Paul Tambyah is a better choice for the by election

There was an article posted in TRE claiming that Paul Tambyah would make a better candidate in Bukit Batok. I must agree with the assertion but not necessarily the arguments. Some commentators were questioning the intent of the author, Jeremy Chen, who was once an SDP member but fell out with the party and wanting to drive a wedge between the two top SDP leaders.

Paul Tambyah is a good man and a very safe candidate for the by election. He is less controversial and has the credential and stature to be a PAP minister if he chose to join the PAP. He is a big cut above many of the ministers in the govt.

The very decision for Paul Tambyah to join the SDP is telling enough to say that he not only shared a lot of things with Chee Soon Juan but also is there to support him. No one can drive a wedge into their relationship. There is chemistry and mutual respect in the two men and Paul Tambyah would be fully behind Chee and supporting him fully in this by election. Don’t have any doubt about it.

Paul Tambyah is a very comfortable and secure man, in all aspects of his life and will be doing very well in what he is doing now. He is likely to defer to allow Chee to have a go at this by election knowing how hard and how much effort Chee has put into his political cause. There is no need to put up a case on why Chee is better or Paul is better as a candidate for the Bukit Batok by election.

Chee is no push over. And despite his controversial history and relationship with the opposition parties, deep down, the opposition camp knows that Chee is the right man to stand in this by election. There is this unspoken respect and admiration for Chee and what Chee has done as a politician. And no worthy or honourable opposition politician would want to go into Bukit Batok to spoil the broth for Chee literally.

And if elected, Chee would create a real impact in parliament and the politics of Singapore like you have never seen before. He would stand out, even if as a solitary representative of SDP, as the de facto opposition leader if in parliament. You will hear him, see him and not to miss him as a leader in the opposition camp. The opposition bench would gain more respect and weight if Chee is with them and working in unison with them in parliament.

There is no candidate today in the opposition camp that is the equal of Chee Soon Juan in the ability to articulate a political cause or a political issue in parliament. There is no one that has the same stature internationally and domestically as Chee Soon Juan as an opposition politician.

Like him or against him, Chee Soon Juan stands a head above the crowd.


Anonymous said...

RB prefers CSJ. That Jeremy was asked to go because of his consistent comments on one old man using SDP's image as background. RB was right, this kind of fellow is out to bring SDP down.

CSJ is a spent force for all the negative things he had done in politics. He is a salted fish came alive. Will people take him as fresh fish to buy? It is impossible to forget what a person has done. People forgive him, older generations who know him, cannot forget him. CSJ not only offend the pap such as gct, he also offended WP. Pap and WP supporters add together is almost 80% to 90% of singapore voters.

CSJ should consider to retire. Let other members have a run for SDP to refresh a new image for coming GE2020. There is no chance for BB by election for SDP, from reading the comments.

Virgo 49 said...

This by-election is already planned by the Heavenly Gods as Chee by(e) election.

So Chee is the right man.

Just Vote him in.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan is as bad as anyone of you. He is human. The immortals are as good as anyone of you. They are also humans.

Please, look at the mirror and see if there is anything that you are better than Chee.

Anonymous said...

CSJ is the best candidate for the By-Election in BB. Vote him in for some excitement in parliament.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Murali or CSJ.

However, I know CSJ is good. The parliament is crying for this man!

BUT. Do you think BB voters will do the IMPOSSIBLE in sending CSJ into parliament?

CSJ really need a "miracle". Everything is not on CSJ side.

Yes! As I had said before, the only person that can help CSJ is HIM!

HE will decide! HE got the answer!

人算不如天算! 人算不如天算

人斗不过天的! 人斗不过天的!


Anonymous said...

personally, i think CSJ should promote himself to "Mentor Freedom Fighter"
- and leave it to the SDP next generation to fight the elections

CSJ is a good man
- but brainwashed Sinkies cannot recognize a good man even if they got slapped in the face with one

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Prof Doc Paul is a good chap.

But he doesn't have the "fire" Chee does. Neither does he inspire "perturbation" in the incumbent's camp.

Chee makes the govt."chuak" to the point of their only defense is offence. The job of the opposition comes with the fire and energy to fight the other side everyday. It is WARFARE, confined to the civilities of parliament and without physical contact...but it is still WARFARE.

Number1 tactic is that you---if you are out-manned and out-gunned---you must fuck with their minds...and play the psychological "long game".

Chee has been battered and hammered time and again, and he still manages to come up and be bright and cheery.

Being able to fight doesn't mean you are expert at the moves and can delver killer blows. You have to be able to TAKE BLOWS yourself.

I doubt Prof Doc Paul can take blows although intellectually he is well capable of delivering them. (no slight against Paul T)

Anonymous said...

They are all gold till they fall from grace. Nothing learnt here.

Anonymous said...

please remember this.........

天無絕人之路! 天無絕人之路!

so CSJ can always try try.........

say cheese...........chee_se..........

Anonymous said...

Just like Roy...keep trying...stupid but never mind....keep going...plenty of such maxims..never give up...just do it...if fail...at least got try...better try than not do anything...follow your dreams...wet dreams also ok so Long is a dream...dream big...think big...one day..sure win toto or first prize...well...you can create more of such maxim..and one day when you die trying...there will be another maxim you can live by...I did it all for my children...Chee bye will die happy like the old man tua lunjiao

Anonymous said...

Nothing is impossible in the name of God. Who gave little Lee Li Lian a chance against the talented doctor in Punggol East?

When God wants it to happen, everything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Yes...that's why Kong Hee, and the likes of him, is laughing to the bank and all the Princelings shall say....Amen

Sex-Axe said...

An MP (Man of Pleasure) who loves the Chee By so much
That he had to work so HARD to be closer to this Chee By
To enjoy the pleasure of flesh with somebody's wife,
Not a young lascious irresistable pretty young dame,
But a 41 year old mother hen, with chicken schooling,
And also a member of PAPA Party, of the Women's Wing,
And a grassroot leader and member of Peoples' Ass-ociation.

Before, during and after the General's Erection of 2015,
He was none other than The David who fought against The Goh-liath,
Alas, He is now a Disgrace who brought down the name of The PAPA
And who SEMEN-ted the promiscous in-breeding culture of the PA,
Starting with its Deputy Director of Human Resource sleeping
With none other than the Speaker of the House, of Parliament.

Having forced to resign both as an MP
And as A member of the Ruling-Elite PAPA Party,
And to vaccate his seat in Parliament to force a By-Erection
To give Chee a second chance to win over the PEOPLE's Hearts
And Minds.
This must be God's Will, as nobody could have dreamt of such
an opportunity to force the hands of the Power Elite to concede.

Whether one believes in God or not,
It does not matter much at all.
The PEOPLE must realise that no matter how GOOD
A PAPA candidate is being advertised and sold,
There is always the HIDDEN or HARDEN SIDE,
Or THE DARK SIDE, to pounder and consider,


Do Singaporeans deserve to be RULED by a System that has been cunningly and deliberately built over 50 years, in order to maintain and perpeturate the ABSOLUTE POWER of a Dictatorial Dynastic Aristocratic Nepolistic Elitist Group of the INNER CIRCLE?


POWER should RIGHTLY be shared and equally experienced by as many PEOPLE
as much as possible in order to train and prepare Alternative Leaderships
for the COUNTRY for Many Life Times?

Anonymous said...

If SDP send Paul for the By election, this smart Alec will say CSJ is a better candidate.
A case you can never win. Obviously this smart Alec has an agenda , to drive a wedge.
Just leave him alone and don't give him publicity.