Jeff J Brown a renown American International writer shares his experience of the negative side of US and the West

The Truth Behind US Military Aggression In The South Sea

My first book, 44 Days, really gave me a deep understanding of China and its peoples. This book, China Rising- Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations- The True Face of Asia’s Enigmatic Colossus, has enabled me to discover my own countries (the United States and France), past and present, as well as digging much deeper and wider into all things China, past, present and future.

This whole process has been a voyage to learn the truth and I slowly realized this means questioning a lifetime of conventional wisdom, the popular consensus and their accepted myths. Looking back, I was not really prepared to do this, until coming back to China in 2010. The alternating bookends of growing up in America and then living and working in Africa and the Middle East, 1980-1990; living in China, 1990-1997, France and the United States, 1997-2010 and then back to China, 2010-2016, were and are the doors of my newfound perception.

I now understand that getting de-brainwashed takes a lot of effort, humility and personal courage. I get inspired reading about others people’s journeys to discover the truth. Please allow me to share mine.

I grew up in Oklahoma, USA, in the 1950s-1960s, a very unique period in modern American history. Every school day started with the Pledge of Allegiance, class prayer and singing the Broadway musical, state song, Oklahoma. Patriotism, God, country, the goodness of America’s government and the nobility of its institutions. Beacon on the hill. America’s selfless sacrifice to bring freedom, democracy and Adam Smith’s invisible hand of righteous capitalism to the world’s oppressed masses. Domino theory. Red scare. Commies. Nuclear bomb shelters. Teachers practicing with us, “When you see the flash of light, duck and cover”....

My first indoctrination to government propaganda. Every week at elementary school, we had this drill, to “protect” ourselves from a Russian atomic blast. This massive disinformation campaign served two purposes: to make America’s citizens think that atomic annihilation was feasible and the Cold War nuclear arms race was a patriotic necessity. (Image by Wikipedia)....

We lived in China 1990-1997, during what I call the Wild East Buckaroo Deng Days. I learned Mandarin fluently and became a naturalized French citizen....After 21 years, what a symbolic way to return home, for what was to transpire.

The America I left and the one I came back to, were two different countries. I was shocked by how rundown everything was, all the poverty below the surface, how superficial and self-centered everyone was, and how reactionary and insular the people were. It was buy-buy-buy-me-me-me. Given our eclectic experiences, my wife and I were like exotic, Dr. Seuss creatures from an alien planet. We never fit in,...

In 2010, we moved back to Beijing to teach in international schools, bringing our younger daughter with us. As depressing as it was returning to America in 2001, it was just as amazing and jaw dropping seeing China, after being absent for 14 years. Wow! This is the first time I began to sense that China was moving up and on, while the US was going down and out. The contrasts were that remarkable. I so much wanted to share what was happening, thus, I started a blog and doing extensive research in the process. Then I took a solo trip across China in the summer of 2012, to journal about it. This morphed into my first book, 44 Days, whose travels are really a metaphor about discovering China in history and current events, how it all relates to the West and what humanity can expect in the future....

After Xi Jinping was elected president of China, I was and am still so impressed with him, that I am now writing an historical fiction, Red Letters – The Diaries of Xi Jinping, which will be out in print and ebook, late 2016. In the meantime, Badak Merah Press has commissioned me to write, China Is Communist, Dammit! It will be out in print and ebook mid-2016. These two books involve a massive amount of research, learning and discovery. I’m having the literary time of my life....

While sensing the inequities and injustices, I was still firmly rooted in the myths of America’s moral superiority and divine righteousness. It was not until we returned to the US in 2001 and living in Bush World for nine years, that I began to see the rot of empire. Still though, I clung to the nobility of the “democratic” process and the mainstream media’s mind numbing consensus. I still believed at the time that the New York Times and the Economist were cutting edge journalism.

It was when we came back to China in 2010 that all the scales really started cascading off my eyes, traveling, researching and writing. Since then, I have spent thousands of hours studying genocide, empires, societal collapse, war, capitalism, colonialism, socialism, communism, fascism, false flags, the deep state, etc. I innately understood that I could never understand China and the Chinese, until I really knew the truth about the West. I was ready to question my 1950s-1960s upbringing, its conventional wisdom and official narrative. Like in the eponymous movie and its protagonist Neo, I was finally prepared to step out of the Matrix. There was no turning back.

