Bukit Batok residents - Listen to him again

Chee Soon Juan may be the SDP candidate standing for Bukit Batok. I would advise the voters in Bukit Batok to listen to these two clips and hear him out once again in the quiet and leisure pace before the election campaign go into full swing. Assess this man and ask a few simple questions, is he a reasonable man, a sound man or as what people tagged him, a mad and rash man? Has this man grown up, mellowed and has he become a better man today?

The two clips were his speeches in the last GE. Make your own judgement and do not allow other people to plant their ideas and agenda on your mind. Be your own master. You deserve that, to judge freely on your own terms.

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnJxdO-6nuQ


Anonymous said...

Difficult! Difficult! Difficult!

BB is no PE! BB is totally different from PE!

PAP is very strong in BB! PAP is everywhere in BB.

PAP is still riding HIGH with their 70% and the coming LKY's anniversary events!

Yes! This BE is going to be very very different from past BEs.

Even with the "celebrity" candidates from oppositions against any any PAP's unknown, the BEST BE result is expected to be PAP 68% vs 32% Opps.

The momentum of PAP's 70% and the LKY factors are really really toooooooo strong!

Will BB do the impossible?

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Since Independence, for more than 5 decades, statistically the incumbent has not lost a GE .......

Statistically, it is also the same case for the past 3 and 1/2 decades since 1981 that the challenger never lose a by-election.

If the MP seat is vacated due to sickness or like the 2 late MPs Dr Ong Chit Chng or Dr Balaji, due to their unfortunate passing while in office, voters might cast sympathy votes .....?

But when entrusted with a landslide to represent them yet were let down, people might very likely show their dissatisfaction especially in an"inconsequential" by-election ( cos the result whatsoever would not affect who would still run the country ?) .....?

The outcome may not be who wins but by what margin?

A by-election statistically is for the challenger to lose, just like statistically a GE is for the incumbent to lose, and since Independence the incumbent has not.

Likewise, for the past 3 and 1/2 decades since 1981, no challenger has lost and that's why the incumbent probably does not "like" to have BE, especially if it involves an entire GRC, cos the "loss" would be bigger and they know it?

For an SMC BE, and considering new amendments to allow 12 NCMPs in the future, 1 more would still only add up to 7 + 3 from current 6 + 3 which will still fall short of the 12 legislated NCMPs in the next major GE hustings. ...... So the incumbent might not sweat or lose any sleep whatever the outcome?

It is then for the challenger to lose it but statistically the probability is low ...... going by past empirical examples in the past 31/2 decades?

Anonymous said...

BB is no PE!
Anon 10:01 am

Tiok. And Chee Soon Juan is also no Lee Li Lian, 2016 is no 2013 and SDP is no WP. And good speeches don't win elections if candidate is not from PAP or WP.

So Chee Soon Juan sure lose one. And if he lost, he should retire from politics for good. If not I think his skin is thicker than a hippo. He can't even make it to NCMP, let alone elected MP.

Anonymous said...

Listen to him? The world of opposition has changed so much. New batch of players are taking the stage. Manap, Sylvia, Bu Dan singh,LLL, Png, and Leon etc. (How come minority is in almost majority, someones still want to change presidential election rule to cater for minority?)
Capable young generations are surfacing in political arena. A significant observation is: these people avoid being branded as hiding behind the coat tail to get into election win.

These are very real singaporeans, they are not converted into citizenship to catch the rush for election deadline.
I hope to see these people grow and develop their political skills in engaging residents as there are 20 to 30 years ahead for them, well beyond the prince can reach in years to come to stop them.

CSJ is not a potent politician comparing to these young politicians' skills. CSJ shy away from residents, not dare to sit at a constituency to chat with residents, not to mention he would visit residents, as some will welcome him into their flats. For this reason, he should stay at background to help SDP as activist.

On the contrary, the promising young opposition politicians are comfortable with residents, sitting at food center chatting or visiting voters residents, or even dancing to entertain them.

What singapore need is a bigger number of such quality opposition politicians to counter the pap s elite. CSJ s aloof approach in current politics cannot work to his advantage. The old singapore way. To see politician, voter must go to meet the people session.
WP s way is so much easier for residents to tell the truth.
Its a pity WP is not keen to run in B Butock. Let the residents enjoy the old way, complaining about rats, wife being siphoned away to be used, all this, they dont bother anyway.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'm afraid CSJ won't be winning any Toastmasters awards for "best speaker" anytime soon, but he's not bad...way better than most of the PAP folks, who are generally terrible at public speaking.

