Do not allow another Benjamin to happen – Part 2

I wrote earlier about this. And I am worried that another case is waiting to happen. Remember the students of Tanjong Katong Primary School after the Kota Kinabalu disaster? What did the school did to the students that knew those who perished? Yes,, they counseled them, to make sure mentally and emotionally they were able to cope with the shocking event and the after shock. Children are just children and it is very difficult to know how they would react to stress, trauma and death of people they know. No one could envisaged Benjamin would take it so badly. It came like a thunderbolt.

And Shanmugam made a Freudian slip in Parliament by saying that the little girl could commit suicide. The parents and teachers must talk to her, counsel her and keep a close watch over her. Make sure she is emotionally supported and prepared to take this blow of Benjamin’s death. Be very careful and concern about this little girl.

And there are also the teachers and police officers to think about. Some may feel very guilty for what they did or did not do and guilt stricken for Benjamin’s death. Some may be so insensitive that it would just be water under the bridge and would not be affected in any way. But some adults, yes, some adults are very sensitive and vulnerable in a tragedy like this. They must also be counseled, the principal, the counselor, teachers, police officers, they are also human beans and would react like human beans.

Let’s hope the after shock would not hit anyone so badly to take his own life or go insane. The pilots that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also mentally affected. This poor Benjamin’s case would prick at the conscience of many who have a conscience in them and they would feel really bad about it.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Pigs have very very thick skin?
Do you think they will ever hara kiri?

Anonymous said...

"'I mean, we are different. This was a lapse, what to do, it's happened."

'This should never have happened. I am sorry that it has.'

"We must encourage those who earn less than $200 per month and cannot afford to nurture and educate many children never to have more than two... We will regret the time lost if we do not now take the first tentative steps towards correcting a trend which can leave our society with a large number of the physically, intellecually and culturally anaemic."

Anonymous said...

“In Japan, the CEO and board of directors will call a press conference and take a deep bow, and in the good old days, they may even commit hara-kiri. Where there are breaches of the Companies Act, both the company as well as the individuals responsible will be charged, and if found guilty, punished with fines and/or jail terms for the individuals.”

Anonymous said...

保重! 保重! 保重!

Indeed a very very very sad case!

Sincerely hope that those people involved directly and indirectly
in the case are feeling 心安里得-ly and can sleep peacefully
sleep peacefully at night.

Pls remember that.....做人做事, 一定要心安里得!

Because.....善有善报, 恶有恶报!

Lastly, those involved......保重! 保重! 保重!

Anonymous said...

This piece blamed the weakling for taking his or her life. It is not the bully fault. It is because you are weak, unwise, unproductive and unskilled that you are poor, a failure and suicidal.

The system is fair it is the individual that is unfair. Benjamin's death is no one's fault - not his parents, the school, the police, his church, society - but his to bear.

Anonymous said...

fear not worry not......

as long as those involved conducted themselves 心安里得-ly,
it will be perfectly OK.......


Anonymous said...

Wait Shanmugam feels so guilty and falls sick how?

Anonymous said...

In the u die your business sinkie land, I doubt any adults will be adversely affected. Would the two Khuongcum martilar and anghohia want to give their Two cents worth? What about the asshole that like to call others dogs?

Anonymous said...

Actually the asshole is kind. If a dog falls sick, the ministers and MPs and dog lovers will come hugging the dog.

See anyone come hugging for Benjamin?

Anonymous said...

Red bean I like your po. This is b cos I have kids at teen age. 1 comment here said Ben s death was due to his own suicidal intent.
This comment seemed to imply from the official lines i read from msm: its not the responsibility of the external forces that crashed hard at Ben s immature mind (as minor) leading to his death. Ben had his pride as an upright being. We all have it. From a photo which Ben collected something like prize from a politician, Ben should have his pride.
Dear parents. Be very realistic about Ben s case. A teen at 14 had no experience and skill to handle with the crushing strength of 5 police officers taking him away FROM his principal office witnessed by teachers and peers, and interviewed him leading him to be found to have committed a crime of serious nature. And another crushing force that signaled the school had found him "abnormal" to attend school activities. Ben could not attend the camp he had prepared for the following day. The school informed his mother. This should be too huge a crushing force when he heard from his very own mother about the school's decision without his CONSENT.
Timely counseling to Ben to view the devastating forces on Ben after he was arrested should be helpful.Ben was NOT guilty as a criminal ON that DAY. AND Ben should not be barred from attending school activities like the camp he had contracted (paid)/committed for, with the school. Was Ben guilty of a crime? Only the court has the authority to decide a person is guilty. Is this the correct law i know?