After researching and writing 44 Days, I had now given up on the US, but being a dual national French-American, I still clung to the illusion that Europe, with its socialism, UN Charter on Human Rights and the lessons learned from two world wars, was the world’s last great hope for moral recovery. And then, like an amped up Hurricane Katrina, came the Western junta’s genocide in the Ukraine. For months, I followed with morbid horror (and continue to do so), the ugly face of not only American, but European fascism. My utter disgust and disillusionment with my ancestral home, Europe, boiled over and I clearly saw that American empire is nothing more than a continuation of European empire. I could now truthfully and coherently talk and write about a seamless historical spectrum: The West. And thanks to this epiphany, I could honestly and meaningfully write about China and its people, from their point of view.

Now it is all very clear to me. Western colonialism, false flags and color revolutions have never stopped since 1492, when Columbus “discovered” the “New World”, as if it were devoid of humanity. The methods and instruments of destabilization, divide and conquer, exploitation and resource extraction have simply adapted. Western empire, with its racism, capitalism, war and fascism, is a four-headed Hydra, and it is insatiable. China has been struggling to rise up against this onslaught, since the first Europeans landed on China’s shores in 1514. The Chinese, with the world’s longest continuous civilization, were and are more than qualified to fight back. It is an irony of history that the West used four of China’s great inventions, gunpowder, moveable type, the compass and paper, to bring the Heavenly Mandate’s long history to its lowest nadir, the century of humiliation, from the 1840s to 1949.

There is a titanic struggle for the soul of humanity, our survival as a species into the 21st century, and it is China, Russia, BRICS, ALBA CELAC and NAM. It is Xi, Putin, Maduro, Castro, Correa, Kirchner, Zuma, Afwerki and all the hundreds of world leaders the West has assassinated or deposed, versus Western empire, Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, Abe and their thousands of satraps in the hallowed hall of imperial power.

The world needs a million more voices like The Greanville Post, The Saker, Pepe Escobar, Andre Vltchek, Kevin Barrett, Rory Hall, Dave Kranzler, Moti Nissani, Gail Evans, Dan Yaseen, Mo Dawoud, Jason Bainbridge, Dean Henderson (all of with whom I’ve worked), and the many other journalists/authors involved in this worldwide struggle for humanity’s very survival.
From the mouth of the Dragon and the belly of the New Century Beast, it is an honor to lend my voice from the viewpoint of China’s people and their leaders, past, present and future.

Part I: Deep State West (Wing)

What I have learned in writing this book, is that you cannot wrap your head around the popular notion of China’s rise, without also recognizing Western colonialism’s imperial past and ongoing decline, including the rampant use of false flags. They go together like soy sauce and steamed dumplings.

It takes great courage and overcoming an insurmountable mental hurdle to accepting the documented proof of just how common our Western governments commit false flags, in order to manipulate their citizens, get them to accept laws and norms against their own freedoms and safety and like all false flags throughout history, enabling our governments to victimize and attack perceived enemies at home and abroad.

No surprise then, that, Western false flags figure prominently in China’s modern history.
Don’t despair or be shocked. I know exactly how you feel. It took extensive research, while writing this and two other books, to have the scales of brainwashing and propaganda ripped from my eyes. The power of denial and conformity are oppressive. Ultimately, it is a very difficult and emotionally taxing journey to get there, but so liberating and cleansing when you finally reach the summit. While not a religious person, I think that when the clarity of the truth fulfills you, it is like an intellectual and spiritual baptism of sorts....

MH370, Chinese Cyberwar Geniuses and the Long Arm of Western Empire

I asked this same question in the previous chapter: why isn’t anybody looking towards the North? Now we know why. (Image by en.wikipedia.org)
Why are the Princes of Power keeping the 99%’s attention riveted on the middle of bumfug nowhere, in the Southeast Indian Ocean, looking for MH370, and why is nobody asking about the second possible escape route – to the North, in Afghanistan and Pakistan?
Everybody I talked to, including journalists based in Beijing and other bright lights of the illuminati, just guffawed at the thought. Chortle no more. I do not have the means nor the tools to confirm all of this. And one thing for sure: if true, the mainstream media won’t touch it with a ten-meter pole, as it would implicate their masters and handlers. But as a rational thinker, the following scenario is looking more than credible, especially given the goose egg laid in the Indian Ocean, finding not even one shred of debris, in spite of a massive, extended, multinational search, other than a supposed flaperon, dubiously discovered a year and half later, all the way over on Reunion island, and which was never confirmed by an independent source....

