Bukit Batok – Straight fight?

Several opposition parties have made their stand clear in not contesting the Bukit Batok by election and in supporting  Chee Soon Juan in a straight fight with the PAP.  Would there be a straight fight after all? Would there be any clowns or rogues stepping forward lo force a 3 corner or 4 corner fight?

How many opposition parties have yet to make their stand on this? Why are they not making their stand yet? Still counting the odds and thinking that they stand a chance, or waiting for oders to split the votes? Common sense will tell everyone that Bukit Batok is a tough call even for the SDP. The PAP won more than 70% in the GE and to turn around 30% of the votes for one party is an uphill task. Would another party improve its chance and to win the by election for entering into the fray?

The chances for another opposition party to come in and win is as good as zero, may even lose their deposit. But that is not important, it tells a lot about the agenda of the party that die die wants to come in to spoil the votes for the SDP. It also upsets an unwritten agreement among the opposition camp, to respect the right of another opposition party to fight in their designated constituency and not to break faith, to close rank to support each other in the opposition camp.

Let’s wait for the revelation of the spoiler or what some said, ‘mole party’ to show themselves. In a critical situation, the hands may be forced to open cards and the mole to be sacrificed for the bigger good.

Would this come to passé?


Anonymous said...

Common sense will tell everyone that Bukit Batok is a tough call even for the SDP.

Tiok. That's why I think PAP purposely send in a minority candidate to face Chee Soon Juan.

So if Chee Soon Juan loses, and I am sure he will, he and SDP will be finished off good and proper. I mean, if Chee Soon Juan cannot even win a SMC by election against a minority candidate, where got hope in a GE?

Anonymous said...

"... if Chee Soon Juan cannot even win a SMC by election against a minority candidate, where got hope in a GE?"

Very true.

And if PAP's Muralidharan cannot even win against perennial loser SDP's CSJ, where got anymore hope to be a politician?
Maybe better hara-kiri.
If don't want to hara-kiri, then maybe better to be CEO of SMRT.

Shia Lee said...

if Chee can win 45% of the vote, he can claim a moral victory. Ruling party is well entrenched and know how to use the power of their incumbency to win elections. They even have the luxury of sending an Tamil guy to contest the election against Chee.

Anonymous said...

Worry Not! Worry Not! Sure Straight Fight!

Other opposition parties are also not stupid! How to win? SDP can try try!

Actually, PAP is very very strong in BB! PAP is everywhere in BB.

As mentioned before, the momentum of PAP massive 70% win at GE2015 is still very very strong!

Furthermore, with the on-going remembering LKY's anniversary events, you tell me, how to win lah!

Will BB do the IMPOSSIBLE? Will there be a massive "swing" towards SDP?

Very Difficult! Very Difficult! BB is just not PE! The ball game is different!

Sorry..... Is not who will win! But, by how much!

The current best "heng seng" index is PAP 70% vs 30% SDP.

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

What's the point of voting for PAP's Murali?
How will one more PAP parrot in parliament change anything for the better in Singapore?

Don't you think Murali will just parrot what the PAP Ministers are saying?
Don't you think PAP Ministers will all parrot what the PAP Prime Minister is saying?

When you listen to one PAPig talk, is it the same as listening to all of them talk?
Because they all say the same thing?

Did we first find out that one PAP MP is found eating his grassroot?
Did we now find a second PAP MP eating his grassroot again?

So how will one more PAP parrot in parliament change anything?
Is this what we mean by groupthink?
Groupthink - where nobody in the Group is thinking.

Anonymous said...

WP CSM has clarified that there is no way to show Payalebar votes count, as he said in TRE, the GRC votes were counted together, and no indications of small groupings like Payalebar count.

So the candidate from Payalebar, now standing at Bu Buttock, might not be the winner against CSM. However, there is displeasure of this candidate shifting to Bu Buttock. The pap took out a woman candidate in favor of a retired man from AMK. Now the retired man disappears, and the woman comes back. And the minority candidate is shifted to Bu Buttock. In theory minority candidate was said to be weak, as the basis for GRC. Now the minority is said to be the strongest, and stand alone at Bu Buttock. Pap has all the story lines, the aim is to win votes.

By election does not affect anyone s life. Voters in Bu Buttock should not be bother who is standing as opposition, just vote for the strongest party SDP, as WP has ruled out.

RB is not correct to mention about other opposition parties participation. Voters should note, many of these opposition parties are few men show. The main media want to make them look like big equal parties to WP. They are not if u do their headcounts and observe their activities. Many of these opposition parties has NO activities at all. Why? There are no followers.
WP and SDP are 2 parties that have real political activities, websites, and going around selling newspapers. The rest of opposition parties are more of individuals in small groups. If they come into BB byelection fight, these small parties will lose their deposits. Opposition Voters are NO stupid to vote for them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

C'mon people, just shut the fuck up and support Chee. Put all personal agendas and internal "office politics" aside lah, and get this guy into parliament.

Anonymous said...

Chee inside parliament will be very fun to watch. But you need to go there to watch in person. Coz mediacorp & sph will censor and edit to make Chee look like asshole.

But in the 1st place, don't think Chee can even win the BE.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2.5pm, you are absolutely correct.......

can chee wins the BE........

you think BB voters will put a X beside chee's name........

what say you........


Anonymous said...

IF CSJ wins at he By-Election at BB, the mood in the next Parliament will certainly change. It will be an interesting session. Unless CSJ does something very wrong and gets himself booted out of Parliament and maybe Singapore politics, there will certainly be many uncomfortable people around the PAP camp. I hope CSJ will be bold enough to raise many questions that the PAP parrots dare not ask. Let wait and see, but first thing first, let hope CSJ gets himself elected. Good Luck Dr, Chee.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.45pm PLS NOTE.....

Your opinion sama sama with mine.

But, how can CSJ gets into parliament.

It needs a "miracle" from BB voters.

agongkia said...

Simply do not understand why many think BB is a tough call and new comers can be seen as a vote spoiler or mole party.
Can swim mean can swim.Anyone who is confident of leading or making Sinkies leading a better life should try their luck.
A good candidate should not fear of losing the deposit.
If not because I have difficulty giving up my hobby of hugging here and there,i would also love to join in the fun.

Where's that Sinseh.

Anonymous said...

Miracles do happen.

The WP's win in Aljunied GRC was nothing short of a miracle with so many ministers leading the fight for the PAP, with so much threats thrown at the voters, with so many quotations of track records being thrown about and around.

The second time around, it was still miracle with so much money, resources and benefits for the oldies in particular being trotted out by the PAP to buy the votes. What will they think of next?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Shia Lee, my belated welcome to the blog.

This by election is not about the SDP or Chee but about greater opposition representation in parliament to give it a better balance. The dearth of opposition in parliament is very unhealthy.

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