Green house politicians can learn from Malaysian politics

There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. The friends and foes in Malaysian politics are regrouping under Mahathir, the man that had charged them and put them in jail, for a common mission, to unseat Najib. Anwar and Lim Kit Siang, the arch enemies of Mahathir are now smoking peace pipes and drinking together and planning what to do to bring down Najib. They are all politician extraordinaire, knowing what is the common goal and to put down differences or personal grudges when there is a common enemy to strike.

In the Singapore context, the opposition camp did not have such bad blood to talk about.   Oops, I stand corrected on this. There were differences and often differences created by third parties to divide them up.  The differences among the opposition parties and leaders are nothing more than I don’t like your look and you don’t like mine. As far as political agenda and differences are concern they are very minor.

Why then is it so difficult for the opposition parties here to put their differences aside and sit down together, like the Malaysian politicians, to chart a common course, a common objective to take on the PAP?  They are not arch enemies, are they? What is the stumbling block that makes the divide so difficult to bridge? Could they see further down the road, to join forces, to work together and bring down a common enemy first, other things can wait?

There have been many calls, friendly gestures, olive branch being extended, to bring the opposition parties together but in vain. They don’t even want to talk to each other or be seen together.

This brand of politics can only happen in this island. The opposition parties know they have very little chance of unseating the ruling party, maybe if luck is good, get a few seats into Parliament, and if not, get completely wiped out from Parliament.  And they are contented with that.  On the other hand, coming together, to present a united front, combining their talents and resources, they would look more real, credible and serious as an alternative to the ruling party and to stand a better chance of being elected, and a better possibility of forming a coalition govt.  Why not?  The answer is our sanitized greenhouse political climate. Better be safe and be on the right side than be sorry.
It is such a bewilderment to see them struggling as splintered groups hoping to win a seat or two in a GE when they could gain a bigger pie.
Be real politicians, not greenhouse politicians, need to be politically correct, cannot be seen with politicians that are deemed no good by the ruling party and thus tarnishes their reputations in the eyes of the ruling govt. Is this the reason, that opposition parties are watching their steps carefully, to be seen as reasonable and good guys by the ruling parties, so stay away from other opposition parties that have been branded as bad boys?
May I suggest they look at the Malaysian politics carefully, study them and pick up some of the good points to help them make a bigger impact in the next GE. There are no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics. A coalition of convenient is just as good as anything if it can bring results. If PAS can sit together with DAP, If Mahathir can sit together with Kit Siang and Anwar, what else cannot be done?
It is politics, stupid. You don't need the blessing of the ruling party to be acceptable and to win an election.


Anonymous said...


In Malaysia, the opposition are also winners. And Mahathir, although no more PM, is still a political heavyweight. So when they unite, high chances they can be bigger winners.

In Singapore, except for WP, the opposition are all losers. In fact even WP nearly become losers in GE 2015. So losers unite with losers, how to win, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

That even RB did not join the Sinkie opposition says a lot about the Sinkie opposition, I mean says a lot in a very negative way lah, of course.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

没有永远的朋友! 没有永远的敌人!

But, when I look at our alternative parties.........


Virgo 49 said...

That's why it is so interesting to stay in Matland.

Exciting happenings all the time.

Not only at the City Above The Clouds that never sleep but everywhere.

Feel bored or needs further excitement, then transfer to KL where you can see real demonstrations. Just RM3.80 per midpoint at Genting or Goh Tong Jaya.

MALAYSIA law Society can tell AG to step down.

Here, cannot even whimper like a wimp.

See, hear real firecrackers and smell and feel the nostalgia of your lost childhood during the CNY and other festivals.

The Matlanders have more and know their rights more than sinkies.

What talking second class citizens in Matland by some idiots??

Here, you ars even worse than second class citizens, oop Residents.

No more citizens. The citizens are the Foreign Rufuggees.

They are more protected and loved by the PAPies.

What's you waiting for??

Anonymous said...

Do you think there is only one unifying figure in Singapore?

Do you think it was an accident that every other unifying figure has been downplayed?
- our Singapore Constitution
- our National Pledge (aspiration)
- our war heroes in World War Two
- our opposition politicians in 1965
- Stamford Raffles

Anonymous said...

RB s idea is sensible, but not meaningful. Look carefully at the chiefs of some so called opposition parties. 1 had court record. 1 an ex party member from wp, was so critical of wp. 1 oust cst and keeps his prize firmly grip even he went bankrupt, he never gave wp peace even at by election on wp areas. A few moved one party to next as leader. Overall, these parties are just a few men women sitting together, as political forumers.

A political party must have a political base. Where is the base for each party? Except wp, all the parties have ZERO base.

Criticizing credible party like WP for not communicating to these parties will not grow the opposition. WP must grow on its own path. The other parties are just forums on politics. They come when there is election, and hide when there is none. WP activists still work when there is no election.
So dont expect WP to cooperate with non existent parties.

Anonymous said...

Among the sg opposition, if entering into cooperation similar to malaysian politicians, at least 1 more must be in parliament. Then it will have chance to establish a political base to develop relationship with residents.

