PAP sending their strongest candidate to Bukit Batok

According to one Ajay’s article posted in the TOC, PAP will be sending their strongest candidate to Bukit Batok for the by election. And this candidate is Muralidharan Pillai. Who said minority candidate sure to lose and needs to get in through a GRC? This is what Ajay wrote,

Their candidate of choice is likely to be lawyer Mr K. Muralidharan Pillai, a long-time PAP activist, who contested in Aljunied GRC in the last General Election (GE) and was part of the PAP team that lost narrowly, garnering 49% of total votes. Mr Murali also defeated the incumbent MP, Mr Chen Show Mao of the Workers’ Party in his Paya Lebar ward. Mr Murali is likely to be chosen because he has been battle-tested in an opposition ward and more importantly, used to serve in Bukit Batok as the PAP branch secretary before he was transferred to Aljunied GRC. He has a strong connection with the PA grassroots in Bukit Batok since he served there for 15 years, participated in many activities and helmed many committees.’

Not only that, Bukit Batok is PAP’s stronghold and Tharman has a very strong influence in the ward and winning it back for the PAP would be like a cake walk. What’s more, and ‘all the PAP had to do to win, was to use Dr Chee’s past baggage to finish him off,’ said Ajay. He forgot to add that Muralidharan was also very hardworking, and ‘has a strong connection with the PA grassroots in Bukit Batok’ to his credit.

Looks like Chee Soon Juan would be fighting an uphill battle in this by election. With the PAP being so strong, even with Paul Tambyah’s help, it is still a tough call. And to make things even harder, the independent candidate in the last GE, Samir Salim Neji may join in the fun to make things more interesting and more difficult for Chee.

And this could be a test case to prove the myth that minority candidate cannot wind an election on their own merits against a candidate from the ethnic majority.  If Muralidharan were to defeat Chee Soon Juan, would the PAP scrap the GRC scheme or would they said this is another miracle or another one in 50 year incident?

Would it make SDP’s chance brighter if it were to field Paul Tambyah instead? Would it be a fairer fight?

What do you think? Ajay is very confident of a PAP trouncing of the SDP.


Virgo 49 said...

Many Tankachi women including the Indian Nationals be lining uo ti join the Grass Rots.

Goid5 catch. Even if their faces looked like chicken backsides.

Just wear Andy Lau's masks on when working hard.

Just tell Mrs working late.

Got mate, oops meet the People Session.

Anonymous said...

Got mating....oops, meeting.

Anonymous said...

If Chee is to run, yes he will be toast. Better to field Paul and stand a better chance. But knowing Chee it's hard for him to forgo the chance of his day in parliament no matter how small the chance for him to win.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak. Another lawyer from that "famous" law firm.

Habis lah, SDP. Anyway, you don't lose anything by trying...so give it the good old college try, and who knows...the gods might smile upon the SDP, especially if they let Professor Paul have a crack. He's a smartie. He can fix anything that is fucked up and sick on the inside. ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ”ฌ

Anonymous said...

Currently. even without knowing the confirmed
candidates for PAP and from the Oppositions,
the expected result of the BE :

PAP 68% vs 32% Oppositions

6832......good for tonight's 4D First Prize!


Anonymous said...

When known a pap legal trained grass rot candidate is likely to contest, the tides turn against Chee s chance. The logic is: grass rot ground work counts. Chee s speeches helps to get attention on msm. But residents votes do not cast for news maker or speech writer.
Dr Tambyah is probably a logical SDP candidate. He is not seasoned as politician. His speech is short and sharp. But he has contents on medical subsidies issue that residents look for, hopefully can be broadcasted in parliament. Chee s speeches on democracy is no longer useful in the recession. Its a long long way for Singapore to pick up again, why? too much funds was sunk into property. Cost to use space to do business is prohibitive for venturing in singapore, not short of skilled workers. Taxi drivers are common with degrees or diplomas. There is no shortage.
However, increasing FT to choke up the public service system, the hospitals will kill interest of both public and expat to live here.

