Singapore needs a Chee Soon Juan

The stigma on Chee Soon Juan is still thick in the heads of the unthinking. And the parrots are out parroting that Chee is not the right man to be in Parliament. I defer. Chee is exactly what this Parliament needs, someone to speak out for the people, on national issues and issues that affect the people of this country.

What kind of Parliament are we having today? What kind of opposition are we having today in Parliament? The Parliament we have today, and the kind of opposition we have today are exactly designed and molded by the ruling govt. It is a Parliament of prepared questions and prepared answers. And opposition MPs are there to ask the right questions. I also not sure what ‘right questions’ meant.

Out of Parliament, the role of the opposition has been crafted and framed nicely by the ruling govt, to be town council managers, to make sure the streets are clean, the rubbish are cleared, the street lights are working. Why are we paying so much money for part time politicians to do these things? Hire a few road sweepers and cleaners would have done the jobs better.

The Singapore politics is a model designed by the ruling govt. It is deemed to be the best and working model. It is like all the policies, all well thought out and planned by the govt, including the life savings of the people and how they should spend the money and how they should live. For those who agree with this model, good for them.

But there are alternatives, alternative ways of doing things, of living our lives and how we should use our life savings. Singaporeans cannot be so daft that when the govt said ‘eat shit’ and they will eat shit without protest, without asking why. When the govt said do, then they do, cannot do, then cannot do.

Singaporeans need people like Chee to say no, there are other ways, to say no, we don’t want to eat shit. The role of politicians is not to prepare written questions in Parliament. The role of politicians is not to be road sweepers and cleaners of an estate. There is a need for an alternative voice in Parliament to change the ethos of politics in and out of Parliament. There is a need for the people to have a voice to tell the ruling govt what they want, not what the ruling govt wants, to tell the govt what the people think is good and not what the govt thinks is good.

Parliament needs more politicians of the Chee Soon Juan caliber, to speak their minds, some may be right and good, some may not be right and good, some a matter of doing things in different ways. Unless Singaporeans want to accept that this political system is the best, and there is no room for politicians like Chee Soon Juan, that politicians paid handsomely are to be estate managers, to look after the lifts, the roads and the longkangs, then they don’t deserve politicians like Chee Soon Juan.

The people of Bukit Batok would have to decide soon, what kind of politicians they want to serve them and to be in Parliament to speak out for them, for their interests, not the interests of political parties.


Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies are zombies after fifty odd years if PAP brains washing.

Chan Chun Seng said PAP got standards.

Standards to fleece, bullied and conned fellow citizens.

Devils minds when they have too much of good lives and time.

They look for others wives lobangs to screw.

May, hopefully big recession and depression saw hordes of Sinkies in the streets.

Unable to feed their families and service their mortgages.

Then you see the swing.

But many dafts were still believe that the PAP is their saviours when they preached them so.

Anonymous said...

"Mine is a very matter-of-fact approach to the problem.
If you can select a population and they're educated and they're properly brought up, then you don't have to use too much of the stick because they would already have been trained.
It's like with dogs.
You train it in a proper way from small.
It will know that it's got to leave, go outside to pee and to defecate.
No, we are not that kind of society.
We had to train adult dogs who even today deliberately urinate in the lifts."


"Singaporeans cannot be so daft that when the govt said ‘eat shit’ and they will eat shit without protest, without asking why. When the govt said do, then they do, cannot do, then cannot do."

I bet my $100 to redbean's $1.
The Millionaires will win in Bukit Batok.
Chee Soon Juan will lose big.
Singaporeans are well trained dogs.

Come fuck me.
Fuck my savings.
Fuck my wife.
Fuck my sons.

Anonymous said...

Well trained dogs?


Anonymous said...

Needs or wants?

Needs may be translated as merely 'in theory' and it is just a 'feel good scenario'.

Wants must be translated into votes and that is just a fairy tale waiting to become reality.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hahaha...Chee hasn't yet been chosen by his party and already the pundits are making the case for him being in parliament. 😂 Anymore praise and you'll experience premature ejaculation!😜

However, I am on the same page, but for different reasons. As mentioned previously, I want to see CSJ in parliament because of the comedy gold. which will commence immediately after CSJ admission to the House.

