Heaven opens the way for the SDP

Hard work, perseverance, dedication and the passion to want to serve the people will be rewarded. For that is what the SDP has been doing. And heaven got eyes and has finally relented to let the SDP take a first step into Parliament. Before I sell my koyok on why the SDP is deserving of a seat in Parliament, let me sing a few praises for the immortals as well.

It is very tough to be an immortal in Sin City. Heard of the temptation of Jesus? When you are a super talent, all goodness, honourable, powerful, very rich, and very good looking, very caring, very kind and helpful to the people, and especially when one is an immortal on earth, you will stand out as very attractive and likeable, and the opposite sex would only fall all over you, helplessly. Be kind to them when they could not resist the attractiveness of the immortals. They are just weak human beans. It is tough for humans to resist the temptation of the flesh. It is even tougher for immortals to do so when temptation is everywhere. Do not blame both the human beans and immortals for giving in to temptation.  It is easy for human beans to fall and even for immortals to fall. It is a miracle that so many immortals are able to stay clean and not fallen to the same weaknesses of human beans.

Let me get back to serious business. The hard work and good will of the SDP are starting to pay back. Many opposition parties are getting itchy again and the devils will not hide the horns on their foreheads. The devils will appear to do the damage they are supposed to do. That is the job of the devil. Itchy the opposition camp may be, but there must be some honour, some discipline and reciprocity, and of course no more stupidity, opportunistic and irresponsibility. Everyone in the opposition camp must remember the gracious withdrawal of the SDP in the Punggol East by election to avoid a fight with the WP.  Also the withdrawal of the WP from Potong Pasir. Two others stupidly went in only to be mauled in Punggol East.

The Bukit Batok by election under the existing understanding in the opposition camp will go to the SDP. They fought there in the last GE and thus has the first right of refusal. Any opposition party wanting to come in will be a sign of bad faith, dishonourable, spoiler and would not be forgiven.  And SDP is the only opposition party that did not fold up and went to sleep after the last GE. They continue to speak up for the people and this would put them in a good stead in the eyes of the voters. The SGP is not a fly by night party, but here to stay, with the people.

Now it is up to the SDP to put up their best candidate for this opening. Be very sure the PAP would put up their very best immortal or super talent to want to retain this seat. The SDP cannot be slipshod in the selection of their candidate and only the very best would do. It is either Chee Soon Juan or Paul Tambyah to take up this fight.

This is a by election for the PAP to lose, like in Punggol East. And it could be a repeat of Punggol East with spoilers coming in to try to mess things up, but will be mauled and sent to the sewers if they do so.

The SDP has been rewarded with a penalty to convert. Send in the best forward to do a clean job with this gift from heaven.  Heaven has finally smiled at Chee Soon Juan, the man that deserves more than anyone to be in Parliament.. 


Paul said...

Why so confident SDP will win?

Anonymous said...

Die, die I must vote SDP

Anonymous said...


Another own goal.

Do you think I should volunteer for grassroots activities?
Do you think I can get lucky?

Anonymous said...

Is there now a new meaning and dimension to the phrase "grassroots activities" ??

shaka laka boom boom.

Anonymous said...

U are wrong. “It is even tougher for immortals to do so when temptation is everywhere.” Misleading to tell readers to fall on “temptation” to excuse loading sperms onto another married woman’s openings.

If u want to let "temptation" having free ride. Think when someone on public transport such as a bus. Users when young would try to avoid the fare by not tapping. There is temptation. But mature users dont do that.

I mean the immortals are not 100% clean. From 2 proven cases, anyone can compute the % in probability is not 100% clean lah.
Is succumbing to “temptation” the valid excuse? Why not use the same reason to excuse the fare avoiding public transport users?

This man s case is the worst. The first case involved an unmarried girl. This case involved a married woman.
Bad to worst.

Can a man succumb to temptation, behaving such that he eases his temptation needs on another man’s wife, to load his sperms? That is the factual issues cannot be openly discussed.
The ROM is legal institution to secure the legal contracts for "temptation needs" in socially accepted ways similar to bus fare. Can the immortals ignore such institution's implication and function?

Excuse to this man to reduce his accountability to respect each others ROM contract is causing "confusion". Law maker breaking the laws catering for social norm.

This man knew what he was doing. About moral, a Key moral code as is violated. Role model problem: fvck another family s wife is good example to the kids?

