SMRT accident – So difficult to state the facts?

Reports in the Today paper on 23 Mar stated this, ‘However, SMRT Corporation chief executive officer Desmond Kwek maintains that the two victims were walking behind their supervisor and the 15 member team were walking in single file on the 0.5m wide walkway…They were 50m away from the location of the signaling equipment at the time of the tragedy.’

My contention, if the team was walking in single file in a path for maintenance personnel, the path should be safe enough to walk on, passing safety guidelines. The train would go pass them, with a bit of squeeze, but safely.  The fact that the supervisor was in front of the single file, he would be the first to be hit if the train could hit the two behind him. What supposedly happened, the train missed hitting the first man, but could hit the second and the third, and missed the rest behind the third man. This was only possible if the train jumped track after going pass the first man, hit two men, then jumped back to the main track. Of course this was highly unlikely, impossible.

Today’s reports on 24 Mar have a bit more detail, with timeline of what happened but still left a lot of blanks to be filled. It went with the 15men team walking in single file, and ‘SMRT said before the team was allowed to step back onto the trackway it had to coordinate with the station’s signal unit “for oncoming trains to be brought to a stop and to ensure that no trains enter the affected sector”. “Our records do not show that this procedure took place.” SMRT said.’

So, were the men crossing onto the track to the signal equipment or 50 meters away? The above statement suggested that the men or some of the men were crossing the track or on the track near the equipment.  It was only in such a position, on the track that they could be hit by the oncoming train.

What is strange is that the report did not say whether they were on the track or otherwise. What was also strange is that it was a procedural lapse, never get permission to cross onto the track.

Remember, even if there was no permission requested or granted, 15 men were at the scene. Did anyone see or hear the train coming? Did anyone shout for whoever were on the track to jump off the track?  All the 15 men were blind and deaf? No one see the train coming?  How does a chicken cross the road? Wait for the traffic light to turn red.  Then look left, look right, all clear then cross. Would anyone in the middle of a road, or in this case in a train track, would be oblivious of oncoming train, no need to pay attention to look out for on coming train?

What is the true story? Were the men on the train track? Did anyone see the train coming? Did anyone shout to those on the train? Silent movie?

Oh ST quoted one of the men saying they were crossing onto the track and saying, “We didn’t realize that there was a train coming towards us…After I put my foot over the rail, my senior technical officer behind shouted: ‘Train is coming! Train is coming!’” This is about as complete as you can get. Still a question goes abegging. Why no one was assigned to watch out for oncoming trains in a ‘live firing’ area?
The train cannot hit anyone on the walkpath. If it could, it would hit the first man and the rest of the team unless it came to an immediate halt.

Even if the procedure was not followed, no record, there were 15 pairs of eyes and ears to see and hear the train coming? It was dangerous, but could the accident be avoided if the eyes and ears were open?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Was there a train driver?
Do you think a train driver would also be able to add some clarity to what happened?

Anonymous said...

Do you still think the PAP government has the management skills & mindset to operate a nuclear power plant safely?
- if Singapore cannot operate one of the smallest train systems in the world safely, do you think Singapore can be trusted to operate a nuclear power plant?

.... especially when the nuclear power plant will likely be operated by Alien nuclear engineers ... whose home is thousands of miles safely away from Singapore ???

Virgo 49 said...

According to reports, train on Auto driver bug driver inside.

SMRT rail got driver but not SBS.

Why 15 men just for small job check signals fault??

One unscrew, one take our screw and one change screw??

Rest observed??

You see photos there a wide walking path but only for short distance whereas rest close to tracks.

They walking cms from moving trains. If you happen to even cross overhead bridge just above passing trains like Redhill Station, you can even feel the tremendous pressure and winds just passing below you.

What's more just centimetres next to passing trains.

These two just novices and they might just fall by the strong pressure.

Mistakes just said mistakes, so hard to admit faults.

Every time people died then said must learn from these Incidents.

How many more to die before they are paid to forsee these incidents.

Anonymous said...

Say what you people want.

Anyway, say also no use lah.

Two precious life were lost.

Very very painful to their loved ones.

You can see how SMRT handled the case, you draw yr own conclusions.


Anonymous said...