Anonymous said...

B, I also don't know as its a complex issue but that asshole seems to know a lot and everything so he may be able to contribute his wisdom.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:57,

Any parents would feel very strongly and understand the pain Ben's parents are going through. And look at all the heartless comments about this case and the silence in Parliament, the MPs and ministers that were elected by the people to protect the people... pathetic.

How can these people treat a 14 young boy this way? The principal and his teachers have a lot of explanation to do. They cannot hide their heads in the ground and think all is well.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ ho ho ho, Santa hears your wish, RB:

>> Do not allow another Benjamin to happen <<

I will bet money---this will not be the last teenager to (allegedly) commit suicide.

I nominate this young hero for a DARWIN AWARD. 😂

Sorry Benny, you don't get to shoot your genes into the next generation 😜 On behalf o the Human Genepool, I salute you for your contribution to make our genepool stronger, and honour your memory with this Darwin Award!

Anonymous said...

Matilar Knn u think very funny is it? Go and continue to abuse your daughters and stop talking rubbish here. I hope you Wife will report u.

Anonymous said...

This loser ran away from Singapore, can't make it in Australia, running back with tail in between his legs to praise Singapore and hoping the Gods would be kind to him and throw him some crumbs.

Anonymous said...

Red Bean 10.32.
There is question mark: what is the reason police officers could not go to Ben's home to wait for him? What was the reason 5 men all went to the school to the principal office to alarm teachers and students? Was it "plain cloths" meant the students and Ben s peers would not know who they were? The students should be robots if someone thought so.
Police men should instruct Ben s mother to go directly to their station. What was the reason for Ben s mum rushed to school and missed the chance to see her son being taken away.(She was reported to have made the rush and wasted time to assure Ben.)
Most importantly, what was the reason for a police officer to take away the phone conversation between Ben and the mother? Ben might have things to ask such as help from her mother if the conversation was to allow to continue. Was it important to cut such conversation for Ben before being taken away?
The school was said enough. Reason to take Ben out of the camp was unfounded as Ben was no guilty until the court rules so.
The silence of parliament. Its the exact norm people voted the the members inside. The voters like it that way. Probably in next election, voters will vote in all silent men and women. Opposition will be wiped out as they are also silent.
The people get what they voted for. Red Bean is not the silent type. I like.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 152:

>> can't make it in Australia, running back with tail in between his legs to praise Singapore and hoping the Gods would be kind to him and throw him some crumbs. <<

And the gods have been very good to me. Last year was particularly excellent. Thank you for all the crumbs. 😂😎

Yes, Singapore A#1. Very good. I luurrve promoting Singapore! (Cha-ching, cha-ching! 💰💰)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:57 a.m.,
Red Bean 11:32 a.m.,
Anon 5:28 p.m.

Hi, although I'm not related to Ben but i felt really really sad about this tragic case.

Very touched with your words.

Anonymous said...

Who Or What Is Louis Ng Representing?

Posted on March 9, 2016 by The Singapore Beacon

big bird

By: B Goode

So someone dangled live mynah from his window to scare the bird after it defecated in his Yishun home.

The AVA was alerted and gave the man a warning....

But not in the bird abuse case. Singapore’s very own tree-hugging MP Louis Ng swooped down from his high-perch to express his disappointment at the AVA’s “light” response.

And he added that the incident might have “psychological repercussions for the bird.”

Who is Benjamin Lim? A bird?

Anonymous said...

When everyone is crying for Benjamin and Dominique, our MPs are crying for birds and dogs and cats.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1052:

>> So someone dangled live mynah from his window to scare the bird after it defecated in his Yishun home. <<

WOW! I didn't know you could do that to a Malay girl! Poor girl must have been so scared, her bowels gave way....

...oh wait, you're talking about mynah bird, not a minah bird....💀 So sorry...