Has the govt forgotten the meaning of National Service?

The death of Dominique Lee and the revelation of a law that said SAF soldiers cannot be sued for negligence in the course of duty for tort even causing the death of NSmen is very disturbing indeed. Has the govt forgotten the meaning of National Service? The govt is conscripting the sons of Singapore citizens to be trained to defend this country, to die for this country in the defence of this country, not to die because someone is negligent and irresponsible, or doing something rash or stupid.

The govt and the SAF owe every NSman and their family an unqualified duty to ensure that the NSmen are in good and safe hands, in responsible hands, that the people looking after them, training them and leading them to war, are professionally trained, responsible and NOT negligent in the conduct of their responsibility. The last part is the least that the govt and the SAF must do, to make sure that no one is negligent or thinks he can be negligent and get away with it when the lives of NSmen is at stake.

The NSmen did not volunteer for National Service. They are not professional soldiers, ‘tan chiak peng’, who joined the SAF for a salary. They are conscripted and paid a miserly allowance for their service at the prime of their lives. The govt and the SAF must take absolute care to see to it that negligence is not to be condoned. The parents brought up their sons for 18 years. Do return their sons healthy and alive at the end of their NS. Accidents cannot be prevented, but negligence can and cannot be encouraged or protected.

A law that said negligence cannot be sued is like protecting people who are negligent and that negligence is acceptable. Negligence is UNACCEPTABLE. Not in a NS military organization when young people are conscripted by law to serve. A law that protects negligence has no place in a NS army. It compromises the safety of the NSmen. The rationale for such a law is unbelieveable! It cannot be justified under any ground.

The sons of our citizens deserve better protection from the state, from the SAF. They did not ask to be NSmen. Don’t forget this.


Anonymous said...

Rb, I hear u and I agreed with u. But what can we do as 70% are ok with it. U die your business.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That's is the problem with Singaporeans. They forget that they are the real owners of this island, not a few elite. Why are they electing a few people to form the govt, to pay them millions, only to be rubbished or controlled by the same few people that came begging for their votes every 4 years?

Singaporeans must be educated to know their rights and what they can do to take back their country from the few elites. Look at what they are trying to do to the post of Elected Presidency? Only the rich and powerful elite are qualified to become the EP? Whose country do they think this is?

Singaporeans are surrendering this country to the elite by default, by giving up, by migrating , by not saying anything, by not doing anything, and by blindly voting for people to rule over them.

One drop of water means nothing. Many drops of water turn into a river, many rivers into an ocean.

Singaporeans have been divided, lost their bearings and who they are. They give up their country without a fight and will be turned into slaves. Go see Les Miserables.

Anonymous said...

"They forget that they are the real owners of this island, not a few elite."
I already said many times.
The Chinese is a slave race ... 5,000 + 50 years in the making.
- Traditional Chinese culture is really a slave culture

Even the Dead One agrees with me.
See quote below.
" I have said this on many a previous occasion:
that had the mix in Singapore been different, had it been 75% Indians, 15% Malays and the rest Chinese, it would not have worked.
Because they believe in the politics of contention, of opposition.
But because the culture was such that the populace sought a practical way out of their difficulties, therefore it has worked. "

Anonymous said...

wasn't it lucky that 75% of Singapore came from a slave race?
a slave race that knows "what is high and what is low"; "what is above and what is below"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree. The Chinese is a race that believes in the mandate of heaven. They are fatalists.

The new China and the new Chinese Civilisation evolving in China may be different. They are taking their fate into their own hands. They want to build a new China and a new World Order. They don't believe in age old superstition of mandate of heaven.

The Singaporeans have a lot to learn to make this island great again, for their own good, not for the good of a few elite or for foreigners. The PRC Chinese have rebuilt their country from a poor and downtrodden disorganised people to be in contention with the Americans for world supremacy.

Singapore is competing to avoid being thrown to the bottom of the heap.

Anonymous said...