A very very confusing episode. The families left behind must surely need clarification to fully understand how the accident happened. I sincerely hope that the train operator will come clean and take responsibility. Let there be NO Taichi performance and NO sacrificial scapegoat. In other countries when such tragedies happen, the top man or the CEO would gracefully resign. Lets see what happens here in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Brussels attacks: Belgian interior and justice ministers offer their resignation in wake of assault on city

" I sincerely hope that the train operator will come clean and take responsibility. Let there be NO Taichi performance and NO sacrificial scapegoat. In other countries when such tragedies happen, the top man or the CEO would gracefully resign. Lets see what happens here in Singapore. "
March 25, 2016 9:56 am

Anonymous said...

There were real eyes watching the accident. The New paper reported residents from hdb flats saw workers walking on the track. One resident heard shouting "Oi Oi".
It easy to piece together. The 2 men were on track. They did not suspect the train could come in while they were working or walking on track. Is this part double clear to the ceo? How could the people died while walking on the correct path?

On 1 post, it said 3 men were supposed to be hit. 1 jumped off on time. From the later reports, it was the supervisor who jumped off, while the newbie did not know how to get off fast.

Was train suppose to pass the worker while they were repairing?
My opinion is NO. The train must stop at a distance away, eg 50m before the work site. It can be done easily. Use walkie talkie like construction work site. When a train (heavy vehicle) leaves a station, the site signal worker is informed. He will arrange red flag to warn the site workers of danger in minutes to come.
In this case, the train driver MUST be aware, before the next station, he must slow down the speed to stop at the red flag position.

If the train passes the red flat without stopping, the signal man must inform the work site workers to move away.
This is safety procedures.
The train can still move at very slow and safe speed, but not at 60mph to cause the workers death.

Its so simple to avoid the death of 2 men, if the smrt has a proper ceo or md who is technically trained and has worked in work sites.

Lets wait for the harakiri man to explain in parliament. Another Juyingtai misunderstanding lah: eg, the site engineers thought the assistant engineers have informed the station to ensure the train would stop. But on record, there was none: possible verdict: another juyingtai, another misunderstanding, honest mistake, no fault of the management, move on. Soon the 70% will still vote for the men like free hot cakes distributors.

Anonymous said...

Was Desmond Kuek the Chief of Staff, General Staff; Chief of Army (2003–2007)?

On 23 March 2007, did Desmond succeed Ng Yat Chung as the Chief of Defence Force (CDF)?

Did Kuek relinquish his appointment as the CDF on 31 March 2010 to become Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources from 1 July 2010 to 30 September 2012.

Did Kuek became the President and Chief Executive Officer of SMRT Corporation on 1 October 2012?

Does Desomd Kuek have a mentor who groomed him and helped him to develop his present skill set and knowledge?

Anonymous said...

Who will ask better quality questions about this SMRT accident in parliament?

SDP's Chee Soon Juan or PAP's Murali?

Anonymous said...

Despite the SMRT incident causing 2 deaths, I think PAP's Murali will still win the coming Bukit Batok by election.

Anonymous said...

Do you think pointed questions by SDP's CSJ in parliament will result in a safer work environment at SMRT?

Anonymous said...

Do you think pointed questions by SDP's CSJ in parliament will result in a safer work environment at SMRT?
Anon 11:07 am

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP's Murali is capable of asking any pointed questions in parliament that will result in a safer work environment at SMRT?
Do you think PAP's Murali will be overawed into silence in parliament by the presence of PAP's Transport Minister Khaw?

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP's Murali is capable of asking any pointed questions in parliament that will result in a safer work environment at SMRT?
Anon 11:45 am

If 82 PAP MPs cannot even ask any pointed questions in parliament, what is one more Murali?

Anonymous said...

From the report in Today dated 24Mar, based on input from SMRT, the procedure to divert or stop any on-coming train was not activated. The train driver saw the men on the track but could not stop in time. What probably happened was that the two men who died were on the track and had no time to jump clear. The on-coming train was on the left track but automatically switched to the right track at the junction just before where the 15 men were positioned. The two men who were on right track had probably assumed that the procedure had been activated and the train would continue on the left track into the station. They had no time to react when the train suddenly switched track just before hitting them.
CEO of SMRT should resign for telling a lie that the 15 men were walking in line on the safe passage beside the track. That lie led to lots of speculation as to what had really happened. SMRT came clean only after about two days.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

15 people on the track, and they still don't shutdown the train service for that area?