Time to look elsewhere to unwind 2014’s Gordian knot of the year. The passengers’ families obviously smell a rat. They are getting together a $5 million reward, in hopes of enticing someone on the inside to spill the beans – if they live long enough to meet with the grieving. The half-life of informed people like this tends to be measured in days and hours, if there is a whiff of suspicion from on high....

In an Anonymous news release on YouTube, we learn that there were 20 (Chinese) employees of Freescale Semiconductor on board MH370, bound for where else – Communist China. Four of these employees shared a revolutionary patent on the new “KL Zero” computer chip, which will be used in missile defense (read Star Wars) radar systems. The patent was approved just four days after the disappearance of MH370. Therefore, the four Chinese patent holders could not legally pass the wealth and control of this patent on to their heirs. This leaves the fifth shareholder of the patent as 100% owner: Freescale Semiconductor itself. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? Jacob Rothschild and the Bush Dynasty’s Carlyle Group. Either you are a conspiracy theorist or a coincidence theorist, but it’s funny how things work out that way.

So, the plot thickens. Why were they in Kuala Lumpur? Why were they all together? Why were they going back to China? Were they defecting back to the Motherland? Were they single or double agents?

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on these Chinese scientist patent holders and their vast knowledge of warfare cybertechnology? Or better yet, who would want to make sure these geniuses did not help the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) use the very same “Western” stealth technology, to defend the Chinese Homeland? This is not primarily about Jacob Rothschild’s greed and the Carlyle Group’s Bush Dynasty-Bin Laden bedmates, although filthy lucre is often seen lurking around the stage set. This is more than likely about the United States and NATO making sure these Chinese scientists didn’t land in the Middle Kingdom and work for Baba Beijing. How big is a computer chip? The size of your fingernail? It would have been very easy for one of these Chinese brainiacs to hide this new KL Zero war-chip in their suitcase. One or some of these guys could have been PLA (double) agents all along, which if true, would be a John Le Carré-esque-spy-thriller infiltration of the century, into the dark heart of America’s most sensitive military technology....

The deep state of US/NATO, along with Russian intelligence, which together have well over 100 military reconnaissance satellites suffocating every square meter of the Earth’s surface, know exactly where MH370 ended up. If they know, Baba Beijing surely knows too, and is just holding its cards close to see how events shake out. In any case, without so much as a single solitary scrap of maritime evidence to show for the massive and exhaustive searches in the Indian Ocean, an Afghanistan-Pakistan change of flight plans is looking more and more believable. You are either a conspiracy or coincidence theorist. Pick you poison....


Anonymous said...

Is the US and its' Ancestors in Europe behaviours to other nations the same as the Pappies treat their fellow Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Never trusted any western guy, whether white on white or white on yellow.......

Anonymous said...

// The deep state of US/NATO, along with Russian intelligence, which together have well over 100 military reconnaissance satellites suffocating every square meter of the Earth’s surface, know exactly where MH370 ended up. If they know, Baba Beijing surely knows too, and is just holding its cards close to see how events shake out. In any case, without so much as a single solitary scrap of maritime evidence to show for the massive and exhaustive searches in the Indian Ocean, an Afghanistan-Pakistan change of flight plans is looking more and more believable. You are either a conspiracy or coincidence theorist. Pick you poison....//

Use yiewr brain?

Mount Buttock scandal might have come at an (un)timely moment. ....?

The ensuing ( electoral ) drama could be a "REFERENDUM" on the "CONTROVERSIES" surrounding the ("rogue") arguments about the EP?

Anonymous said...

// Now it is all very clear to me. Western colonialism, false flags and color revolutions have never stopped since 1492, when Columbus “discovered” the “New World”, as if it were devoid of humanity. The methods and instruments of destabilization, divide and conquer, exploitation and resource extraction have simply adapted. Western empire, with its racism, capitalism, war and fascism, is a four-headed Hydra, and it is insatiable.//

1,000 years before Columbus "discovered" New America in 1492, no; more than 1,200 years before that, "苦肉计" was already pervasively used in covert "warfare"?

Trying to use such "tricks" on the Chinese is akin to a ( balik kampung ) sinkie ( half past 6.5 ) footballer trying to show off football skill to Ronaldo?

The Chinese will be highly "amused" but "it is not funny"?

Anonymous said...

// So, the plot thickens.//

Certainly but in a much bigger scale than yiew think?

This word "Capitalism" is coined by Karl Marx?

In the end, it is about the "Wealth of Nations"?

As entitled in Adam Smith magnum opus, published in 1776, "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"?

