Masagos worrying about Singapore’s water supply

Is Masagos missing something? He is worried that Singapore may not have enough water? Did he talk to his other ministers who are going to bring in more people to increase the population to 6.9m and then 10m? I am sure those planning for 6.9m or 10m would have the answers to our water problem. For them to be so confident about growing the population, they must have worked out the needs for more water and more energy sources. So, why is Masagos so worried when other ministers are not worried? Is he out of the loop?

Remember the incident when HDB was panicking and quickly selling of the excess stock of flats only to discover, after selling everything and running out of stock, that plane loads of foreigners are being unloaded into the island and creating the infamous housing crisis?

When the population goes up, definitively there will be bigger demand and needs for more water. Unless the new population is a kind of rare breed that don’t need to consume water, no need to bathe, then it should be ok.

Or is this a case of right hand and left hand not knowing what the other is scratching? Our planners cannot be planning for 6.9m or more and forget to think about our water problem right? They must also have thought through the need to build more flats, more Towers of Babel. Energy need should also not be a problem.

Any minister wants to tell Masagos no need to worry about a non problem. We don’t have water shortage problem or energy shortage problem, at least for a population of 6.9m or 10m.  And now we only have 5.5m, there cannot be water shortage problem right?  6.9m or 10m are a piece of cake. Everything is already planned.

Sleep well Masagos. Looks like you are the only one worrying about water shortage problem that no one sees. So either everyone is right and you are wrong or you are right and everyone is wrong. Did they tell you about the 6.9m and 10m population plan?


Virgo49 said...

Roll in the clowns. Still got room for another five millions.

Then tell Sinkies prepare for water rationing exercise.

Good for you


patriot said...

Liu Thai Ker the Former Chief
National Planner can assuage
Minister Masagos of his worry.

The Eminent Liu had claimed 10 millions or
even more in population is feasible
for Sin.

So, relac lah Minister Masagos.


patriot said...

Good Morning Rb and All;

Sori for the Multiple Postings that appeared here and sometimes elsewhere.
They are unintended and me does
not know the Cause.

Hope Rb can do me a favour to delete them as deem fit.

My apology.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Morning Patriot,

You are having sticky fingers again :)

Anonymous said...

Next, he will say that the water price has not been increased for donkey years and needed to increase to make us pay so that we will not anyhow waste water. Same old strategy has been used again and again and very effective on singkie.

Anonymous said...

Why worry about lack of water. Singaporeans are very innovative and the PAP government will solve all problems, water shortage included. Why Singaporeans always kpkb about little things. Experience has shown that the pAP government will do the right thing and solve whatever problems that may arise. So, to all Singaporeans, please do not worry. We have the best government and their efficiency will make sure Singaporeans live happy, healthy and prosperous lives. Redbean is again stirring things up. Relax RB, do not worry, you have a good government to look after you and your family.

Anonymous said...

You twit, it is Masagos that is worried about the water problem and RB is telling him not to worry. How silly can you IBs be? Don't leave home without your brain.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Masago said it last year. The water level at Lingui Johor managed by PUB had water level at 43%. It means Johor s other reserviors are likely be at low level, correct?

I think a big stick is on the way after Malaysia s election in 2017. Umno might not be the big majority. The new government might want to change policy on water if if Johor runs out of water.

Even Umno manages to be in majority, the infighting is likely to displaced Najib as pm. The water policy might be changed.

The policy of 7 and 10 millions population is setting a collision course to crash with Malaysian s future government.

That put our sons, NS men at risk of crashing with malaysians armed forces. Voters if they are wise, should start to vote for alternative.

They should not aim for pap s plan to put NS men to protect 4-7millions foreigners living in this island. When water is short, the foreigners go riot, and the NS men will be order to force malaysian to supply more water.

NS men will die more, and more shortage leads to more foreigners taking away citizens jobs and housing. The population plan is a very dangerous no u turn plan.

A wise move is to vote to abolish NS now.

Sg will collapse any time in facing crisis, when 7 millions is full, with foreigners as majority. 10 millions will hit the balloon at full capacity, any pin will burst it into pieces.
Better to die now and teach your children to vote for opposition. Dont aim for the 7 millions and 10 millions population.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, no lah Sultan of Johore very enlightened King. He will made sure Sinkies Land got the water supplies according to agreement.Beyond that you drink sewer waters your business.
You yourselves itchy backsides want to take in these trashes.