The best article so far on the Dominique case.
Would even be better if , instead of "has the govt forgotten", read "has PM LEE HSIEN LOONG forgotten..." to give a face to the impersonal word "govt".
We must not forget that at the end of the day, it is always LHL who pulls all the strings in SG. He just needs to utter one sentence, one idea, to revert and Shanmugam will shit in his pants and the heartless judge will be sent downwards and things can be put right, its so simple. Because LHL THE BOSS, ignored this entire event, the subject is closed, as far as the govt and the restof civil service is concerned ...What is a salary for if there is no output.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima Five Years Later: "The Fuel Rods Melted Through Containment And Nobody Knows Where They Are Now"

This is what happens when you live on a small and over-crowded island.
And you have stupid leaders who insist on building nuclear reactors on the island.

b said...

People should emigrate when they can and not wait until they are over 50. This island is a city state not a country. There is no country to defend. A city state can spout out anywhere even middle of a desert.

Anonymous said...

It's so frequently said by so many: We can't change anything, so no point speaking up. If you don't like things here, migrate loh.

It's so self-defeating.

RedBean's response to this really hits the nail on the head: Singaporeans are surrendering this country to the elite by default, by giving up, by migrating, by not saying anything, by not doing anything, and by blindly voting for people to rule over them.

One drop of water means nothing. Many drops of water turn into a river, many rivers into an ocean.

At the end, as RB reminds, change can only come about if we speak up. And not only speak up, but take action as well.

There seems to be a maid mentality in this country - we are always expecting someone else to pick up after us, to get things done. Is this laziness, fear, we don't really care enough, something else?

Deep inside, I'm sure we all know that the way to get anything done is to do it one's self.

Anonymous said...

Just vote Opposition, and your life will start to get better in Singapore.
And still 70% of Sinkie fuckers still don't get it.

No wonder redbean is hoping the PRC Chinese will show the Sinkie Chinese the road to freedom.

Vote Opposition.
Persuade your wife/husband to vote Opposition.
Persuade your children to vote Opposition.
If you can do this, it's good enough already.

But the sad reality is this.
The smart Singaporeans have all already migrated.
What's left behind are just brain dead, fuck stupid Singaporeans.
And this includes me.
I should have stayed overseas and helped my parents emigrate.
Instead of returning back to this shit hole.

Anonymous said...

Emigrate to cause more pains to parents in order to avoid the screwing system is not the perfect solution. At least, let the parents live at the environment they used to as a way to thank them for their efforts. That was my conclusion after collecting forms years back from an embassy.
I saw the changes in taiwan, from an autocratic to one with freedom of speeches. I saw the changes in eastern europe. I decided in long term, continue to vote for party alternative to pap will eventually make the difference.
Dominique's death was caused by the NS system. If NS conscription is not mandatory under the law, Dominique might still be dating girls tonight.
No basis to force male citizens to do NS now adays. Because non citizen males can live exactly like citizen freely in Singapore, especially when they are at NS going age range, young. They work here while employers use the space here. These non citizens are taking advantage of NS men s time and efforts, as a result, they make use of the peaceful working environment.
My point is: male citizens should be forced to do NS to help non citizens to work and live here.
The solution is: abolish mandatory NS. Young citizens will be able to start work early and earn more.
Its up to the elite to hire professional soldiers or give up defense totally. There is UN and US to protect SEA s order.
The free inward immigration policy convinced me of this conclusion.
I will vote for party that go for this line: abolish mandatory NS.
Btw Dominique family should not rule out suing the commanders and their employer in civil proceeding for compensation for causing death due to negligence. The Act struck out the family s case, but another aspect of laws is in favor of reasonable care and against negligence.

Anonymous said...

Correction of abv: male citizens should NOT be forced to do NS..
missed out NOT

Anonymous said...

@ March 12, 2016 7:07 pm

So instead of suing MINDEF;
you are saying to take out a civil case and sue the individual commanders?

Do you think we should say "organize a crowd-sourcing and let's do it"

Anonymous said...

As for me, my only chance to emigrate is to follow my daughter overseas to any country she wants to go.
At least my grandson will be born free and not born a slave.

The aristocrats represent the top 1% of a country.
In singapore, 70% of the stupid sinkies think they are all aristocrats.

Why anybody would vote for a party that represents the aristocrats when your HDB flat belongs to HDB I will never know.
You can't be an aristocrat if you don't even own your own private property.
HDB flats belong to HDB.

Meritocracy = Landed Property Aristocracy

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon March 12 08:40.
I read english only, not legal. Section 14 only said if a commander omits whatever, causing death of another, then Mindef and the commander is not liable in tort.