NOT about temptation, its greed.

GREED is the cause. Greed is inside no one can see.

Anonymous said...

Do not get ahead of yourselves, redbeaners.
Bukit Batok SMC belongs to the PAP, as what the voters desired in August 2015.
So it should be returned to the PAP!?
Why SDP?? SDP lost the last time, and so must stand with others who want to contest Bt Batok this time.
This is a democracy; let the voters decide.
Every political party competes equally in this by-election.
Let the hustling begin again ...!

Anonymous said...

The guy is very handsome leh and the lady is ex SIA. U think normal man can tahan if given free? Difficult lar. But sdp I think hard to gain majority acceptance. Wp will stand a better chance but then this is sdp territory so wp must give way.

Anonymous said...

Happy Not! Happy Not!

Yes! Heaven opens the way for the SDP.

But, the heaven never promises SDP a seat in the parliament, YET!

Not Easy! Not East! BB is not PE!

PAP is still riding high with their 70%!

This BE is going to be very very different from past BEs.

Not pouring cold water, even with "celebrity" candidates
from oppositions against PAP's unknown, the most is
Opposition 40% with PAP 60%.

The 70% momentum is toooooooooooooooooooooo strong!

What say you?

We shall see.


independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

Matilah would be shouting, Singapore is a great fucking country.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, speed here. I sincerely hope Dr Chee Soon Juan would take up the challenge in this By-election. He has worked very hard for Singapore and I wish him the very best. It is time he comes in from the cold.

Anonymous said...

Very very sorry.


How about you? Can?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, long time no hear from you.

Chee Soon Juan is a most feared politician in Parliament. He would put everyone in his pocket. And this time he has mellowed and is no longer the rash young man.

Parliament needs him to breathe some life into it and not a question and answer session.

Anonymous said...

I read that Chee could be SDP s candidate. I hope he makes it this time. However, Chee must do the right thing and say the right things to get votes. Can he?

I attend a SDP rally at JE. I was disappointed for its carnival like settings. There was big ball circulating around, host shouting as if it was a 7th month kortai.

Note that i was there to listen to what the candidate going to tell me her party s policy, those kortai like stuff was distracting my serious intention.

There were issues to talk about. Expensive foods, why it was so, jobs hard to get, why it was so, salary stayed stagnant for 20 year against inflation, how it happened, foreigners grabbing jobs from citizens who wanted them, how to prevent , debts piling up for housing, how to pay. The candidate did not go into details how SDP was different. Instead, i heard the candidate mentioned she looked pretty, she would be full time mp, her husband would support her etc. I sensed the candidate had not visualized the working class audience voters were not there for unrelated stuff.

Chee talked about his life experience being victimized from time to time in his speech and some remarks seemed laughing at himself. I knew Chee. I was impressed by the "ang chia" surrounded him and his sister. There was no need to keep talking about the past. We are voting for the future.

Was Chee seriously wanted to MP? MP is law making for people. Its not easy job for opposition mp.

In this BE I hope Chee will visualize: if he is MP, what is he going to say to his voters. He needs to convince voters he is the one who champion to reduce cost, tool box? create jobs, how to? Eg use SDP web site to power job search for residents/shops, factories, in bukit batok etc.
MP Chee, Be business like and dont sing song too long about “if i have a million dollar” in hokkien.

I still remember he asked voters not to donate to pap if they have million dollars. That is not a good idea right? It taught voters to not donate to SDP also.

Pap candidate in rally cannot talk nonsense, 90% made it. Learn from pap candidates what they say thing right, to be MP.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan, best Bukit Batok BE candidate? Seriously?
Remember he called Chok Tong "stupid" because CT dunno what is a 'psychu-psychologist'?
How many of you know what is a 'pyschu-psychologist'?
Now you want to vote for someone who call you all "stupid"?
Then YOU must really, really be STUPID, stupid ...!

Anonymous said...

Wah. I didn't know a PAP MP can be so romantic one.

Anonymous said...