He and Spore kawan kawan. Moderate Malay Sultan who follows more malay cultures than the extreme Arab face covering for your eyes only

Luckily malacca and gohtong Jaya still got supplies.

Here dry, then go to the other place lah. As long you got cashe.


Anonymous said...

"Masagos worrying about Singapore’s water supply"

If PAP politicians are not rich, then do you think I should worry for Singaporeans?
Do you think rich people are honest people?

Anonymous said...

Masagos worrying about Singapore’s water supply and to increase the population to 6.9m and then 10m are 2 separate matters.

Just because there are non performing ministers doesn't mean ministers should not be well paid with million dollar salaries. They are 2 separate matters.

Anonymous said...

The future years for Singapore is cold and miserable for citizens.
From parliament, there are about 100,000 S and E passes pmets. 30% are on IT E S passes. These should be jobs that sinkies can easily take up. They are taken by indians mostly in finance sectors. There are another 600000 PR. Estimated 50% are on pmet jobs, ie grew from employment or s passes to PR.
The lost jobs of good value is: easily 400,000.

If 400,000 good jobs are given to citizens, Isetan will not lose $2millions a month. There are declining and diminishing local customers support.

The pap want to increase 7 million population, they will have to give jobs to more foreigners.

Citizens be aware, jobs are stolen from the pool to give them to foreigners. And more job losses are coming from retail sectors due to sales drop. Average 15% per month shrinking sales. Isetan Metro are losing money. If citizens are having good income, will they lose money? Retrenchment in retail is not small in number.

Masagos s message is even more alarming: no water to drink and bath for taking in population to steal citizens jobs.

In 2020GE, citizens will feel the hardship. The pap is keen to sell the properties to new foreigners. How the retailers are getting customers, is something pap cannot do. Because, the prince has not been creating new jobs.
The prince cannot create so much water to fill the reservoir. Every year temperature goes up by 1 to 2 degree c, water loss is not small, yet population is increasing rapidly.
Masagos s message is not a small bomb. RB is an alert citizen.

Anonymous said...

Just Vote Opposition
- more jobs
- more water
- no national service
- return money back at 55 years

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's true?

Pigs belong in a BBQ pit
- not in parliament


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:56pm
Jobs are for citizens. Create 400k to 500k for foreigners? Tax paid them multiple millions dollars. 1 short change is obvious.

Water from original contracts and local collections are meant for 3 millions citizens. NOT for 7millions and 10milions. The pap must create water for another 4 millions population, not to do rationing for all 7 millions. Last year, pap was talking about rationing, at 5.5millions?

CPF under contract with old guards since started was 55. The prince has no money? Thought they are much richer with reserves, yet cannot draw cpf. Not only that, jobs lost to foreigner for charging cpf, it is a double short change.

NS: it is time to abolish NS to let citizens to all start work early in age. Pap has so much reserves talking about buying new F35, the state should hire Indians and gokar or napel or even prc to defend their assets worth so much. NS cannot take any attack from Indon or Malaysia. Many sons of singapore want to die that way?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousMarch 26, 2016 9:41 pm
//The future years for Singapore is cold and miserable for citizens.//
// In 2020GE, citizens will feel the hardship. //

How true?

If one need to live a miserable life anyway, why choose one barren rock with no resources including water, food supplies, essential supplies etc and some more being labelled by one Taiwanese writer ( ๆŽๅ‚ฒ ) as the size of a "SNORT"?

Might as well uproot and stay in a big country with a few million sq km of land mass?

Weekend travel to countryside no need passport, no need massive jam at custom, no need all kinds of nonsense toll charges and levies on both sides?

It is not if but when?

A matter of time?

See from afar a "promising" city being run to the ground by some JLB paper generals and "burned" to the ground by the hordes of "trash" allowed in as better sinkies will leave and better foreigners will probably not come except those cannot make it type?

See from afar how the pigs being "bbq" .......?

Anonymous said...

Even one old sinkie called Patriot oso harboured aloud recently his intention to retire and live out his golden years in the Highlands of Matland ......?