CSJ wil ask the uncomfortable questions. And the PAP govt. MPs will "gang up" against him and attack like wild dogs...just wtach the young new MPs, still hot and eager to "make their mark" in the local political scene.

It'll be brutal.🔪🔩 And that's the kind of show I'd like to be in the audience for! 😹

C'mon SDP and Bk Batok, bring this man to his destiny!

Anonymous said...

Why Chee Soon Juan? Is he honest enough?
Can he be loyal to his voters?
SDP was created and nurtured by Chiam See Tong, who won Potong Pasir from the PAP and held it for several elections.
Chiam took in CSJ who was a lost political pariah dog at that time;
and Chee displaced and kicked out Chiam from the Party that Chiam found.
There are others ... Consider Jee Say, or any of the NCMPs.
At least the NCMPs got more votes than Chee.
Take a number and Q up, Dr Chee.
You, Dr Chee, are not the best fit for Bukit Batok.

Anonymous said...

What about you? You more honest than Chee or better than Chee?
At least Chee got the balls to stand up to face the people.
You don't even have the gut to post a comment with your real name and hiding under anonymous to attack him.
You are a disgraceful dog.

Anonymous said...

The current bet is PAP 68% vs 32% Opp!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WTF lah. If you're expecting only "honest" people to be in parliament, you'd end up with an EMPTY House.💣 Not only in Singapore, but in every other cuntry too which has representative govt. 😂

Both the ideas of "government" and the "nation state" are fast losing their relevance in the world, because government + nation state ===> POLICE state. Fuck dem motherfuckers!

Boh cheng hu is de best!

Anonymous said...

Voters of Bukit Batok, go ahead and vote for PAP if have no problem with the high-handed ways school children are treated by SPF and ns boys by mindeaf. Even if you are single or childless, continue to vote for the incumbent if you are fine with the way the Hep-C case in SGH is handled.

It is interesting to note that when everyone turned down Dom Lee's mom requests for help, it is SDP who step up and speak up for her son.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.58am,

There is some truth in what you wrote .....?

There are some sinkies who are like that ..... ?

Regarding EMA in the city of sin, 1 gazillion face palms might not exonerate the extent of such (mis)deeds whether ( happening ) in the private or public sector .....?

As long as ( many ) sinkies get to indulge in earthly gratifying exploits and tangible material extravagant satiation, probably sinkies would not anytime soon see Bt Buttock going the other way ......

When many themselves engage in such ( debauchery ) indulgences, then would they shoot themselves in the foot casting the other way?

Could the state of ( political ) affairs in the city of sin reflect what the majority of sinkies are?

Rotten, rodent or rogue?

In this aspect, raucous decadent animal-like driven sexual urge and primitive uncivilised intemperance?

Anonymous said...

One stone kill two birds.

One scandal K.O. two PAPigs.

Anonymous said...

RB. WP has ruled out BE at B Batok. It is a disappointment but expected. Reason is: WP cannot help the residents living there. U said that Chee can speak up in parliament. How do u prove it that he will speak up? Speak what that can interest Singaporeans? Benjamin s case? Dominique s death? Who is stopping Chee speaking up on SDP web site or TOC or TRE? Chee similar to WP mp, have no new ideas about those cases. I look forward to concrete improvement. WP Sylvia LIm has suggested to use CCTV to record police interview in parliament. She was rejected. What Chee can suggest more? He can do it at rally.
I dont know if Chee has full information of B Batok. Eg how many flats are there, how many factories are fully empty? How the neighborhoods shops are struggling. He can shake hands with people at markets. Those are public relations. How to convince residents there to vote for him and not pap? This is the kep point.
Will the B Batok residents think like u, Singapore needs Chee? They will not. They will ask how Chee can help them to live in B Batok with more meaningful activities, with more meaningful facilities, and with more income from jobs or doing small businesses etc.
Chee will not make it if he thinks speaking up is a good selling point in BE.

