LKY – too much of a good thing

The big celebration in the remembrance of LKY on his first anniversary is starting to raise eyebrows and turning a bit sour. It is opportune that Lee Wei Ling spoke up against it and warning those over zealous supporters and believers not to go overboard. Many great leaders in the past have been revered by their people through history. Many have made their marks decades ago, some hundreds or thousands of years ago and still fondly remembered by the generations of people coming to know them.

The celebration of LKY was compared to the celebration for Mao Zedong and Winston Churchill and to some, more like Kim Sung Il. In China and North Korea, huge monuments and statues of the two leaders were built to honour them. Some in China wanted to elevate Mao to the status of a deity, , and probably with temples built for him for people to worship him. This was rejected by the Chinese govt and similarly I don’t think there were temples to deify Kim Sung Il.

Without someone from the family to speak out against this irrational exuberance, it can be expected that the political opportunists could carry things a bit too far in revering and remembering LKY and turn it into a personality cult that Wei Ling rightly pointed out. And when that happens, a good thing could turn into a bad thing for the stupidity of it.

Too much of a good thing can easily turn bad. This is the 21st Century and Singaporeans, especially the highly educated, would find it a bit uncomfortable to stomach such overt expression of reverence.  This is different from religious outpouring of love within the confines of a religious abode. Some may find it revulsive though they may not utter a word or show any sign of their true feelings.  It is better to keep things in a proper and respectable perspective before it goes out of hand.

Wei Ling’s comment is timely and effective. Coming from anyone else outside the family may draw a mix bag of reactions.  LKY shall be remembered by Singaporeans for generations to come and by the foreigners who came and gone home rich for his blessings on them. Let history and the millennial remember him in a way appropriate to them.  Do not create controversies and a sour note so early after he left the scene. The first time was a nation in grief. This time it does not seem to be going the same way.

It will be perfectly alright to do such a thing in countries like North Korea, but in Singapore today, I think it is better to be more circumspect. Wei Ling has spoken but she is the only voice from the family. Is she representative of her siblings or they have different ideas?

Please feel free to disagree with me. Those who would like to set up altars in their homes, please do so as you like.

PS. For those who benefitted greatly from LKY's policies, may I suggest a better way is to donate a bit of their good fortune to help the poor in his name. Would that not be better?


Virgo 49 said...

Those who voice displeasure other than Ms Lee Wei Ling shall be charged with sedition and followed Ma Akagi eat or tau Png

Welcome to Changi resort

agongkia said...

Daft Sinkies cannot read between the line.
She likely hinted uncle RB not to "over glorifying" the latter's founding father too much in My Sinkie News.
The more RB "remember",wrote or "glorify" here, the more side effects.
So,uncle,please give Him a break.

Anonymous said...

Be Very Very Careful! Be Very Very Careful!

Many many many Singaporelangs want to remember LKY.

But, if you must, you can sincerely do it quietly!

Reserved a corner in your heart for him.

Yes! I agreed that too much of a good thing can easily turn bad.

Especially if the REMEMBRANCE is in the open with massive participations.

Beware of LKY fatigue! Beware of LKY fatigue!

Be very very careful! Be very very careful!

Thank you very much, sir!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anyone can pretend to be a great supporter of LKY and go on cheering and to over glorify him to create a strong anti LKY feeling against him. It is better to do things moderately.

Be careful of friends that are really enemies in disguise.

Anonymous said...

BE 2016
- do you think it is good timing for LKY's 1st Anniversary?

GE 2020
- do you think it is good timing for LKY's 5th Anniversary?

GE 2025
- do you think it is good timing for LKY's 10th Anniversary?

PAP's playbook
- do you think it is like a little child's?
- do you think you can see the next chapter coming from one mile away?

Anonymous said...

Five Years After Fukushima, 16 U.S. Cleanup Ships Are Still Contaminated With Radiation


Why keep posting?
Do you think there are people whose career and future million dollar salaries depend upon a nuclear power program in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Before George Manuel published The Fourth World: An Indian Reality, the idea that any real differences existed among population groups in fully developed countries was still taboo.