Incidentally Patriot previously often commented that many JLBs almost a certainty owning many properties overseas .....?

From some anecdotal evidences, it is not only the handful at the top lah .....?

Many at the top right down to middle management public servants are doing that and a large number actually own multiple overseas properties. .....?

Dig deeper? "Force" them declare all assets including those overseas and sinkies will realise how "deep the rot" is in terms of intentions to "bolt" at the ( first ) sign of "trouble"?

One good example is lao goa?

Since he said own self check own self enough, then can he own self voluntarily declare all his assets? And how much moved overseas? How many ( tens of ) overseas properties directly and indirectly "owned" by him?

Dare to say own self check own self enough liao but dun dare own self DECLARE ASSETS?

Nothing but hot air and mountains of BS?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Motherfuckers who don't listen to engineers and scientists are going to have a "surprise" in the future, and it won't be a pleasant type of "surprise".

What Minister Zul is saying is that the local water supply has got to go beyond "sufficient"...i.e. the goal is not to have enough water, but to have more than enough water.

Climate change is a real thing, despite the fact that too many people don't "believe" in it. It is unsurprising to realise a fact of the human condition: people rely on BELIEF as a way to knowledge. The point is that these folks don't realise that, say for example, you don't have to "believe" in GRAVITY to know that it is a a real characteristic of our physical world.

If you don't "believe" in gravity, try stepping off a great height and you will prove to the rest of the people (still living after you are splattered all over the pavement like explosive VOMIT) that "belief" is a very fucked up way to knowledge, and that your sacrifice only proves that in this case and many others: science outperforms belief when it comes to matters of objective reality.

The world's population is increasing. We also have climate change which has extremes. For e.g.: there is increased flooding, crazy precipitation and the melting of glaciers and polar ice, and there is also extreme temperatures and drought, and these extremes in climate phenomena do not "balance" each other out.

Water is still a relatively abundant commodity. But due to the combination of factors it is fast becoming more scarce.

Unfortunately scientific fact also makes politicians say DAMN SILLY THINGS---in this case you have Zul the engineer and Zul the politician.

Zul the politician says the public should conserve water. Every PSA (Public service Announcement) from the dangers of smoking to being vigilant about terrorists are just STUPID. No one pays attention after awhile, and people start making jokes about it...i.e. In general, PSAs have no to limited success.

If you want to conserve anything (in this case water), the most effective way is to raise the sale price. Double it, triple it...make its cost TEN TIMES of the present price...whatever it takes until the DATA (it's data, always data) reflects a drop in consumption i.e. the desired effect.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Another way to raise the market price of a commodity you want to conserve or discourage use/ over use of is to TAX it.

For e.g.: taxes on tobacco have contributed to the decline in its use. Taxes on peak hour road usage (ERP) limits the use to improve traffic flow.

If Minister Zul is SERIOUS about water conservation, now is the time to TAX water use, then use the revenue from taxation to develop more water resources.

No one likes tax. Too fucking bad. Govt policy should never be based on whether people "like" or "dislike" something. Just TAX it, let people howl and scream bloody "robbery" and "theft"...and be done with it.

Sheeple are inherently STUPID. The most effective way to change their behaviour is to wallop them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Water Conservation tax needs to be raised...I suggest to start DOUBLE it and increase it every year by 50%

Anonymous said...

This is "CRAZINOMICS" ......

Without abundance of resources in, labour, land, water supplies, energy supplies, food supplies etc, some "INDIOTIC CRAZINOMISTS" ( read non-economics trained "IMH BOZO Ministers of IND-CON-omics" ....... STEERED a huge chunk of the sinkieland economic activities towards LABOUR-INTENSIVE, LAND-INTENSIVE, WATER-USAGE INTENSIVE, ENERGY-INTENSIVE, even FOOD-INTENSIVE but not high value-add sectors that foremost drive land cost to astronomical stratospheric levels between 2005 - 2007 and in the early 2010s.......?

In Budget 2016, despite the various measures to "help" SMEs, one big "MEDICATION" to cure "CRAZINOMICS FATAL MISTAKE" was NOT LIFTED ....... property cooling measures .......?

Why ah?

The 1st cooling measure was in place way back 7 years ago in 2009 and the last one rolled out in Jun 2013 namely the TDSR ........?????

