the snakes !
that triple crossing &^%$#@!