In Dominique s death, the cause was triggered by 6-2 ie 4 extra grenade-smoke. It was ruled against the limit.

See, my argument is: it was not omission of some steps causing death. Death was unreasonably caused excessively with smoke that led to the consequence.
Example. if a slope cannot go up with a heavy army vehicle under the doctrine, so the commander must park at slope end. But the commander orders the drivers to move up the slope while he watches at the slope end. The heavy vehicle over turns. The dead NS man driver cannot sue Mindef and commander for omitting safety under the Act. But the commander was not part of the injury, he comes out of the vehicle for the driver to take the risk. He was setup to die in layman s words. Cannot sue meh?
Think about the 6 smoke grenades, it was in similar case. Both commanders were not inside the enclosed room when it was smoky. In layman terms, the soldier inside was mistreated, or abused or whatever u want to argue, to take the risk of smoke while the commander was the cause of excessive smoke. That is not "omitting" but more close to setting up the soldiers inside to suffer the smoke. 1 died, cannot sue on such mis step meh? Section 14 applies? U read it carefully.
"14.—(1) Nothing done or omitted to be done by a member of the forces while on duty as such shall subject either him or the Government to liability in tort for causing the death of another person" tio boh?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:31,

You can't explain it more clearly and cogently. Wonder why no stupid lawyers could this angle and all parroting the negligent angle or keeping their silence. Not a single member of the legal fraternity would want to say the wrong thing.

Someone is calling for crowd funding, to get a queen's counsel, if no senior counsel here dares to, or smart enough, or confident enough, to take up this case.

Anonymous said...

An act of commission versus an act of omission.
What do you think is the difference?
Do you think Singaporeans are able to understand the difference?

Anonymous said...

I believe some ever swallow 6 smoke grenade b4 speaking!

Anonymous said...

"Has the govt forgotten the meaning of National Service?"

have Singaporeans forgotten the meaning of "You die is your business?"
have you forgotten who said 'Singapore does not owe you a living?"

if Singapore does not owe you a living;
then why do you owe Singapore a living?
slave is it?
daft is it?

Anonymous said...

Wah! Another own goal.
This time at Bukit Batok.
Didn't know grassroots activities is so happening.
is this where you get your action?

Anonymous said...

"People are not voting for Trump (or Sanders). People are just voting, finally, to destroy the establishment."
Nasim taleb

"The *establishment* composed of journos, BS-Vending talking heads with well-formulated verbs, bureaucrato-cronies, lobbyists-in training, New Yorker-reading semi-intellectuals, image-conscious empty suits, Washington rent-seekers and other "well thinking" members of the vocal elites are not getting the point about what is happening and the sterility of their arguments."

Anonymous said...

same here.

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, thank you so much for this article.

I get extremely angry and upset each time I see our NS conscripts performing "national service" by putting up equipments at National Day Parade or other state functions. We have developed the Legislations to take away two years of the lives of our young men for the sake of national security and then the army make use of their free manpower to do manual labour! Think about it, this is disgraceful! I even see a mischievous letter in the newspapers suggesting that NS conscripts be deployed when train services break down! Makes me vomit. The kind of attitude Singaporeans have towards the young men who are Legislated (forced by law) to guard the country's security.

Why are the PAP backbenchers not speaking up against the exploitation of these young men? Do we vote them in for doing nothing? Or is it the norm in Singapore that only opposition backbenchers should speak out and the PAP backbenchers to drown out their voices?

Anonymous said...

NS conscripts should be replaced by bangali workers. Foreign workers are willing to take 500pm for 2 years, and continue with in camp training as contract extension. Citi report said 2016 budget will abolish levies. So army can hire as many as it wishes. So do all firms in singapore. Soon foreigners will swell for another 2 millions.

Employment passes are useful to hire as commanders. Hire indian master and doctorate degree holders to handle the bangali. Use the S passes for other ranks, from china and india. Expand PR to do police work, this has already happened. No more compulsory NS and incamp. Singapore will be the perfect global city for other countries like Jp and china to emulate.

There will not be accident like 4 extra grenade smoke being used against unsuspecting soldiers as foreign talents are more educated.
Young male singaporeans can start life early at 18 to work as apprentice. The young, as we know, are unproductive stupid generation. Decedents of the daft generation, as per one old man.
Compare to foreigners intelligence at talent status, young citizens must start early to catch up.