New rules for grassroot organizations

The popularity of grassroot organizations has taken an unusual turn for the better. Many are wondering how they could miss all the fun and happenings in grassroot activities. There are rumours that crowds and long queues are forming up, not to buy Toto but to join grassroot organizations and grassroot activities. And organizers of such organizations and activities are having a tough time trying to manage the crowd and the sudden surge in interest.

Because of exceptionally strong demand, new rules and regulations, new criteria are being mooted to limit and control the crowd. Among the new rules are things like female participants must be more than 60 years old. And for younger females wanting to join, for the singles they must get consent letter from their parents. For the more mature females they must get approval letters from their husbands. Oh, they must sign non indemnity forms as well as the organizers and organizations would not want to be liable for any mishaps or injury due to over zealousness and very hardworking members. Another condition is that all activities must end by 10 o’clock and office lights must be left on till morning daylight.

As for the manfolks, places are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. It has also been reported that tussles and quarrels broke out in the queue because everyone is so excited and wanted to cut queue. Some have even paid their maids to queue for them overnight. Some more entrepreneurial foreign workers have been chopping places and selling them to the eager uncles for a good profit.

There is a new oomph in the air for grassroot activities. It is not just volunteering their time and services. People are paying just to be members and to participate in grassroot activities, locals and foreigners alike. And they are not asking to be rewarded.

Why not, many are using their skills future fund to pay for such activities so more.


Anonymous said...

Rb, not all Organisation has nice looking WL there lar. Some more many have old hacks there. Are u sure there is q forming?

Anonymous said...

The only new rule I want to see:

All grassroots members must wear a name tag which displays their name and any political party membership.

Anonymous said...

What about MPs going about their duties in the constituencies must be accompanied by their spouses as a compulsory condition?

Anonymous said...

The non-EU workers who’ll be deported for earning less than £35,000
From 6 April thousands of employees in Britain face being kicked out because they don’t earn enough – with Americans and Australians among the most affected


Anonymous said...

It is indeed very encouraging to hear that many people are queuing
for a place to serve in grassroot organisations, even after recent
not-so-good publicity.

Anyway, all the best for those really have the extra time to serve.

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

The budget for PA is S$1 billion a year. AG reported one rustic area in the north, grassroot men could sign for their own claims on expenses with no receipt and they put their own companies to do contractors work. May be this is the reason the q is formed.
Sign your own cheque and take the cash.
Outside market cannot get business, can put own companies inside grassroot to "serve" the "people", help them to sign cheques, is a good service. Better go fr the q now.

Where to go? Choose the rustic areas, avoid the rats infested area. Precaution is better. Be ready to hire a PI to follow your spouse in grassroot. Final countermeasure, do plan B. U must need lawyer to deal with divorce. But this is easy lah. Many super good family lawyers are ready to serve the patriotic grass root activists.
Go Go gold rush HO HO HO.

Anonymous said...

Huh! Singles' village. This idea is excellent. No need to spend billions building singles village lah! Young and old singles, male or female can join and grassroot with one another. Win Win situation for the party and all members.

Virgo 49 said...

RB, there is enough Nyooomph in the air.

Grassloot and grass rot still in the air.

Sinkies does not know that Grassrot members got first choice in selecting HDB flats.
No need bullshit computer ballot. Poor sinkies especially the yellow can apply for flats for years and got rejected each time.

Wheras the brown and black can apply today and get them tomorrow as priority class.

So.much for metro crazy.

Funds collected by RC not subject to PA's scrutiny.
So funds collected from any karang guni trade fair sales are used to fund RC family activities gor free.

That's how we have many WL extra activities.

Those in the know joined the Grass Rots for these benefits.

Anonymous said...

Amos Yee kena slapped.
Roy Ngerng kena sue

TRS editor kena finger pointed in front of his face by an SBS driver.


Anonymous said...

"Mr Bond, they have a saying in Chicago:
"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action."

Quote from Auric Goldfinger.
From the James Bond movie 'Goldfinger"

Anonymous said...

Agongkia I really worry about you. I am not sure u view my last post but here it is.

Agongkia, I think you still think recession is a funny thing that u can take it lightly. The various anons advice are serious stuff that you should consider carefully. If u think going overseas is an option when retrenched then u would have done it already rather then wait for that moment to come and got push into the corner. It just means that it's not a serious option or doable option.

It's no fun selling your backside. It's demeaning to normal men. When u really Kena, then u kpkb also no use. U are old already so should enjoy your life and not subject yourself living as a duck as what Cantonese people said. Please wake up and treat the issue seriously. If not when tuakee visiting u, alamak tears will roll up in your eyes as u scream in pain while tuakee enjoys more as tuakee thinks u are also enjoying and scream in climax.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

1.48 pm anon, I agreed some more he already Lau ah Pek and boasting can hug Mei Mei for free. Very hard to believe. If he is man of power or richness like in bkb case then at least I am convinced.

If recession does come. I think his backside is toast Lor

Anonymous said...

Where there are rotting fleshes,
there are flies which then breed maggots.

Queue for freebies and
opportunities to flirt around.
Why not?

Do yew think Sinkies are like

Anonymous said...

Among the new rules are things like female participants must be more than 60 years old.

What if more than 60 but look like 40, then how? And for females, looks count first, as far as males looking for a fling are concerned, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

3.54 pm anon, I think over 60 quite safe now unless u are like Matilar or agongkia type where any hole will do type. Then bo Bian Lor cause even older they don't mind. Especially Matilar even own sisters and daughters also makan type.

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Anonymous said...

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What are my chances?

Anonymous said...

Are you a super duper casanova like agongkia or matilda ?

There are some very attractive female parliamentarians in the cabinet. Some are single and others married.
Grassrot female members had enjoyed their trysts with male parliamentarians. However, no male has had much chances with the female parliamentarians, single or otherwise. The spouses of the male parliamentarians are not attracted to any other men, proving that those in power are indeed super breed better than any self claimed super casanovas.
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


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independent individual said...

The individual has rights.