The ruiner-of-a-family mp could ignore the daily rats running along the slope, he was still re elected with high % in smc. Imagine the branding power of pap? If Chee cannot find out what tick residents there, and blindly sings song about speaking up, building democracy etc. Are these close to residents pockets or hearts? SDP is in for another failure.

WP was able to pull half of residents at their areas to support them. Not because of speaking up, but because they are doing ground work for the residents including distributing rice to the needing families. SDP has never done such things at B Batok. Do u think SDP can make it? Hardly, if u measure the impact on residents lives there. Pap has the upper hands.

Anonymous said...

In a BE, it is like "fighting" in a lift?

Yew may have an army of a million men but yew can't send them in?

PE BE in Jan 2013 had shown that in a BE, the advantages of having "a million men army" cannot be fully realised as the "battles" are fought in a much smaller scale, and thus "smaller armies" could muster sufficient resources to counter the "million-men" army?

Anonymous said...

So in Jan 2013 PE BE, Mr Teochew, Saliva, Mao Show Tong, Pretend Sick, etc can chip in to walk the ground and pull in the votes for the "Pui soh"?

Anonymous said...

In a nation GE, the opposite happens?

Resources are spread thin and "Pui soh" basically had to fight the "battles " herself in Sep 2015 GE?

Everyone was "fighting for his own life" and "Pui soh" scarcely allocated ( limited party ) resources was up against a machinery specially well oiled and prepared for 2.5 years since Jan 2013 to take it back.

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... should be "nation-wide GE"

Anonymous said...

In such situations like Jan 2013 BE and Sep 2015 GE, as the final results shown, the winning margins are "very tight"?

Anonymous said...

Technically if the entire SDP machinery and their heavyweights descend upon Bt Buttock, the incumbent advantage would be minimal as both sides would be "more evenly matched" unlike a nationwide GE?

Anonymous said...

Throw in their last GE new candidates support, ground walking, and social media volunteers such as red beans, green beans, black beans, soya beans, fermented beans, patriotic beans etc, the scale may even tilt in favour of the challenger in terms of the ground coverage and outreach in such as relatively "short and swift battle" over a "relatively small area"?

Anonymous said...

@ March 15, 2016 8:19 am

I don't speak dog language very well, but if I understand you correctly, then you are sadly mistaken.

1. "Who is stopping Chee speaking up on SDP web site or TOC or TRE?"
- we want Chee Soon Juan to have parliamentary privilege.
- so that he can speak up in parliament without being sued into bankruptcy or subjudiced into jail.

Do you think there are too many nodding parrots in parliament?
Do you think they are all nll nodding their heads to everything the Minister (whose coat tails they rode into parliament) of their GRC says?

Anonymous said...

But given the ( immense ) ability and formidable setup in the incumbent ( party ) machinery, it is DEFINITELY not a "bao jiak"?

The ( winning ) margin ( by EITHER SIDE ) may be very, very close and slim, in the end?

It would be surprisingly if either side can win by a landslide?

Anonymous said...

@ March 15, 2016 8:19 am

2. "I look forward to concrete improvement. WP Sylvia LIm has suggested to use CCTV to record police interview in parliament. She was rejected. What Chee can suggest more? He can do it at rally."

Precisely because Sylvia Lim's suggestion got rejected by the parrots in parliament
- that is why we need CSJ in parliament to support WP's ideas.

All the nodding white parrots were very quiet in parliament.
Whether it's one parrot of 80 plus parrots, it's all the same.
Silence in parliament.

Do you think parrots will always agree with the Minister who carried them into parliament?

Anonymous said...

@ March 15, 2016 8:39 am

3. "They will ask how Chee can help them to live in B Batok with more meaningful activities, with more meaningful facilities, and with more income from jobs or doing small businesses etc."

So we need CSJ to tell Singaporeans that what you said is the job of civil servants and the Cabinet Ministers.
It is not the job of MPs.

The MP job is to check up on the government.
To put spurs into the side of the Cabinet Ministers.

Do you think the government will become lazy, stupid and careless if they are allowed to "ownself check ownself"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:19,
From what you said, you are the best candidate for Bt Batok. You got all the answers. Please stand for election in BB. They need someone as talented as you to help them.