Colonialism started in 1492 ( at the start of the era of Mercantilism 1500 to 1750 ) and supposedly started to wane at the time Adam Smith book was published in 1776?

But did colonialism really wane or was it transmuted into another form?

What do the "Kwai Lou" ( as the HongKees ) call them really "think deep in their hearts"?

Have they really given up all these years?

Yiew are "dead wrong" if yiew think they have?

Going back to the era Adam Smith published his book ....... At that time, politically it was already quite unstable and turbulent in the entire Europe with the Republicans calling an end for monarchy and subsequently the ascendant to power of Napoleon who plunged Europe into upheaval against the old order and upturned the power nexus of continental Europe post-Napoleonic Wars?

Anonymous said...

The detest of the old order then is even evident in Adam Smith's 1776 magnum opus, "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"?

In that 900+ pages book, the word "Mercantile" was mentioned no less than 100 times? As much as Karl Marx already foreseen the "downfall" of "Capitalism" way back in the 1850s when it was just in its early stage ( and even coined the term as so ), Adam Smith himself detest Mercantilism as evidenced in his disdain for it and even coined the word "Mercantile" in his magnum opus? It's quite evident what Adam Smith thought of "Mercantilism" as he argued in his book the impending "demise" of the "mercantile system" and why "Capitalism" would supersede it?

But is it really the case or another conspiracy?

"Capitalism" in the end is "Mercantilism" and therefore "Colonialism" in disguise?

It is still all about the "Wealth of Nations" as expounded in Adam Smith's 1776 magnum opus "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"?

The incident cited in the article above about this "super chip" tinkie is but another "chess piece" in this gargantuan ( power ) struggle for world supremacy and lord of the world and a reprise of the many struggles between 1500 to 1750 among the European monarchies?

During that period, not even a decade can pass without a major war and massive brutal killings?

They must export their "barbarian" nature to other parts of the world and start war "everywhere" bcos it is in their nature to "kill and rob" like bandits and pirates who cannot produce any goods and services and therefore rely on crime, killing and robbing to maintain their existence?

Anonymous said...

Look at the Middle East and the plight of the Syrian refugees?

Who tore Iraq apart?

Who destabilise the entire Middle East?

Anonymous said...

But in the end, as Bill Clinton proclaimed during his 1992 Presidential campaign, "It is the economy, stupid"?

The elephant in the room ( and common denominator ) in this endless struggle is "the questiin mark over ( the fate of ) Capitalism"?

Where Mercantilism leads to war almost every few years, capitalism only kicks the can further down the road and thus major war is still unavoidable as epitomised in WWI and WWII?

Adam Smith unashamedly proclaimed in his book that self-interest and therefore greed is an integral part of the so called free economy known as "Capitalism"?

In its most hideous manifestation, Capitalism is called "Yiew die yiewr own business" and "What's wrong collecting more $$$"? ( from the sick, disabled, impoverished, downtrodden, ..... etc )?

It is without "人性"?

Against the very nature of mankind?

The massive debt piled up and accumulated each passing day in US and Europe and ( happily ) financed by Mario Draghi ( ECB's President ) Janet Yellen ( US FED's Chairwoman ) ( and Ben Bernanke previously ) is "Colonialism disguised as Capitalism" in its zenith?

"Stealing and robbing" without eveb having to go to "war"?

Every printing of the ( becoming useless ) US dollars and Eurozone Euros debased the currencies and robbing everyone in this planet of some value as long as they even hold 1 US $ or 1 €?

Yiew can't be the "world chief bandits and pirates" and keep printing money to finance what yiew can't pay for?

Adam Smith is WRONG?

Self-interest does not necessarily equate to greed?

Self-interest does not necessarily equate to selfishness?

Self-interest does not necessarily equate to self-serving?

Self-interest does not necessarily equate to gluttony ( and living in excessive opulence and extreme decadence )?

Self-interest does not necessarily equate to plundering the nation's wealth or helping ownself to your neighbours' wives "lobangs"?

Self-interest does not necessarily equate to "ownself check ownself and therefore ownself help ownself to another fellow citizen's wife's ( tempting ) poohsee"?

Anonymous said...

What happens next?

Thucydides, the ancient Greek political scientist, alluded such endless cycles to hegemonic wars ....