What could possibly go wrong? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

SMRT needs to be SUED. People in charge need to GO TO JAIL for criminal negligence.

In other "developed" cuntries (which are not as "Number 1" as Singapore), whenever maintenance work is carried out on the track, the track is SHUTDOWN COMPLETELY and shuttle buses deployed to serve passengers needs on the route in question.

Is that so fucking hard to do? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Sure, passengers are still "inconvenienced", and that is just too bad...these things happen occasionally. It just can't be helped. And yes, the Twitter-verse and the blogs will be screaming with dissatisfied customers complaining, simply because people get pissed off when their own narrow self-interest is compromised.

But management has one fundamental principle they should never ever break: your people ALWAYS come before the temporary impatience of your customers. If you sacrifice your people over customers, you are doomed and should be out of business pronto.

Don't believe this? Look at the top military organisations, like the Navy SEALs: your fellow SEALs and other fighting forces on your side COME FIRST. You never never never ever sacrifice them, for any purpose, no matter how hopeless or deadly it gets (which is does, because that is the nature of war). If they choose to sacrifice themselves for the rest of the team, that's different.

Oh, but the SMRT is not the SEALs. Yeah, I know. It's not even 0.0001%.

๐Ÿ”ซ Ah Singapore, you die your fucking business mate! ๐Ÿ”ซ This is a great mantra. ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

Schoolchildren should be forced to recite this everyday, and SingPost should issue a stamp so that international mail can be used as a "promotional device" to ๐Ÿ’ฃ ALERT THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD ๐Ÿ’ฃ, that Singapore is doing it RIGHT, and the rest of the world is just too fucking dumb or incapable of being as GREAT as Singapore.

Got humanity? No lah. Huat ah! ๐Ÿ’ฐ

P.S. This isn't the PAP's fault. The PAP is the govt chosen from the people by the people....the EXACT SAME people. All these issues stem from a deep root in THE CULTURE, which has been growing like a tumour over decades and generations. Most people are unaware of this. Many of those who are choose DENIAL as a means of dealing with it.
Me? I EXPLOIT people's dark sides. ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น Now you know it when I say: Singaporeans are ASSHOLES

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. You do not "divert" the train. Why? Because you cannot trust that procedure. Along the chain there are just too many things which can go wrong. Like the common human error of MISCOMMUNICATION.

What do you do? SHUTDOWN THE WHOLE FUCKING TRACK for that sector. Make sure all the necessary warning lights are blinking, confirm and "double-confirm", make the announcements, put up the signs in the staions on the website, send out the Twitter tweets and post to Facebook.

That's what you do. Like they do elsewhere.

Too hard? Then fuck you SMRT.

One day, heaven forbid there is a "terrorist incident" on SMRT (there is a non-zero probability of this occurring at sometime in the future), more people than necessary will be killed because of the SLACK ARSENESS of SMRT.

Sue SMRT. Jail the top idiots. Shame that old cunt Lee is dead. He would have flipped his shit if this happened on his watch.

Anonymous said...

Well said Matilah

Anonymous said...

Singapore's "MH370" mystery

Anonymous said...

General! Your troops have just been ambushed. There is low morale among your troops now. What can you do to motivate your troops? What do you think? Lapse in ???????

Anonymous said...

There is an elephant on the track. Not a mice. Dead elephant or live elephant, what must you do if the handler is an idiot? Stupid to take sides.

patriot said...

Pasir Ris MRT Station bring the End(Terminal) Station should have being shut down whence emergency repair is required.
At it's worst it was only one station at the End, meaning to say alternative transport arrangements shall be much easier due to the Short Distance to the Next Nearest MRT Station which is Simei Station.
Being the End Station also means that commuters affected are minimal.

As said by Matilah, there should be no compromise with safety and even the Slightest Inherent Risk MUST BE AVOIDED.

Even negligences of a lower degree as the One that happened at the Little India Riot, where and whence enforcement officers ran for their live instead of protecting properties and live MUST BE PUNISHED.




patriot said...

My Apology.


My bad.


Anonymous said...

Well said Matilah.

Anonymous said...

Whole nation must be punished for stupidity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

Human error is much more scary now as people have short attention spans and are easily distracted by the ubiquitous mobile devices.

