China must start behaving like a super power

Does China understand why it is having so many problems with the USA and medium and small countries? Take a look at the USA and India and ask why these two countries have relatively little problems with irritating little countries scratching their backs. The answer is simple, behave like a big power and carry a big stick. The Americans carry a hammer and treat every country as a nail, including China, to be hammered. India will not stand any nonsense or misconduct from its neighbouring states and will act firmly when they break protocol or affronted India. India would put them into their right place immediately.

China’s trouble with the USA is of a different dimension. It is about contest for big power influence with the USA trying its best to retain its unassailable Number One superpower position and would want to keep China down. The USA has been creating problems and troubles for China in every corner of the earth and in everything and issue that China is involved. There is no escape from the clutches of the American power and the Americans would want to put China in its right place, ie a power subordinated to the USA, to toe the line, to be the whipping boy when and wherever it is useful to the USA.

The problem with the Americans is difficult to handle and would be there for a long time to come until China is at parity with the Americans in military power or better. China has rightly taken the position of tolerance and patience to keep the Americans from resorting to war. The day is getting nearer for China to stand up to the Americans.

China’s problems with the medium powers like India and Japan and the little countries like the Philippines and Vietnam are easier to deal with. The Americans and the Indians have proven it many times over, that might is right and the only way to deal with provocations from medium and small countries is to carry the big stick and be ready to use it, be firm.

The constant and repetitive irritations by the Philippines in the South China Sea must be stopped. The Philippines only understand what is might and China must use it might to sit on the Philippines to prevent it from creating more mischief in the South China Sea islands. The latest episode of China sending its warship to Wufang Reef is a good example. China must be confident to stay put and keep its warships in the region. There is no need to apologise and to quickly sail away from the islands. This a sign of weakness and uncertainty. If China believes the islands belong to China, it must act accordingly and feel free and comfortable to have its warships in its own territorial waters. And China must be confident and firm to shoo away ships that try to violate its territorial sovereignty. There cannot be any doubt about its position as owners of the islands.

It is high time China gives the Philippines an ultimate to drag away the rotting junk in one of its islands or be towed away, and to send the bill to the Philippines govt for towing fee. It is ridiculous for a big power to exercise so much restraint and inactions and be provoked constantly by a little country, to be mocked at and to be used for propaganda basis. China should tell the Philippines to stay out of its territorial waters or actions would taken, like what the Philippines had been doing, escort the Filipino boats to Hainan and only release with the payment of a fine or be blasted away like what the Indonesians are doing. The only thing China should avoid is to fire at fishing boats wildly like what the Philippines did to a Taiwanese boat, behaving like pirates.

China as a big power must behave and act like a big power. There is no running away from troubles created by countries like the Philippines and Vietnam. And acting firm would only improve the situation and reduce the number of incidents from such countries. China must know its rights as a sovereign nation and the right to take charge in its territorial waters. The more China fears trouble, try to avoid trouble by being nice, the more trouble will come looking for China.

The American and western media would never say anything positive about China’s action anyway, whether China is restraining itself or dealing firmly with the provocateurs. China must just do what is right to protect its territories and interests like what the US and India are doing.

China is a big power and must act as one.


Anonymous said...

Rb is unduly or too overly concerned about China.
A civilzation that stands and exists for over many thousand years should not be measured against one less than 300 year old.
Many do mistakenly believe that the US is the Number 1 Superpower, since they are born. But, not the Mainland Chinese. The Mainlanders had lost their Motherland many times and they have proven as many times that they shall claim back their Motherland.

There are countless patriots in the
Chinese and numerous talents amongst them.
China shall remain the Greatest Civilization till the End of History.
There is no doubt about it.

Rb should concentrate more on the Ills and Malaises in Sin.


agongkia said...

If the root is deep and firm,afraid not the wind.
Who cares whether media
say anything positive about China's action or not.
The Chinese knows what to do,when to act or how to react.
Only ting tong will kaykhiang to tell them when and how to use the big stick.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just stick to what you know, ie, mei meis. You would not sound like a khongcum or 'sar buay seck'. If that you don't understand, how about 'puah tang sai'?

Anonymous said...

Mahathir: 'It's going to be the most powerful country in the world, more powerful than the United States.'

Anonymous said...

Let's all go to war

Anonymous said...

This agongkia seow ting tong thinks he is better than RB. Why don't go and start a blog to show you are good instead of being so envious of him here?

Oh yes, tell people all the good stuff about mei meis, sure got plenty of supporters.

Anonymous said...

This chap got banned by other sites now came to squat here and RB so nice to him but he tried to mess up RB's blog with his low class and poor taste postings on mei meis.

RB should also ban him.

Anonymous said...

North Korea's Kim is behaving like a superpower. Perhaps many people are beginning to like him, a lot. LOL

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah hai...China must do this, China must do that....and this and that, then more of that less of this...stop doing that, do this instead...

Wah hai, indeed. So many ex-spurts telling China what to do. What's more, they do it for FREE!

This is quite understandable. There is also another gang of ex-spurts working at places like the world's most trusted
toilet paper factories , bashing China day and night, and even referring to the entire cuntry of China with it's 1.4 billion Chinese nationals as You Motherfuckers......at the same time this individual is
getting his brand items MADE IN CHINA ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น

China gets kicked on almost a daily basis. Maybe then, she needs more ex-spurts to tell her what to do...๐Ÿ™ˆ ๐Ÿ™‰ ๐Ÿ™Š

agongkia said...