At the time, Indigenous rights were still something of a political non-issue, a blemish on a relatively clean looking statistical sheet that First World countries paid lip service to all too infrequently.
Since then, an increasing amount of scholarship seeks to understand the differences between Fourth World populations living inside First World countries.

The Fourth World, basically, are populations living within a state who have little or no representation by that state.
These populations, from the standpoint of the First World, are generally impoverished and would not fit the criteria for a “First World” country.
They are, essentially and literally, the oppressed.
It is what we see as the Third World when we are looking at Africa and South America, hidden within the First World just outside our doors.
Unfortunately, the Fourth World is growing.


Anonymous said...

There is only one LKY or is there not another? He once said he will rise again if things are not right in his eyes. I think there are people who are helping him to...rise again, even though there was no mentioned he was freed from his tomb.

He lives through his people and the people live through him. Him, this time, is another spirit or spirits. Are you pandan?

Anonymous said...

Sure, the foreigners they engaged who have no interest in whatsoever if there is a nuclear accident in the island. They just fly home. In the meantime they will keep talking about how good nuclear power station is for Sin, and how safe they are, and collecting millions in the process from the gaga daft.

March 28, 2016 9:39 am

Anonymous said...

As Anthony J. Hall points out in his book The American Empire and the Fourth World, Indigenous populations are not the only peoples who are finding themselves marginalized within the North American Fourth World (p. 283).

The ongoing Flint Water Crisis is just the most recent example of the state-sponsored expansion of the Fourth World, particularly as it looks so similar to something that might happen in the Third World.

For African-Americans and Hispanic Americans, the Fourth World is an old reality with a new name.
Since the economic collapse of 2008, Black and Hispanic populations have been increasingly marginalized, and the way the government once spoke about Indigenous populations must now be applied to other racial and ethnic groups.

Where Indigenous peoples are confined to racially segregated Reservations, Black Americans are finding themselves increasingly limited to urban ghettos where First World opportunities are equally non-existent.
Moreover, as Flint and the #BlackLivesMatter movement indicate, African-Americans and Hispanics are less and less represented by the state, clearly placing them within the boundaries of the Fourth World — boundaries that are quickly moving beyond the typical racial norm.


Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang, got so much free time to look for founder's gardens.

So much free time to lay exhibitions for LKY Memorial.

Yet same time drawing millions SSS$$$ Tax payers monies.

If LKY still around, he will slap them hard especially the ones with chee hong.

LKY famous quote to us in the sixties;;

A honest day's wage for an honest day work.

Now these jokees drawing million Sss$$$ but going round survey sites and squabbling over forest reserves.

Want ti built under them or around them.

Costing billions $$$ which can be used for us senior citizens.

Anonymous said...

@ March 28, 2016 9:37 am & March 28, 2016 9:41 am

Do you think there is a 4th World population here in Singapore?


Virgo 49 said...

By the way, come April liao.

Indonesia gonna start the bonfires liao.

No point saving the forests and environment.


North Korea fired missiles. SOUTH korea and Amerucunts military exercises.

Save mother earth???

You must be joking, what's said you President Joki or Joker

Anonymous said...

He vacated his throne he set up. Someone else is sitting there now. But it is still his throne. Is that what he meant when he said you need someone like him?

Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera Presenter Corners Saudi Ambassador - "Why Support Democracy In Syria But Not Saudi Arabia?"

- excellent 10 minute example of intensive questioning
- really don't give face ... pointed qur=estions all the way
- something Singaporeans will not likely ever see in Singapore


Anonymous said...

One wonders whether the issue now is the throne or him? Or both? You can be discreet but still blowing hot air.

Anonymous said...

The altar is in parliament.

patriot said...


It does appear to me that Lee Wei Ling's Essay about the Celebration of her fathers' death anniversary is a reminder
about his greatness disguise in a humble 以退为进 strategem.