Some twat who is supposed to be on-duty is checking their FaceBook status and just gives an "all clear" signal without checking...or some other lapses in ATTENTION or judgement.

Humans will be humans. You can't help human nature. Even the best trained human brains are error-prone.

Which is why you need rigid (non-negotiable) PROTOCOLS in place---in this case TOTAL SHUTDOWN.

Even the best protocols will fail occasionally. Reviewing them and making adjustments are the only way to IMPROVE, and you have to do this...it never stops. Never.

If you're still using your phone while driving, you are an accident waiting to happen. I sincerely hope you meet a heavy vehicle head-on one day---you deserve to be killed, you irresponsible motherfucker. You need to remove your genes from the genepool and win a Darwin Award :

"In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives. Darwin Award winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species' chances of long-term survival."

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

proticols are as flawed as the human. there is no escape from sinkies class stupidity.

patriot said...

Hi Matilah Singapura;

me CANT help feeling that
there were as much failures of those
in Authority in dealing with the
Criminal Negligence Cases in the



Anonymous said...

We are all wondering how the 13 survived. Must be Allah's will

Anonymous said...

If is less stupid or more stupid. Sinkies have an overdose of the latter.

Anonymous said...

What is Criminal Negligence?
Under some criminal law statutes, criminal negligence is defined as any type of conduct that “grossly deviates” from normal, reasonable standards of an ordinary person. It generally involves an indifference or disregard for human life or for the safety of people. Sometimes the definition for criminal negligence also requires a failure to recognize unjustifiable risks associated with the conduct.

Examples of criminally negligent behavior may include knowingly allowing a child to be in very dangerous conditions, or driving in an extremely irresponsible way. Criminal negligence is less serious than intentional or reckless conduct. Generally, reckless conduct involves a knowing disregard of risks, while negligence involves an unawareness of the risks.


Anonymous said...

Is Criminal Negligence Different From Civil Negligence?
Yes- the standard for proving criminal negligence is somewhat higher than that for civil negligence. Civil negligence is usually defined as a failure to fulfill one’s duty, or a failure to follow the normal standards of conduct for a reasonable person.

In comparison a finding of criminal negligence requires that the person exercised a “gross” or “aggravated” deviation from acceptable societal norms. In other words, the conduct must have some element of an unjustifiable disregard of standards in order for it to be considered criminal.

Part of this difference also lies in the way that criminal cases are tried in comparison to civil negligence claims. In a criminal case, it is the state that is filing the claim against the defendant. Criminal cases involve punishments such as fines or jail time for the purpose of penalizing the defendant. Basically, the conduct must be sufficiently disruptive or damaging in order to justify a punishment by the state.

In contrast, a civil negligence claim is filed by one private citizen against the other. Rather than punishment for the defendant, the focus in a civil claim is on reimbursing the victim for their losses.


Anonymous said...

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Criminal Negligence Laws?
Criminal negligence laws can sometimes be difficult to understand. However, the serious of some criminal sentences can depend on whether the conduct was intentional, reckless, or negligent. You may wish to hire a criminal lawyer for help understanding these differences. A qualified attorney in your area can provide you with legal counsel and representation during a criminal trial.


Anonymous said...

Protocols were in place. It was not executed by slave workers. Hence, the untouchable will continue to draw their millions. You just kill your own

agongkia said...

Please leave the Authority or whatever general alone lah .Safety measures and whatever procedures will be of no use if one do not have simple knowledge on how to protect themselves from harm.These are commonsense.
Sinkies are complacent.
Should consider to ban transport staff on use of hand phones.Many have their eye glued on surfing net while on duty.

This will not be the last mishap .I foresee more of such incidents happening.

Anonymous said...

When you go to work, you must always remembered you are surrounded by idiots. No one can save you from their idiocy. Your alertness may perhaps help but there will be no guarantee your brilliance will one day not fail you. That's why we say....down with Tua Lum par Chui !

Anonymous said...

Workers kill workers while pigs lived righteously....so nice

Anonymous said...

Yourself to blame for not rising to the level where you are protected by body guards(who would even die in your place) or the comfort and safety of a judicial office.

Patriotic But Lost Hope Sinkie said...

AnonymousMarch 25, 2016 5:13 pm
//Workers kill workers while pigs lived righteously....so nice//

The big concern now is this:

During GE 2015, one lao goa said no need audit or; chk or balance; implying can ownself audit ownself or ownself check ( and balance ) ownself .....?