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To join the most romantic political party in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan, best Bukit Batok BE candidate? Seriously?
Remember he called Chok Tong "stupid" because CT dunno what is a 'psychu-psychologist'?
How many of you know what is a 'pyschu-psychologist'?
Now you want to vote for someone who call you all "stupid"?
Then YOU must really, really be STUPID, stupid ...!
March 13, 2016 12:53 pm

What if he said is true? Would it make you more stupid?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hopefully the SDP with give this fella another crack at "the prize"---a seat in the most prestigious "House" in the fairy land. It also comes with a nice bump in pay, so he won't have to do so much WALKING! 😂

WOW, can this fella walk or what? He must be damn fit by now. 30-40km per day, boleh. Gotta give him praise just for doing that!

So SDP, do the right thing and put forth this candidate.

Bk Batok, do your part and vote him IN.

I guarantee you what happens next will be Comedy Gold. Once in parliament, "They" will gang up against CSJ, and in the processes say many, many STUPID THINGS (both sides).

You pay tax right? Well consider a portion of your tax as the "ticket price" for a hilarious show!

Virgo 49 said...

This guy said CSJ stupid.

He does not know he is real stupid when so much of his meagre CPF savings goes to dust if GCT really lends the monies to the Indonesians.

Luckily he wakes up in time after Chee called him stupid but anyway lots of monies also gone to dust in the international casinos of frauds now.

Remember Baukit Batok was once won by SDP but under Chiam's watch before ntge PAP gerrymandering into Jurong GRC.

CSJ just follow Directions Donald Trump's words to the foreign trashes.

GO BACK and get a job. This is how the Americans liked him.

Go in parliament and wake up the sleeping WP MPs as they are too dumb to speak anymore.

Show them how True Democracy Works.

Must be another JBJ.

Anonymous said...

Sdp Chee would be good for parliament as he dares to ask questions no one dares to ask. But I think it's tough to get elected as sinkies very practical municipal type of voters and most can not see beyond his nose.

Any one has photos of both parties cause normally only the woman would be discredited in the media. Likely she would lose her job, her family and friends. Based on the photo I have seen, she is a very attractive 41 years old and I Guess her ex SIA experience help her to maintain well.

Anonymous said...

Pity the children of both families.

They need counselling.

Hope they would be fine.

Be strong!

JayF said...

So feared he condemned his party to the wilderness and never won one contest.

Anonymous said...

@ March 13, 2016 7:57 pm

if you are a woman
can you imagine that lau ah pek's face between your legs?
lick, lick. slurp slurp.

Anonymous said...

If you google, do you think you can find photos of Wendy Lim's husband?
Do you think you will see photos of the husband at PAP rallies?

Do you believe that a long time ago, I was also a PAP voter?
Do you think I know how the husband feels?

Anonymous said...

Grass root organisations so exciting place. Must join.

Anonymous said...

The husband was holding a card board ” Love David Ong” in the field. He will vote for pap again at b batok? jialet jialet for him. He looked like a school boy. Got 30 yr old?

He better file for divorce. He will have endless trouble if he does not. Better let the female fox go.

No wander the ah pek sure makan him piece by piece. The ah pek simply ignore his existence. From news, it seemed that the husband complained to pap. Its not wise to do it as he will be identified as the woman s husband. How to live on?

The wise man will cut off all and cut it clean. Live with a woman who looks good with easy openings is very troublesome. Kana paying for the wife and more troubles will come from her "frens" outside the home. Not only botak ah pek that kind of character will makan him for her, there are many other men will eye at her knowing her history.
Chawlaw better, the final strategy of all 36 strategies. Bob bien liao. Good looking woman plus loose in openings, prefers lau ah pek. Lau ah pek at 50 60s are ready to jump as they are close to the 6 foot hole soon. Singapore political environment is dirty especially mixing with pale shirts and trousers.

Anonymous said...

Now that Pappies have got a hugh majority in Parliament and votes, Bk Batok votes should send in Dr Chee to Parliament. After all, Dr Chee and KJ are the only 2 persons to speak up on matters of public interest especially on the 2 recent high profile cases given that Teochew ah Hia and his members still continue to stay mute even after the lessons of the last GE.
If another PAP candidate is still returned, then it proves Sinkies are not only physically screwed but mentally as well

Anonymous said...

Typical daft Sinkie.
Work for free at rallies and afterwards get screwed ... or rather the wife got screwed.
Later on the sons will work for peanuts doing national service.

Do you think he will wake up and vote Opposition?
What about his family and relatives?

Anonymous said...

Ah Pek is authoritative figure very attractive to some females. It's not ah Pek!s look but his position in society. So WL went for his status not look.