Would had being very sincere had Lee Wei Ling censured the prostration of kindergarten students to her fathers' image led by their teacher.
Not sure if the Video circulating in Face Book was an isolated case. Doubt so as there were Venues set up for the Purpose to celebrate the First Anniversary of his Death which I must say is befitting for a man of his stature.
BUT, making toddlers in kindergarten to bow to his image?

Co-incidentally, two SMRT New Employees were killed very close to
Lee Kuan Yews' Death Anniversary .
There were wreath, flowers and notes left near the Site where they were killed.
It was found that the Wreath, Flowers and Notes were removed soon after they were laid.
It's usual and normal UNIVERSAL PRACTICE to have prayer, display of wreath, flower and note to express the Grief at the Loss(es) of life as well as other sentiments and belief involve in death.

Cant blame much of the Readings by Fellow Sinkies expressing their indignance over Both the Memories of the Departed Lee Kuan Yew and the Two Late SMRT Employees. They are just bewildered by the more than usual or unsual happenings with regard the Ways the Departed are treated. There is apparently great disparities.

Personally, me feels Lee Wei Ling has penned her Essay craftily, She is a chip of the Old Block.
Some Sinkies maybe swayed by her piece; others maybe perturbed and disturbed.

I look forward to my Idol Matilah Singapura's Take on Wei Lings' Essay. Btw, a Straits Times Journalist had resigned over her Essay.


Anonymous said...

RB: if brought up under lky and gks s period, there was a sense of achievement to singapore progress on month to month and year to year basis. When lky gave speeches during ND, many spent hour listening time to meet him on tv. There was a sense of participation. Note this last word.

However, his plot started to emerge that he planted young ones so as to let his planned successor took over the whole business, similar to the rich man in HK did, passing the business down under blood relation.

The key point is the wrong results. The same citizens felt the wrong sense of directions after lky relinquished duties to command from the front. He was operating behind to usher in 3 millions of foreigners within 5 years. He was the frequent visitor to Tony Blair who brought in 3 millions of foreigners. Both leaders had the similar timing on mass immigration. UK politics changed drastically, Labor was almost wiped out in election. Singapore did not give up pap as the voters had no alternative to vote for. The problem in UK and Singapore is cohesiveness after the mass immigration.

A quick decision in any citizen s mind when seeing a stranger is to decide whether this face is a foreigner or citizen. This kind of distinguishing mental process is an auto reflection. It is already built into most citizens mind. In war time, the alternative decision is active: it is how to run away to the other side of causeway. Let the foreigners fight in singapore, citizens dont need to fight this place. May be 20% hardcore might want to die for singapore. This is what lky did for his whole life time. He did not create a nation. He created a city. Singapore was already a city in 1965, correct? RB from your age, u knew it.

My personal choice is: lky had betrayed a mass decision in referendum on joining malaysia.

lky knew malaysia was malay dominant and he asked citizens to vote for the merger. Then he signed agreement to separate the island from the main penisula.
Then he persuaded citizens to do NS, but he gave away opportunities citizens should first enjoy to foreigners. He did not abolish cpf, not to mention ns, to ensure citizens compete fairly on jobs opportunities with foreigners. lky s decisions betrayed the same citizens supported him.
Its reasonable to doubt people really remember this man in their hearts, may 30% disagree. Lky is a flip flop, he did not consistently work for the interest of citizens. He lacked consistency being loyal to citizens interests.

lky did not provide social welfare for citizens who bound to get old, he even dropped old fellows at 40s 50s from jobs using cheaper foreigners from india or philipines.
lky will deserve what he get after some years. The majority went through with him are still living beings. They will decide. Trust flip flop minded? 100%? 50% 20% 5% There is a range of decisions among the crowd.

Anonymous said...


往事只能回味! 往事只能回味!


Anonymous said...

wansui wansui wan wan sui

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to celebrate it in a big way should use his own money.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.34am.....wan sui is too loooccccccoooong........

if a person will to live that looooooooooong, it will be very painful
to see how your future generations live.......

so, 百 sui 百 sui is enough......