The waiting time in Emergency at say SGH is 5 hours before a patient can see doctor. Tambyah might be able to attack on such inefficiency. Chee cannot do lah. Dont forget to demand apology to the "meet the people" mp, ending up "ruin the family" sessions from the pap.
The parties concerned were not sacked. No explanation was given. This is not an accountable ending. And public fund is used for another election for no transparent reason. SDP must question it.
PPP, GMS, and other opposition still think they have chance for not walking the ground.

Anonymous said...

Prof Tambyah should run in the by-election.

CSJ should promote himself to be Mentor or Founding Chairman of SDP.

patriot said...

Even if PAP sends in its' weakest or least qualified candidate, it will be a
victory with at least 73% Majority.

Stinkies shall ensure it happens as
they wish it to be.

Anyway, with Yaw Shin Long, Palmer,
David Lee and Others rumoured to
have funs with their Political and Grassroot Female Volunteers, they do showed that power and wealth certainly are attractions to female volunteers who have the Ulterior Motives to get connections to fame, money and SEX.

SEX, by the Way is a most fundamental need of living things. it could possibly surpasses beings hunger for foods.
Agongkia and Matilah Singapura could be more enlightening in this Subject.

Sinkies as a whole, are not too concerned about the love life of ruler and or theit greeds. All Sinkies are interested is if the Rulers are sweet in their words and friendly in their walkabouts. The Only and Most common interactions the Commoners have with Rulers are Meet the People Sessions to beg for helps and House Visits before Elections. Other than that, Rulers are mostly enjoying the adulation and fawning of their Grassroot Volunteers. And as had happened, some enjoyed lust as well.
In a sense, they are personal and private affairs in some ways, if no corruption is involved .


independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Don't looooooooooook any further!

Dr Paul Tambyah is the one!

Dr Paul Tambyah is the man!

Dr Paul Tambyah, will be the MP of BB!

Dr Paul Tambyah! Dr Paul Tambyah! Dr Paul Tambyah!

All the best!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

>> SEX, by the Way is a most fundamental need of living things. it could possibly surpasses beings hunger for foods. <<

Sex vs food? It all depends what the situation is.

If there is mass starvation---extreme environmental situation beyond anyone's control---the biological mechanism goes into "preservation mode". Sex and especially the consequence---gestation--- are energy intensive. The situation here is the SCARCITY of food.

However in a normally functioning modern society, there is food available 24/7 and it is everywhere, or at least close by. Most people here are on average ~5kg above their "ideal" weight. Food is definitely NOT SCARCE, thus the sex drive will trounce any hunger pangs...because as we men know, the bitch can fix you a sandwich in the kitchen when you're done banging her! ๐Ÿ˜‚

When both food and sex are abundant (i.e. not scarce), you can use them together creatively to make your playtime wild and nutritious at the same time! It can get a bit messy...what the hell...YOLO!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ clueless ๐Ÿ”ซ independent individual 1105:

>> The individual has rights. << ❌ ๐ŸŽ%

No they don't. The idea of "Rights" is completely made up. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Protest Votes - Trump Benefits

There is nothing wrong with protest votes.
I'm voting Opposition to tell LKY how much I love him.

Virgo 49 said...

Right right.

Marked your protest votes with a big X on the box besides the PAP candidate photo and logo.

This is how the PAP wins every elections.

The daft 70% as advised by the karang guni men said this is to protest against them.

No wonder the Opposition cannot win.

Asked Mark Lee in Long Long Time Ago.

He recommended this.

Anonymous said...

So far, has any body say thank you to Mr. Ong?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the xtra gst offset comming soon..
Hope got more election

Anonymous said...

Listen to his following speeches and listen carefully.
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IkF7jZjNRU
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnJxdO-6nuQ

Then ask yourself, is this a sensible man or a mad man?
Do you think he is anytime better than any MP or minister in Parliament/