@anon 11.43
Me? I still can have access to the site with my Nick agongkia there lah.
Just that I do not want to waste time on blog that is manage by geh angmo,only good to incite hatred against PRC and only want to listen to views that is against the authority or anti establishment .
Wasting time to argue with no brainers with low IQ.Claim Shit Times not trustworthy but themselves no difference with Shit Times .One sided and not able to accept views that is unfavourable to them.
It's their loss lah.
Who scare who?Plenty of blog to visit.Now me busy with other blogs that is more trustworthy.
Is uncle so petty?He is still respectable .

Anonymous said...

US send their carrier groups to the South China sea.

Who is militarizing the region?

If US started a fight, they would pay the huge price.

We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

All rogue Govt? How? Mati laah

Anonymous said...

"Who is militarizing the region?"

The world works on the basis of double standards, in everything. Depends on who is talking and accusing and who has the bigger guns.

Hey, it is the same with Governments everywhere in relation to their citizens, Sinkie and Matland included. See what is happening in Matland. Got corruption or not?

And who is corrupting the world? You and me makes little difference, of course. It is those in power. Of course I am wrong. How can I be right? If I am right, then they must be wrong. Nah!

Anonymous said...

Malaysians should be very happy and grateful to their PM Najib.
Billions went into his account without the Need for him or any Malaysians to work for the Money. Malaysia is richer by tge Millions like godsend.
Unlike Malaysia, Singapore invested billions overseas and lost quite a sum. It even used large sums of money to help failing nations with no guarantee of getting them back.

Malaysians are not inly endow with rich resources, plenty of lands and no natural disaster(so far), they even have a prime minister with a Midas Touch.

Blessed are the Malaysians.

b said...

When one looks to the east, the people are hardworking and smart. When one looks to the west, the people are lazy, spoilt and only want to protest. Which side is a better choice to build a factory and employ thousands of workers?

Anonymous said...

east are donkeys...west are monkeys...monkeys are better because at least they are more agile...they can climb and move up...donkeys just follow rules and move side ways and round and round...at the end of the day...monkeys and donkeys

Anonymous said...

Does China understand why it is having so many problems with the USA and medium and small countries?

Maybe someone is trying to say it is because they have too many donkeys and not enough monkeys?????huh?

Anonymous said...

escort the Filipino boats to Hainan and only release with the payment of a fine

Do you know how far is the distance? Nice to talk but hands on...nabeh talk cock sing sock.

Escort need to consume fuel, food and water and tow need to provide tow vessel.
Filipino boat can cross ocean? sea conditions could be harsh at times there....

Anonymous said...

We have multimillionaires ministers who are boneheads...seems to be degenerating with each new generation ...they open up their mouths.,sinkies become stupider

Anonymous said...

You think Mahathir is bad?..wait till you get Badawi...you think Badawi is bad?..wait till you get Najib...you think Najib is bad?...wait till you get another monkey ...

Virgo 49 said...

Wait till you get Muhuauddin.

He don't resign. Smart, smart. Waiting to take over.

When he takes over, we have part five.

Madhatair will bring him down for his son to take over.

Wah, life movie scenes really interesting.

At least Nasib not take monies from the people.

Some more salaries lower than Sinkie land MPs.

So this if is true, considered as his remunerations for the years
Of lost salaries.

You see even Two chew ah hia just quietly takes his salaries not even raising any query of poor Benji.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid I have to disagree. Being a superpower means projecting power and having the military capability to do so implies incremental expenditures that takes away from education, infrastructure and healthcare. Over time, regional powers also get dragged into the affairs for their allies and get involved in foreign wars. A strong military also often develops into a military complex that exists and becomes self serving rather than serving tax payers. One reason why the US is pertpetually involved in wars in because 2 star generals want to become 3 star generals and war is one way for quick promotion.

As nations prosper, they inevitably want to project military power and meddle in the affairs of other countries. Its the fools ways to puff out one chest. No, best to run a country like Switzerland or Sweden. Stay neutral, and focus on the basics of Healthcare, and Education. Leave the military adventures to the idiots and do gooders.

Anonymous said...

China has been trying to stay neutral, non interference in other countries internal affairs.
But you got an international gangsters that want to control the world. You think so easy to stay neutral?

Asean also want to stay neutral.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
escort the Filipino boats to Hainan and only release with the payment of a fine

Do you know how far is the distance? Nice to talk but hands on...nabeh talk cock sing sock.

Escort need to consume fuel, food and water and tow need to provide tow vessel.
Filipino boat can cross ocean? sea conditions could be harsh at times there....

March 04, 2016 6:18 pm Delete

Nabeh, when you send the bills, you put in a big $0 in it ya? Daft sinkies always pretend to be smart but once open mouth, only showed their emptiness in the head.

Anonymous said...

wah lau !What this guy is trying to say is that the filipino boat may not even survive crossing the vast ocean.

Other side can also counter bill. So you bill me, i bill you so need to go to court again?

You suggestion is to punish the filipino or the chinese? Hahahah....

luckyguy said...

Completely agreed.

China has the responsibility as a superpower to prevent irresponsible other superpower(s) from wreaking havoc upon the whole world.

US is a rogue superpower gone completely berserk and its people has no more ability to put their country in the right path.

No matter who won the election, things will still be the same. Only other superpowers can do something to US.

China should learn the lesson from what Russia did with bombing ISIS despite all the bashings, condemnations, etc from US and its lackeys.

Either way, the western MSM and its parroting counterparts will still be bashing China. So why not take the initiative?