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The sad irony is that a terrible post-mortem joke has inadvertently evolved and is being played on the late Lee Kuan Yew.

It is The CULT of Personality, which when he was alive, Lee went to great lengths to hope that would never happen. i.e.: he definitely did not want people to turn him into a sort of "deity"...but that's EXACTLY what has happened.

Although I have had my differences with Lee, I really feel sorry for his surviving family that it has turned out this way. It is CREEPY, absolutely not befitting and unbecoming of a nation which not only stands proud as a 1st world nation, but can factually prove that it was hard-won, and keeps on getting better and improving on Lee's legacy.

Lee Kuan Yew is DEAD. Get over it already!


»I suggest a better way is to donate a bit of their good fortune to help the poor in his name. Would that not be better? «

"I never give money to homeless people. I can't reward failure in good conscience."
GSElevator @GSElevator (Twitter)

Anonymous said...

Not when his "spirit" lives on. Officially dead yet alive. It is inevitable because they do not know how to bury the dead

Anonymous said...

Only two person can rise from the dead.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


1. Go to lyrics page LYICS

2. Turn up the volume, plug in your karaoke mic---make sure your neighbours can hear your devotion. Hopefully it is infectious.

3. Play video and sing along, with emotion....if you start crying, reward yourself.

Cult Of Personality by Living Color

Pay attention to the words especially:

"I'm the cult of personality
I exploit you still you love me"


"A leader speaks, that leader dies
You don't have to follow me
☛ Only you can set you free ☚"

If you saw someone "worshipping" Elvis or Michael Jackson, you would naturally think those people INSANE.

What you are doing is EXACTLY the same.

Singapore, stop being CREEPY! Stop this National Death FETISH! Please....and have some self respect and dignity.

Anonymous said...

His iron personality mobilised the people and resources to build a nation in his image. His personality has departed and no longer able to mobilise people and breathe fresh words or ideas anymore

However, the bible of LKY remains. His words are worshipped, preached and obeyed.

Much like in the churches of Sin.

Anonymous said...

The words of the bible in the mouths of snake oil salesman can cause a lot of trouble you know

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1237

» The words of the bible in the mouths of snake oil salesman can cause a lot of trouble you know «

We also know how effectively that works with 99.99% deadly precision.

“The fact that most people are too stupid to know how dumb they really are is the fabric holding our society together.” @GSElevator

Anonymous said...

CBS News - 60 Minutes: The Giving Pledge
Membership comes with just two requirements: You must be worth at least a billion dollars and be willing to give half of that away . . .

12 minute video ... well worth watching


This is what seriously rich people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and 17 other billionaires do
- they help the less fortunate

They don't say "What's wrong with collecting more money"

Anonymous said...

The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.


Anonymous said...

There are many nice people in the world who are rich.

But do you think we can safely say all rich Singaporeans are bastards and PAP voters?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "selfless idiots"

Don't be an idiot. THINK through your actions before you embark on actions based entirely on doctrinaire dogma, which most people won't challenge or don't dare because it is looked on as "socially unacceptable".

Giving to charity is disrespectful to poor and needy people. You keep them in a cycle of poverty and help breed a sense of entitlement.



Giving to charity is a selfish self-righteous act. It makes the giver's already pumped up EGO even larger, because millions of idiots-who-cannot-think-for-themselves now IDOL WORSHIP (see the idiot above who posted for an IMMEDIATE example) the "big donor".

If you want to really help someone, get to know them personally and then give them a job so that you don't sabotage their dignity and self-respect, and you establish a genuine win-win situation.

"Selfless" people are the most arrogant and egotistical assholes on the planet.

RB, you listening? 😂

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you, we have a lot of selfless people in parliament, and with a halo on their heads.

Anonymous said...