After SO LONG, WHY till now cannot lift the cooling measures ah despite the "WEAK" economy?


For 3 years in a row, the CITY OF SIN "won" the "BIGGEST PRIZE" in its obsession with "RANKING and ACCOLADES" bestowed by western organisations but this time a prize every city and country will want to "siam" with a gazillion-foot pole .....?

Can the ( daft ) sinkies see the correlation between the "MOST EXPENSIVE GLOBAL CITY" title, the "astronomical stratospheric level of land cost due to 8,000 human ants squeezing into each sq km of space in this barren rock", "THANKS" to the "CRAZINOMICS of LABOUR-INTENSIVE" economics policies leading to a need for 6.9m and 10m population target?

The "crazinomic policies" are so screwed up in this case it is like GREECE in the early 2010s whereby recession is "cured" with "tax increases" and "garment spending cuts"?

With up to 6 digit units of private property supply coming on stream in the market and "SEVERE INDIGESTION" in the property sector, why can't the cooling measures be lifted? Bcos the "CRAZINOMICS-STOKED" property sector is just the same as the entire "BLOATED" GREEK economy in the early 2010s? And therefore need austerity measures to rein it in?

Why need "AUSTERITY MEASURES" in the property sector when all other sectors are given "expansionary or stimulus injection medications"?

Bcos it was a "BIG SCREW UP"?

The property sector now is "TRAPPED" between a "GIGANTIC ROCK and a HARD STEEL WALL"?

So "commonsense" will tell sinkies the only "medication" the garment is "capable of" is to "try" turn on the tap even BIGGER to "drive up DEMAND" .....?

But simple math will "reveal" even "ramping" at current max of "more than 100,000 additional aliens" per year, the indigestion will take "donkey and parrot years" to work its way out ..... and mb NOT?

So now it is NOT a dilemma but a "TRILEMMA"?

Caught between a "GIGANTIC ROCK, STEEL WALL AND BRICK WALL" all "closing in"?

If the US FED do raise rate in the coming month, it will be another nail in the "CRAZINOMICS COFFIN"?

For sinkieland, if the export sector sagged, all hell break lose? And the latest trade figure ( for Feb 2016 ) still showed a big DECLINE ( on top of the continuous decline in the past 20 months )?

How do you reverse "fatal crazinomic policies", you tell mee lah?

Why not "install" another engineer trained minister of IND-CON-OMICS ( as INDIOTIC as IMH ? ) to replace LIMP CHOW KHIANG?

And put the final few "NAILS" into the "CRAZINOMICS COFFIN"?

Anonymous said...

In the capitalist free economy system, what drives growth in a national economy?

All the determinants in the macro demand and supply?

Likewise what drive individual's wealth?

The determinants of micro demand and supply?

Now look at people like Bill Gates?

What makes him different and succeed?

Still fundamental economics principles?

If what bill Gates had in the early days was abundance in IMH type of bozo-Ness and craziness, would he have succeeded?

So now, sinkieland economic policies are going into many sectors that it does not have abundance supply and then try to import them to make things work ......?

But will it work?

Can you IMPORT land?

How much water can you import on a daily basis?

In a fixed size cage, as you squeeze in more and more mice, the unpredictable things will happen to your horror?

Anonymous said...

In the early 80s, one old man might have thought he had learned enough economics from GKS and therefore can become a lawyer turned economist himself?

32 years on since Dec 1984 after GKS "voluntarily retired" from the cabinet, what is the current state of sinkieland's economy?

There is a false premise many sinkies have on the world's best talents $$$ can buy at sinkieland's disposal ....?

There are countless flaws in that assumption alone ...... and many are still scratching their heads not knowing why things are not going well and unlikely to go well within current visibility?

Sinkieland's supposedly had the best talents $$$ can buy in SGX but what happened to sinkieland's stock market sector now? Had it caught up with its original rival or actually fallen so far back its original rival and EVEN kena caught by new rivals?

How many face palms?

You decide?


And the same is true in many sectors?

Many projects and policy objectives were even abandoned half way because the assumptions that sinkieland has the world's best talents $$$ can buy is "So HORRIBLY WRONG"?

Look at the "mess" in the sports hub and national stadium fiasco?

What kind of world's best talents had the $$$ bought for sinkieland?