No political base, how to talk about cooperation on equal ground like Anwar, LKS? Anwar LKS are having a good chance ahead. Because Najib made big mistake.

WP will have its chance when pap make mistakes on mass immigration and massive properties building. WP must not be too keen to be "adviser" to the prince. At the end, WP was caught not cleaning the roof top of a hawker center. Mind u, it was hours talk in parliament on hawker center cleaning.
I hope WP has learned, better dont be pap s adviser. Voters are also telling WP to be more independent as critics of pap policies, and never ever claim that WP advised pap to do this and that, and pap quietly u turn. If WP still have hope to play the role as a consultant to pap, and do not criticize it in parliament. WP can be voted out in 2020GE.
Voters want a critic opposition standing on its own. So wp should not rule out pap making big policy mistake. If that happens, WP should take bigger share in constituencies. DO come to the WEstern singapore area. There are voters waiting for WP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Man (homo sapiens, a species of hairless, bipedal African ape) like most primates has evolved to be a social animal.

i.e. back in the evolutionary chain, those creatures who formed groups increased their chances of survival in the wild, hostile world.

However, the groups needed to be "led", so leaders emerged to take charge of the group and made decisions on their behalf. The leader was the one who successfully got the majority of the group on his side---by fair means or foul. For small groups of hunter-gatherers, this was not much of a problem.

However when the groups got larger with more and more members, there emerged COMPETITION for leadership. On this level, the INTENSITY of competition increased by orders of magnitude. Thus POLITICS was born. Politics is a derivative of man's social nature.

When you have group of more than 8 or so people, you can rest assured that politics will spontaneously emerge. It could be conciliatory or adversarial...all depending on whether personalities "clash" or "complement" each other. No one has control over this, because although man is a social animal, he is also a self-interested and self-centered INDIVIDUAL.

Anonymous said...

Would LHL be comfortable in his seat? Would there be people working to dethrone him? The quiet is abnormal, that the politicians around him, mind you they are politicians, would not play monkeys behind his back. Now more dangerous when his father is not watching his back for him.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 120

Actually LHL is a good leader/ Leeder. Although being a very smart nerd, he could be awkward in the past, he's since matured.

People who work with/ for him respect him. So I don't think your conspiracy theories are valid...at least not yet (anything can change, anytime for any reason or none at all...it's called "uncertainty", nigger)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, he has nothing to fear. They are all loyalty and trustworthy men and would not scheme to remove him. Nothing to worry about.
Sleep well.

Virgo49 said...

Singapore PAP MPs are interviewed and appointed by the Great Leader and his Son lest those in the Pioneer Batch where they joined as "equals "

Beholden to him, where got scheme against HIM??

After all such good lives sucking on the peasants, why revoulutinse? ??

patriot said...

Paid multi million Sin Dollars per term just to talk talk, what arse luck to be selected and yet expect them to vie for power?
Daft indeed.

After one term, can buy how much land and property already, not forgetting many have done two terms and more.


Any sign of danger, the Aristocrat and Elite shall take flight out of Sin together with the Hotel Guests all over the Tiny Dot.
Those having mei meis oversea will not remain here either. So, are those with properties in Batam, Johor, Malacca, Penang and Thailand etc.

Only the Daft shall get stuck here.


Anonymous said...

This is becoz all Sinkies including Opposition are selfish bastards, kia-su and self-centred. They think that by sharing or cooperating, they give higher chance to others to win, and lower the chances for themselves. And in S'pore context, the winner takes all, the runner-up no matter how close gets ZERO. Therefore even among the Oppies, it is you die your business -- I rather we all Oppies die than to let you win.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian politicians learned well from Saddam Hussien who said: 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. Singapore opposition politicians have too much ego. Every one wants to be chief and leader, but with little substance. The PAP knows that and left them alone to squabble among themselves whenever an election looms. Those that have substance are either banished for good or destroyed politically, financially and mentally. That is why they never grow, only self-destruct.

Of course, in politics there is no such thing as permanent friends or enemies, only whether they are useful or not. Like Lim Chin Siong and Devan Nair, they were sent to the alaughter house after outliving their usefulness just like Boxer, the horse, in animal farm, who was sent to the slaughter house by the pigs after toiling until sick for the pigs.

And by the way, there is a saying that Politics is the university of crime. How true!

Anonymous said...

As long as Singapore Opposition parties have no intention to form a government, they just cannot be taken seriously. Why have so beautifully written manifesto that you know you are not going ever to implement becos you did not contest enough seats to form the majority in parliament to become the next government. You are just fooling the people. If the PAP is doing such a lousy job, then fight to form a government. If the PAP is doing ok, why even contest to replace them?
Get your vision and act straight, Opposition! Go, disappear into your hole again ... see you in 5 years OR not at all. Who cares for losers ...?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "fucking clueless shit-bag" 744:

➡︎P L U R A L I S M⬅︎, motherfucker❗️❗️

Spread OUT the power. Don't just spread your legs for ONE power.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That was a low blow, but neccessary to wake up the parrot.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "hopeful" 952:

I doubt they can wake up. They've been assimilated by the Borg. "Resistance is Futile."