Anonymous said...

If the previous PAP MP and the previous PAP Grassroots activist at Bukit Batok got time to make romance with each other ... do you think there may be many neglected issues that requires the attention of a more serious political party??

Anonymous said...

In 1957, old man already said this place is an "absurdity" ......?

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanMarch 15, 2016 8:46 am
//Anon 8:19,
From what you said, you are the best candidate for Bt Batok. You got all the answers. Please stand for election in BB. They need someone as talented as you to help them.//

The Taiwanese famous writer Li Ao said what huh ......?

He called what a "Pi Sai" ..... hah?

Is "Snort" worth "risking" everything?

No, no?

Redbean, u have written so much. .....

At the last count, almost 10,000 posts since 2005 ......

Don't u think u are probably the better candidate than anon 8.19 am?

If u dun know so much, how could u have written almost 10,000 articles, mostly about sinkieland and sinkies?

And you are the "father" of these now "famous" 2 terms namely "sinkies" and "sinkieland"?

What does that say?

Redbean is the better candidate than anon 8.19 am?


Anonymous said...

Rb, dun be shy?

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanMarch 15, 2016 8:46 am
//Anon 8:19,
From what you said, you are the best candidate for Bt Batok. You got all the answers. Please stand for election in BB. They need someone as talented as you to help them.//

Aiya ....?

Karma is a bitch lah .....?

Let karma finished the job ......?

Anonymous said...

Bt Buttock is an estate which could be the "Hokkien AwKang" in the North West ........ vs the "Teochew AwKang" in the North East .....?

Anonymous said...

In 1991, Bt GongButt which is nearby voted in 麟好Done?

They oso almost won Bt Buttock, until they merged it into a ( "unwinnable" ) GRC in 1997?

Historically, like "AwZooNick" in 2011, Bt Buttock in 2016 is "winnable" given its residents ( "karma-centric" ) profile?

Anonymous said...

Like the original North East "Teochew AwKang", the residents in this North West "Hokkien AwKang" Bt Buttock are mostly resettled from surrounding and nearby kampungs which are the present days newer estates such as the one whose AMPEE is oso an expurt in GangNam dancing froLICKING amidst some "LAUCHIOs" glassloose volunteers .....?

What does the residents profile imply then?

Several "anecdotal evidences" may shed clues what the "residents think"?

Anonymous said...

1) Some years back, a very healthy, muscular and fit 6-foot + husband jumped to his death around that area ......?

The talk in the coffeeshop was his wife oso doing the SCANDALOUS tinkie and ACQUIRING green beret for him .......

Due to that guy growing up in the same kampung as many of the existing residents who had been resettled in those few neighbouring estates, that incidents caused much disgust and tongue wagging among the still closely knitted original kampung and kawant kawant folks now in their 60s to 90s ......

Anonymous said...

Will the "ultra conservative and traditional" folks and husbands in that community take likely to a office holder who did the same thing to yet another married woman's "lobang" and cuckolded the married woman's husband?

What would the husbands and folks in that community be voting for?

To send a message to their wives and daughters in laws that their "lobangs" are "public goods" or "or yew tang"?

Anonymous said...

How about the wives and mothers?

What messages and examples would they be sending to their children especially their daughters and future daughters in law?

What ( moral ) ways and values would they want to imbue and inculcate in the upbringing of their offsprings?

Anonymous said...

Does not the latest situation look akin to a red-card penalty "foul"?

Unlike the normal goal post, this time it could be a "very, very wide one" and therefore almost "impossible" to "miss kick" this "penalty" .....?

Likely it will be converted with the "goal-keeper" managing to "dive in the right direction" and getting his fingers to contact the "ball" but not enough to prevent the ball going into the net?

A hard fought, close slim victory in the end?

Anonymous said...

Ancient battles and wars are won often on the confluence of " 天时, 地利, 人和 "?

Anonymous said...

At least 2 of the 3 crucial factors are in the favour of any challenger?

Anonymous said...

Every passing day is to the challenger's advantage .....?

Anonymous said...