Out side camp fence, a red sign board showing a man aiming a rifle at a green boy with hands up.
If the boys can come out, he can go to the non protected area to protect the foreigners living in this island, through recalls.
If the boys cannot come out, such as inhaling excessive smoke and died, the instructors get "delayed" promotion.

If the boys die, too bad, under lky s rule. If the boys comes out looking for jobs, they must ask for less, as foreigners will not ask for more. The boys as protectors of foreigners must not have priority for jobs. So foreigners are protected in job market, while citizens are the unwanted layer if asking for a little more.

Under the lky system, citizens are not protected but disadvantaged since young. However, many want to remember this old man, are they the protected foreigners living here? May be 50% citizens who are women, 50% foreigners who want to thank for the old man s protection.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "get real lah" 214

Get real lah. In what cuntry do you think you are living in. If you are "disadvantaged" and don't do anything about it, and expect the govt. to "help" you, your backside will eventually be bleeding from all the govt "help" they'll pump into your ass on a daily basis.

Bo lui kee hor lang kan! Get fucking real. Pinch yourself, slap your face...wake up bro', you're in $INGAPORE.

💰💰 Huat ah, nabeh...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. translation for ang moh and "lower class" Asian foreigners: "Go fuck yourself if you have no money"....the true Singapore motto. "Majulah Singapura" is used only because it appears to be more hopeful (false hope) and polite (insincere politeness)

Bo lui kee hor lang kan!

We ask this dear lord...In Jesus name, Amen. 🙏🙏

Anonymous said...

"Ladies, gentlemen, you've eaten well. You've eaten Gotham's wealth. Its spirit. But your feast is nearly over. From this moment on, none of you are safe. "

Batman: [Batman invades a dinner party of Gotham City's criminal elite and their corrupted government officials who thought the new superhero would never bother them]

FuckYewLah Singapura

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
"Fighting over religion (eg LKYism) is like fighting over who has the best imaginary friend."

So tell me PAPigs.
is LKY your best imaginary friend?

Anonymous said...

Have a look at a chart produced by Singapore Business Review Mar 4 2016.
Almost no, zero jobs was created for local.
The chart is reproduced in All Singapore Stuff today 28 Mar 16.
Citizens are at great disadvantage for holding ic that need employer cpf and doing in camp training. Male citizens are disadvantaged starting from 18 year old.

Lky said on April 20 2011: No jobs is their problem.
Must remember lky for his "2 is enough" and he admitted he forgot about stopping this slogan after running 30, then he got in the foreigners using citizens "not stuck on hide" as reason. Lky had objected to casino claiming: "over my dead body". He went on to start 2 casino. lky Flip flop about what he claimed to be policy, the most damaging flip flop was merger with malaysia. Due flop merger, NS was enforced. And jobs become problem for male citizens.
He created new reason to have 3 millions immigrants:

Lky “Over time, Singaporeans have become “less hard-driving and hard-striving.” This is why it is a good thing, that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants (from mainland China)…..If native Singaporeans are falling behind because “the spurs are not stuck into the hide,” that is their problem.”

Anonymous said...

You see, you are constantly quoting LKY like quoting Jesus. Of course there are many others powerful and influential figures you can quote few can equal the weight of these two in Sin. Whose words you obey, who your master shall be. So choose your imaginary friend well.

For with imaginary friend, you will open yourself to all kinds of spirits. Feel good spirits to laughing spirits and even holy spirits.

Anonymous said...

// Those who would like to set up altars in their homes, please do so as you like. //

The contributions of this pragmatic "Giant" in the 20th/ 21st centuries are indisputable and probably far more reaching than most could imagine ......

There are 2 dimensions to this one-in-500 year intellectual and practical "GIANT"'s contributions ......

Most, if not almost all sinkies tend to think of only the domestic aspect ...... and neglect or are "ignorant" on the "game-changing" impacts LKY had on the global fronts starting as far back as the 1960s till probably the last few years of his life in the 2010s.

After US President John F Kennedy was assassinated in late 1963, his deputy then VP Lyndon Johnson succeeded him and went on to win the 1964 American Presidential election.