So, if a sinkie son go to war and unfortunately died defending the cuntry ( and the papigs), in some ways the old sinkie father probably can still come to terms as the son has perished but HONOURABLY for the cause of defending his country and his countrymen, properties etc back home .....?

In peace time such as now, and not even in military circumstances YET sinkie sons can just perish like that and probably due to indifferent management and/ or gross incompetence of some paper general and his Merrymen ( colonels, lt-colonels etc )?

If under peace time they cannot even manage the command and control of civilian resources properly and safely, under a chaotic war scenario or in a chaotic war field or battle zone, how many sinkies sons and soldiers need to die NEEDLESSLY under "idiotic" command and control of own fire power and dying in the "HANDS" of ownself ( fartkup ownself ) commanding paper generals?

This is NOT a matter to be taken LIGHTLY. .... by all the sinkie PARENTS?

In war time, a commanding general would need to coordinate countless myriad fighting machines, tanks, artillery units, fighter jets, bombers, surface to surface cruise missiles, sea to surface cruise missiles, drones, air to surface missiles etc etc amidst all the enemies relentless fire .....

In current peace time, without all the above-mentioned burden of 0% error tolerance execution under war conditions, the paper general and his ( fartkup ) colonels already cannot execute properly and now indirectly having 2 young healthy sinkie sons blood in their hands?

How many sinkie sons would need to die NEEDLESSLY in war situations under some paper generals incompetence and nonchallant indifference to their men's life and death?

Still want more ownself check ownself?

Now sinkies seem helpless and potentially can wear green berets anytime, their painstakingly brought up sons can be gone anytime ......

Morning say "Good bye daddy", then become the last "Good bye" just like that?

One time is accident when Mt KK innocent angel-like kiddies were unnecessarily killed in unnecessary risk taking ......

Two time is already two too many ......

Now another needless 2 young deaths just like that?

What is safe?

Many sinkie parents are worrying themselves sick sending their sons off to camps every Sunday night and thinking would this be the last given recent death? ...... One recruit even died this year during his first week of NS .....

Sinkies sons dying in war would be painful but probably acceptable given the nature but to die due to paper generals incompetence is simply one too many and intolerable. .....

We have some opposition parliamentarians ( collecting $16k every month ) but often quieter than the theatre in esplanade?

What are their FIDUCIARY DUTIES?

To protect their own BUTTOCKS or sinkies BUTTOCKS?

Thank goodness they self declared sitting out Bt Buttock BE ......

Otherwise even if elected and collecting $16k every month, will they be protecting their own Buttocks or Bt Buttock?

Mt Buttock's sinkies must weigh very carefully for they have a ( rare and even one and only ) chance in their hands and a heavy responsibility for the future of sinkies and sinkieland?

Do they want to protect their sons buttocks ( and even their safety ) or the opulence, nonchallant, indifferent you die your business aristocrats and the paper general buttocks foremost, in EXPENSE OF THEIR VERY OWN SONS, THEIR VERY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD?

Anonymous said...

Sack him.
Sack him.
Sack him.

Vote them out.
Vote them out.
Vote them out.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:


Well, if that was the case---and clearly it is not as Singapore is well respected and renowned internationally---but let's just say your premise is correct...

"Somebody" had to CHOOSE their leader...So therefore....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


» Protocols were in place. «

Well, quite clearly they were not.

»It was not executed by slave workers. «

That is neither a valid reason nor an excuse. i.e. there's some "disconnect" between so-called protocols and the adoption by people actually using these systems.

Therefore whatever "protocols" EVIDENTLY don't work. In fact, they KILL people.

If your protocol depends too much on chains of communication with no or complicated/ complex secondary checking (in Singapore parlance known as "double-confirm") then you INCREASE THE PROBABILITY of failure.

Solution: shut down the track and the station. 1 step, glaring obvious when it happens...NO AMBIGUITY.

There is also a problem of PERCEPTION. Managers and bureaucrats who have no "hands-on" engineering FIELD experience think of the train as a machine.

Old-timer engineers look at the whole damn thing as a machine: not just the train, but the rails, the power supplies, the station, the controls, every pipe, every conduit etc. When you deal as a vulnerable HUMAN with BIG MACHINES, you must first totally shutdown (aka ISOLATE) sections in which you send humans in to do maintenance, or there will be "incidents".