What was the outcome?

Even the most basic fundamental in a stadium which is the field is so "screwed up" it had become a BIG JOKE in the international sports fraternity and the best sports team in soccer etc "avoid it like plague" to avoid "unnecessary injury to their players" and the "unplayable surface in the field" at INTERNATIONAL STANDARD?

And the same "abject failure" applies to many other sectors?

Can $$$ buy love?

Can $$$ buy genuine loyalty?

Can $$$ buy hardcore sacrifices?

Can $$$ buy Messi and Ronaldo to kick football to realise lao goa's long abandoned goal of "GOAL 2010" to reach the World Cup by 2010?

Even if assuming you can use $$$ to buy Messi, Ronaldo and the next best 20 to get a full team including substitutes, do you have abundance of the resources in terms of fields, environment etc to make it work?

Probably not, right?

And it applies to so many other fields?

All these so called super expensive scientists brought in since the 1990s and sinkieland still has tons of them in Biopolis etc with hundreds of billions sunk in since DAY ONE?

What inventions, given the hundreds of billions and even possibly trillions since 1990 to support this massive drive, had been made so far?

With the MSM going into astronomical length to trumpet even the slightest achievement, so far are there any big discoveries with the hundreds of billions and even trillions thrown to support such a project?


By the market please?

Not own self justified own self?

Anonymous said...

Any oldies who have spare time, pls go to BIOPOLIS to take a look how much $$$ sinkieland has sunk in and how much $$$ sinkieland is "bleeding" every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second, to support so many "scientists" so busy doing research for the past 25 years since 1990?

Do they come CHEAP?

What type of housing are these "scientists" staying?

The $10,000 to $15,000 per month rental condos facing sentosa?

Sinkies are NOT JUST DAFT?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 714

»In the capitalist free economy system,«

No such thing anymore. It's virtually crony-capitalism, with small pockets here and there of free market activity (primarily black markets) ๐Ÿ’€

» what drives growth in a national economy? «

Irrational exuberance. 0% or negative interest rates are today's favourite "tools". ๐Ÿ’ฃ

@ 755

» Any oldies who have spare time, pls go to BIOPOLIS to take a look how much $$$ sinkieland has sunk in and how much $$$ sinkieland is "bleeding" «

As a guy who occasionally hangs out with fuckers who work there (I didn't say A* Star ok? ๐Ÿ˜Ž) I reckon it is GREAT. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The money is already "sunken cost"---i.e. no one can ever recover that money...so you might as well enjoy it until one day they run out of money and Biopolis dies due to financial collapse and is bought CHEAP by a hedge fund or a consortium of (foreign) investors, which will ten make it completely PRIVATELY OWNED and therefore out of the meddling incompetent hands of the career politicians---who don't really have to work for the gazillions they collect every month.

»What type of housing are these "scientists" staying? The $10,000 to $15,000 per month rental condos facing sentosa? «

Yes, the Pasir Panjang area real estate market is quite buoyant.

Remember there is also a PRIVATE "shuttle service" between Biopolis and Holland V morning and lunchtime. Heaven forbid these expensive highly-intelligent nerds have to take the SBS 95 bus or endure the 1 stop trip from Buona Vista station to Holland Village on the Circle Line and ride on public transport with the "riff raff". Why should they? These "dregs of society" have low IQ's and who wants to be "infected" by these idiots and suffer a decrease in mental abilities? ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the hordes of foreigners in the universities. They are bleeding the universities and joint universities dry.

Anonymous said...

'If you want to conserve anything (in this case water), the most effective way is to raise the sale price. Double it, triple it...make its cost TEN TIMES of the present price...whatever it takes until the DATA (it's data, always data) reflects a drop in consumption i.e. the desired effect.

March 27, 2016 5:47 am'

You are insane. This is what is coming. But think of the 3m foreigners here. Oledy smelling like hell. If Sinkies stop bathing as well coz they cannot afford to pay for water, Sinkies will also smell like them. You know how your urine smell if you don't drink enough water? The whole island will smell putrid. No need to talk about other things affected by expensive water.

Anyway, thank you for your madness, they will put your proposal of high price for water into practice very soon. They are just preparing the ground for the daft sinkies to accept higher water fees. Start with the fear factor. Not enough water, prepare to pay more.