Towards the end of President Lyndon Johnson's 2nd term, there were huge public outcry for the US to withdraw and quit Vietnam especially in 1967/ 1968.

The young LKY then at age 44 and PM for only 2 years managed to use his persuasive reasonings to convince the US to stay engaged in Vietnam and even up their involvements subsequently.

Who knows what sinkieland, matland and Tigerland would have become had the US quited South Vietnam in 1967/ 68 and the so called "dominoes effect" took place?

During that time, the Singapore Armed Forces were virtually non-existent.

Anonymous said...

You live by the wisdom of the slithering one you shall spill a lot of blood

Anonymous said...

Another major impact LKY arguably brought about on the world stage was in the 1980s ......

The 2 WWII protagonists namely Japan and the US were on almost meteoric collision course in the 1980s due the chronic and huge trade deficit US had with Japan for about 2 decades .......

During the 1980s, MNCs, FDIs, globalisation started to take off in unprecedented magnitude unparalleled in world history ......

But all those were about to go up in smoke given the impending escalating trade tension and war between the 2 former military foes during WWII ......

Sinkieland, being a small and extremely open economy and highly dependent on world trade, unimpeded globalisation, stable world order etc would have suffered a sudden reversal of economic fortune had the impending trade blows in the 1980s between the US AND Japan not been averted.

The world would have been plunged into unimaginable turmoil then and probably another military conflict unavoidable if the trade war had taken place then.

LKY, at his best in 1985, went to Washington DC and addressed the US Joint Congress. His persuasive power convinced the US Congress to shelf their impending amendments/ congressional bills in the House of Representatives and Senate to hit the Japanese hard with punitive economic retaliations for unfair trade practices.

The rest was history.

LKY historical address to the US Joint Congress led to a thaw in the US and Japan trade friction which culminated in the 1987 Plaza Accord between the US and the Japanese.

There are many countless other instances LKY had made a ( huge ) difference on the world stage and changed the course of human history.

Despite his shortcomings at times for certain domestic policies, his contributions are not restricted to sinkieland alone and arguably his contributions on the world stage and history are probably many times the impact he made domestically.

How he would be judged eventually could be far beyond many's current perceptions and by then many would probably not be around to witness his "TRUE" contributions during his time.

Anonymous said...

LKY never demanded Sinkies to revere or worship him when he was living.
He knew he was not a god, just a man.
Younger generations should just respect the memories of LKY, study his hard-headed decision-making approach and his intolerance of corruption and infidelities, among other values.
No attempt should be made to "worship" LKY, or make it seditious to criticise him or his policies.
Know that without LKY, there is no Singapore.
LKY must have got quite a lot of stuff right for Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

@ March 28, 2016 7:48 pm & March 28, 2016 8:12 pm

What ganja are you smoking?
You imply that LKY did a lot of things.
And yet no historian has provided any proof of your claims.

"... changed the course of human history."
- Please lah
- pay me a million dollars and I also know how to make vague claims of "changing the course of human history."

What a collection of historically unproven statements.
You've been watching too many TV episodes of "Ancient Aliens"

Anonymous said...

"Know that without LKY, there is no Singapore."

Small boy.
Study history lah.
There would have been no Singapore without Raffles.
There would have been no Singapore without Sang Nila Utama.

There would have been no Lee Kuan Yew without daft Singaporeans voting for him.

Anonymous said...

Look at Taiwan.
Look at Hong Kong.
Look at South Korea.

More successful than Singapore.
And the governments operates at 10% of the cost of the PAP government.
How much do their political leaders cost in terms of salaries compared with a PAP government?
So much more cost effective and productive.

Anonymous said...

What about his influence in China? The Chinese free spending ways which has caused an economic storm should be credited to him too

patriot said...

The World shall remain for a
long long time after Lee Kuan Yew.

The 'small boy' shall run out
of time to see that long to come.

Sin shall last till water swallows
it, but Sinkies shall sink long before Sin disappears.