To be killed by someone-in-authorities NEGLIGENCE is CRIMINAL.

Anonymous said...

Can we shut down the roads to prevent live machines from killing hundreds of people on the road yearly? We have safety rules yet many died on the road.

Rules are maintained by flawed beings. And there is no way to perfect the human machine.

Anonymous said...

from the picture of the incident provided, the oncoming train was clearly visible from a SAFE DISTANCE before it gets too close to be in danger. it looks like there was plenty of time to react despite rules were not complied. in other words, contingent safety measures failed on the part of the victims?

Anonymous said...

Heads will definitely roll but most likely workers head. But the grenade incident is a totally different beast. That case, top heads must roll.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, the simplest solution is best in case all other measures failed.

Someone should just bloody keep an eye on the track while others work. Once an elephant come charging, fucking shout run before somebody, whose back turned, gets stampeded

Anonymous said...

This accident cannot have happenedcat all..(2 fatalities somemore)

Dats y smrt has no answer to accident!! B cos broad daylight! 15 men (30)eyes n ears

15 brains! Plus train drivers' !U tell me how can happen...can only happen in dream!

(Or the barn owl habitat being destroy or bt brown cemetries being disturbed?the reason)

Anonymous said...

Destroying bird's habitat c what will happen later....


patriot said...

The Problem in Sin

other than the Technical
and procedural mistakes
in the Conscience of Sinkies.

Talk is cheap, tear is cheap;
notice more men cry openly

The Heart and Soul of Sinkies
are faulty. More conscience must
be put into ones' heart when living
and working with others.

It's You die Your business in
Sin now.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you think the blood is on the hands of the 70% ???

Virgo 49 said...

Aiya, just watch Episode 7 of the Korean Drama Descendants of the Sun.

In it, we can see the Humane/Brutal Sadistic Mercenary characteristics if Real Human Beans.

One Manager wants the rescuers to dig his office documents pertaining to so called billions dollars contract which is important to him in priority of not rescuing the workers in the earthquake.

He said its insignificant for the lowly labourers to die for this is more important.

Yesterday Khaw Boon Wan was demolished by the publuc when he proudly announced MRT under him is going fine with less breakdowns during his term till now.

They reminded him that two insignificant workers died just currently.

Are these in the minds of the PAP MINISTERS that Sinkies lives are insignificant when they proudly announced that b they are doing good progress for the Nation.

Insignificant that our soldiers and workers die as long as they looked GOOD to the daft 70% Sinkies??

Anonymous said...

I don't believe we have been told the truth.

1. The accident was said to be 50m away from the box that they were headed for to check the fault. Why did anybody need to cross the tracks when there was still 50m to go? I cannot imagine the two victims can walk the remaining 50m along that side of the track, they cannot reach the box without walking on along the 0.5m walkway beside the track, so why were they on the other side? Did they see the wrong box, or is the 50m wrong information?

Mind you, the 3rd rail is still electrified, the protocol is to turn off the power before anyone crosses the track, that they didn't do, so they are already flirting with danger even without any train coming along. All the reports did not explain very clearly, but turning off power to the 3rd rail also means that no train can run on that track, because trains take power from the 3rd rail. So you get two measures of safety when you turn off power - no danger of electrocution, no danger of train moving.

2. We are supposed to believe that the trains do not have cameras at the front. Well, buses have cameras at the front, how many buses are there, how many cameras? Trains only need one camera for every 6 carriages linked up. This is not the first incident involving trains, remember the girl who lost her legs and sued SMRT? That was many, many years ago, and even after a court case, they did not install cameras? That will be amazing.

Almost as amazing as Mas Selamat case, where the cameras were turned off! We Singkies will believe anything we are fed.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, cut things short the speculations.

Simple answer

The idiotic MRT operations idiots got no coordination.

They have no operational plans to make sure that all staff especially those in that area are inform of this people on the tracks.

The train drivers would be alerted and lookout for them. Also advance party beyond this repairs section must be posted to warn the danger.

Like the F1 track accident. Safety car and flag waving marshals.

Shudder to think this soon to be promoted MG to LG is involved in any military operations of our SAF.

More Dominique will perish.

Luckily no more reserved. Only can collect bodies for zip bags.