In his account of the ( brutal ) Peloponnesian War in the 5th Century BC between Athens and Spartans, ( where Thucydides himself also fought in that war as a general ), below are some of the observations Thucydides wrote:

Quote :

" Though many lay unburied, birds and beasts would not touch them, or died after tasting them [...]. The bodies of dying men lay one upon another, and half-dead creatures reeled about the streets and gathered round all the fountains in their longing for water. The sacred places also in which they had quartered themselves were full of corpses of persons who had died there, just as they were; for, as the disaster passed all bounds, men, not knowing what was to become of them, became equally contemptuous of the gods' property and the gods' dues. All the burial rites before in use were entirely upset, and they buried the bodies as best they could. Many from want of the proper appliances, through so many of their friends having died already, had recourse to the most shameless sepultures: sometimes getting the start of those who had raised a pile, they threw their own dead body upon the stranger's pyre and ignited it; sometimes they tossed the corpse which they were carrying on the top of another that was burning, and so went off. "


The blind and immoderate behaviour of many world players now, though perhaps intrinsic to human nature, ultimately likely would lead to their downfall....... but ....... but ....... and ........ and ........

the downfall of mankind ....... ?

Dinosuars were made extinct by nature and a gigantic asteroid?

But this silly creature called human beans are going to ownselves check own selves and own selves blow one selves up with radiation concentrated ( nuclear ) weapons of mass destruction?

And Obama and before that George Bush ordering their people to dig and build underground cities, thinking that will save them in an event of ( MAD ) nuclear mutual mutilation and destruction?

How can human beans stay underground forever without sunlight? Storing food for perpetuity like the Egyptians preserving their dead kings as mummies?

Btw, next time yiewr children call the mothers "mummy", be careful?

Who are they calling?


Or the few thousand years dead "Mummy" preserved in ancient Egypt pyramids?

Anonymous said...

First Adam was an idiot. Deliver us from evil, what evil? Your smelly wife is it?

Anonymous said...

US goes for benefits. US is not keen on Ukrain. US does not bother if EU is breaking up so much, comparing to if China is using force to unify Taiwan: interests, money, selling arms.

China is scared. Its grand plan is to develop silk route countries, linking them through high speed rails which China can sell, and develop ports along the seas, from Quanchou to Italy, passing Russia and Germany.

Once this route is materialized, and while Russia is securing the north pole route for shipments, US pacific fleets can own the Malaca straits, China and Russia have their own meals trading with the poor neighbors. Silk route plan is taking shape. The Asian bank is officially open this Jan. There is nothing US can stop China, if it does not depend on South China seas and Malacca straits.

The S China Sea islands are most suitable for mouthing nuclear missile. Do u think China to put their planes there for building airports on those islands? China can conduct war using these islands as launching platforms. Short rang missiles mounted with miniaturized nuclear war heads on multiple barrels guns. These new form of artillery will reach the ocean nuclear fleets.

China is waiting for fast strike similar to Ukrain. The west, mainly US stirred Ukrain. Russians made some gains on recovery of land. If US stirs S Koreans to unify through troops or stirs Taiwan to go independent, China will strike to take Taiwan.

After Russians moved out from Syria, Russian troops had big exercise near N Korean border. Prior to that, Chinese foreign minister met Russian counter part while US S Koreans having war games.
Whatever, US are just ocean going fleets on water. Nuclear? Its the new form of artillery in Russian, China troops, probably N Korans soon. The fleets cannot float with multiple hits.

Anonymous said...

Too much worries about military conquests.
War is part and parcel of nature, all beings are made to survive on one another. Every living being needs its' own territory and wants to expand it and the Human Species is the Most Avaricious amongst the Species.

Greed is an innate nature of the Human Species, not just in wealth, it is also in their ego and the Most Fatal of all is the Ego for Power. Nature makes mankinds the Way they are and Nature solves the Problem it created, lol(lots of laughs or laugh out loud), by giving beings a very limited time to enjoy their ego(nature). It's then ash to ash, dust to dust.

Some folks at Cern are quite sure that the Universe will end in September 2016. They maybe rigjt, except for the Use of thr Word Universe, unless Universe means only the Planet Earth.
The Cosmos is not Earth itself and the Cosmos is infinite. Mankind can never destroy the Universe aka Cosmos.
The Extinction of Earth is not the End or Extinction of the Universe.

It is not war that shall cause the End of the World aka Planet Earth, IT IS HUMANS THAT SHALL WIPE OUT EARTH WITH THEIR SCIENTIFIC CONTRAPTIONS.

Worry not too much about war, it is the Flaw Characteristic of Nature itself.

Live life like there is no tomorrow to enjoy life to the fullest.