More time to walk the ground ( for at least 2 to 3 times over and reel in the votes )?

Anonymous said...

More time to ( organise and ) get more resources?

Anonymous said...

More time to ( organise and ) get red bean, green bean, black bean, soya bean, patriotic bean etc volunteers ( to support and bolster the campaign )?

Anonymous said...

After the bruising defeat more than 6 months ago, the challenging party and the alternatives as a whole would have already more than REGROUPED and RECOVERED and ready ( and "itching" ) to "do battle" and test out their new "formation and battle tactics"?

Anonymous said...

After the painful experiences learned from the ceiling cleaning saga, ( tc ) management issues, and the shocking setback in GE 2015, Mr Teochew could finally fully understand what it means by "唇亡齿寒"?

Aung Juan Soon Chee success would be "plus" for them in terms of another front for the incumbent and not the only "lightning arrester" to bear the full brunt of future "lightning strike"?

So Mr Teochew "might chip in"?

Anonymous said...

Redbean should stand as OUR Candidate for Bukit Batok BE.
He writes better and clearer than CSJ.

Would you voote for Redbean?

Anonymous said...

This is a continued version of 12:56am March 15.
SDP only goes to markets, shake hands when there is election. SDP is different from WP in this aspect. WP does more deeper things. 1 comment said put Chee in parliament is to be protected by parliament privilege. If Chee does it often that needs that privilege, he could be dropped too in the following election. Chee has changed to be mild and careful on words not to stir up contentions. He probably learned from WP.

Sylvia Lim brought up using CCTV for police interview. If it was adapted, probably Benjamin s case would be clearer with added factual evidence helping in court proceeding. Why her good idea was rejected? Its not because of Chee not in parliament. Its because the voters wanted this way. They voted the silent mouths 90% in parliament.

Why Chee is likely losing in BE? The pap candidate is likely be the 1 contested in Aljunied. This lawyer beat CSM of WP at paya lebar. He had been in B Batok grassroot for 15 years. Chee s shake hands work at market style at constituency has shallow impact on voters minds only, can such work turns into votes? Imagine the pap lawyer moving around at B Batok for 15 years, residents would have some impressions of him in activities. And furthermore, he is a lawyer.

Chee likes areas like Holland B Panjang, however, he hardly walks in that area after election. B Batok is not his area, he probably failed to take notes of changes and problems there. Residents will not tell him problems by shaking hands with chee.

I dont mean Chee should not do it at BE. I just feel SDP style of running opposition cannot convert into votes of 30% to make it at 55%. In contrast, WP LLL, still does ground work for residents at PE now. LLL had lost her seat. That is WP politician s attitude. Remember, LLL has only 50% chance to win. So Chee by shaking hands only without ground work, can hit 55% at B Batok? Lets watch the outcome.

Anonymous said...

If Lee Li Lian can do it in a by election, why not Chee?
All the factors and circumstances of a by election are different from a GE.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan is likely to be defeated by PAP's K Muralidharan Pillai in the Bukit Batok by-election. Chee will lose face because he would have lost to an Indian candidate in a SMC.

Be realistic. Bukit Batok is Murali's homeground. He has served there for 15 years and he was mentored by the late Ong Chit Chung. This guy is not a lightweight. In just a few years after being transferred to Aljunied GRC, he defeated Chen Show Mao in Paya Lebar. Now that he is going back to his homeground which is even more favourable territory, do you think he will lose to Chee who has never walked the ground before the by-election? NO!

Chee relies too much on his speeches and basks in media attention. Time is better spent visiting houses and making his face familiar to residents. Chee is a weak candidate because of his past baggage. PAP will just remind voters of Chee's history and that's it for him. Remember, 73% of Bukit Batok residents voted for PAP. That's far more than the 54.5% in Punggol East before the by-election there.

SDP needs to swing over 23% of votes and Chee is not the man who can do that.

Since PAP is likely to field an Indian candidate, SDP has a better chance if they field Prof Tambyah. This will negate the underdog advantage that the PAP candidate has, but it will still be tough for SDP to overcome Murali's strong grassroots connections in his homeground.