However, speaking is only part of the story. You need to convince people that you can actually DELIVER on your passions and promises.

The PAP folks are very fucking BORING when they talk. And usually a lot of nonsense comes out of the mouth, instead of coming out the opposite side of the alimentary canal---i.e. the "waste disposal" opening. (confused and cannot find it? Use your nose.🐽 It is very smelly 💩)

Bk Batok fuckers: vote this guy in if he's a candidate. The ensuing comedy in parliament will be worth your vote several times over! ✔️✔️

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


BTW, IMO this Chee has matured and is so much more "appealing" now than he was prior to the "very long break" (his words, quoted verbatim). He's definitely been practicing and/or had some coaching.

IMO, he is ready. Vote him in Bk Batok. There's very little hope of any of his policies being implemented by the dominant PAP, but he will cause such a ruckus in parliament as they ALL gang up against him. Like I said, comedy gold!

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 12..16

Vote WP to keep silent in Parliament and PAP to nod their heads like parrots or falliing asleep??

Vote for SDP Chee and as Matilah said keep the PAP dogs barking at him.

Good for the sinkies to observe how vicious they are under their smiling demeanours.

Anonymous said...

Rajiv Gandhi, when confronted by news reporters about the nasty things some editors wrote about him during the Bofors Scandal, retorted: Tell them, that only mad dogs bark.

Those editors reponded: Tell him, that dogs ony bark at crooks.

If Chee enters Parliament and the collective barking is very loud, it is a good sign. But few will have the oratory skills to take him on one-on-one.

And the selective scenes of Parliament are not going to show his sterner stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:23pm
WP indeed silent pap in Parliament. WP nmp Denis Tan asked for breakdown of nationality of new citizens 2006-2015, parliament was silent. This is an important input all voters should grasp. Who knows the traditional statistics of minorities grouping, some are actually majority in number?
As to SDP, matilah, it has to wake up to win in election similar to WP. WP is almost mati at aljunied. For politicians and voters to know the breakdown of races and new citizens nationalities is critical. Parliament was silent on such public interest statistics. In the past, race numbers were public statistics. Now cannot show. What s the reasons hor?

agongkia said...

Ho Say Liao
Another chance for me to win some pocket money from daft Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Bukit Batok residents are PAP dogs.
I hope the Opposition Parties boycott Bukit Batok.

conserve resources and focus.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if you think CSJ has matured and talks plenty of sense now. Typical daft Sinkies' minds have permanently poisoned image of CSJ thanks to high profile PAP & MSM attacks in the past. Your typical cheebye Sinkie will not be able to look past CSJ to consider the serious issues and important alternative viewpoints.

If SDP fields CSJ no chance to win against PAP. If field Paul Tambyah at least still got slim chance.

Unfortunately, I doubt if CSJ is willing to set aside his ego to step aside and let another SDPian contest instead.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Why are the Americans supporting Donald Trump? As a character, Chee Soon Juan is an angel compares to Trump. The American voters are seeing through the man but what he can do for them and the oountry.

NO one is an angel. Anyone walking around with a halo on his head is a fake, a liar, a cheat.

Heard of King David and what he did to the soldier when he coveted his wife, Bathsheba?

Anonymous said...

It is not just about PAP smearing.

Chee play out Chiam. Remember some time ago, people are saying that Chee is a mole.

For a moment, if Chiam is not ousted. Could the Singapore political scene be different from now? Only WP Low managed to build up WP prestige in Hougang and then spread out.

Anonymous said...

RB 8:38am
Trump s a respected author and certainly a marketing expert. Trump has lines of products use at homes in US named by his very own name as brand.

U compare Chee with Trump shows that u have not known Trump. Trump seeks attention about him and gave speeches beyond conservatives could swallow. Trump is far rational than Chee. Voters know Chee well, his story of being alleged to have used nus postage for his wife s mail and over charged millage. His supervisor, a pap mp, was indeed very petty for picking him on such issues. On contrary, Chee was unwise to even use stamps or claimed cab fees based on estimates. If i were Chee, i did not even want a cent in order not to be caught. Trump most likely would not claim taxi fare nor use stamps in office. There were people wanted to donate money to Trump, Trump did not want the money.

Chee and Chiam crashed put the public to stand side. Chee was unwise. Chiam is obviously a very picky prick, there is no successor from him at all. On this aspect, Chee has rebuilt SDP to include more professionals and "released" some controversial characters from his party, including gay.

Past should NOT weigh over future. Voters should ignore Chee s past.

Today Chee wants to start at Bugi Buttock, i support opposition, so i support Chee. Huat ah.