Hopefully, Sinkies do not have to be soaked in bloods as some tend to envisage.


Anonymous said...

The passing of a giant and now the rise of the dwarfs living under the shadow of the former or dead giant. Be worried, be very worried of dwarfs

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousMarch 28, 2016 8:21 pm
//@ March 28, 2016 7:48 pm & March 28, 2016 8:12 pm

What ganja are you smoking?
You imply that LKY did a lot of things.
And yet no historian has provided any proof of your claims.//

Uncle, in case you think ai fabricated about LKY address to the US Joint Congress in 1985, pls watch the YouTube video below of that historic moment. At the end of the speech, about 400 Representatives of the lower house and almost 100 Senators gave LKY a thunderous standing ovation that seemed ETERNITY ......


Anon 7.48pm and 8.12pm

Anonymous said...

In years to come, those jobless NS men will realize how bad was lky s immigration policy. The industries went down with export declines from high S$ and poor quality products. The hired pinoys, the indians took away the knowledge when they leave the positions. Jobless citizens are put to under productive use, after receiving training from universities. I have tried some "made in singapore" products, and swiftly changed to "made in taiwan" or korea.

Singapore has lost its good reputation among the 4 tigers. Its only hope is tourism, will prc come to spend big money with high S$? While singapore is a port for nuclear fleets used to surround china?
All these problems caused by lky s mass immigration translated into jobs problem for NS men. Many NS men in recent years are jobless. Why jobless? Read RB s message below, published in TRE.

Only voting for opposition can re design the whole mess caused by Lky and his kakis. Sg is doomed by lky policy on mass immigration.As he said, its your problem, why u want to be citizens? He said "the spur not stuck into the hides, its their (citizens) problems" not his problem.

RB wrote on TRE
"The data told of a shrinking economy with lesser jobs being created and lesser jobs going to Singaporeans and PRs. Of the 700 that went to Singaporeans and PRs, how many went to Singaporeans? 50% or less?

Each year’s citizen cohort by birth and coming into the job market is about 33,000. Even if only 50% of the cohort is seeking employment, that is 16,500. Add another 15,000 imports of foreigners, the total number of job seekers would be 31,500."

Anonymous said...

@ March 28, 2016 11:25 pm

/// Uncle, in case you think ai fabricated about LKY address to the US Joint Congress in 1985, pls watch the YouTube video below of that historic moment. At the end of the speech, about 400 Representatives of the lower house and almost 100 Senators gave LKY a thunderous standing ovation that seemed ETERNITY ...... ///


Dear ancestor worshipper
So what if LKY address US Joint Congress in 1985 to thunderous standing ovation?
So ???
How does standing ovation benefit Singaporeans?
Maybe benefit LKY's ego but how do Singaporeans benefit?

This is now 2016.
31 years later.
What has LKY done for Singaporeans since 1985?

We are only interested in what PAP can do for Singaporeans today.
If PAP wants to do ancestor worship of LKY, please do so with your own time and own money.
So tell us.
What can PAP do for Singapore today?

Anonymous said...

@ March 28, 2016 11:25 pm

Please do not confuse or conflate LKY with PAP or yourself.

LKY's achievements is NOT PAP's achievements.
LKY's achievements is NOT Singaporeans' achievements.
PAP and Singaporeans should stop riding on LKY's coat-tails.

Can PAP stand on its own merits in 2016?
Can Singaporeans stand on our own merits in 2016?
Can you stand on your own merits without calling out LKY's name?

Virgo49 said...

NS men in the 60s were guarantee jobs and housing under Goh Keng Swee's watch as Deputy and Defence and Interior Minister.

If Dr Goh does not stand up as "equal" as Founding Pionner and do what he thinks is right, you think LKY will implement this??

Likewise Hon Swee Sen and the rest of the Pioneering Heavyweights Ministers.

Nowadays these DUD Ministers just take directive from one Looney person with none using brains and initiatives on their own

So LKY is not the only Prime Mover of Past Singapore progress