Just you wait.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1006:

» They are bleeding the universities and joint universities dry. «

Eh bugger...don't knock it lah. Have you any idea how many JAMBU GIRLS from all over Asia get to light up our local campuses with their searing "hotness"? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Try hanging out at Kent Ridge or LaSalle or SMU and then tell me lah...

Your kotek will be standing, guaranteed.

Dun be lidat. Give chance lah. Our local boys kena siong in NS...at least supply something nice for their lan chiaus to eat lah.

So I say A-OK for foreign scholarships, as long as it continues to supply Singapore with young hot chicks.

Can I hear an "amen" from the boys?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1012

»they will put your proposal of high price for water into practice very soon. «

That's certainly my intention. Go fuck yourself if you don't like it, I'm writing personally to Minister Zul.

No way am I allowing my Hotel to run dry. For all I care, you fuckers can die of thirst first. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

Anonymous said...

More Aliens means more urine
More urine means more drinking water for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.56am IMH Siao Ting Tong "Scientific Brilliant Madness and Highly Intelligent Insanity" ......? The one and only Mati Mad Scientific Maverick Gongmando Kongcum A* Goondookia ..... oops ahpek:

// until one day they run out of money and Biopolis dies due to financial collapse and is bought CHEAP by a hedge fund or a consortium of (foreign) investors, which will ten make it completely PRIVATELY OWNED and therefore out of the meddling incompetent hands of the career politicians---who don't really have to work for the gazillions they collect every month.//


Can you imagine how much $$$ the garment GOT to tax sinkies to maintain just one whole block ( building ) of "world class research activities" in Biopolis with all the "big loud thunder but in the end no or little rain?"

The building cost of each building approximate to about 1 billion including all the "inflated costs" and "fancy" so called state of the art technology ( but outdated before u can count to 10 useless "inventions ") and equipments .....?

Then the MONTHLY operation costs per building to UPKEEP all these "scientists" PER BIOPOLIS BUILDING are probably more expensive than to upkeep the equivalent of the entire estates of more than 1,500 flats in Bt Buttock, Bt GongButt, Phua Choo Kan, You Chee, KaChngWhyeWhye ....... imagine Biopolis buildings per floor you have 100 scientists with up to 18,000 to 20,000 living allowance per month excluding salary and bonuses ( otherwise how to afford staying at 15,000 per month Reflection Condo facing Sentosa )?

Add in their near up to 6-digit monthly salary, bonuses, yearly twice free 28-hr travel air-tickets back to say America, allowances for their children international school education of several thousands per month ......etc etc?

Ask them publish lah how many "scientists" working in each Biopolis building and how much PER MONTH to maintain all the costs including the "scientists" working on each floor ...... etc etc?

And compare how much the garment spend on sinkies and then it adds up each Biopolis building could have cost more than maintaining 1,500 blocks of "low class flats" in say equivalent of ENTIRE 5 housing estates in KaChngWhyeWhye, You Chee, Phua Choo Kan, Bt GongButt, Bt Buttock?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1054:

Wah uncle, you give me so many title ah? ๐Ÿ‘ป

Actually I dun care if the govt. fucks the arses of Singaporeans using condoms made of broken glass...Let the streets run blackish-red with a slurry of blood and shit from their bleeding anuses, and the air be pierced with their screams of indescribable agony...

Fuck the sheeple. They deserve the govt. they chose.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 10.54

After few years collecting huge chunks salaries and no results,
Just pack their bags and pat pat their backsides and said bye bye, chow, adios and chee bye

Philip Tan said sinkies only suitable for washing test tubes after Graduating from top NUS science faculties.

PRC smarter. They knew how to put cyanide in fellow researchers water bottles.

Ah nehs better. They knew how to forge PHDs and what DDss

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Yiew still haven't answered mind previous qns?


Virgo 49 said...

Anon 2.18

That's a compliment on your wise analysis.

How to offend a professor??

Must be tired of living??

Or refuse to see the sunset.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Uncle Virgo49,

Hope to see u on next trip to Golden Sunset Land or Goh(Choke)Tong Raya.

Virgo 49 said...

Oki oki,

Can do the wrapping up of the budget for heng swee kiat??

Let him rest and drink some new water.